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Wallabies Springboks Match Review

Wallabies Springboks Match Review

The Wallaby hoodoo at Loftus Versfeld in Pretoria continues as the Sprinboks defeated the Wallabies 18-10 in a match that was there for the taking for the Australians.

First Half:

The intent was there for the Wallabies from the kick off as they opted to keep the ball in hand and both wingers got their hands on the ball early on for a couple of strong runs. Significantly Israel Folau was able to inject himself early on as well.

The Boks, in turn, were a lot more direct when they got the ball and put the Wallabies under pressure when they finally go their hands on the ball. They secured a penalty advantage early, More Steyn eats those opportunities for breakfast and took the drop goal to give the Boks a 3-0 lead.

While the Aussies kept running, the Bok defense was very aggressive and pushed the line at times, and soon enough they transgressed in tackling a support player and Foley was able to even up the scores with a penalty shot.

Morne boot provided some attacking impetus next with a deft chip putting the Boks hot on attack and it was only a smart Sean McMahon turnover they saved the Aussies’ bacon as the Boks were hard on attack. A big Hodge kick gave the Aussies a shot in the Bok half.

Scott Sio would soon dive over for his first test try, running on to a nice Sekope Kepu pass, but it was on the back of a lot of nice ball work and patient interchanges among the team, with Genia, Cooper, Hooper and Hodge all prominent. The conversion put the Wallabies up 10-3.

The moment many were waiting for came not long later as the Aussies were awarded a penalty about 65m out and Hodge took the shot. The accuracy was there but the distance was just shy. Steyn showed him how to do it, albeit from 40m out, soon after and the lead was just 4 to the Wallabies after 26 minutes.

The momentum swung more the Sprinbok way when Folau was sin binned for taking out Bryan Habana as he looked to regather his own chip. Not only were the Wallabies now down a player, but the Steyn kick cut the lead to just one.

Any hope the Wallabies had of clinging to the lead at the break was blown when Rob Simmons was penalised for not rolling away in a tackle (despite what many thought was a maul call from the ref) and Morne again kicked for sticks. The kick was good and the Boks took to the sheds with a 12-10 lead.

Second Half:

With Scott Fardy on for an injured Sean McMahon at the start of the half, the Wallabies were down one of their most productive performers for the rest of the match. The half started well though as Dane Haylett-Petty beautifully caught his team’s kick off and charged towards the line. Unfortunately, in a scene similar to many in the first half and would occur again too many times in the 2nd, the Wallabies failed to convert pressure into points and the South Africans got the turnover through Francois Louw.

The Wallabies got the ball and this time it was Quade getting the Aussies through the line and close to the Bok line but it was business as usual as the Boks secured another turnover to relief the pressure.

The replacements started to come thick and fast with the Boks changing both props just minutes into the 2nd half. Simmons was off for Douglas soon after for a concussion test from which he was cleared, but would not return from.

The Wallabies tried to convert their territorial pressure into points but a couple of off-target Hodge penalty shots meant they would continue to go unrewarded. When Sekope Kepu pounced in a loose ball and charged down the side line, it felt like the tide was going to change. The ball was spread wide but Cooper’s pass to Mumm was a little behind the man and the ball was knocked on.

Dane Haylett-Petty, who was one of Australia’s most dangerous on attack, countered brilliantly from a Steyn chip kick and again there was a try scoring chance for the Wallabies. Again the Boks were able to turn it over, this time through Strauss, and they cleared down field.

In the end that seemed to be the last real opportunity for the Wallabies as the Boks regained composure, off the back of some wonderful defense, and the territory would soon come.

From thereon in, it looked as though the Wallabies were gone. The Boks amped up the pressure and when Hooper was caught isolated and penalised, Steyn put the ball through the sticks to extend the lead to 5. It was all or nothing time now for the Wallabies, and with Sefa Naivalu making his test debut, the Wallabies looked to chance their arm. Disappointingly Folau was caught running high in attack and the Boks claimed the ball from the resulting maul.

While the Aussies scrummed well early, it was a different story when the replacement props were on and the Boks claimed a penalty from the scrum that followed. While the Aussies snoozed assuming Steyn would take a shot for goal, he took the quick tap and the Boks claimed some easy and quick territory which was recycled and allowed Morne to claim the 3 from a well taken 40m drop goal.

And that was that. The Wallabies failed to score a point in the 2nd half despite having a heap of territory and possession in the early stages of the 2nd half. The Sprinbok defense was very good but you can’t help but feel it was a game of lost opportunities for the Aussies.

The Game Changer

The Wallabies basically had all of the ball hard on attack for the first ten minutes of the 2nd half. When they finished this period without getting across the line, the Boks seemed to lift in confidence while the Wallabies looked less composed.


Springbok captain Adriaan Strauss put in a monster effort with a number of significant attack inputs. But it was his work at the ruck, with some able support from the likes of Warren Whitely and Francois Louw, was crucial to his team’s win.

Player Watch

Will Genia was again prominent for the Aussies while Bernard Foley and Stephen Moore worked tirelessly (although the Aussie lineout again misfired). Dane Haylett-Petty was very dangerous in attack. For the Boks the backrow of Whitely and Louw was fantastic, while Morne Steyn’s composure and experience shown through compared to recent performances.



South Africa 18 (Morne Steyn 4 penalties, 2 drop goals) defeated Australia 10 (Scott Sio try, Bernard Foley conversion, penalty).

Yellow Card: Israel Folau (taking out the man without the ball)

  • Gottsy

    Geez that was disappointing, was wishing that mumm had have taken McMahon’s injury, I guess that is a reflection of their respective work rates (it’s hard to get injured when you’re doing f-a). Hope that hodge doesn’t suffer from missing those kicks, unfortunately way too many points left on the field.
    The first ten minutes were really good, we need to build on that. Would like to see naivalu take DHP’s spot for the Argentina game, with a back row of fardy, hooper, timani

    • Wales used to use Halfpenny in the Hodge “long-range kicker” role when Jones played at 10. (It was questionable whether Jones was a better close in kicker and over time Halfpenny became Wales’ main kicker.) But he was never included solely for that – he was taking shots that would otherwise have certainly not been kicks at goal and with a not-too-solid lineout (Wales were playing England and Ireland a lot when they both had really top-notch lineouts) a kick to touch wasn’t necessarily a great option either. As long as Hodge is there for other things (and I think he is, although others may disagree) he should keep his place. And the day he lands a 65 metre kick to win back the Bledisloe Cup or similar, all those misses will be forgotten.

      • Gottsy

        Yeah absolutely. I wouldn’t like to see him blamed for missing those kicks, he is 100% worthy of his place

      • Kiwi rugby lover

        I thought Hodge played well. I still think the 10/12 combination sucks. Offered bugger all in attack and strained the defence. Time for a change I think

        • I agree, this pairing don’t work well together at 10/12.

    • MM

      Seriously, DHP was one of the better players on the field. Cooper, Naivalu, Hodge, Kerevi, Folau, DHP.

      • Gottsy

        He was ok, but still doesn’t look entirely comfortable on the wing. Would love to see him get a run at fullback, with kerevi and folau in the centers outside QC (Just my opinion though)

        • Blinky Bill of Bellingen NSW

          So many are calling for Izzy at 13 or even 12, that I wonder why Cheik is reluctant. It’s not as though Izzy is killing it at 15 anymore, especially as we have a guy really to slip into there.

          The two play makers have their occasional moments, but the punch offered by Izzy, Kerevi and Kurindrani looks mouthwatering. Tough on Foley, as he’s doing some good things, but we need more threat in attack.

        • Willem Labuschagne

          I’m starting to have real questions about Cheika. He made such a good impression last year but when a team is in perpetual disarray and players with the ability of Folau seem to be at sea then one surely has to look at the coach.

        • Gottsy


  • Gegonago

    Its almost formulaic how you beat the wallabies now…you dont even need to be that good, as was shown today

    You Aussies really need more ball carriers…having a guy only there for his lineout work just doesnt cut it anymore at international level

    You are a patchwork quilt of a forward pack that isnt really gelling

  • onlinesideline

    Usually Im dissapointed, gutted or whatever that we lose a game.

    Today I am freakin ANGRY

    When I saw the image of BOTH Kepu and SIO trot off, I thought THATS IT …. WE’VE LOST

    WHY WHY WHY …. they were brilliant, both putting in killer games in scrum and loose.
    They did not seem to be struggling either ie Kepu run up the sideline and other stuff.

    Instead we replace them both with a perenial penalty magnet and a tiny bloke bound to get monstered at internatioanl test level, especially against Boks at Loftus where every infringement is worth 3 points.

    dumb dumb dumb – you dont HAVE to stick to a plan u make before the game Cheika

    tearing my freaking hair out…. we absolutely had these guys

    • Gottsy

      Cheika served up the win to the boks on a silver platter. Seems to be a worrying trend :/

      • Union Jack

        I think everyone is being way too harsh on Michael Cheika here. After all, he is still the best coach in the world according to Workd Rugby.

        Cheika before the game alluded to playing the “Australian Way” and we again saw the Cheika influence over this Wallaby team. Notice how discipline was not an issue and we successfully took referee Barnes out of the contest. We conceded fewer penalties and no yellow cards. Our set-piece play was more organized and we attacked their lineout and defended ours. Our backline attack inside the opposition 22 was sharper with some quality ball movement and finishing. Our conditioning levels were excellent and we were not outscored in the 2nd half and our “finishers” came on and finished. Across the park, we looked a modern-day international rugby side playing clever, skillful modern-day international rugby.

        This loss and overall performance had nothing to do with Michael Cheika and everything to do with Wayne Barnes, or his assistants, or the TMO, or Stephen Moore’s unfair treatment as captain by the officials. After all – that is the Cheika way. Can’t you see the progress the Wallabies have made in nearly 4 months since that opening loss to England in early June? Forget the Played 8, Won 2, Lost 6 record. In Michael Cheika and the “Australian Way” we trust.

        • onlinesideline

          I hope ur being sarcastic

        • Fatflanker

          Very funny.

        • Gottsy

          Good to see the betoota advocate have a representative on GAGR

        • Kiwi rugby lover

          Did you miss Folau’s yellow card

        • Willem Labuschagne


        • Kiwi rugby lover

          Yeah missed that – duh!

        • Seb V

          Blaming the ref? Let’s get over this ref bashing it’s petty and pathetic. Or is this sarcasm?

        • Blinky Bill of Bellingen NSW

          I’m pretty sure that he’s having a lend.

        • First time long time

          The “game plan”, tactics and coaching are all fine!
          The players just need to do better! Simples!

    • Seb V

      set piece completely fell apart after Sio n Kepu left. Disappointing from Slipper, was expected from a rookie in Robertson though, he does looks way too small for Test rugby

    • Smith

      It’s even worse when you realise that Moore was left on for the full 80. Yeah if players are playing well keep them on, but why keep Moore on and replace the other two if they are doing an awesome job.

      • Henry Dissmissinya

        this was my thought exactly

  • Rebels Ruck

    What really bothered me about the Wallabies’ attack tonight was the inability to put multiple phases together to build pressure. Tonight after 3-4 phases, they would knock on, lose ruck possession or get isolated and penalised. I thought the line defence was actually pretty good – fewer missed tackles and less getting over the gain line. Springboks resorted to short and long kicking, as well as milking penalties to overcome it. Our field kicking was pretty good too. Other concerns are:
    – line out (fewer lost balls but many went to the front which made it hard to attack from).
    – scrum (good early but went to crap after reserves came on).
    And was it only me who saw Falau turn around on the spot and not step off his line when Habana ran into him? No wonder Moore was upset. Apart from that I thought Barnes was pretty good. A bit quick on the whistle and missed a couple of forward passes but much better than the refs in previous RC matches.

    • Fatflanker

      To be fair to the ref, Falau turned but also took a half-step into the path of Habana who was more than happy to run into him. Agree that Wallabies defence is looking much improved but if we allow NZ the overlaps the Boks got last night however we are going to cop another cricket score.

    • Darrin Briggs

      How come we can’t put more than three or four phases together. We really lacked composer and should have won that game.

    • Die Hard

      It might be you. That was a very clear and cynical move my Folau made obvious by the excellent TV angle.

      It really doesn’t take much to upset Moore. He is the perfect captain for the very emotional coach

      • Kiwi rugby lover

        Love that last sentence. Almost snorted my beer and that would have been bad

  • Tahs_Man_Fan

    That was such a frustrating game to watch!!! There was very positive play throughout, and the attacking intent was great, but it’s simply inexcusable to be in your oppositions 22 more than 8 times without taking away any points. Again it was executing the basic facets of the game, catch and pass etc, which let us down. A few observations from the game:

    – Better play from our forward pack. Sio and Kepu stepped up, and shouldn’t have been subbed. Coleman was immense again. McMahon was ferocious, and we missed him terribly when he went off
    – Moore doesn’t seem up to it. The line out is still not firing, he doesn’t offer much in the loose, and he is failing to lead by example. Don’t see him as captain material anymore
    – For all of us calling for Fardy over Mumm, Fardy had 50 minutes to prove why he should be there and didn’t. Mumm is an absolute passenger at best, but he was more involved than Fardy was
    – We need to drop the Cooper/Foley experiment. I’m sick of Cheika picking his players first, then working out their positions. The midfield is too clogged, we are playing too laterally and neither QC nor Foley have the body shape or mindset to make a long term 12. Pick one or the other
    – Good to see Folau get his hands on the ball, we need more of that. He should be playing wing, so he can go looking for work
    – DHP and Hodge both showing they have what it takes to make it long term
    – the backline should be 9. Genia 10. QC 11. Folau 12. Hodge 13. Kerevi 14. Naivalu 15. DHP

    • RedAnt

      Foley’s defence was much improved last night, but everything else was the same – especially a few atrocious kicks out of hand that gifted the ball back to the Boks. I’m not buying the two play-makers thing anyway. Rather than confusing the opposition, we just seem to be confusing ourselves. Agree Folau should be on the wing (I’m assuming his defence is up to it, but it will be better there than at outside centre) and DHP at full-back. In the engine room, agree with your comments, although I think Fardy probably deserves another couple of chances. While Hooper is a tackling machine and has some great skills, when Pocock is back I think Hooper has to make way for McMahon and become a super-sub (It’s only the spring tour left before Poey is gone for a year and then who knows).

      • Darrin Briggs

        I agree Israel is so out of sorts or is it Larlkams the attack coach genius out of sorts?

    • Kiwi rugby lover

      Agree on the first two. Fardy was in the 8 position and he’s definitely as better 6, and my grannie would do better than Mumm. Yep agree 100%. It’s not working and not getting better. Ba-friggen Boom – nailed that one. Yep and friggen yep.

  • jamie

    - I’ve said it before, but there are half a dozen 6’s that could’ve performed better than Mumm last night. Missed clear outs, offside all night, no pace, lineouts didn’t work, breakdown was a mess.
    – If Fardy and Douglas had started that game in place of Simmons and Mumm, we may just have won. DHP definitely played his best game, as did Kerevi and Genia was prominent again.
    – I can’t believe the difference we saw when McMahon went off. 9 min mark, he makes 2 dominant tackles phase after phase and then forces the penalty on our try line. Backrow Magic
    – Quade-Foley axis starting to look like a stopgap measure
    – We don’t do ball retention good
    – Clear outs need work

    • Darrin Briggs

      Was Mumm on the field last night?

    • Joy

      Stats from three sites reveal that McMahon carried the ball 6 times for 9 metres. Records show he made one tackle and missed two.

      • jamie

        One tackle? No chance. Will rewatch the first half when I get a chance and count them myself. Stats are often different and wrong on fox compared to ESPN or anywhere else.

      • mark conley

        how ridiculous; stats can definitely mislead

      • McWarren

        Joy try watching the game, only the first 20 minutes will do, and you’ll lose some respect for your stats.

  • Fatflanker

    Another one of those games where you think Wallabies are going to cut the opposition to pieces based on the first ten minutes and then it all just dies in the arse. We need to get more inventive in the opposition 22 – once again, where were the bombs, chips, cross-field kicks, grubbers? How much does it suck to see our line out in such a shambles just as the (starting) scrum has turned a corner? Not sure why Hodge took the closer penalties that he missed but it must have put the fear of God into SA seeing an Aussie line one up from 65m.

    Anyways, despite the mistakes we could easily have taken this game, (and yes, you could say that about all our games this year, less NZ). Credit to SA they did a few basic things very well last night and that was enough.

    • Canuckruck

      Longer the game goes on…the less time Quade spends at first receiver. I’ll have to re-watch the game, but Quade started with many touches and ended with Foley playing more fly half than Quade

      • Wendy Wills

        Foley moved to first receiver in the second half, and funnily enough, we did not score any points in the second half. Might not be a direct correlation, but Quade is definitely better as first receiver, and coordinating the back line than Foley!

        • RedAnt

          I noticed that they seemed to swap positions too. I wonder if QC was not feeling in the groove and wanted Foley to step in, or whether it was a coaching decision made before the match. I’d like to think it was the former, but I suspect it was the latter. Which completely puzzles the f@#k out of me!

  • Pclifto

    No mention of the inexcusable and bone headed forward pass by cooper off clean line out ball and in centre field. Killed off any momentum wallabies were gathering for a final push.

    Such a worry when we can’t score a try from 22 out. What do these guys practise?? No realignment, just clueless shovelling of the ball to blokes who often are not even running on to it. Surely Cheika and Larkham need to be ensuring this works like a well oiled machine… not a spluttering jalopy.

    Angry as WBs had so many opps. Oh and Folau needs to give himself a massive uppercut for giving away that pathetic yellow card

    • RedAnt

      Not entirely Cooper’s fault, Kerevi (?) over-ran it.

      • RugbyReg


      • Blinky Bill of Bellingen NSW

        I believe it was Kurindrani who over ran it. Even so, why would QC still pass it forward? Easy for me to say I guess.

        • Smith

          Here we go, the Cooper bashers are all out. He makes one dodgy pass and the haters all jump on him. Where are all the Foley haters? or is everyone just oblivious to his general overall shitness. Foley adds nothing to this team! We need a real threat at 12, Reece Hodge in at 12 and a real winger at 11.

        • Blinky Bill of Bellingen NSW

          ‘Cooper Bashers’? Really? I must have missed it. For the record I thought Quade played exceptionally well and gives us a lot more threat in attack. He was good in attack, kicking and even a ball and all tackle. There feel better?
          I’m also not a fan of the two play maker idea and would bench Bernard and go with QC sending the pill to a different 12 / 13 combo. But there you go, I’m not the coach.

        • Smith

          Sorry Blinky, didn’t mean to attack you, its just when QC makes some error, everyone seems to jump on him. If Foley wasn’t there QC could’ve had one more big strong runner to give the ball to, I really think that Foley limits our attacking options. We should try TK and Kerevi in the centers again, it didn’t work last time because Foley was at 10, QC is a real distributor

        • Blinky Bill of Bellingen NSW

          No problem mate. I haven’t always been a QC fan but TBH I’ve been impressed with the turn around in him as both a person and a player. I’m not saying he’s perfect but cripes he’s the best 10 we have at sparking our attack.
          Agree completely about Bernard. Nothing against him, but it’s the pine for him. Best combo at 12 and 13 I’ll leave to others more knowledgeable in that department. I like you’re Kerevi and Kurindrani combo. But want Izzy on the right wing, would he see the ball?

        • Because the passer trusts the target not to overrun and passes the ball to go in front of the target. Given the passer is often turn their head quickly from receiving the pass to looking for the target they’re not really sure what’s forward or not. The receiver is only looking one way, more or less and should have a better idea of what’s going on about their position on the pitch.

        • Blinky Bill of Bellingen NSW

          Yeah fair enough. Although I have to say that QC normally displays impressive spatial awareness. Hey no one’s perfect and it certainly wasn’t the clanger of the match.

        • Yes, he does. But I guess you still pass in front and hope no one notices rather than pass behind and risk the turnover or pass to the touch line as well.

        • Willem Labuschagne

          Very nice explanation.

      • MattL

        spot on.

      • Nutta

        QC has a tendency to fade off as he throws the pass. It is designed so he doesn’t take an uneccessary hit and stays free to support or get a 2nd touch. The problem though is that it can make even a fine flat pass look forward

        • RedAnt

          I think this particular one was definitely forward, but I know exactly what you’re saying.

        • Nutta

          Yeh it was forward. But he needs to stop doing the fade-away regardless.

    • Darrin Briggs

      Larkham as an attack coach has turned out to be a real disappointment.

      • jamie

        As a coach in general. Brumbies were uninspiring at the best of times this year bar the first game.

  • Brisneyland Local

    Well didn’t that suck, after the first ten mins I was getting all keyed up and getting in trouble for waking the kids up at 0130 with my yelling. But then the real Wallabies emerged. BL’s points in no particular order:
    – Our line out sucks the big one! In fact the biggest of big ones.
    – Our scrum started off well then ended up sucking. And we cant totally blame the replacements because it started sucking the scrum before they came on.
    – Our basic skills are still letting us down. Some bad passes, and coughing up possession.
    – Our forward pack is having difficulty keeping up. Players making breaks and then getting isolated and handing over the pill or getting penalised.
    – Folau must not be in a good place. Whilst the yellow card was a little stiff (penalty only in my view), it almost felt like he couldn’t get off the field quick enough. Not sure where he is at, whether the position is bothering him, but he is in the doldrums at the moment.
    -I actually thought Moore had an improved game, but that niggling shit still bothers me.
    – Tom Robertson was lucky not to get yellow carded, what an idiot. He just looked stupid.
    – Willy G still looked good.
    – Quade was quiet but trying hard. (At least it wasn’t him getting the yellow).
    – Dean Mumm surely must have run out of luck! If he is in the squad for the next match, he needs to get a paternity test!
    – The Wallabies still have no answer to being held up in a maul.
    Overall I thought it was a pretty average performance. We had that much territory and possession but could not capitalise. Cheika must review the squad and shake it up. It is obviously not working!

    • Folau’s card – he stepped across to take out a player who had beaten him and prevent him running around and picking up the ball. It’s pretty much the definition of a yellow card. There’s a case for it being a penalty try although I don’t think I’ve ever seen one awarded for that – that old chestnut about the funny bounce of the ball, would he regather it cleanly and so on always prevents it.

    • Kiwi rugby lover

      - yep. most teams take the easy option of throwing to the front, which is incredibly hard to intercept, when under pressure. Not sure why that option isn’t taken.
      – yep, although I think losing McMahon was the factor early on but boy those replacement props were shit
      – I still maintain this is more about decision making under pressure than basic skills. They can pass easily when not under pressure so I don’t see it as a skill issue but a mental issue
      – absolutely. Support is non existent. Comes from a lock playing 6 and a 7 who races out to the backs to fast. Definitely not playing as a team.
      – sorry mate clear yellow IMO, but yeah his head seems to be in the wrong place. very hesitant and unsure, and his face whenever he’s forced to kick OMG he looks unhappy
      – better but he’s lost the captaincy mojo. needs to stop the shit and just friggen play
      – Yep
      – Genia is awesome. If he’d been supported on some of those runs there would have been more points on the board
      – I thought he played well but that 10/12 is not working at all
      – He was so ineffective it was embarrassing. Don’t know what Cheka sees in him as a 6
      – it happens because there is no support to bring them down. The whole team is playing as a group of individuals and that’s killing them

      mate after the first 10 – 20 I thought it was on but it just died. Not sure what the issue is but something needs to change

  • Nicko

    Watch how quickly TJ Perenara clears ruck ball to create front foot attack against a broken defensive line. That creates opportunities that Genia consistently denies the wallabies. Another 3+ turnovers on attack last night at 9, including stuff like repeatedly giving slow stagnant ball to forwards standing still on the opposition like (see the turnover where Genia gave a pointless slow ball to perennial passenger Simmons standing still on the edge of the ruck). You won’t win international rugby if your 9 can’t generated fast ball to attack from.

    • Darrin Briggs

      Genia is a great player but he does step and crab sideways before passing which allows of the defence to rush up!

    • Joy

      How can Genia present aggressive front foot ball to forwards standing still??? Didn’t you notice him sticking it up the laggards though large parts of the game? Why take pot shots at the messenger?

  • Tim

    We didn’t play badly just failing to execute. We struggle alot when we are attacking inside the 22. Cooper and Foley both fail to set up some structure there. We lost because the spring box forwards out-muscled us. We had Simmons Coleman Fardy and Mumm on at the same time yet we still couldn’t get clean ball and lost a line-out. Moore playing 80 minutes was a big slap in the face for Hanson. Although Reece missed three kicks they where very close! He will only get better. The real concern from this game was we scored all our points in the first 15 minutes. We failed to add to that tally due to our line-out failing scrum failing towards the end of the game and lack of attack.

    • Darrin Briggs

      We should have won that game but truly our lack of imagination in attack is just outstanding.

      • Tim

        Yeah South Africa played smart took two drop goals. Something that we are not doing.

  • Kev

    “We’re going play the Australian way” – nek minit chooses to have a shot at goal 65m out…Stephen Moore uppercut yourself.

    Folau isn’t worth the money ARU pays him
    QC no words….

    • Darrin Briggs

      Israel is one of the best athletes across all codes in Australia unfortunately we have an attack coach and structure that just doesn’t unlock his potential at fullback……..he needs to change his position.

      • Smith

        Nah, he’s just out of form. He is fine at 15, in previous seasons he’s been excellent

        • Darrin Briggs

          Agreed he is out of form but the shape and attack structures just don’t bring him into the game. I wouldn’t move him permanently but I think a shift in position would revitalize him.
          PS Foley needs to go and boy are we missing Beale for that must needed spark.

      • Willem Labuschagne

        Agreed — at present he looks disheartened, which means that somewhere there is disagreement about what to do, when, and how.

    • Smith

      Rather QC at 10 than anyone else. Who is your preference? Foley? LOL go to bed mate, sleep deprivation is affecting you!

  • Seb V

    We need to fix our breakdown work

    • Darrin Briggs

      Yes we need to fix a breakdown work but we need a traditional number 7 that’s hard on the ball and we don’t have one… oh yes we do he plays number 8.

  • Darrin Briggs

    How frustrating I’m really starting to lose the faith of this team. They had so much opportunities to put the game away but lack the the composer to carry out and execute. Seriously our attack is s*** house and larkham really needs to have a good look at his structure and shape. In attack we were just so one dimensional. Israel is totally out of sorts at fullback and hardly touches the ball with little or no effect. The backline really does need to change.

    • James Miller

      Quade Cooper has played 60+ test matches. He is considered a creative, attacking type of flyhalf and selected in the starting XV for that reason. Sure the flashy no-look passes and the tricky inside balls in the loose test matches against 2nd tier opposition look cool, but how about nailing key attacking red-zone moments in the tight test matches. The types that only come along 6-8x in the really big tests. How about Quade you work harder to create a running lane for your key ball players. How about you work harder around the ball to keep a phase going rather than passing then drifting out of the move. Why have a 2nd ball player in Bernard Foley yet run no plays off him in the SA 22? What exactly is Foley’s role in that backline if it’s agreed it’s not for his kicking out of hand skills?

      For a side that had so many key attacking situations from which tries could have resulted, that performance was dreadful. But why should we be surprised? In 5 of their 8 test matches this season, the Wallabies have scored only 2 tries or less. They are a side bereft of attacking skill. They are a side bereft of skill all round. Maybe Graham Henry simply stated what many feared – but hey Michael Cheika doesn’t care right.

      • Darrin Briggs

        Couldn’t agree more but I don’t think it’s Cooper’s fault. The lack of imagination moves creativity in the backline is just outstanding….

        • RugbyReg

          I thought our forward runners really struggled to give Genia or Cooper any attacking options.

        • Adrian

          Agree 100%. Forward runners sort of ok in the beginning, but got worse when McMahon went off, and worse again when Sio and Kepu went off.

          At one stage Simmons, Mumm, Fardy were all on the field….talk about no grunt! These “lineout specialists” didn’t win crucial lineouts either.

          TPN missed too

        • idiot savant

          Thats a little harsh Reg. Despite losing lineouts, our forwards won enough ball to win the game last night. And sure some more heavy running wouldve helped but if it had resulted in another try and victory (remembering forwards created and scored the first one) it would have hid the bigger problem that weve had all year. Very limited creativity and penetration by the backs. Cooper has made a difference to the creativity but we are still limited. Have we had more than 2 high kicks to Folau in 2016? How many to wingers? 3 times now this year Cheika has taken off our most dangerous looking back (Toomua once, Kerevi twice) with the game still in the balance. The opening 10 minutes in Perth was just that – 10 minutes. Its time for Bernie to go back to Canberra and for some fresh ideas.

        • Willem Labuschagne

          Yep, you’ve nailed the big problem. There’s something seriously wrong with the backline coaching.

        • jamie

          Hope Naivalu will get some pill next week. Argentina gives us a chance to play Naivalu and Timani I’m hoping. And drop dean f^£%#! Mumm

        • Canuckruck

          Foley sucks the life out of any attack….

          He is a Wallaby attack vampire

      • Kiwi rugby lover

        Mate I think Quade’s problem is the guy outside him. Foley offers nothing except slowing the ball movement and shuffling sideways to take room away from the centre and back 3. No wonder Folau is so crap at the moment he’s not getting any ball in space. And then on top of that they have to cover the shortfall in defence in the inside line because the two players there can’t. It’s no friggen wonder there’s nothing on attack, they’re all stuffed from having to run around and change position so much

  • Joy

    It’s not satire, it’s sarcasm – the lowest form of wit.

    • Dave

      Well you did see the lowest form of rugby, so it fits. Great comment on another forum- “it was like watching two fat kids having a race”

    • First time long time

      Only for those who don’t get it

  • Adrian

    Alaalatoa and Latu to bench replacing Slipper and Robertson.

    Latu plays prop for Sydney University, and is a real brute, … as can be Alaalatoa.

    Keep Hansen on bench, and bring him on after 55 min.

    Timani in for Mumm, and if McMahon is injured, put Houston at #8,

    Arnold to bench

    • idiot savant

      Latu must be Mighty Mouse’s (McGeechan) size as a prop. Might need a ladder for the step up.

      • Adrian

        110kg, 178 cm
        Haven’t you seen him?

        • idiot savant

          Ive seen him play hooker in both Super rugby and NRC. His NRC form has been very good. I havent seen him play prop.

  • Paul

    Very poor display from Wallabies to lose the game. Considering the possession and territory they had they should have/could have won that game against a very average Springbok team. As I watched the game I couldn’t help thinking both teams were very average.

    Up until now I have not been one calling for Folau to move away from Fullback. But now I am. I was very impressed with DHP and think it’s time to move him to Fullback and try Folau at wing or maybe 13.

    Best players last night Genia, DHP, Sio, Kepu, McMahon and Coleman.
    Robertson not yet ready for Test Rugby. Back to Super Rugby please.
    Not convinced with Cooper/Foley combo. I’d drop Foley and try somebody else at 12. Hodge?
    It’s not that Cooper played well. He had at least 3 forward passes last night – a few were missed, but he’s better with Genia than Foley.

  • Joy

    WARNING: Delirious lynch mob running riot below. Today’s victims include Hooper, Cooper, Simmons, Slipper, Falau, Fardy, Hallett Petty, Hodge, Mumm, Moore, Genia Robertson, Larkham, Cheika and Rugby itself.

  • Therealhodgie

    As always a few areas to look at (lineouts, 2H scrums, Folau YC..) but isn’t our biggest issue our consistent inability to convert redzone pressure into tries? We could include in this the lack of conversion of linebreaks anywhere into scores – finishing.

    Cooper has brought extra skills and x-factor, but the 2-ballplayer strategy hasn’t delivered results yet, despite the nonstop effort of Genia, Foley and Cooper. It should be a 1+1 = 3 strategy, yet the last 3 tests it seems to have delivered 1+1 = 1.5. It’s not working.

    Remember the Beale/Folau combo at the ‘tahs and Wallabies 2014/5? Cooper and Foley don’t seem to be finding Folau often enough in the phases – either that or Folau’s not finding them. Maybe there’s a link man missing? Although you’d imagine these combos are practised relentlessly at training.

    Compare the continuity and skill right through the team in the first try last night with the subsequent errors, and in particular ball running forwards having little momentum and then 2-3 pick-and-drives with no obvious intention to stretch the ‘bok through the ball-players and outside speed. Lots of determination but seemingly little pattern to work to.

    The coaches and players must be pulling their hair out (figuratively, for obvious reasons) because again this stuff is practised non-stop. Apparently under fatigue, after multiple phases, the so-called “shape” goes skewiff.

    Would be interesting to understand who is leading, communicating strongly, in these situations. Where is the trigger to snap back into rehearsed patterns and combinations?

    Look forward to seeing the boys put it all together soon – maybe vs the Argies at Twickenham?

  • mark conley

    Foley’s apparent knock-on. Clarification needed ; if the ball contacts the ground behind the where the ball hit Foley does that matter OR is it the direction the ball takes from Foley’s body at the time of contact OR is it the position of the ball relative to Foley’s body? thanks, unable to comprehend the rules as stated, thanks

    • Therealhodgie

      It’s pretty simple. If the ball travelled off foley’s hands/arm (not body) in the direction of the opponent’s goal line it’s a knock on. Unusual for that to occur when he was travelling at pace towards his own goal line, but on the replay that’s what appeared to happen. Hard to blame ref / AR for not picking that up in real time. Other consideration is what actually happened to the ball after it touched his hand – need the benefit of camera angles to get hat right.

      • mark conley

        Thanks Trh, the ball definitely travelled in the direction of the Australian goal line; if you note where Foley was when he contacted the ball and compare to where the ball landed it clearly travelled ‘backwards'; that’s why I posed the query; but it did appear to travel relatively forward to Foley, so confused, mark

    • Kiwi rugby lover

      a knock on is a ball that hits the hands or lower arms and moves forward towards the opposition goal line hitting another player or the ground

  • DLG

    Has anyone else noticed that our forward pack seems to be heavier than most of our competition? I’ve been wondering if this is to our detriment. It seems absurd to think a lighter pack would have the edge but seeing as how our forwards aren’t dominating any key areas, I can’t figure out the advantage of the extra weight unless we are going to do something with it. Now, I haven’t got any stats to back me up on this, just the pack weight comparisons at scrum time on TV, but it’s been niggling at me all season.

    • Therealhodgie

      My recollection from last night is that the WB pack weight was lighter by about 25kg. Our tight 5 weight was heavier but back 3 lighter. There’s an interesting discussion even in those stats. Goes to scrum equivalence and lack of back row impact perhaps?

      • DLG

        I missed last night’s game due to being on a plane but I thought from memory that we were heavier than the Boks in Brisbane? Just remember being surprised at the time. Even having a heavier tight 5 than the Boks though is surprising. I’m wondering, is this being directed from the coaches? A result of natural body shape? Or something that hasn’t really been considered or compared?

  • Grumpy

    The game changer was the Wallabies try, which came from a forward pass a couple of phases earlier that the officials had missed.

    Gave the Wallabies a sniff…

    … and as we know, the Wallabies thrive on self-belief, whether they’ve earned it or not. (I learned this from all the “we coudda wunner Werld Cup” style of comments from doing so well when the All Blacks had 14 players on the park in the final)

    Take out the try, and all the coudda beens don’t look so good.

    That’s why I’m grumpy.

    • Fatflanker

      Yep…someone always has to be remind us that Australia only scored with 14 ABs on the park. The other side of the coin never gets mentioned – that the ABs are masters of conceding cynical penalties in their 22 to stop tries which eventually results in a send-off.

  • adastra32

    The essence of the WBs this year appears to be that if they can find a way to lose a game, they will.

  • Nutta

    Thoughts from a random nufty:

    Macca was having a cracking game until hurt. Surely Timani now?

    Hooper playing well esp now that Poey & he aren’t getting in each other’s way

    Surely Rob Simmons experiment is now done?

    Slipper was badly exposed as a lazy scrummer again. Tom was getting done because the Red Head was stepping wide and boring across with the benefit of arm binding

    Squeaky is still under throwing

    Izzy – we all have bad games sometimes

    Kerevi & K’drani are both on fire

    In general I thought we were playing well with the timing getting much better ( although still off), forwards (mostly) coming into the ball and our 10 playing flatter and even getting 2nd touches to create the extra man. But we are still clunky at lineouts and we miss crucial 1st cleanouts.

    Much to work on.

    As a game I tired of seeing supporting ball runners being nailed off the ball. There were 3 blatant hits on the support runner, all in the Jarpy 22 and no penalty or cards. It’s as bad (if not worse) as shepherding the catcher.

    • Kiwi rugby lover

      mate I agree on Timani but please get rid of Mumm from 6 he’s useless there, Hooper played well but needs to support the runners more, especially as Mumm is never there (sorry shouldn’t keep mentioning how shit he was but hard not to as it affects so much) Pity they didn’t continue from their start because that was awesome

  • Owen McCaffrey

    The comments in this thread assure what I already thought that the Wallabies are not a bad team they are just playing tactically bad and choosing players out of position or the wrong players. The talent is there and the strategy tweaked. Is it a coaching problem? I guess you do need to lay a lot of it with the coaches. Are they being to dictatorial in their approach? Surely the players know their strategies are not working? They know the ways they need to improve? Doesn’t the Wallabies have a core player leadership team to nut this stuff out?

  • Henry

    And Bulldogs coach Luke Beveridge made no reference to playing the Australian Way before serving up another dud.

  • McWarren

    What a ridiculous comparison.

    Should we introduce a salary cap into the RC, with relegation and a transfer window maybe to ensure all international teams are equal.

    Why don’t you compare international AFL with international rugby. Or international league to rugby?

    Last years AFL grand final was shite, last years Super Rugby final was sensational.

  • dru

    The line-out died with Simmons off, though we also lost his “pick and flop”.

    I thought the scrum died when Slipper came on. Not his best game by a long shot.

    Biggest issue was allowing the Boks to dictate the nature of the game. We played “our way” for the first 20 and not much after that.

  • dru

    Re-watched it. Shows how a first giewing can be mis leading. Line out losses on our own throw started with Simmons on. And the scrum problems started before Slipper came on. Neither shined, but I suspect they are part of a pack problem.

  • McWarren

    I’d watch them all ML. I understand your point and your frustration, I just think you are comparing apples and oranges really.

    International rugby definitely needs 5 or 6 teams vying for top spot. It’s why I prefer the 6 nations over the RC at the moment.

    Rugby in SH has a few easy fixes to start with. Firstly move the June tests so that the SR doesn’t lose momentum. Secondly, get more games on free to air live. Thirdly, stop the SMH from reporting on rugby, okay that ones way to hard. No. four, Start embracing the international aspect of SR and the RC rather than bemoaning it. Fifth, is like to see all the SANZAAR unions allow there players to play for all clubs in the comp and not lose eligibility for intl selection.

    Just a few thoughts.

    I don’t think the WB’s Bok game was as bad as you make out. The result was in the balance until what, the last few minutes? The mungo game only got interesting in the last 20. The rules and league were exciting because you had 2 fairytale teams in with a shot. Rugby nor any other sport can serve that up very often.

    Rugby ain’t going to die mate because it’s played and supported by people who love it, people like you and me.

    Sorry if I seemed somewhat curt in my first reply mate.


The original prop in a prop's body, but thankfully I have the rugby mind of a prop as well.

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