A year in review and the top 10 articles of 2013 - Green and Gold Rugby

A year in review and the top 10 articles of 2013

A year in review and the top 10 articles of 2013

What a year that was. With the extended Super season, the Lions tour, The Rugby Championship and a Grand Slam tour it felt like two, if not three seasons rolled into one.

It was mostly a year of pain for Aussie rugby, with a fair few ‘nearlies’ and some light on the horizon thrown in.


The pain was obvious; at the end of this season our trophy cabinet is about as bare as it can get of major trophies. The biggest loss was no doubt the once-every-twelve-years Lions series defeat. Having suffered that we just managed to avoid the wooden spoon in The Rugby Championship – quite the kick in the nuts  when hope was so high on the back of a coaching change. Even among the rusted-ons, this has been one of the darkest seasons for Australian rugby for 30 or more years.

This pain was amplified by the closeness of some key losses. The Brumbies losing the Super Rugby final in Hamilton by just five points. The Wallabies missing the first Lions Test by a slipped kick on the donger by Kurtley Beale and the Wallabies letting drop a Grand Slam through some joke officiating and poor tactical choices in a close Test against the Poms.

How different the season would have looked in the history books with just two of those defeats going the other way?

Regardless – and more importantly – is even amongst all this angst, there is a glimmer of a feeling of optimism out there. For a start the Wallabies are scoring tries; three per match under Link, versus one per match since the 2011 RWC. Not only are you unlikely to hold New Zealand or the current South Africa teams to one try per match, it’s also just in our Australian nature – we want more than just ‘being in the match’ out of our Wallabies.


It also finally feels like our player stocks and attitudes are headed in the right direction. From being blindly reliant on a few over-indulged X-factor players at the beginning of this year, to now having a situation where top players returning to the squad from injury will not be auto-selections. Clearly a lot of this comes down to the new Wallaby regime, but the Brumbies’ win over the Lions and changes at the Tahs and Rebels are indications of a hardening in the Aussie provincial approach.

Last, but certainly not least, we have the return of a National Championship, which may well have the most far reaching impact of all.

You’ve probably noticed that we’ve powered down a little here at G&GR Headquarters over the break, but that’s so we can be charged up better than ever come the 2014 season. Thanks to you for getting involved and to all those guys who do what they do here for nothing more than the love of the game and mateship; much appreciated.

As a bonus gift, here are

The top 10 articles on G&GR in 2013 by pageviews

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  7. /5-reasons-the-wallabies-will-trounce-the-lions-on-saturday/
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  10. /video-mike-phillips-stamps-on-quade-cooper/ 

Have a bonza new year everyone and see you in 2014.

  • Willy

    2014 is definitely the Tahs’ year.

    • Wilson

      Don’t you mean 2104

  • MM

    Guys many thanks for the effort you put in. This is one of my favourite web sites, I miss it like hell outside of the season. I particularly enjoy the Waratah bias and seeing the other “provincials” froth at the mouth at the merest mention of the “W’ word. Its our year and the rest of you can kiss Michael Cheika’s arse. Happy New Year pricks.

  • Damo

    This really is a fantastic website. I love the in depth analysis. Keep up the good work guys

    • Parker

      Yeah, echo that. Well done GAGR. There’d be a huge pothole in the infobahn if your site weren’t there. Top marks for the articles. And the comments section is the nearest thing to an Aussie pub that I can have here in Brooklyn, NY.

  • waiopehu oldboy

    “Hitler learns…” & “My week…” are 2 of the funniest things I’ve read on any website – give the authors a massive pay rise & a bonus if they can top those efforts.

    Hindsight is a wonderful thing, as is mindless support for one’s team, but I wonder if the Babarian would like to revise any of his “5 reasons…” & if so which/ to what.

    Great site, it’s hard to follow our great game when you live in Logan & don’t have Fox so GAGR is pretty much the first site I go to most mornings. Love the comments, some of the regulars make Marto & Kearns sound clueless!

    Happy New Year to all.

    • JimmyB

      Love the Hitler video. The only G&GR video that ever made me laugh harder was the one with Gaddafi dubbed over as John O’Neill. What happened to that one, Matt?

  • Old_Laurentian

    Matt, as you rightly point out, it has been an emotive year for followers of Australian Rugby – disappointment, frustration, nail biting suspense, and finally some real enjoyment, and real hope that now there is a Wallabies team building in the winning style we all intuitively want to see. The articles have been great, the comments a joy. I spend a lot of the year out of Australia and GAGR is my lifeline. It is a sensational website based on enthusiasm and honesty, but most importantly you absolutely know what you are talking about, and at the same time can acknowledge and smile at occasional state based prejudice, because we all have it. Top marks, and THANKS for all the effort you guys put in, and for sharing your knowledge and love of the game. And let’s hope for a little more respect for each other in the comments area in 2014.


Matt started G&GR just before the 2007 Rugby World Cup and has been enslaved ever since. Follow him on twitter: @MattRowley

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