The 100 Sporting Events You Must See Live by Robert Tuchman

100 Sporting Events one yank could think of

100 Sporting Events one yank could think of
Robert - for real

Robert Tuchman. For real

Here’s something to kick your week off.

So I get a formulaic email out of the blue from a guy called Robert Tuchman, President of Premiere Corporate Events in the USA. He’s got a new book coming out that apparently lists the 100 Sporting Events you should see live, and would like my Australian Rugby blog to help him shift a few. Apparently he “enjoys my blog!”.

Let’s say we’ve had a frank exchange of emails which you can read below, but according to Robert from New York New York, here are the very top 10 sporting events we should bust a nad to see live:

1.      Masters – “This is the one golf tournament you have to see at least once in your lifetime. Heck, this is the one event you have to see, period. It’s magical, and that’s why it’s Number One.”
2.      World Cup – “The entire world stops to watch this one. The passion I witnessed in the streets is unparalleled.”
3.      Super Bowl – “The Granddaddy of American sports, the pinnacle of live events.”
4.      Summer Olympics – “Countries root for their athletes with nearly as much passion as they root for their World Cup teams. The immersion into the whichever local culture hosts this event every four years makes it truly memorable.”
5.      Army vs. Navy Football Game – “They might not be the best teams in the country but they’re some of our best citizens playing one another in a game that oozes with history.”
6.      New York City Marathon – “My personal, number one favorite event. There is nothing like the emotion of being part of millions of people cheering on thousands of runners trying to achieve their lifelong dreams.”
7.      World Series – “Even today, this event holds a special place for people around the world. There’s nothing like baseball on a crisp October evening and the excitement you feel in the stands.”
8.   Winter Olympics – “Another event that the countries stop to watch no matter what is of interest locally. Newer sports, such as snowboarding, make the Winter Olympics increasingly more relevant.”
9.      Red Sox vs. Yankees at Yankee Stadium – “You can feel the gravity of this game regardless of how many times they play each other each year and the fact it might just be another game in the standings. As far as rivalries go, nothing tops Yankees versus Red Sox.”
10.  UNC vs. Duke Basketball Game at Cameron Indoor Stadium – “If you want to see what hatred and anger look like up close, you only need to sit in the stands at this game and see it in the faces in the crowd. This game means everything to everyone on the court, in the stadium and in the entire state.”

So out of the top 10 in the world, 7 are in the USA (UNC and Duke are two American universities in case you’re wondering – in at 10).

So here’s a few emails we’ve swapped, starting with mine back to him:


From: Matt @ Green and Gold Rugby []
Sent: Saturday, May 09, 2009 2:41 PM
To: Robert Tuchman
Subject: Re: Great Blog!


Just from the top 10 list it’s obvious how miopic your view of sports is.

Good luck in the states



On 9 May 2009, at 20:15, Robert Tuchman wrote:

Funny thing there is about 30 international events on the list.
11 wimbledon
13 tour de france
16 liverpool vs man u
25 uefa champions league
27 british open
33 dubai world cup
34 hong kong sevens
35 monaco grand prix
37 rugby world cup
42 epsom derby

And 26 other ones outside here…..

As they say don’t judge a book by its cover…lol


On 9 May 2009, at 20:19, Robert Tuchman wrote:

#57 kangaroos Australian Football Game
59 all balcks rugby game
84 austraililan open


From: Matt @ Green and Gold Rugby []
Sent: Saturday, May 09, 2009 3:30 PM
To: Robert Tuchman
Subject: Re: Great Blog!

5.  Army vs. Navy Football Game
7.  World Series
9.  Red Sox vs.Yankees at Yankee Stadium
10. UNC vs.Duke at Cameron Indoor Stadium

37 rugby world cup


Like I say, good luck in the States


On 9 May 2009, at 23:19, Robert Tuchman wrote:


You are a tool.


On 10 May 2009, at 07:32, Matt @ Green and Gold Rugby wrote:

It’s not me with my head stuck up my ass

and then wrote a fucking book to publicize it


On 10 May 2009, at 12:18, Robert Tuchman wrote:

Bud, your a hand job.
Sent from my BlackBerry® wireless device


On 10 May 2009, at 23:24, Matt @ Green and Gold Rugby wrote:



On 10 May 2009, at 23:27, Robert Tuchman wrote:

Ha ha
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As you an see I think Bobby and I are forming quite a special relationship. If anyone has something to put to Robert the author, feel free below and I’ll send it off.


Matt started G&GR just before the 2007 Rugby World Cup and has been enslaved ever since. Follow him on twitter: @MattRowley

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