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2013 Super Rugby Awards

2013 Super Rugby Awards

The 2013 Super Rugby Awards were held in Sydney today.

The awards handed out today were the player of the year, rookie of the year, team of the year, coach of the year, try of the year and referee of the year.

How they’re selected

Super Rugby Player of the Year:

The Super Rugby Player of the Year award has been decided by 18 of Australia’s esteemed Rugby television, radio and print journalists and commentators over the course of the 2013 Super Rugby Season.

Every week one journalists submitted their 3-2-1 votes for each of the Super Rugby games involving an Australian franchise. With 3 votes awarded to the player they adjudge to be ‘Man-of-the-Match’, 2 for next best and 1 for next best.

Any player playing in an Australian Franchise was eligible to be considered for a vote during the 18 home and away rounds of Super Rugby.

Super Rugby Rookie of the Year:

The Rookie of the year is selected by ARU’s High Performance Unit, which includes ARU’s General Manager of Sevens, Anthony Eddy and General Manager Development Pathways, Ben Whitaker.

The Super Rugby Rookie of the Year is awarded to the player who is deemed to have been the most outstanding first year player in Australia. Consideration is given by the HPU panel to votes polled during the Super Rugby season.

Player Of The Year

The 2013 award goes to Michael Hooper of the Waratahs. Hooper finished the season with a total of 21 votes. That was four votes in front of the nearest challengers, George Smith of the Brumbies and Will Genia of the Reds. Hooper trailed Smith towards the end of the season but his efforts against the Brumbies and Crusaders got him over the line in the end.

M. Hooper

Top 10 (votes)

Hooper (21)
Genia (17)
Smith (17)
O’Connor (16)
Folau (15)
Lealiifano (13)
H’botham (13)
Gill (13)
Mowen (11)
Quade (10)

Past winners

2013 – Michael Hooper
2012 – Will Genia
2011 – Will Genia
2010 – Quade Cooper
2009 – George Smith
2008 – George Smith
2007 – George Smith
2006 – George Smith
2005 – Chris Latham
2004 – Chris Latham
2003 – Joe Roff & Chris Latham
2002 – Stirling Mortlock
2001 – Phil Waugh
2000 – Chris Latham
1999 – Joe Roff
1998 – Stephen Larkham & John Eales

Rookie Of The Year

No real surprises here with Israel Folau of the Waratahs taking out this years award. Folau joined the Waratahs from AFL and was a revelation in his first year in rugby and even finished fourth in the player of the year tally. Folau tallied three man-of-the-match performances against the Force, Chiefs and Kings to help him claim his title.

Folau scores winning try v Stormers (Large)

Team and Coach Of The Year

The Brumbies get the team award by finishing on top of the Australian Conference and Jake White wins the coach of the year award.

jake white 516

Try Of The Year

Rod Davies from the Reds got the nod for this effort against the Sharks in round 10 at Suncorp.

Referee Of The Year

Steve Walsh won this award for the second year in a row.

Steve Walsh

  • Bobas

    Two tahs…
    Horne would have been a shoe in for try of the year had he scored one.

    • Joker


  • Mart

    Bit suprised by Hooper

    • Imagine if G Smith had played the whole season.

      He’ll probably win the Brumbies Best and Fairest though. For the 9th time I think it is.

      • Mart

        unbelievable just a freak of nature.

  • Pedro

    Hooper: third best open side, player of the year.

    • Pedro

      This may sound harsh because I didn’t include Pocock as he was injured. Sorry Pocock.

      • Bill

        Smith, Pocock, Gill, Hooper, 4th best. There’s a lot of room for improvement in Hooper but it’d be nice if he did that now so we’d have Hoopers speed plus good technique rather than in a few years where injury and age may blunt the speed.

  • Hugh Cavill

    Michael Hooper? He wasn’t even in the Tahs top 3 this year!

    • Jamie Miller

      Agreed. This is a bizarre pick; Hooper was fine, but not a stand-out across the Conference. I thought George Smith would be a shoe-in; without him, the Brumbies still would have been good, but nowhere near as good.

      Without wanting to create an under 7s vibe, I think the Most Improved Player for the season would have been very interesting – I think a lot of Australian players really took their game to the next level this year. An uncapped Mowen was very sound, James Slipper did a lot of thankless work for the Reds I thought, Foley was incomparable to last year’s vintage, but Scott Higginbotham suddenly seemed to learn how to use that frame of his and would have taken the award for me. Huge blow for the Wallabies that he’s injured, he suddenly started looking like a real quality number 8 in the weeks before he went down.

      I probably would have chosen the Betham try against the Crusaders as try of the year too, but I’d probably be crucified for anti-Cooper bias.

      • BloodRed

        I was just about to agree with everything you said but then you had to bring Cooper into it. Give it a rest

      • Chiller

        Speight vastly improved as well.

  • Gus

    I think Scott Higgenbotham probably deserved the award most even with the injury. I know because of how the voting is done he wasn’t really a chance but still. No Australian player performed at a higher level longer this season and I also think no single player was more responsible for their team’s success than him. He is a big loss for the Wallabies.

    • The Rant

      good call. Surprised he’s not in the top 10.

      • mjw

        But he was in the top 10, have another look.

        • The Rant

          ah yes, missed the short form

  • The Rolling Maul

    Anyone can win an award for great play. I’m more interested in those players who did most to disappoint and contributed least to their team’s performance, be it through injury, suspension or complete and utter uselessness. That’s why I’ve done my own Super Rugby Team of the Year (actually, it’s something I do every year). Visit http://therollingmaul.blogspot.com.au.

  • brumby runner

    I assume the adjudication was by one journalist only at each match (or was it a compilation of 18 journalists scores?) A bit ambiguous in the description above.

    If only one journalist awards the points in each game, I’d like to see who they were for each of the games. I think Michael Hooper is a champ and would expect him to score fairly heavily, but I am surprised that he won the player of the year. Could be some bias at work? Or just that he was a stand out in most games by the Tahs. Not so sure that would be the case this year as a lot of Tahs put in over the whole season, eg Folau, Foley, AAC, Robbo, and even the wingers, Crawford and Betham probably scored well on occasions.

    • The Rant

      Haven’t see the points split. But agree a lot of the guys you mentioned had great games here and there but I reckon Hooper would have pulled 1 or 2 points almost every game as he just stands out for effort and effort is really what the 3-2-1 system reflects. The more you get involved the more people notice you and recall you when thinking who stood out. Plus opensides stick out naturaly anyway.

      • iamrober

        Least cooper made the top 10 – considering he is supposedly the worst in australia…

  • cpt crow eater

    Steve Walsh winning the mandatory ‘only Aussie ref in Super Rugby’ award…

    • Something to add to his highlights reel

    • Stivo

      There is actually 5;
      Steve Walsh
      Andrew Lees
      Rohan Hoffman

      Angus Gardner
      James Leckie

    • Bill

      Any ref that can get Conrad Smith to indulge in legible obscenities (reds vs canes) gets my vote. I’m sure Conrad wasn’t swearing just dispensing culinary advice…something about a beating duck…he likes to tenderise his duck le orange maybe?

  • Exile.TWF

    Michael Hooper??? You have got to be kidding – what did they do – get 18 journalists from the Sydney Morning Herald and provide free beers. Remind me where the Tahs finished in the Comp? 9th? The only thing that would be dumber than this. Would be awarding Super Player of the year to one of the Rebels or the Force. Gimme a freakin break!!! You mean to say that Not one player from the Reds or the Brumbies got close. There is more to Rugby in Australia outside the NSW Borders.

    • The Rant

      Well equal second was Genia and Smith just 4 points off.
      These points are given after every game – yes also ones where NSW is not playing, so there is no bias about state?? It’s all about who stood out in each game, and that hooper consistently stood out for his team says more about the rest of the team than hooper (reflected in their standings on the ladder).
      Brumbies were much better overall as a team and many of their players had great games here and there so you’d expect a much bigger spread of the points as no one player (apart from smith) was a standout every week.
      Same for reds, where Genia is a bit of a default pointtaker though I don’t think he played great at the start of the season.
      That said – i don’t personally think Hooper was our best super player this season. Maybe top 10.

  • Kevin O’Connor

    I think this whole thing is a bit of a joke when you look at the top 10.Surely a Brumbies player should be taking the top award when they are good enough to make the final.

    Secondly, JOC ranked higher than Higgers for the Rebels and a lot of players like Lilo, Gill etc who have had better seasons than JOC.

  • Tom

    Before everyone complains of a Sydney conspiracy take a look at how the points are awarded. The journalists award points for EACH Australian game. That means that unless two Aus teams are playing each other every team gets points. Hooper was consistently good in an average year for the Tahs and therefore got a larger share of his teams points. The Brumbies had a good year with a lot of their players doing well therefore the points were shared more evenly

    • Tom

      It’s an competition that can only make comparisons of players within a team rather than between teams

  • Cam Thomson

    Dud award – just give it to Genia every year until he retires. 80 minutes every game and even when he’s bad he’s still bloody good – anyone disagree?

    • Scotty

      apparently 18 of Australia’s esteemed Rugby television, radio and print journalists and commentators…

      • BPC

        17 of them are Greg Growden, using a different alias for each

    • mistermouse666

      Me. For what it’s worth…

  • Cam Thomson

    There’s a “Brownlow” feel to this award despite the different methodology – no tight forward and only one centre amongst past winners and only Lilo in this years top 10 (who plays almost like a 10 and takes the kicks)? Reflects a highlight reel approach that you’d expect from a journo who is looking to summarize a game for the general public.

    My top 10 for this year in no particular order would be:

    1. Mowen
    2. Godwin
    3. Mogg
    4. Folau
    5. Genia
    6. Higgers
    7. Gill
    8. AAC
    9. Fardy
    10. Smith

  • Davy

    Holy guacamole!
    Michael Hooper player of the year. Not wishing to denigrate Hooper as he is a very good player. But surely these journalists and commentators have been partaking in a few too many beverages post-game or the voting system is flawed.

    But then again it is Phil Kearns and Greg Martin voting I guess and old Spiro so all bets are off, anything is possible.

  • Ed snowden

    ‘Player of the year’ should be renamed stand out player in the most average team. This is a joke. Hooper is an oversized outside centre, this coming rugby championship the wallabies will finally have a traditional open side flanker in GILL playing. Rant over

  • Bill

    Didn’t they used to have a player’s player of the year award. Taking nothing away from Hooper but he’s not even our best openside. Was Phil Kearns voting by any chance?

    • Bill

      RUPA in december I think.

  • MPA

    Chris Latham won this award three years in a row. He was the best in an average team- and therefore easier to get 3 points each week. Same thing for Hoops this year. All this talk about bias is nonsense; it is just a flawed award but it is difficult to do any other system because that would assume each judge is at every match.

    • Joker

      Woah there! Sure Latho played in an average team but the guy was a freak.

  • gurchin

    Man this petty interstate rivalry is getting boring. If it’s humourous great, but Quade this NSW that gimme a break!

  • Bill

    I was thinking of Michael Hancock’s “look at all the kangaroos” comment ona rugby league tour of New Zealand years ago. Shouldn’t we have a similar award for dumbest thing said by a player on tour during super rugby, call it the Phil Kearns and Greg Martin award for outstanding contributions to diplomacy by a super rugby player.

  • Box

    A hooper 2013 highlight clip has just been downloaded, may surprise a few.

  • Gg

    Hooper will be the waratahs best for sure

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