Altitude Ratings - Wallabies v Springboks - Green and Gold Rugby

Altitude Ratings – Wallabies v Springboks

Altitude Ratings – Wallabies v Springboks

1. Scott Sio

Dominant in the scrum, trucked it up a few times strongly and went over for his first test try. Sio’s best game this year and probably his best in Wallaby gold. Replaced at the 56 minute mark for our highest capped prop. 8 – G&GR MOTM

2. Stephen Moore

Moore brought one of his usual 2016 performances. Apart from the line-out losing 3 balls Moore was strong in his contact on attack and defence. His involvement got a bit few and far between towards the end of the game and he should have been substituted. 6

3. Sekope Kepu

Great in the scrum, dynamic on attack and solid on defence. The ball to put Sio under the sticks in the first half and the opportunistic dash down the wing in the second were highlights. Our most valuable prop was replaced inexplicably early (57th min) for our lowest capped prop. 8

4. Rob Simmons

Two negatives was conceding a turnover hot on attack in the first half and hearing “maul” on a defensive line-out. Apart from these Simmons was tidy elsewhere and our set piece suffered massively once he left the field for a head knock at 46 minutes. He was cleared to return but his replacement (Douglas) ended up being a permanent change. 6

5. Adam Coleman

Very similar to Simmons with two errors spoiling what was otherwise a tidy performance. He lost the ball in the attacking half twice in the first half, the first was a line-out ball stolen from his hands, the second was an obstruction.  5

6. Dean Mumm

Offside at the end of the first half, which put us behind at the break. Four runs for precisely zero metres gained. Spilt a poor but catch-able pass in the second half, while we were attacking. Not substituted. 3

7. Michael Hooper

Another lung busting performance from Hooper, topping the tackle count again, this time with no misses. Ran the ball 9 times: gaining 39m, busting two tackles for one line-break. His red-zone defensive effort at the 9 minute mark was incredible and allowed McMahon to make a steal. Hooper was instrumental in the lead up to the Sio try and got a steal of his own late in the first half. 8

8. Sean McMahon

A bit of a mixed bag from McMahon, but effective none-the-less. His steal at 9 minutes was of great importance, as was his backing up of Reece Hodge to keep the ball in play for the Sio try. He only played one half as he picked up an ankle injury. 5

9. Will Genia

I’m almost writing the same thing every week for Genia, this time it was 7/7 tackles, including a try saver, 9 snipes for 26 metres and one tackle busted, throw in a steal late in the second half and you have a very Genia like game. Replaced for only the last 2 minutes.  7

10.  Quade Cooper

A really tricky game to rate for Quade this week, he was very good in parts, including his own running and defending game. Unfortunately his timing of his passes to runners when we switched to scoring plays was poor, a couple of examples are the one mentioned about to Dean Mumm and a late pass off a rare clean line-out to Kuridrani drifted forward when we looked to clutch at a rare victory.  5

11. Reece Hodge

Getting into the right places on attack saw him make two line breaks, including a risky move to keep the ball in play that resulted in the Sio try. He didn’t miss on defence, but unfortunately did off the tee. That being said I’ve never seen someone shin the ball and have it almost go through from 60+m out.  5

12. Bernard Foley

Like Cooper on paper it all looks sound, including both players defence. The timing just was not there this game and like Cooper has to take responsibility for territory, field position not being converted into points. Didn’t have the same errors as Cooper, but also looked less likely to open the game. 5

13. Samu Kerevi

Unfortunately didn’t see a lot of ball, but the rare times he did managed to make metres, does need to take some responsibility for getting himself into good enough positions in support. 5

14. Dane Haylett-Petty

By far our most prolific attacking threat this game, 149 run metres from 10 runs, 6 tackle busts and 2 line breaks and 3 offloads. His outstanding attacking game did nothing for the scoreboard however, and he did miss a couple of tackles. Was taken off with the game in the balance. 7

15. Israel Folau

A terrible game. One could argue his yellow card was the difference between the teams. Struggled on attack when he came back on. He still has amazing hands, can bust tackles and offload so it may be time to get confidence back on the wing. 3


16. James Hanson

unused replacement. NA

17. James Slipper

Came on for Sio and got dominated in the scrum, giving away two penalties, didn’t do much else. 3

18. Tom Robertson

Came on for Kepu and was also on the receiving end of scrum dominaiton and gave up a scrum penalty of his own. Was lucky to stay on the park for a big push in the back that escalated a ‘hand-bags’ situation to a ‘how’s your father’ during a stoppage in play. 3

19. Kane Douglas

A very quiet game from Douglas, the set-piece capitulation unfortunately coincided with his introduction. He also managed to turn the ball over with an uncharacteristic knock-on. 4

20. Scott Fardy

Fardy ended up coming on to play half a game out of position, he wasn’t poor, but there’s a reason he’s never been seen as a number 8, he doesn’t have the ball running ability. 5 

21. Nick Phipps

2 minutes, 1 pass. NA

22. Tevita Kuridrani

Had extended minutes replacing Kerevi (24) and was okay, his timing into contact looked good and managed a line-break. Could be getting back to his best. 5

23. Sefa Naivalu

Played 11 minutes and didn’t touch the ball, made two tackles though. I guess that’s a starting point. 4


10 – A legendary performance to go down in the history books
9 – Outstanding performance: Man of the match shoo-in
8 – Excellent all-round game
7 – Good game with a few sparkles
6 – Solid performance
5 – Average – ho hum
4 – Below par
3 – Had a bad game
2 – Tell your story walking pal
1 – A complete joke

Altitude Ratings – Wallabies v Springboks

  • Tim

    Tom Robertson is just to small i think maybe they should push him into a hooker position. Pretty disappointed that Hanson didn’t get time. Samu i thought did well defensively he cleaned up well. Overall we need forwards that will bend the line only if we had one…….

    • Bobas

      considering we were being beaten at the break down and that’s Hanson’s selling point.

      • Tim

        Yeah him and Ready are like little number 7’s i think its a big slap in the face for Hanson

  • Qualify

    The Wallabies will remain inconsistent as long as Mumm, Fardy and Simmons are retained. Bring in Arnold, Timani and Halloway

    • jamie

      Halloway doesn’t exist. Holloway is injured.

      Fardy starting at 6 is still our best option: he’s not an impact player.

    • Adrian

      Yes, it was scary having all 3 on the field for first 5 min of 2nd half. I’d only ever have one at a time, so long as Mumm wasn’t one of them.

      Best to have none of them, and give Arnold, Timani & Co intensive lineout practice, so that Simmons isn’t needed at all.

      The forwards need much more grunt and legal brutality

      • McWarren

        Adrian, is that you giving Simmons LO platitudes? Well well, we are making progress.

        • Adrian

          Well….sort of,…. in a backhanded kind of way. He’s actually our best LO, if that’s all your measuring. The thing is, …. he’s still not that good by world standards, ….though he can grab most of his own balls ( so to speak). The other skinny specialists, can win at all,….when it really matters. They are ok when it doesn’t matter (mid third of field), and the opposition attacks us.
          I was shitting myself with 3 on the field. I would definitely have preferred it if Mumm and Fardy were replaced, rather than Simmons, but unfortunately he was under a head knock cloud.
          Oh to have a couple of Whitelocks, Ealses, Matfields etc. I have big hopes for Coleman and Arnold, and prayers that Skelton will be taught to jump

    • Kiwi rugby lover

      I actually thought Fardy played well for someone completely out of position. Agree Mumm needs to go and Simmons is a lock not a loosie

  • Kev

    I like it – someone not afraid to call Izzy out! Love the bloke but he’s been pretty sh*t lately.

    I believe in QC but thought he’s been pretty bad as well – drifting sideways and not running straight (and not drawing defenders). Dare I say you were being generous in case the Quade brigade turns up like with the last ratings? :P

    • Kiwi rugby lover

      I don’t think Quade will ever look good with Foley outside him. His skill is putting people into space and Foley can’t play like that. He receives the ball and shoves it on so nothing comes from QC’s work. Then he gets frustrated and throws 50/50 passes to try and cut Foley out. Personally I’d not pick Foley

      • Brisneyland Local

        Here here! And no one can accuse you of being biased!

      • Parker

        Thank. Foley is a fly in the ointment.

    • Blackfish

      Not tomention everyone else has to do his tackling. Cooper was a 4 in everyones eyes except Queenslanders.

      • Kiwi rugby lover

        Mate, Cooper’s tackling has always been bad. I think that if you want to keep him in then rather than put him out on the wing where he gets isolated you need to get the loosies to support his tackling so that it’s effective

      • McWarren

        How many tackles did he miss on the weekend?

    • McWarren

      Kev, maybe just maybe the Quade brigade are happy to see the guy play 3 tests in a row, and not cop the blame for everything from a poor second half scrum to the quality of beer being served on game day. Being marked for his rugby, not his personality traits. To some extent I agree with KRL in that he needs ball runners around him, not other playmakers. If Foley could, if he was inclined, make a huge impact by straightening the line for Cooper to hit him. For the record I thought Foley had a decent game, especially in defence.

    • Seb V

      Worst game this year from QC, but still not as bad as Foley’s worst games, or worst 4 games. Although now the thing that worries me with Cooper is I think he has gotten slightly worse with each game instead of slighty better. I hope the trend does not continue because there is some nice glimpses from him too.

  • Mother Johnson

    Didn’t we get owned in every scrum in the second half (including those prior to the prop substitutions) ? How then 8’s for sio and kepu…. they were more like 6’s

    • Pedro

      I thought they only put on roller skates after Sio and Kepu were benched.

      • jamie

        Reckon it was more fatigue. Probably should’ve come off earlier.

        Slipper has always struggled without TPN next to him in internationals. TPN has often been the difference between scrum dominance and scrum being dominated

        • Therealhodgie

          If TPN had been a more reliable LO thrower a couple of years back he might well be established #1 hooker by now. Along with maintaining consistency of the captain’s role (Moore), which of course has merit. Top player that TPN!!

        • McWarren

          yeah makes you wonder why Moore got 80 minutes for the first time all season, at altitude and the scrum is going backwards. Not blaming more for the scrum, but why the f..k didn’t Hansen get on there. He would have offered more in the way of defence and attack in those last 15 to 20 minutes.

    • onlinesideline

      because the ratings system is STUPID.
      they should be rated for the time they were ON
      On that basis because they played bloody well while they were on they deserve an 8 each easily !

  • dane

    Mumm has got to go.

    • Gilbert

      And the coach who puts him there

  • My only beef in all of that was marking Cooper down for a pass that would have hit Mumm on the chest if he hadn’t dropped it cold.

    • Warwick Todd

      Cooper did throw a forward pass that was pulled up but the runners timing was off. Quade tried his old look away but even Barnes saw it. Other than that he was 6.

    • Kenny Powers

      You can’t be serious that he put the pass on Mumm’s chest, take a look at the 52.15 mark of the game he put it behind him.

      Seriously lets be honest, it was a poor pass behind the player and deserved to be marked down for it.

  • Reggie

    Think Kerevi little hard done by. As usual one of our most effective backs. Why he was taken off so early I don’t know. Think it’s time we reconsider kurindrani on the bench, he hasn’t been adding much. Also what is the point of bringing timani in for 10 mins in Perth then dropping him?

    • Simon

      Cheika’s substitution timings are getting as erratic and inexplicable as the rest of his coaching.

      Taking off the two props early when they were both having the best game of their careers, leaving Moore on when the lineout started to misfire and by the last 10 minutes he was running round with his arse hanging out, he was that spent, while a fresh and competent replacement warmed the pine for 80 minutes.

      Subbed off all our most dangerous looking backs and left those who weren’t performing out there.

      I’d love to know the reasoning for it all. Because I’m buggered if I can figure it out.

  • Therealhodgie

    Always fine margins in these ratings, and given we lost it’s hard to be too kind, but I reckon you could notch a couple of scores upwards. It’s a bit weird to consider that many players that you’ve marked down actually played quite well – in a team game sometimes it’s the combinations that don’t work for the team result rather than the individual efforts. How is this team factor measured in a “patented” ratings system? Refer to the scoreboard and mark everyone down together.

    Do you offer half points?

    I reckon Genia deserves an extra 0.5 as he didn’t do much wrong and added several individual threats;

    Cooper also, your comments re H2 errors are sound but his overall involvement was strong and he always looked threatening;

    Haylett-Petty was one of our best, reflected in those run stats, and his defence was much better. 7.5-8.

    Hodge was a 6. If you mark him down for goal kicking, you have to mark him back up for flawless and productive line kicking off penalties.

    Poor old Izzy, we all assess him against our expectations. He had a quiet game in attack. Yellow card wasn’t helpful (although harsh) but there’s no way he was a 3!! He was at least a 4, maybe a 5.

    • Gilbert

      Ok tell me what Izzy did in this game or the others to keep his spot. 3 is fine. How can you get a yellow card at his level. That was a monumental F up

      • Therealhodgie

        That was annoying Gilbert – you made me go to the stats to get some facts!! :)

        Ok, remembering that my point is OT that Folau had a great game, just that he wasn’t THAT bad and that we measure him against our very high expectations based on historical performances:

        Folau: 7 carries, 34 run metres.
        Foley: 7 carries, 35 run metres.

        Folau also made 3 kicks which as I recall were reasonable touch finders. 0 tackles.
        (There are other stats).

        The YC was a lazy play but arguably a penalty at worst.

        Hence my argument that he wasn’t a “3”.

        But the caravan moves on….

        • Keith Butler

          Maybe you should only record metres gained once you actually get past the gain line

        • Simon

          I think the YC was a bit harsh on replay but it did occur as Habana was breaking the line with nobody in front of him so it was a genuine scoring opportunity, which makes the action look cynical. Can’t really argue with the YC there IMO.

    • Seb V

      Hodge = Solid defender and his big boot comes in handy but he has offered absolutely nothing in attack yet.

  • onlinesideline

    Sean Macmahon 5
    are you joking ?
    the bloke is everywhere

    • jamie

      My only thought is he only got 5/10 because he only played 40/80..

      • onlinesideline

        he should be rated out of 10 for the time he was on – rating system is weird if thats the case

        • Rebels3

          Yep not sure if I watched the same game as who did these ratings. McMahon was great, folau although not amazing was at worst solid for a standard player, Simmons hardly better than Coleman, Moore played fairly well and even tho I’m a huge hooper fan don’t think he was an 8.

          Overall as strangely as it sounds, I don’t think we played too badly and maybe from a biased view were clearly the better team at playing ‘rugby’. Although being the more willing and likely team doesn’t equal results.

    • Seb V

      I didn’t think he was that great. Would have given him a 6. High work-rate, Average impact.

  • Stanleyfish

    We need to stop trying to compensate for a terrible lineout by picking Simmons and Mumm. It’s a self-perpetuating crisis. We become dependant on them when they offer so little around the park, and then when they go off it gets even worse. If we need to build a better lineout with Douglas and Fardy, train with them as starters and get the calls and practice in. We lost so much momentum at key points when pressuring the Boks by carrying those players as passengers.

    • McWarren

      Definitely swap Mumm with someone, probably Timani if McMahon’s not injured. I’d have played Timani at 6 all RC, not because I don’t rate Fardy but so we developed him as a viable alternative/injury cover to Fardy. Mumm ain’t going to be around for too much longer so I really don’t see what he brings.

      With regards to Simmons, he is head and shoulders a better lock than Douglas. Better scrummager, better line outs, better defender. But if its wild beards, crazy eyes and laziness you’re after Douglas is your man.

  • phil peake

    Time to drop folau if cheika is allowed

  • Pedro
    • Brisneyland Local

      Farkin Hilarious! Tip of the hat!

      • Keith Butler


  • Gilbert

    Cheika is like Malcolm Turnbull all spin and no substance time for him to move over because he cannot drop the Warratahs. And as much as I loved Larkam as a player his skills do not translate into being a good coach. His Brumbies did not fire and neither do the Wallabies. The Wallabies lost this game their ball skills are terrible. And it is time for Folau to have a break. Why that was the worst Springbok team ever fielded and the Wallabies still could not beat them

    • Kiwi rugby lover

      Yeah but who do you replace them with? I think Cheka needs help with his tactical stuff and selections but I wouldn’t throw him away

      • Gilbert

        Kiwi I love your take on rugby. You love it and you have good ideas. However Cheika is in the wilderness right now. He plays too many out of position and hangs on to others too long. Ie mumm. I realise we dont have the ball skills or cattle like NZd. But you then have to play a guy in position so you can try and help his head space in that he should know what to do. jake White is done in France. he has one a world cup even though I hated Jake ball rugby.

        • Kiwi rugby lover

          I can’t disagree with any of that but the question still remains. If there was someone in the folds who is better, is available and who the players would respond to then bring him or her in. The thing is I don’t think that person is around and so the question then is “how do you make Cheka better?” I agree he has too much loyalty to under performing players and this playing people out of position all the time drives me crazy. It’s almost like he picks 23 players then mixes them around to somehow fit a team and then wonders why it fucks up.

  • Will

    How did Mumm get a 3?

    • First time long time

      Generosity? Perhaps pity?

  • dom par

    Whats worse is by all reports Luke Jones (the future Wallaby 6 if ever there was one), and Gill have been playing quite well in France.

    • Keith Butler

      Maybe he should switch to 8

  • Blackfish

    Its just beyond the scope of this site to give Hooper MOM. Clearly the best again. Sio was oK for 56 minutes but you having a laugh surely. MOM 56 minutes.

  • Brisneyland Local

    Bobas, excellent ratings my man! And you are not copping much grief for these ones. I concur fully with these ratings!
    The first ten minutes I was so hyped and excited and then the wheels fell off.
    Mumm has to go! 10/12 isn’t working, so one of them has to go. As Cooper brings ore in attack then Foley then it is time for him to go.
    Our scrum just fell apart.
    Our line out was shite!
    Sooooo much bad here!

  • Joy

    McMahon never fails to impress with his energy but the stats tell a different story.
    Six runs for nine metres. No passes, no defenders beaten, no clean breaks, no offloads and missed two of three tackles. Sure these numbers don’t show ruck involvements but it’s puzzling. Must be the 15 kgs he gives away.

    • Kev

      Those tackle stats are literally impossible. Around the 9min mark, as Bobas mentioned, in 15 seconds he literally made 2 tackles in a row and then a turnover.

      • Joy

        Reported in the NZ Herald, ESPN and SMH. The turnover is shown in two of them

  • Kiwi rugby lover

    After watching the game again I actually think there is a fair bit to be hopeful for. When they put some plays together they looked quite dangerous but just kept making stupid handling mistakes. I still think most of these are a head thing and they need to bring in someone who can help them make good decisions under pressure as I think most of the mistakes start from there. On the game itself:
    I think the 10/12 combination is stuffed. Foley offered nothing at 12 that someone like Hodge couldn’t do and Hodge’s defence is better. The ball goes from Cooper, quite well I thought, but then just gets either shuffled slowly sideways or slowed down. Foley can’t take the ball up to bust through, he runs sideways, his kicking is poor and he is not creating space for any of the outside backs. It just needs to go.
    Folau seems to have his head in the wrong space, he isn’t coming in to take the ball in space, probably because it isn’t being created, and he seems very tentative in his actions, especially if he has to kick. I think the yellow card is a result of this more than anything – and in my opinion well deserved, it was stupid more than anything else but still deserved. I still think he’d do better on the wing.
    DHP and Hodge both played very well and so good to see Genia back to his best. If he’d had a bit more support on his little sinking runs I think there would have been more points on the board and a win.
    McMahon was the pick of the loosies. He ran well, supported everyone and tackled hard. So sad to see him go off as I think that was the game changer. Hooper played well but he needs to learn to link with the others more. Mumm was rubbish, sorry for those here who like him but he was so ineffectual that he may as well have not played. He did make some tackles, but no dominating ones and I didn’t see him make any meters ever. What a total waste of a player.
    I though the tight forwards played very well and it was almost a shame when they started tiring and had to be replaced. Moore needs to get his captain mojo back, his little niggles and sly shit is degrading and he should let that go and just start playing again. And FFS if your line out isn’t going well, throw to the front simple stuff but it works.
    If they build on the first 10 – 20 minutes they will start doing really well but they need to make some changes to players that don’t contribute and they need to get their heads together so they make good decisions under pressure. I felt unlucky more than anything but finally showing something they can work on.

    Enough ranting from me. Looking forward to smashing the Argies next week in London. Watch out for their sissy football play acting but they have to do that as they haven’t go a lot else.

    • McWarren

      Yeah agree with you in regards to there being signs of hope, more than that, they actually looked like a team who knew what their game plan was and how to go about it. Just a few silly mistakes and some old habits remain. Not supporting the ball runner is my bug bear from this game. When Genia is in this form I’d live on hip, if I could catch him.

      I think we lost this game with our substitutes, Cheika isn’t the master tactician I thought he was. A motivator maybe, but poor substitute decisions really let us down. Namely the props coming off too early and Moore not coming off at all. McMahons injury hurt us a lot. And taking Kerevi off instead of Folau was just plain silly, it should have been Naivalu to the wing DHP to FB and Folau to the showers.

      I was also concerned when we ran the ball from deep very early. I know it looks wonderful, but at altitude we should have just hoofed it 60m downfield and walked to the line out.

      Still lets hope Cheika learns from this.

      • mikado

        Agreed about the substitutions – they didn’t make much sense to me.

    • Willem Labuschagne

      Good points, all of them. Perhaps the Folau situation needs further pondering. Yes, I’d also like to see him on the wing, but that is not the reason he is currently so ineffectual. I mean, this is a bloke widely described as the best fullback in the world, at least until about halfway through this season, when his supporters downgraded their praise to “best under the high ball”.

      He looks unhappy. There’s not a trace of enjoyment in his game. It’s hard to know what may have sucked the joy out of someone’s life because for all one knows the poor bugger’s wife may have left him for his accountant who has decamped with his hard-earned funds, the wife, and a new Ferrari … but maybe, just maybe, it’s a sign that he’s not in tune with his coaching team.

      I take the point several people have made, that it is not constructive to call for the coach’s head when things go wrong, especially if one doesn’t have a better solution. But I have to say I’m starting to have serious doubts about Cheika. How can a bloke with such a good CV, who came across last year as so down to earth and clear-headed, produce a team so muddled about what they’re supposed to be doing, with all the weaknesses that have been pointed out on G&GR? All is not well in that coaching team, mark my words (he says earnestly, draining his pint).

      • Kiwi rugby lover

        Sorry mate but I disagree with the “best fullback in the world” tag. He is very good, probably one of the best at catching a ball under pressure and also one of the best on attack with space, however he cannot kick for crap and his defence is not that good, mainly due to him not being in position. I think half his problem is people going on about him being the best in the world and the pressure it puts on him to achieve things he can’t.

        • Willem Labuschagne

          I agree with you (that his abilities are better suited to the wing and leave gaps when he plays fullback), and unfortunately didn’t make myself clear. Here’s what I wanted to get across. Back then, he was playing with enough panache for his supporters to feel justified in making such “best fullback” claims. But the further the season has staggered on, the more his play has become subdued and his apparent enthusiasm has declined. This is the phenomenon I think worth pondering. I think he’s confused about how he’s supposed to play because his coaches are not delivering a clear message. It can’t simply be the dejection of playing in a losing team because it didn’t improve after two recent victories.

        • Kiwi rugby lover

          Yeah I agree there’s something going on and I’m not sure that Cheika’s “get harder, play tough and smash everyone coaching style suits him, or most of the rest of the team, that much.

  • McWarren

    Simmons penalty for not rolling away should not be taken into account, Barnes definitely called Maul, if it wasn’t him, it was obvious all the players thought he had. I haven’t looked through all the comments but don’t imagine too many of his detractors are on here noting that he really held our set piece together and tackled everything and anything within his grasp.

    I wish Hooper wouldn’t pick up at the back of the ruck and then jump three feet left or right of the ruck before putting his foot down. He gets smashed so often because his stupid leap telegraphs what he is about to do, we crucify 9’s for taking steps before passing, the same applies to Hooper. Our forwards in general seem to lack the ability to time their pick and drives. In fact any benefits we get from him seem to be completely nullified by him being dominated and driven backwards so often.

    I still get the feeling that we can’t bring ourselves to make the hard selection decisions. We have two 10’s on the field one playing at 12, two blindside flankers one playing at 8, 3 locks one playing at 6, two fullbacks one playing on the wing, two inside centres one playing 13 and one playing 11. I imagine the ratings above might be significantly improved if our blokes got to play in position, regularly, with skills coaching based on the position.

    All said and done though, I thought we did okay. Playing at altitude a real and present challenge, it can’t be trivialised. Especially when your coach seems incapable of changing a game plan to reflect the playing conditions. Why run from deep when you can shovel a huge boot downfield at altitude and walk/jog to the line out.

    • Kiwi rugby lover

      That third paragraph is really telling. Makes you wonder what the hell is going on. I almost feel sorry for the players as none of them will stand up and say I can’t play there or they kiss their Wallaby jersey goodbye. Obviously Sharpe, Larkham and the rest of the coaching staff are too gutless, or stupid, or they agree which is worse, to bring it up so I see a lot more problems before it gets better.

  • McWarren

    With regards to the rankings above, to criticise a flyhalf for 2 distribution errors is like criticising a no 7 for two ruck penalties conceded. A player involved in distributing that often is going to make some errors, even the greats. I’m not a Hooper fan and have been critical of his play in the past, but I wouldn’t mark him down for giving away 1 or 2 penalties at the break down cause his role almost dictates this will happen.

    I think Cooper had a 6 game, but I would mark him down for his indecision in this game.

    • Seb V

      Forward passes are very black and white. They aren’t up for interpretation, they are universally accepted. The breakdown on the other hand differs with every ref and every game. So no, I don’t agree its the same. A flyhalf making a distribution error is like a half-back making a passing error – it shouldn’t happen because it’s there bread and butter and the basics of there position. They should be 10 times better then the next guy at it and make 10 times less errors. So two in one game is a lot for a flyhalf.

      • McWarren

        Don’t agree Seb. A forward pass is of course a mistake but not always 100% the passers fault. They aren’t universally accepted, hence all the debate and question of which way his hands were facing when the ball is released. I think you’ll find QC is close to 10 times better than all but Foley and Genia. If he passes/distributes the ball 10 times more than say the outside backs then it is not unreasonable to think he may make more errors. Just like a 7 who is constantly attacking ruck ball will go off his feet and concede a penalty more than a 10.

  • BigRed

    Are me and Simmo the only people that heard the maul called?!?!

    • Bobas

      no, considering I quoted it in Simmons rating.

  • BigRed

    My goodness McMahon goes hard.
    Mumm is shithouse.
    Moore should’ve been substituted.
    DHP is a very good rugby player – needs to come in and hit more of those lines a la Digby.
    Line out needs a tidy up.
    Coleman is looking good – shame he over ran that early short line…or did he…

  • Huw Tindall

    Fair raitings Bobas! Wouldn’t make any dramatic changes.

    Looking at the wider backline performance, or lack there of, when is Beale coming back? He must be close to playing again and be a call up for the end of year tour. He’s got 60 games under his belt.

    Obviously he slots in at 12 for the second play maker Cheika loves. Has a decent boot on him and genuine pace too. Also the Folau combination. Even on the bench KB would make a difference a la RWC 2015.

    This is not a silver bullet but would definitely jazz up the backline and give Foley a proper rest from rugby.

  • mikado

    Fair play to Bobas for doing the ratings again after Quade-gate last time around. As ever, these ratings are pretty subjective and everyone will have their own interpretation.
    For me, Sio, Moore, Simmons and Hooper should probably have been a mark lower. McMahon a mark higher. Folau I’d give a 5 – he’s expected to be awesome and was merely ok this time around.
    I’m curious that QC seems to take no kicks of any kind whatsoever. Is he genuinely worse than Foley from hand and tee, or is he acting under instructions? If he’s worse than Foley then you’d need to think very hard about dropping Foley and relying on Hodge’s somewhat inaccurate kicking.
    I thought that Australia definitely struggled for forward momentum against some determined tackling and decent line speed from the Saffas. McMahon seems to be the only forward able to make ground in heavy traffic. Timani must surely be picked vs Argentina in place of Mumm.

  • Blackfish

    BOBAS playing to the site again. Simmons at best a 5. Moore a 5, Genia no more than a 6. ..and Cooper a 5 really! Cooper playing one level above his ability, can see why he could get picked as a 10 in France.

  • McWarren

    TWS what did Simmo do wrong? Seriously, he held the scrum together with Sio and Kepu, the line out was working fine while he was on the ground and went to sh.t house when left to Mumm, Douglas and Coleman. Unless the guy scores and intercept pass and ‘DOMINATES’ his opponents you guys aren’t happy. Old mad dog Douglas came on, all limbs flailing and as usual had absolutely no effect, but hey at least he has a wild beard and crazy eyes!!!

  • Blackfish

    …could not…

  • Simon

    Even more at altitude where he’s getting the kicks so deep.


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