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An Avengers XV

An Avengers XV

Avengers: Endgame had the biggest movie opening in history of $1.2 Billion. We took the popular Marvel characters to create the Avengers XV. Hopefully they can survive the snap and win a World Cup for the Green and Gold.

The Front Row

1. Loosehead Prop


Drax the Destroyer – Big body, not too bright but strong and tough. Never wears a shirt despite his teammates all being ripped. Will definitely say something funnier than Joe Marler

2. Hooker


Doctor Strange (Stephen Strange) – Bit small to play hooker but he is a master of the mystic arts (aka the front row), and despite his shaky hands the line out could always be straight with a cheeky spell.

3. Tighthead Prop


Hulk (Bruce Banner) – He’s big, he’s angry and they always struggle to find a uniform that fits him. He probably played back row as a kid but got too big and slow so got told to eat some pies and become a prop.

Second Row

4. Lock

Groot 2

Groot – No need to lift a bloke in a line out that can out grow his opposites. Only problem is his line out calls will consist of I and Am and Groot, makes the moves a bit predictable. May need to sub in Ant-man/Giant-Man

5. Lock


Korg – He’s made of rock (perishable rocks) and he is a kiwi so that means he automatically starts. He’s the bloke that would make a big tackle and then pick you up and say sorry bro.

The Back Row

6. Blindside Flanker


Thor – Wishes he was a back because he’s too pretty to be a forward, though loves to think he’s the strongest on the team. Doesn’t mind the dirty work and doesn’t mind a bit of show boating. Adds some height at line out time

7. Openside Flanker

Winter Soldier

Winter Soldier (Bucky Barnes) – Nothing would help hold up a scrum like a metal arm. It would also help him be strong over the breakdown. Being a super soldier would be a valuable asset.

8. Number 8

Captain America

Captain America (Steve Rodgers) © – Obvious choice for captain, he’s a super soldier who does what’s right even when he knows he’ll get in trouble. Always has has he’s team mate backs, even when they are wrong, and his weapon of choice is a shield, so defence is a big part of his game. Probably the only one that would call the Ref sir.


9. Scrumhalf


Spider-man (Peter Parker)- Hes tough, smart and doesn’t shut up in a fight. Doesn’t back down from the big guys and has a strong relationship with his 10. His spidey sense would help around the break down to evade defenders, and would have no trouble taking the ball out of the air.

10. Flyhalf

Iron Man

 Iron Man (Tony Stark) – Self described as a Genius, Billionaire, Playboy, Philanthropist, sure sounds like a No.10. Definitely got the smarts of a playmaker, can be quite selfish but isn’t afraid to take the game on and hit the line. Definitely better facial hair than Bernard Foley


12. Inside Centre

Black Widow

Black Widow (Natasha Romanoff) – Second playmaker with a trick or two up her sleeve. Good at the one on one tackles and always brings down her opponent, even if she goes high.

13. Outside Centre

Captain Marvel

Captain Marvel (Carol Danvers) – Definitely has the one punch power to break the line as a crash ball option. Doesn’t blink when the big guys come at her.

Outside Backs

11. Winger


Black Panther (T’Challa) – The speed on this dude is almost super human, with the ability to run around or run over his opponents.

14. Winger


Falcon (Sam Wilson) – No Superpowers no problem. It always helps to have a flyer on the wing. Strong aerial game.

15. Fullback


Hawkeye (Clint Barton) – Only player more accurate than Hayden Parker, Hawkey never misses, imagine the accuracy from a clearing kick, or set shot, or drop goal. As a last line of defence it might seem like a weak call, but he knows he’s only human but that doesn’t stop him from trying take on the big dogs.


Nick Fury

Nick Fury – He’s the man that can bring together a group of people who don’t like each other better than Michael Cheika in a World Cup year. Also a Samuel L Jackson style half time speech would lead to a win every day of the week.

  • Bobas

    Cheik will never select them, he’s a DC fan. I think his mum’s name is Martha too.

    • Dylan Langes

      Why did you say that name!!!!

      • Bobas

        Mumm issues

  • RugbyReg

    Perhaps the first ever article on GAGR that my entire family has read. Bravo. The kids laughed heartily, although suggested Dr Strange’s ability to put people through holes could have some value in the backline.

    • Dylan Langes

      Thats a really good suggestion, he’d make a really good 10. I also Thought Heimdall would make a good option for his vision

      • Ads

        Vision has good vision?!

  • jamie

    My biggest gripe with this is that you’ve put Bucky Barnes at 7 and not mentioned the fact he’s an international fugitive, which works extraordinarily well with the openside position, since he can (effectively) get away with murder at the breakdown.

    • Dylan Langes

      I think every time someone does one of these they always look for the thief at the breakdown, I went in a different direction but you are correct it would come in handy.

  • Ads

    I might have picked rocket raccoon for 9. Small, annoying and lippy.

    TOPS article thanks :)

    • Dylan Langes

      Rocket was my reserves 9. He’d be good off the bench because he likes to go alone. Very chatty though.

  • sambo6

    A similar exercise was completed by my alter-ego over on The Roar a few years ago….not restricted by Marvel prob made it a bit easier…

  • Bobas

    Star Lord has to the backs coach. Dancing his way to victory.

  • Gun


  • Who?

    But Thor plays 8..?
    Thor beat Captain America in Cape Town on the weekend.
    Beautifully done. :-)

  • Keith Butler

    You obviously haven’t seen the movie yet Dylan. Thor has stacked on a few kgs. Way to slow for the back row.

    • Dylan Langes

      Actually I saw it opening day but when with peak Thor. Just needs a few hill sprints with tap over his mouth and hell be fine

  • Brisneyland Local

    DL, well done. Just the humour we needed at the moment.
    Happy with the starting fifteen, would love to see the bench.

  • Gallagher

    Antman to the BENCH! He can play 4, 5 and 9! Awesome article mate!

  • Nutta

    Swap Winter Soldier with Capt America. Refs don’t like bad-boy 7’s and start giving away penalties. Put Mr Nice Guy at 7 and let the Bad Boy be proper-bad from 8 or 6.

    I also recall a Star Wars XV from a few years back to take this mob on. My Star Wars XV:

    1. General Grevious. Nasty, big, belligerent bastard who pulls out the big guns when needed but generally wheezes about the place complaining of his age

    2. Wato. The gambling, junk-trader blow-fly dude. Correct bodyshape and outlook on life for a 2.

    3. Jabba. Big. Bad-tempered. Immovable. What you want at tight-head.

    4. Chew Bacca. Simple.

    5. Wampa. The Yeti dude from Empire Strikes Back. Doesn’t call lineouts. But imagine Jabba and Wampa on the tight-side = scrum dominant.

    6. Bobba Fett. Nasty muddaflukka.

    7. Darth Maul. if we are going to have a bad-bastard at 7 then have a proper bad bastard.

    8. Darth Vader. Rounds out a proper Nasty Bastards Inc back-3

    9. Yoda. Bounces around like a ping pong ball on the ocean always muttering shit no-one understands

    10. Han Solo. Rogue. Lazy. Scammer. Fly Half.

    11. Princess Leia. Ballsy and the prettiest player we have.

    12. R2D2. Correct body shape. Hard headed. Will defend the gap. Always seems to survive

    13. Mace Windu. Cool as mofo’s

    14. Rey. The other pretty one. Quick too. Has inexplicable skills.

    15. Luke Skywalker. He’s gotta go somewhere I guess. And he’s reliable in the clutch.

  • Yowie

    Great article.


Once captained the 3rds Rugby team, but then again so did Nick Farr-Jones

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