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Aussie Super Rugby team of the week

Aussie Super Rugby team of the week

The death of Australian Rugby has been grossly exaggerated and after two wins this round WE’RE BACK BABY!

All you need to do now is tell your mates at work, send a group e-mail, snapchat it (is snapchat still a thing?), put it on Tik Tok, talk it up to the boys, and girls, in the group Whatsapp chat, maybe even send it to those who don’t follow the game but like to pile in.

With that in mind, it’s time to reveal the team of the week. And this week we have a special edition with two teams because it was too hard to narrow down but I’m sure you’ll agree with those named.


1 James Slipper
2 Connal McInerney
3 Allan Alaalatoa
4 Cadeyrn Neville
5 Murray Douglas
6 Rob Valetini
7 Will Miller
8 Pete Samu
9 Joe Powell
10 Noah Lolesio
11 Andy Muirhead
12 Irae Simone
13 Tevita Kuridrani
14 Solomone Kata
15 Tom Banks


1 JP Smith
2 Alex Mafi
3 Taniela Tupou
4 Izack Rodda
5 Angus Blyth
6 Lukhan Salakaia-Loto
7 Liam Wright
8 Harry Wilson
9 Tate McDermott
10 James O’Connor
11 Henry Speight
12 Hamish Stewart
13 Hunter Paisami
14 Chris Feauai-Sautia
15 Jock Campbell


  • Jason

    I was actually finding myself agreeing with most of the selections, I got to about the centers it dawned on me that it was the full XV of the Brumbies and Reds!

    I agree those two are probably the best two Aussie sides at the moment. And I expect as the Reds get on a bit of a role I can see both the Brumbies and Reds being in the top 5 teams in Super this year, but minimum the Reds have to be a top 8 team and need to play finals.

    • D. Braithwaite’s The Brumbies

      The Reds will need to improve a lot to be in the top 5 teams, given this is their first win. That said, the Reds have the players to do it.

      • Jason

        Yeah, I think given how close they were against both the Lions and Jaguars (the Jags blew out in the last 20), once you consider the ‘adverse conditions’ they were up against. I’d say the gap between them and the Brumbies is quite narrow. But if the Reds get halfway to their potential then they’ll be a top 5 team. Brumbies could make a legit run at a title this year!

        • D. Braithwaite’s The Brumbies

          The other way of looking at it is that the Brumbies ate significantly better, given they could be 4-0 and have beaten multiple teams better than those the Reds have lost to. There’s no real way of telling at this stage of the competition. They should both be aiming for the finals, and Reds could easily top the conference still.

        • numpty

          One way you could settle it is to get them to play each other… if only they had done so in the last month or so we would have some idea. I reckon brumbies would win but it’d be a closer affair then most think. Brumbies by 3 but don’t bet on it!

    • Seb V

      No probably… they are the best two teams. Facts.

  • Westoout

    I was very impressed by both wins. I feared for how the Brumbies second half was heading as it was very similar to the Reds second half in BA. So glad the wise heads got involved and stopped the massive swing wards the Chiefs. As for The Reds, they were were ruthless, but it has to be said that the Sunwolves were dreadful. I reckon they were at Honey Bees up on Caxton St the night before.

    • Reds Revival

      You can only play the team that turns up on the night. In the past, the Reds have been guilty of playing to the level of their opposition, but this time they were ruthless. Considering how well the SW’s played against the Chiefs last week, perhaps the Reds just shut them out of the game early on, and it became a lost cause for them.

  • Graeme

    The gap between the Reds and Brumbies and the Rebels and Waratahs is enormous. The Reds haven’t had a great start to the season, but were pretty unlucky. They lost by 3 points, away, to the Brumbies, and to a homer ref in Argentina. Given the ages of the teams they, and the Brumbies will probably dominate the Ozzie conference for the next few years.

  • Gun

    I know M. Hooper is a good player but how good was it to see a team without him and K. Beale.

  • Brumby Runner

    I like the humour behind having two TOTWs. While I think the Brumbies were a little more impressive against the then rated top team in the competition, at the Chiefs’ home and after two weeks of turmoil with sickness and last minute team changes, both sides did as much as they able and deserve recognition.

  • Hoss

    Loving the arguments being put forward by our group of loosies thus far.

    For me Samu has been THE Aussie player of SR so far, just ahead of Valentini and Naisarani. Nice problems to have early. I am big fan of Harry Wilson too, not in the same league as the other 3, but it’s a matter of ‘when’ for that kid, not ‘if’. The leg pumping and grit of that Samu try when he simply just decided to run through two chief defenders was a thing of beauty.

    Slipper is in a rich vein of form, Tupou is crushing it.7A’s is Mr Consistent and our anchor for many a year.

    Early days but great signs and a good headache for Rennie as well.

    • Seb V

      100% agree. Samu is the best of Aus so far. Valentini and Naisa are in fine form. And damn that Harry Wilson is going to be even better one day. Sorry Sio but Slipper is number 1 now.

  • Seb V

    How bloody exciting is the next Red V Brumbies game going to be.

  • The Jackal

    The way too early Wallabies 31 man squad

    Slipper, Alaalatoa, Sio, Tupou, JP Smith
    Mafi, Fainga’a
    Rodda, Salakaia-Loto, Philip, Neville
    Hooper, Wright, Naisarani, Samu, Valetini, Wilson
    White, McDermott
    Lolosio, O’Connor
    To’omua, Kuridrani, Simone, Paisami
    Koroibete, Tom Wright, Feaui-Sautia, Jock Campbell / Henry Speight
    DHP, Banks

    2019 RWC eligible squad missing out Simmons, Beale, Dempsey, Hodge

    • Nutta

      I know Fingers scores the tries, but I reckon Rangi from the Scum and Mafi from the Reds are the 2 best No2’s atm.

      I was so disappointed with C.Nevilles DADS penalty that really let the Chiefs off the hook. He is so much smarter than that.

      • The Jackal

        I had him winning a tie breaker on combination with the three props the brums will contribute to the squad. The really unheralded loss last year was Tolu Latu, barely reported on that he was off to France, he had just come good at Test level

        • Nutta

          True, he was one of the Exodus. And he had hit a vein of form his career had seemed to lack to that point (for whatever reason be it form, surrounding players, idiocy etc). Always pretty good technically, he finally seemed to have his natural aggression channeled to where it would garner the best/positive outcomes (instead of a weekly yellow card!)

  • John Tynan

    On the mobile feed it came up with “Team One” above “Team 2″ and by the time I got to position no. 3, I was already composing a “what are you smoking” comment, then by the time I got to 10, it was dawning, then team 2, then saw the author.
    Nicely baited!!

  • Nutta

    Since when did we actually have across-the-field talent to seriously name x2 teams? Leaving aside the pun, it’s the first time in a long time I can recall having that amount of depth. There’s a smile for a start.

    For mine:
    Wright/Valentini/Samu (Nisi bloody unlucky)

    • Hoss

      The pending Miller v Hooper match-up (15th March) could be a ripper. Miller always was a talent, he looks to have added some bulk too.

      • John Tynan

        He was really busy on the weekend, too. I thought he was an improvement over Cusack.

        • Nutta

          I dunno. Cusack is a seriously tough fella who takes a mountain of punishment and just keeps coming back. Miller can fade in and out a bit whereas Cusack, whilst not as one-off spectacular, brings a more constant pressure.

  • Kevino

    Disagree with 12, thought Simone was third of the 3 Aussie teams on the weekend for his position. Thought Meakes was best on ground for the Rebels, stats from ESPN scrum are pretty hard to pic.

    Billy Meakes – 13 tackles – 1 missed tackle – 1 pass – 9 runs for 23 meters – 1 clean break and 4 defenders beaten
    Irae Simone – 9 tackles – 1 Missed tackle – 1 penalty conceded – 5 passes – 9 runs for 18 meters and 1 offload
    Hamish Stewart – 1 Turnover – 7 Tackles – No missed – 8 passes – 10 runs for 81 meters – 1 clean break and 1 defender beaten


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