2010 Shute Shield Tipping - Green and Gold Rugby

2010 Shute Shield Tipping

2010 Shute Shield Tipping

Showcasing the depth of talent in Shute Shield rugby, Drew Mitchell will be lining up for Randwick feeder club Balmain

Can the thieving Students add more silverware to their overflowing cabinet? Can the Wicks relive the glory days? Can the Woodies pay homage to their ex-coach? Can the Highlanders take their rightful place at the top of the tree? Can the Two Blues find enough players to get a team on the park?

These questions, and many more, will be answered during this year’s Shute Shield that kicks off tomorrow. Always a tricky start to Australia’s premier club competition (whatever the banjo players say) with the Super 14 players still with their provincial clubs and a heap of new and up-and-coming players keen to prove themselves.

Because too much tipping is never enough, G&GR is pleased to launch the Shute Shield Tipping Comp. Simply enter your tips on the form below and you’re in the running for the glory that is G&GR Shute Shield Tipping Champion of 2010.

For the sake of simplicity, our tipping comp will follow the scoring rules as set out by SuperBru.


  • Good stuff Riddler, I’m looking forward to this years Shute Shield… is this the year of the Rat? Let us hope so.

    For anyone having trouble with the form, post a comment here and I’ll sort them out.

  • krumpet

    With the likes of the Kennedy boys,Holmes,Robinson,Lipman in the team should be in with out shot I reckon.

    Go The Ratties!!!

    • a shame the Force took the rest of our team really!

      • RugbyRiddler

        Didnt seem to do either team much good at the weekend!

  • Point margin?

    I don’t follow much club rugby. This is going to be hard.

  • So this is like superbru, but not superbru…

    I think I have done it I hope so, but not sure…

  • Eggsie

    As a Queenslander it might as well be poo-schute for all I care. But the old man ran on for Parra in the fifties so GO THE TWO BLUES!

  • Great work guys. I think the Rats will get off to a good start tomorrow. That back row they’ve picked is quality. But after one round its likely to be Manly followed by Easts. I really hope that Randwick can win at Uni, just to shake things up a little. Elsewhere, perhaps the Rebels will spring a surprise.

  • Noddy

    should we be doing a QLD Premier Comp one as well????

    • Lance Free

      Noddy – I heard that ‘One Goat’ was working on a BrisVegas comp preview.

      • Noddy

        I love one goat. As soon as I posted that I thought “shit, shouldn’t have asked that as I will get lumped with it”.

        Long live one goat.

        • Lance Free

          No – Juan Goat’…..

  • Jay

    Blowes Cup starts up in Central West NSW tommorrow as well. Rugby #’s jumped a healthy 30% last year and we’re expecting more registrations. Couple of real haed nut teams like St. Pats and Dubbo Macquarie. Hard country folk tryin’ to rip each other apart. Love it

  • Paris Tah

    I have never followed any team in the shute shield before. My place of birth maybe? Go Penrith!!

  • mudskipper

    where do I register for G&GR Shute shield tipping comp?

  • Neil Kerkham

    Where do i sign up ?

  • Neil Kerkham

    I cant get the form up, it says Loading but with error on page.
    Im using Windows7 with IE8

    • Strange, you can access the form directly here

  • hawks heroes

    since when has Balmain been a feeder club for Randwick?
    Go the Rebels- big win over Gordon today

  • krumpet

    The Ratties were woeful!

    Q:Why is Beau Robinson not playing in the front row,he’s big enough to do so now.Surely that extra weight is not good for his mobility?


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