2013 Super Rugby Draw - Green and Gold Rugby
Super Rugby

2013 Super Rugby Draw

2013 Super Rugby Draw

2013 Super Rugby Draw

  • Red Kev

    Wow, the table is going to be all out-of whack the whole season thanks to the early start by the Australian conference and the Lions tour. Reds v Brumbies first game though … might see about driving to Canberra for that one.

    • Cantab

      Funny how the ‘tahs have a bye first up whilst the other 10 teams that arent playing just have a ‘week off’.

      Yeah it will mess with the table, but at least the games will be live, on HD and the game times/days are known before the start of the season….unlike other codes.

  • WA

    4 out of the first 5 rounds the Force are away….season defining start for them, going to be a killer

    • You can’t buy spirit

      Probably one of the few teams that has a ”better” away record…

      But yeah…harsh.

  • RJ

    Reds do not play crusaders and Kings

    Brumbies do not play cheetahs and Chiefs

    waratahs do not play sharks and highlanders

    There you go fellas. did all the hard work for you. sorry if your a force/rebels supporter. my eyes were getting tired.

    • robbo

      Rebels get the Kings at AAMI yippee

  • RJ

    Super Rugby > (TRC x 10)^4

  • RugbyNoddy

    Be on your toes for your fantasy teams. All Aussies first round. None in the middle of the comp.

  • You can’t buy spirit

    So the Reds play June 1st and then not again until July 13th … fuck me that will be a hard game to back into.

    • JimmyC

      Mate they have a game against some mob called the British and Irish Lions on 8/7 @ Suncorp

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