2012 Super Rugby Draw — Out Now!

2012 Super Rugby Draw — Out Now!

2012 Super Rugby Draw — Out Now!

The 2012 Super Rugby draw has just been released by SANZAR. Here is the schedule:

It kicks off on the weekend of 24/25 February 2012 with local derbies Brumbies v. Force in Canberra, and Waratahs v. Reds in Sydney.

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NSW Waratahs Draw:

1 Sat Feb 25 Reds ANZ Stadium, 7.40pm
2 Fri March 2 Rebels Melbourne, 7.40pm
3 Sat March 10 Highlanders Dunedin, 5.35pm
4 Sat March 17 Western Force SFS, 7.40pm
5 Sat March 24
Sharks SFS, 3.35pm
6 Sat March 31 Chiefs Waikato, 5.35pm
7 Bye
8 Sat April 13 Force Perth, 9.10pm
9 Sat April 21 Rebels SFS, 7.40pm
10 Sun April 29 Crusaders SFS, 4.10pm
11 Sat May 5 Brumbies Canberra, 7.40pm
12 Fri May 11 Bulls SFS, 7.40pm
13 Sun May 20 Stormers Capetown, 3.10am
14 Sun May 27 Cheetahs Bloemfontein, 1.05am
15 Sat June 2 Hurricanes SFS, 7.40pm
16 Bye      
17 Sat July 7 Brumbies ANZ Stadium, 7.40pm
18 Sat July 14 Reds Brisbane, 7.40p

Queensland Reds Draw:

1 Sat Feb 25 Waratahs Sydney, 6.40pm
2 Sat March 3 Western Force Suncorp Stadium, 7.40pm
3 Sat March 10 Rebels Suncorp Stadium, 7.40pm
4 Sun March 18 Sharks Durban, 1.05am
5 Sun March 25 Bulls Pretoria, 1.05am
6 Sat March 31 Western Force Perth, 8.40pm
7 Fri April 6 Brumbies Suncorp Stadium, 7.40pm
8 Bye
9 Fri April 20 Stormers Suncorp Stadium, 7.40pm
10 Fri April 27 Blues Auckland, 5.35pm
11 Sun May 6 Crusaders Christchurch, 2pm
12 Sun May 13 Chiefs Suncorp Stadium, 4.10pm
13 Sat May 19 Lions Suncorp Stadium, 7.40pm
14 Sat May 26 Brumbies Canberra, 7.40pm
15 Bye
16 Fri June 29 Rebels Melbourne, 7.40pm
17 Fri July 6 Highlanders Suncorp Stadium, 7.40pm
18 Sat July 14 Waratahs Suncorp Stadium, 7,40pm

ACT Brumbies Draw:

1 Fri Feb 24 Force Canberra Stadium, 7:40pm
2 Bye
3 Sat March 10 Cheetahs Canberra Stadium, 7:40m
4 Fri March 16 Chiefs Hamilton, 5:35pm
5 Sat March 24 Highlanders Canberra Stadium, 7:40pm
6 Sat March 31 Sharks Canberra Stadium, 7:40pm
7 Fri April 6 Reds Brisbane, 7:40pm
8 Sat April 14 Rebels Canberra Stadium, 7:40pm
9 Sun April 22 Bulls Pretoria, 3:10am
10 Sat April 28 Lions Johannesburg, 3:10am
11 Sat May 5 Waratahs Canberra Stadium, 7:40pm
12 Bye
13 Fri May 18 Hurricanes Wellington, 5:35pm
14 Sat May 26 Reds Canberra Stadium, 7:40pm
15 Fri June 1 Rebels Melbourne, 7:40pm
16 Sat June 30 Force Perth, 5:40pm
17 Sat July 7 Waratahs Sydney, 7:40pm
18 Sat July 14 Blues Canberra Stadium, 3:30pm

Melbourne Rebels Draw:

1 Bye
2 Fri March 2 Waratahs AAMI Park, 7.40pm
3 Sat March 10 Reds Brisbane, 7.40pm
4 Sun March 18 Cheetahs AAMI Park, 4.10pm
5 Fri March 23 Western Force AAMI Park, 7.40pm
6 Fri March 30 Highlanders Invercargill, 5.30pm
7 Thurs April 5 Blues AAMI Park, 7.40pm
8 Sat April 14 Brumbies Canberra, 7.40pm
9 Sat April 21 Waratahs Sydney, 7.40pm
10 Bye
11 Fri May 4 Bulls AAMI Park, 7.40pm
12 Sat May 12 Crusaders AAMI Park, 7.40pm
13 Sun May 20 Western Force Perth, 4.35pm
14 Sat May 26 Hurricanes Wellington, 5.30pm
15 Fri June 1 Brumbies AAMI Park, 7.40pm
16 Fri June 29 Reds AAMI Park, 7.40pm
17 Sat July 7 Lions Johannesburg, 1.05am
18 Sat July 14 Stormers Capetown, 3.10am

Western Force Draw:

1 Fri Feb 24 Brumbies Canberra, 7.40pm
2 Sat March 3 Reds Brisbane, 7.40pm
3 Fri March 9 Hurricanes NIB Stadium, 7.05pm
4 Sat March 17 Waratahs Sydney, 7.40pm
5 Fri March 23 Rebels Melbourne, 7.40pm
6 Sat March 31 Reds NIB Stadium, 6.40pm
7 Fri April 6 Chiefs NIB Stadium, 7.40pm
8 Fri April 13 Waratahs NIB Stadium, 7.10pm
9 Bye
10 Sat April 28 Stormers NIB Stadium, 5.40pm
11 Sun May 6 Cheetahs Bloemfontein, 3.10am
12 Sun May 13 Sharks Durban, 1.05am
13 Sun May 20 Rebels NIB Stadium, 2.35pm
14 Sat May 26 Lions NIB Stadium, 7.40pm
15 Bye
16 Sat June 30 Brumbies NIB Stadium, 5.40pm
17 Sat July 7 Blues Auckland, 5.35pm
18 Sat July 14 Crusaders TBA, 5.30pm

The Waratahs don’t play the Lions or Blues.

The Reds don’t play the Cheetahs or Hurricanes.

The Brumbies don’t play the Stormers or Crusaders.

The Rebels don’t play the Sharks and Chiefs

The Force don’t play the Bulls or Highlanders.

  • matty_k

    I would have thought the Reds v Tahs would be at Suncorp first next year.

    • Bay35Pablo

      Let’s get this straight, we Tahs are still the Premier state. The Banjo players can bow to us.

      • Funk

        So the (supposed) premier state has no premierships, ahhh the irony!

      • Kinghitz

        Big (stoopid) call from this way back – half the team could be in jail or injured or gone to the mungos or something.

        • Westo

          We need another fan forum

  • FiveStarStu

    I reckon the Rebels are a dead cert for 4 point first up.

    • Patrick

      Week two looks pretty easy pickings too…

      • Hawko

        Yeah. 2011 they really creamed it too.

  • Bay35Pablo

    So Tahs don’t play Blues and Lions

  • Bay35Pablo

    Sharks game is Saturday afternoon at 3.35pm, 24/3.

    Crusaders is Sunday 4.10pm game at SFS, 29/4.

    Bulls 11/5 Friday night game.

    Rest of Tahs are Saturday night games.

    Homebush games are Reds and Brumbies (?!?!, why not Crusaders)

    • Hawko

      So we can keep the Crusader fans up in the bleachers where they will be less effective. We have scheduled our easy games for Homebush.

    • why play at homebush at all??

      • Hawko

        Because the Stadium gives us a huge bucket of money if we play there. They do that because its a lousy venue for watching and has no soul unless you’ve got 70K+ patrons, but if they don’t fill it regularly they’ll go broke. Basically the Tahs need the money.

  • Wheatman

    Looks like the Reds have Stormers, Lions, Chiefs and Highlanders at home. Sharks, Bulls, Crusaders and Blues away.

    Not the easiest draw for the defending champions, only one other semi-final team at home. Not playing Hurricanes (good, tends to be bogey team) and Cheetahs (happy not playing them in SA). I thought last year’s draw was very good to us….

    I’m still going to get a season membership anyway because I know we can do it again. GO THE REDS!

    • The Rant

      Yep, their 4 toughest games are away – bit unlucky. I dont see them taking out top spot again where you really need to beat the other frontrunners.

      In comparison the waratahs draw looks pretty good: Here’s hoping that the final weekend is a showdown between the tahs and reds for a home semi or something like that.

    • Hawko

      I reckon the Chiefs next year will be a real threat to everyone. So getting them at home next year might be a real bonus. Missing playing the Hurricanes is a loss though, they should be the easybeats of the NZ conference.

  • Bally Moore

    Reds skip the hurricanes and cheetahs, open with tahs and close with tahs – could be interesting for AUS table finishings. tricky trip to face sharks and bulls in SA (and force on way home – practically still in SA..).

    Nothing too controversial there i guess. Crusaders will be looking forward to playing us at home.

    • Hawko

      Word is the stadium in Christchurch won’t be ready as one stand has to be demolished. So the Crusaders will play away every week. Didn’t hurt them too much this year though.

  • yourmatesam

    I’m going to tip a Brumbies win in week 5. Bonus Points and all!!

  • Kiap

    Brumbies miss out on playing Crusaders and Stormers. They have a good draw with Blues and Sharks at home as well.

    Rebels and Force supporters, your draw here:


    • Patrick

      They’ll need it…

      Reds chances are substantially improved by the predicted suicide epidemic in NZ…

  • antimony

    Don’t forget a 3 week holiday in between weeks 15 and 16 for the inbound tests. So thatsa 4 week bye for the Reds. A holiday either side of the SFS Hurricanes game for the Tahs. And an extra break for the Ponies and Force.

    Except your Wallaby players will still be playing test matches. Bonus for the Ponies and Force (excluding tragic injuries Moore/Pocock) Reds and Tahs Hmmmmmmm. The young, fringe reds will be chomping at the bit.

    Still will be interesting the effect the break has.

  • antimony

    And do the reds get the bye before the break because they supply the bulk of the wallabies???

  • Chester

    Big fan of 2x afternoon games for the Tahs at the SFS. Hopefully they can get some more fans to come along


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