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RWC: 5 Things You Need to Know About Canada

RWC: 5 Things You Need to Know About Canada

Canada have been to all seven World Cups. They’ve run up six wins and two draws in that time and made it to the quarters in 1991. But they’ve fallen to #18 on the World Rankings – below many teams they used to beat easily. What do Canada need to do to get back in front of those nations?

1.  The Recent Form

The Canucks had a tough year at the Pacific Nations Cup this year. After strong years in 2013 (2nd) and 2014 (3rd), they fell to 6th this year. Looks can be a bit deceiving here, though. They had a tough draw, playing both Tonga and Samoa, as well as Japan in their three games. They’ll be heartened by their close loss (21-20) to Samoa, but may be perplexed by the 20-6 loss to Japan.

Since then, they’ve dropped another two tests to the USA. Until 2013, Canada had the wood on the Eagles, but now, the tables seemed to have turned. In fact, in the last calendar year, the Canadians have won just one of their last eleven matches – against Namibia.

Canada are the lowest ranked team in Pool D, but are only one spot behind Romania, who I’m sure they will target in their match on 6 October.

2.  Backs Waiting to Cut Loose


Jeff Hassler scores for Pro12 club Ospreys

The Canadians will bring a number of professional players in their squad, but the wing rotation of Jeff Hassler, DTH van der Merwe and Phil MacKenzie will have a lot of expectations. They are the finishers in a backline full of skill and flair.

Ospreys winger, Hassler was named in the Pro12 Dream Team for 2013/14. He’s scored 14 tries for the Welsh outfit in the last two years. They’ll be hoping that he combines with stalwarts MacKenzie and Van der Merwe to put a few 5-pointers on.

MacKenzie plays with Sale Sharks in the Aviva Premiership and has been capped 21 times for Canada. 29 year old Van der Merwe is a 26 test veteran and has racked up 72 games with Glasgow Warriors, where he has also scored 31 tries over the last 7 years.

3.  Forwards Under Pressure

The scrum in 2014. Nothing seems to have changed

If Canada’s backline looks pretty good, their forwards are not presently providing them with great opportunities. Canada has a history of producing technically sound players and that includes strong, proficient forwards. Now, though, it seems the Canadian forwards are struggling at exactly the wrong time.

The scrum struggled throughout the PNC. The Maple Leafs were especially manhandled by the Japanese, who out-classed the bigger pack in their game. Throughout the PNC, Canada gave up their own ball on 5 of the 28 occasions they scrummed for it, with 4 of those losses from penalties. I mentioned that was on their own ball, right?

The lineout hasn’t been any better, either. In the PNC, Canada lost a disturbing 24.5% of their own ball at the lineout.

If these guys are to target Romania in their pool match they had best shore up the set piece, because the Oaks will bring their best.

4.  The Captain


New Captain Tyler Ardron

Ospreys back rower, Tyler Ardron, will take on the captaincy for the RWC tilt. The 23 year old replaces Aron Carpenter, who has struggled since his move from the back row to hooker.

He has just 20 tests under his belt, as well. However, he’ll have Carpenter (64 tests) and three or four other players with World Cup experience to call on. He has had the opportunity to captain Ospreys this year.

As the team struggles in the forwrds, The Maple Leafs will look to Ardron to provide much of the team’s go-forward, as well as leading the team around the park.


5.  The Pool of ….ummm… Life?

Well, if Pool A is the “Pool of Death”, you have to give the easiest pool a name, as well, right?

Outside France and Ireland, Canada’s pool includes Romania and Italy. Based purely in World Rugby rankings, this puts #14 (Italy), #17 (Romania) and #18 (Canada) in one pool. Canada will see that as an opportunity, having played recently against higher-ranked opposition.

Despite Italy’s recent slide down the rankings, they probably aren’t a fair target for Canada, which simply doesn’t have the form across the board to manage against a 6 Nations team. And, as noted above, though, while they have the firepower in the backline to beat Romania, they are likely to struggle with their forwards.

Unfortunately, this year, the Canadian team seems to match the Canadian stereotype. Technically proficient and quite polite, but they seem to lack the ‘mongrel’ they need to succeed at RWC15.

  • Seb V

    It should be compulsory for all countries in the commonwealth to excel at rugby!

    • Rob

      In my opinion, we need a bigger focus on grassroots development and improving the lower levels of the pyramid rather than focusing all money and efforts on the few at the top.

    • Nutta

      It should be compulsory for all nations if they wish to co-exist peacefully to run rugby as a National Service for boys from ages 12 to 20 and girls aged 12 to 15. Once the Revolution is won and the Republic of Nutta is instated, and after lunch when I threw a few Unbelievers (Western Sydney Wanders and Giants fans) over the cliff at Wentworth Falls, I will immediately have my minions begin work on this as a priority item.

      • Chris M

        You seem to have really thought this out……

        • Nutta

          A whole manifesto is already prepared on USB for circulation to newspapers to be printed & circulated the morning after the revolution so all Comrades are aware of their newly liberated status and how to negotiate life’s challenges so as they don’t inadvertently run afoul of the new administration and require … re-education

  • Patrick

    I think it’ll be a very ugly world cup for Canada. Didn’t Romania beat them already last year, and handsomely?

    I pick them for dead last.

    • Nick

      Agreed. It’s looking shaky for them.

  • Davo

    Interesting to see a Macquarie logo on the Canadian jersey. Does anyone know how/why that came about? I would have thought Canada was a very minor area of focus for Macquarie. Is Canadian jersey real estate so cheap it becomes an economical way to get in front of a few stray corporate eyeballs from other countries?
    It also makes one wonder how well Uruguay and Fiji are cashing in on the potential of their jersey sponsorship. With “Pool of Death” placings potentially determined by the points differential of Australia, England & Wales, their games against Uruguay & Fiji are likely to attract much bigger audiences than usual. Fiji has the added bonus of playing in the opening ceremony game.

    • Chris M

      That’s an old jersey. Ardron doesn’t seem to show up on film much.

      DHL is the current major sponsor.


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