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5 Reasons why Ireland will win The World Cup

5 Reasons why Ireland will win The World Cup

As a great way to learn about how other countries view their teams (and give you the edge in forthcoming pub discussions) we set a select group of Rugby bloggers the task of putting forward 5 reasons why their team will win The World Cup.

Being our group rivals, lets start with Ireland and a perspective from Conor at The 99 Call blog.

Reasons why Ireland will win the World Cup:

To be sure (©INPHO/Billy Stickland)

1. Element of Surprise:
With their dismal warm-up games which gave nothing away tactically, they may take the world by surprise. While we all know exactly what Australia can do after the Tri Nations games where they threw everything they had against New Zealand, we didn’t reveal a single back line move in our warm-up!  (where is the sarcasm symbol?)

2. Experience:
Ireland are the eldest squad competing in this World Cup, average age of 29. This ‘Golden Generation’ group of players have won 3 from the last 4 European Cup competitions, and were Six Nations Grand Slam winners two seasons ago, it’s time to take this success to the next level and win a World Cup.

3. Last chance saloon:
The majority of this same group of players are playing in their last World Cup and will want to go out with a bang, the psychological scars from Ireland’s disappointing performance in the 2007 competition are still fresh in their memories.

The Tank on a rumble

4. The Tullow Tank:
Every World Cup has a player that stands out from the rest and captures the minds of rugby fans worldwide, I think this tournament Sean O’Brien could be that player. The explosive Leinster back-row, named European Player of the year 2011 is crucial to Ireland’s success and if Ireland properly support and utilize him, he can change games.

5. Support:
Official figures of how many Irish fans are traveling are patchy at best, latest estimates are 5,000 traveling, but this group is dwarfed compared to the amount of Irish fans that are already in New Zealand and Australia that will be attending the games. Irish games were the second fastest selling games behind the hosts New Zealand. Lets get the party started!

  • Alan

    Ireland are truly a weird team. On their day they can beat anyone {with the exception of the ABs} but more often then not they fail to show up

    They have some classy players – Sean O’Brein as you mentioned above is IMO the best player on the planet in creating go forward and getting over the gain line. He is a human wrecking ball with great power and speed and has a great backrow partnership with Heaslip and Ferris

    O’Driscoll is still complete class. Ireland missed his creative magic big time in the last match against the poms, in fact the backline looked pretty much hopeless and clueless in attack without him, no surprise that he will be our greatest threat

    Sexton at 10 reminds me of Wilkinson. Capable in the field but jaysus so ridiculously accurate with penalties/conversions/drops – we will have to watch our discipline big time with him about, likewise with ROG who is probably the best tactical kicker playing the sport.

    Ireland’s scrum has improved the addition of Mike Ross but its still not great, I reckon our boys could really lay down a marker here

    Despite Drico and co i still think the Wallabies have too much class and skill, it will be a tight game but im expecting to see a wallaby win and will be both celebrating and mourning over many, many pints of arthur

  • Joe Mac

    Thanks for the insight Conor, im pumped to see Sean O’brian test himself against the likes of Pocock and Elsom. From what I understand, Sean is the new Elsom at Leinster and plays a similar role (both euro player of the year as well!).

    All makes for an excellent tussle.

  • Scarfman

    Do the Irish players *believe* they can win? I don’t think so, and their record against the top teams is very poor.

  • Ooaahh

    for those wondering (like I was) this is the yellow tank http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BDTmdDhGO50

    • wilful

      some big running there!

      • blackjack

        some god awful defence too!

      • ’boutbloodytime

        and a few maori sidesteps too…

  • Fin

    Ireland probably have the best draw of all the teams in the WC, should be a comfortable 2nd in their pool behind the Wallabies and will face the winner of the Pool of Death. This could be SA Wales or Samoa and there is every chance of a threeway tie in that group. These three teams may find for and against in their group matches very important forcing them to run out full strength sides in every game. In all reality Ireland may come up against a tired and injured opposition in the QF. I rate them an excellent chance of making the last 4 but can’t see them beating the hosts.

  • redbull

    With so many older players this will be there last chance. Lets hope they live up to it. If they take the WBs by surprise in the pools they will get a Pool D team then France or England semi which would hold no fear for them.

    Very keen to see their back row in action.

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  • bizarremacca

    Gagger –

    You really need to come home. I too thought NH teams were OK for six years of London-living. They are not. Refrain from publishing this crap and taking Stephen Jones on face value. Too bad ’bout that GBP.


  • Jimmy_Crouch

    I am currently in Queenstown and they have been on the drink and smashing down multiple fergburgers everyday. Check Ronan OGara’s face. He fell over on the Pisa two nights ago. These jokers will struggle to beat Italy.

    • Joe Mac

      Really, that is a joke right? If not, do tell us more

    • redbull

      Thats a shame. Same problem last world cup.

  • Jimmy_Crouch

    Pisa = piss

  • AngrySeahorse

    Ireland have poor form but I agree that they have a favourable draw which could work in their favour. I’d love to see the Irish win a world cup but cant see it happening this time round.

  • Joel

    Surprise as one of the reasons? How about ruthless efficiency? Fear?


  • Rightside

    Even without Wallace it’s one of the best back rows of any country in the last decade. In fact across the field, it’s quality….always felt their weakest link was O’Gara and always needed a better quality 5/8 to excel but you do the best with what you got….

    If they are on the piss too much (as crouch suggests) it actually makes sense….these guys never reached their potential and never knew why. Maybe at provincial level they cam keep it real?

    Paddy power has them at 40 – 1…almost ten times what you can earn of an oz wc victory. Sadly, you might as well burn it. On their day they can beat just about anyone but as a unit missed their chance for Ireland several times and will again

  • Jimmy_Crouch

    There has been an absolute stream of women coming out of the hotel in the mornings. These blokes are here for a holiday not to play rugby. Remember last RWC they only just beat georgia

    • Alan

      Dont get jealous now jimmy!

      For the 07 WC Ireland went into isolation and training overdrive to prepare…. it was a spectacular failure. Maybe taking it easy and savouring the delights of NZ will benefit them? time will tell

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