2011 Nostradamus Competition Results - Green and Gold Rugby

2011 Nostradamus Competition Results

2011 Nostradamus Competition Results

Remember 2011? Seems a long time ago now.


Well if you can cast your mind back that far you may recall we ran a ‘Nostradamus’ competition in which participants attempted to predict what would happen across the rugby year. Well finally the results are in.

The winner was Nabley who gapped the field with a whopping 24 points out of a possible 50. BrisVegas54 and GreenPeter filled the other places on the podium with 22. Congratulations gents. The full results can be seen in the table below:


24 Nabley
22 BrisVegas54, GreenPeter
21 Ozsash, DT, Graeme, Tahzan, Tangawizi, Wagga Magpie
20 Chiller, Brownirugby, JDog, Crow
19 Bigwillie, dlowes, Solitude, Happy Hooker, Eddo, danielok, Prodigy, Joe Mac, marty, barbarian
18 Hertford Highlander, mickeyc, AJ, The Konza, USA aussie, ruttegar, Fish, Awesome Pty Ltd, chriscullen, Aussie D, Cpt Croweater
17 Chrisjamo, Griffo, Mad-dog, Tom_Mc, Gallagher, Sparkles , Dan, Dools, Caboose, gjd, tom, Newb, Running Rugby, Zyzz, GC, Dave Ebbott, gfindley
16 jive_turkey, Jimmy1980, Buttens, jonbaker85, chasmac, fatprop, the gambler, BRIX, Antimony, MattyP, Beetson, Homer J, Humey, Big_Paddy, Queensland rule, wannabe, matty dee, Salty, Rapid reds, The Roos, qwerty51, Rookie, murph, JimmyMosquito, RosscoP, melly_moo
15 A.Fox-Russell, Conor, ALLHEArT, Red Heavy, Andrew, Krumpet, brendangibson, Bay35Pablo, Gooch, Matty K, Robson, Rocky Elboa, James Albert Long, Langthorne, JTM, lmcbain, dougdew99, Timbo, Linusmc, Wal59, rahrahtah, ht, The Battered Slav, George, slowback, Spear Captive, D, Dbla
14 Weiyong, nao58, Davey, Disco, stoff, topo, Joeyjohns, -eke-, BPC, Skip, ooaahh, remora, MooCow, Macka, Ditch, Hawko, Ishmael, Kuni, razor, petdr, Tank, Public-School-Rugby-Fan, MrTimms, Mr Tank, MW, Wobbly, AkRiD, Toon, ntrugby10, PPC, REDinCPT
13 eMack., The Rock, Duncher, stormy, Nusadan, Otto, amtosh, Gerry, Farva, Swat, DANSKI, GTpkt ruger, chrisbob, Louis, Bro Town, Ant, ChargerWA, Spot Murphy, georgezd, Moses, Thomas, TheMacRichard, Gengaly, dobduff11, Reddy!, Mr Damage, Gnostic, Ballywhore, lha, Baggy Walla, Charlie, Jets, RugbyReg, Muffy
12 Jimbo81, Larkhage, #1 Tah, Pom of the year, Spikhaza, Misplaced Canuck, morewaugh, waratahjesus, Leland 9, Thomo, Austin, Alex-A, Brumbies Guy, Reds Fan 2011, WB3, Sandpit Fan, Stinsmith, Lindommer, Pathpsycho, Bob the Builder, bring back rucking, chiraag, VC#14, rane, PassItToDell, The Rant
11 Molt, bazzar, NY Rugby Fan, scrumblue, josh, RaRaRasputin, Damo, gangster, François, slowmovingman, MickeyDR, TommyV, Doss, Henry, Regi, Belted
10 Paris Tah, RyanP, uni, CanadianRugby, Michael Watson, CJGP33, SA, Bobas, Tucker15, swerve58
9 TubbyD, Ham, Cowboy
8 Hotel Raja, Waratah Mike, Breakaway
7 random477


You can view your selections and the results here. The yellow squares are correct answers.


As much as I would love to announce a new competition for 2012 sadly I cannot. The thing was a bastard to do and I frankly don’t have the time. But make sure you get amongst our fantasy and tipping competitions for 2012, the details of which can be found here.


  • Joe Mac

    That was a great competition lads. Any chance of one in 2012?

    • Joe Mac

      Sorry mate, ignore that

  • Great job Baabaa, I know there was a huge amount of work putting this together. You did pretty well yourself too.


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