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2010 Aussie Rugby Wishes

2010 Aussie Rugby Wishes
Yes, it did really happen

Yes, it did really happen

It’s been at least a week since there was any Aussie rugby, and so I’ve naturally completely forgotten coming plumb last in the Tri-Nations and stuffing a once in a quarter of a century Grand Slam chance (including losing to Scotland, FFS). As such, the incurable optimism of the Wallaby supporter has re-surfaced (without it, we’d all be Mungos) and I’ve started thinking about my hopes for 2010.

So here they are –  I’ve tried to keep them realistically optimistic (I naturally dream we win everything), but you can give me a reality check no doubt!


1. Wallabies to win all their home Tri-Nations games: that’s the Boks in Brissy, the ABs in Sydney and Melbourne; all doable, but not easy. This would probably put us second in the table, and with a sniff of the title. The away games look tough though – Bloemfontein, Pretoria (both 1km+ altitude) and Christchurch. We used to talk about winning away, we now just need to win at home.

2. An Aussie side to reach the S14 final. Of course I’d like to say “an Aussie side to win it”, but looking at last season’s performance, with not even a semi finalist, that’s not on the realistic side of the ledger. However, a good concentration of talent in the Brumbies to match the Tahs, Link McKenzie inserting some iron into the Reds, and a maturing of young talent all round makes me think the Aussie teams should be lifting a few spots this year.
That should put the Tahs and Brumbies in the top four, but out of those two I like the look of the Friend regime a whole lot more than Hickey’s Eastwood, I mean Waratahs.

3. The resurgence of the Aussie lineout. It quite literally killed us last year; losing 1 in 4 of your own throw and only challenging 40% of the time is simply untenable. I’ve wanged on about it until I’m blue in the face, but perhaps AntipoDeans is on a similar wavelength, word on the street being that two new locks are top of the list for talent needed. Let’s hope we see a similar focus as the scrum has received, or my wish #1 hasn’t a chance.

4. Some clear back-line combinations. It’s been largely enforced by injury, and has created some flexibility/experience, but the Wallaby backline was a revolving door in 2009. The only pairing that got any real air-time was Ginea/Giteau, and the longer it went on, the more I thought kid dynamite should be wearing 12. There are some great pieces in this puzzle, but they sure aren’t painting a pretty picture, yet.



5. Better player/ARU relations. They haven’t looked good for a while, culminating in the Clayton’s trial fiasco in October. Even allowing for media beat-up, such off field disharmony doesn’t help anyone. The good news is that one of the key protagonists of just about every shit-fight back to the first days of professionalism – Tony Dempsey – is gawn; boned, I mean stepping aside gracefully, from CEO of RUPA. Let’s hope this delivers more of a common purpose in these testing times for Aussie Rugby and the fans icons to look up to.

  • Donaldo98

    How about: Wallabies not defeated by any sub-par teams (eg Fiji & England)

  • Tangawizi

    Reds to finish 11th or better… Could be a big ask on going on the last 6 seasons

  • Ozrugbynut

    Barnes at 10

    and perhaps less realistically…

    less talking up in the media

    no off field BS

    Aussie supporters outnumbering kiwis at the Sydney TN game.

    • Ozrugbynut

      Further to that list, add more collaboration between S14 and national levels. The goal surely has to be the WC..

  • Patrick

    I’m bloody glad to see Dempsey go, I don’t care who was right we need JO’N more than him so he has to go.

    I also want some locks and Barnes at 10; and the Brumbies to win, but lose to the Force ;)

    The one thing you have forgotten which I would wish for is that the Melbourne team’s management gets its friggin act together quick and gets set to hit the ground running. I think I am going to write them a little letter volunteering my services lol – I must be pretty keen to be thinking that!

    • Patrick

      coming true already.. :)

  • Mike

    Brumbies to make the finals of s14, less politics in the ARU and RUNNING RUGBY WITH TRIES SCORED IN TEST MATCHES.

    If the game doesn’t get away from the boring style of play, its in financial trouble.

  • DPK

    its my birthday today. rest assured i’ll be wishing these when i blow those candles out.

  • Gumby

    Find a way to get Vickerman back. That would be worth what they paid Lote for doing BA for a year and a half and the results would be instantaneous.

    With Vicks back we wouldn’t be worring about the bloody lineout, the pack would have more grizzle and muscle and we wouldn’t lose anything in the scrum or breakdown. They’d be better as well.

    If they have to pay someone in Oxford, Cambridge or wherever he is to give him his bloody degree a year early then so be it! It’d be worth every dollar.

    • JJJ

      Agreed, OG. With Vickerman back (assuming form) we’d have a world-class lineout to go with our new world-class scrum. Pocock should only get better too, and Vickerman would give him good backup at the breakdown. That’d be a helluva platform for our backs. Oh yeah, our backs. :(

      Good to see you found your way over here btw. -SJonesIsAGit

      • Gumby

        Hey AGit. Yeah Sceptical Scotty gave me the tip about the site. Phew! I’d have gone around the twist by now with the drivel they carry on with up North with their regional Rugby.

        You’ve got to believe they care more about their local teams really than their national teams. Still its good when the International Season is going.

        Hope you and yours had a good Christmas & New Year.

  • Bobas

    I wish Larkham gets the first batch of anti aging stem cells inserted into his body?

    • The Moth

      Bring Back Bernie!

      A Melbourne or Reds Marquee Player?

  • Pedro


  • Robson

    It gives me the dry horrors every time I see WB pre match beat ups in the media. It’s the only thing I don’t want to see any more of this year. Getting beaten then might be more palatable.

  • Paris Tah

    Running rugby and less ping pong.

    • Paris Tah

      …. the resurrection of the ARC in some form or another.

      • DPK

        fark yes, with the elvs?

  • Hillsy

    I Would be happy to just walk out of ANZ stadium without being heckled, “Yuv got to score more tries eh Bro”.

    Just so sick of losing.
    Tahs premiership wouldnt got down too bad either.

  • Searsy

    The Reds to not lose all their key players to Melbourne or other clubs and have 2011 as yet another ‘rebuilding year’.

  • chief

    Larkham to do a solo year for the QLD Reds. Becomes a one year wonder.

  • happy hooker

    1. Melbourne sourcing world class talent – think big, Wilko, Burger, Contepomi, Chris Jack, Chabal?… would bring the crowds back and put Rugby on the Front page again!

    2. Finals football – Brumbies win and the rest on the verge of finals

    3. Pinch some leaguies – just to shit them! Thurston and le Gaz to Melbourne

    4. Melbourne with quality coaching and Macqueen involved somewhere. Cheika or Louden would be my choices.

    5. WB – Gits to 12, AAC playing one position, Poecock gaining ascendancy on an aging McCaw.

    6. The slow demise of the aging Boks just before RWC11

    • Gumby

      Hooks. Definately agree on AAC being left in one position – fullback. Given enough space to wind up he can carry half a forward pack on his back at speed for 10 meters and score a try that Lomu would be proud of. And he’s done that more than once so it wasn’t a fluke.

      Let him own the position and develop into our third great fullback of the modern era, though no-one will ever be better than Burke was.

      • viking

        I don’t expect the Brumbies to play AAC at 15. Having had Huxley and Gerrard at the back in recent seasons, they will not go with a back 3 without a kicker. I expect to see Lealifano at 15 and AAC at 14 (or 13 when Stirlo breaks down).

        That may not suit Deans, but then he needs to rethink his game plan along those lines anyway.

        • Gumby

          Viking, don’t agree. AAC is not our best 14 or 13 but he is very useful as cover. However he is in my opinion our standout 15.

          He is solid under the high ball, a punishing tackler, extremely good counter attacker and fast and penetrating when running onto a backline move. Add to that his strength on his feet and ability to break a tackle; all requirements of a first class fullback. Kind of reminds me of the incomprable Matt Burke up to this point.

          He needs to develop his kicking game but can’t do that unless he spends time at the back. He is not a world class goal kicker like Burke but you only get everything in one package once or twice in a lifetime and there are others who can provide this service and it is not a requirement of any position in particular.

          If he is left to take ownership at fullback he will in my view become a “great”. If we keep dicking him around as a utility player he will fade away and disappear as we develop specialists in each position.

          It is the Super 14 coaches who should fall in behind the National Coach and the interests of the National Team. Not the other way around.

    • Robson

      I like No. 5. Man, I’ll add that one to my wish list too.

  • louie

    3 teams in the top six

  • league dissappears from the face of the universe.

    • We’re already doing pretty well on that one already, it only exists in 3 countries – the rest of the Universe couldn’t give a fuck!

      • Gumby

        Yeah! But in Australia we always have to be different.

      • just need to get it to piss off in oz, the rest will fall, PNG fallows australias lead and the english are confined to a pub and a farm in england

    • beeza

      a few jagers might help this along….

  • chief

    Okay here are my realistic wishes.

    Rebels recruit Billy Slater and a few more league players.
    Wallabies to win every home game.
    Some sort of ARC competition contemplated
    Redevelopment of Ballymore

  • D

    A wish list and a reality list are 2 completely different things.

    I wish we win it all.

    Will it happen????? I doubt it.


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