Adelaide Team Set To Join Super Rugby - Green and Gold Rugby

Adelaide Team Set To Join Super Rugby

Adelaide Team Set To Join Super Rugby

Adelaide Team Set To Join Super Rugby


An upstart Super Rugby franchise located in Adelaide have taken out a court injunction demanding immediate inclusion into the Super Rugby competition. “We have bided our time for long enough, LONG ENOUGH” a team spokesman said. “It is constitutionally un-Australian to continue to deny us inclusion in the Super Rugby competition. We also demand big f*cking financial bailouts from the ARU so we can follow our romantic dream of being the hero every f*cking Saturday arvo. No more questions. F**k you all.”

The Adelaide-based franchise have secured a number of high profile backers including but not limited to Alan Jones, Bob Dwyer, Bill Gates, Aunty Doris Gunston, Pat Lam, David Nucifora, John Kirwan, Tasesa Lavea and attorney-at-law Mr Lionel Hutz. The esteemed lawyer was in fact responsible for coining the new team name.


“The Adelaide Delaidelaydelaydelaiders! GO TEAM!”

  • MST

    Where can I buy shares? I want to own some more so we can have more mediocrity! Please can we get Jake White for coach? Jakeball will ignite the imagination of all Aussie fans wanting more exciting and expansive rugby! Think of the scrums, the kicking but most of all the winning! Aussie rugby at its best – 1980’s style!

  • Woolfe

    The night games would be interesting with flood lighting powered by Social Justice

  • Pedro
  • Mustafa Kemal

    Why not merge ACT with the Force & play in the middle of the Great Sandy desert?

  • Greg

    late breaking news…. the ARU has accepted the Adelaide team for the 2018 competition.

  • Fan

    The sad thing is this is what should be happening if we had a proper top level competition!


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