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Aussie Super Rugby team of the week round 13

Aussie Super Rugby team of the week round 13

Here it is – the G&GR writers’ Super Rugby team of the week for round 13.

Two victories and two close losses. Who deserves to make the lineup?

benn robinson profile1. Benn Robinson

Add to his resume massive hits in defence. Ask Frans Malherbe

2013 NSW Waratahs Headshots2. Tatafu Polota-Nau

Was critical in smashing through the Stormers white wall

james slipper profile3. James Slipper

Another massive effort around the park.

hugh pyle4. Hugh Pyle

Is now looking like a senior member of the team. Manages wide running with hard work.

2013 NSW Waratahs Headshots5. Kane Douglas

Didn’t look out of place against two of South Africa’s best locks.

ed quirk profile6. Ed Quirk

Part of a Reds back row that didn’t let the Sharks get comfortable at the breakdown.

gill profile7. Liam Gill

Another mountain of work. He ruled the tackle contest for the Reds.

scott higginbotham rebels8. Scott Higginbotham

Worth it just to see the fend on Ali Williams while scoring his try.

will genia profile9. Will Genia

Had the mojo working with Cooper. Also some key tactical kicking.

quade cooper profile10. Quade Cooper

Close to his best on Saturday. The pass that made Saia’s try was vintage

digby loane reds11. Digby Ioane

Made metres, made tackles, didn’t stop.

2013 NSW Waratahs Headshots12. Rob Horne

His first team of the week this year! Great direct running at 12.

chris f sautia13. Chris F Sautia

The mature way he played his role in the 100m try shows the class beyond his years.

rod davies profile14. Rod Davies

Brought his usual pace, but with a more ruthless execution.

israel folou profile15. Israel Folau

Would be interesting to see just how many of the Tahs tries he has a hand in. Both on Sat.

We can’t choose a man of the week – you tell us!

Aussie Player of Round 13

  • sph45

    Robbie Deans re: Quade Cooper. Message received?

    • Canuckruck

      You are assuming that the plan calls for more than one try per game. If not, then sadly there is no need for Quade Cooper.

    • The Rant

      Quade was great when his pack was going forward, as soon as that turned he looked indecisive and inaffective. Exactly what robbie doesn’t want. I’m a quade fan – but I’m not convinced he’s the man for a pressure cooker test series. But I hope so.

      • Robert Muldoon

        If our pack is going backwards, we’ve got bigger issues then who should be playing 10.

        A bit pessimistic to not pick a guy because you’re expecting others around him to go to shit.

      • Jets

        When the pack wasn’t going forward Genia was kicking more. This effects how much ball Quade gets. Not sure what he’s meant to do in those situations.

  • Jay

    C’mon now… how is mitch inman not there? Did you even watch the game?

    • Catchphrase Jones

      Did you?

    • Braveheart81

      Inman scored two tries but his defence was poor.

  • Kiap

    TPN is starting to look like a Wallaby again.

    Ed Quirk’s mugshot resembles Obelix from Gaul.

    • Mick

      “Ed Quirk’s mugshot resembles Obelix from Gaul.”

      hahaha funniest comment I’ve read in a while

  • theduke

    Some great performances this weekend. Bloody impressed with the Rebels and Force to run two of the top sides so close.

    Izzy was great when he got the ball in space, and showed why he’s got to be in the Waalabies 22. But I did think he was out of position A LOT. Cheika probably gave him a roving commission but he spent a lot of time taking balls up one-up from the ruck or actually clearing out. He is wasted in those situations and should be in the back-line giving opportunities to Foley to put him in space. It’s an experience thing and he’ll only get better.

    Higgers – great
    QC – great
    S’finger looked very good also but tough to choose between him and TPN this week.

    • Saia was good but didn’t get a mention in the back room. TPN was unanimous.

  • The Rant

    Rebels tries highlights are pretty good the last 3 or 4 weeks. Obviously they don’t realise that the other half of the game is about stopping the other team, but a video ackage of their tries will be good.

  • GoReds

    Chris F was good, but surely the 13 Jersey belonged to AAC this week? The Tah’s centre combination was absolutely outstanding in a very tight contest. AAC was monumental in attack and defence – looked close to the best back on the park to me.

    Otherwise I agree on all fronts.

    • Jimmy

      As a Reds fan too I couldn’t agree more. I thought AAC was close to MOTM in the Tahs game. His work in defence and at the breakdown was superb. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen an Aussie back hit breakdown like him. I don’t know how many times he made the tackle, got to his feet and drove over the opposition players going for the ball.

      Great stuff.

      • Braveheart81

        I’m pretty sure AAC was the official MOTM.

    • dangerousdave

      I would have picked AAC over Horne for sure.

      Maybe everybody was feeling sorry for Horne not being in a TotW yet?

      • Braveheart81

        Horne was playing 12 hence why he was picked at 12 in the TotW.

        AAC was playing 13 and missed out to CFS.

    • this one was close. CFS was Scott Allens MOTM so it was close.

  • Jimmy

    Slipper did have another great game and deserves his place in TOTW but his scrummaging remains a serious concern. I have major doubts putting him in against a Lions team that we know is going to have a great scrum – it could cost us the game.

    Guess the questions is whether his great work rate around the park is worth sacrificing the scrum for.

    • Nutta

      It’s funny, he’s been dead years but even now I still flinch waiting for the hand over the back of the head and the wry comment from the old man: “Meat & potato first Boy. Then gravy. And you don’t put fkn gravy on the plate first Boy…”

      • Jimmy

        Nutta, I have the same feelings mate. But you will be shot down by some people for suggesting it.

      • Robert Coomber

        totally agree, set piece first, ‘gravy’ second. Does this also apply to the lineout which I think is more important than the scrum (only just) as there are more of them? Although I’ve been underwhelmed by Simmons the last few seasons, his lineout work is starting to convince me that he may be a viable option against what should be a very good Lions lineout.

    • BloodRed

      Nothing wrong with Slipper’s scrummaging (meat & potatoes for Nutta). Scott Allan’s review of the scrummaging between Reds and Brumbies shows how well the Reds front row has been going. Slipper in particular has been strong at the set piece so I couldn’t disagree more. Slipper puts his meat & veg on the plate first but he is heavy handed with the gravy. Yummy

      • Nutta

        Heavy handed with the gravy. That made me giggle.

        Look, Slips impressed me the first time he played for Wobblies – he came on vs Italy and had to handle Castrogiovanni (whom I consider the best and most unorthodox TH on the planet). And he did it reasonably well. For such a young kid, on debut to handle such a prolific destroyer of opposing scrums is no mean feat (go have a look on YT at some of his work – it’s fantastic for scrum enthusiasts). So I don’t doubt Slipps has ability. Perhaps the rest of the Reds scrum around him don’t do him continual justice. Maybe I’m guilty of being overly subjective but certain people give me confidence that the scrum will be strong (all things being equal like a committed back5)- BennyR & Dan Palmer – others make me take a deep breath and reach for a scotch – BenA, Pek Cowan and sorry to say Slipps.

        • BloodRed

          Would have agreed the last 2 years but this year he is a far more consistent scrummager. One or two have gone badly for the Reds this year but no one has dominated them over the course of a game and as the season has progressed they have been giving more than they have been taking. Maybe another 12 months to be perfect but Slipps is rapidly becoming a rock.
          PS totally agree with Castrogiovanni assessment

      • Jimmy

        Have a look what the Tahs did to the Reds scrum on the goal line in the first game of this year.

        THAT is an example of the reason the Wallabies cannot afford a front row with Reds players. If the Lions decide to turn it on on the goal line, they will be odds on to score with Slipper on the paddock.

    • Lee Grant

      Scrums are an 8 man effort but, assuming that he is a THP only these days, I don’t think that Slipper will have too much of a problem against the individual LHPs in the Lions.

      Healey is a decent scrummager now, but not destructive.

      Gethin Jenkins is only second string at Toulon, behind Sheridan, for a good reason: they are serious about their scrummaging.

      Mako Vunipola isn’t in the squad for his scrummaging either because his big arse moves to the left under pressure a lot.

      Around the park and knocking people over Mako is destructive though, and Jenkins is a good ball runner and handy around the ruck, including for poaching the ball. But you don’t do those things at scrum time.

      And if the squad reserve prop, Matt Stevens, gets on the park to play LHP, Slipper won’t have any trouble with him either: he is worse at LHP than he is at THP.

      Vunipola and Stevens (playing as THP) were embarrassed in the Saracens’ scrum by Toulon in the Heineken Cup semi-final (and not much credit went to Jenkins, who was on the Toulon bench).

      The Lions THPs Adam Jones and Dan Cole are another matter. They are seriously good but that will be Fat Cat’s problem.

      • Nutta


        I take my hat off to you. I usually watch French and English rugby on the telly at the gym at stupid’o’clock in the morning whilst on the cross-country skiier (my knees are shite) while the doof-doof prancers and string-singlet posers swan-lake about wondering what I’m staring at… it’s a lonely business comparing the 3 et moins… To write 18 lines on the attributes of opposing props “from the north” shows a combination of insight and a chutzpah that even an egotistical wombat like me doesn’t have.

        Well done that man…

        All hail this site…

  • anonymous

    gotta feel bad for whoever makes the calls around G&GR….you pick some reds and the qlds are complaining that there arent enough tahs in the side!

    • matty__k

      I’m pretty sure this is one of the signs of the apocalypse.

    • Jimmy

      There are still some realistic Reds supporters out there mate. I have seen a few of us comment objectively on TOTW.

      AAC was excellent – I would have picked him.

    • Muffy

      We’re just trying to look after our little brothers down south, you kids are really trying hard :)

  • Cooper for man of the week! His passing is ‘crazy’ good. He’s GOT to be our 10 for lions.

  • Topo

    Hard to leave AAC out on this weeks performance. Superb defensive display and direct in attack against a Springbok centre combo.

  • Shiggins

    The honey badger had a good game. Just missed out ey.

    • Obviously didn’t sweat enough this week

  • Gottsy

    these teams of the week have been impressive all year, good news for the conference. with so much competition for spots its going to be good to see how the aus franchises go against the lions

  • SuckerForRed

    Wouldn’t that be a nice backrow for the Wallabies…….

    • Barbarian

      Not really. Higgers has had plenty of opportunities at 8 in gold but has never stood out. Quirk isn’t there yet, and is behind Mowen, Higgers, Dennis and possibly McCalman.

      Gill I could agree with though.

      • Gus

        On his current form Higgers is certainly doing enough to lock down first crack at 6, his line out work will be needed to cover for Timani and to a much lesser extent Douglas who are certainties for a starting and bench spot. I expect him to be picked in beside Hooper and Palu in the Wallabies first test against the lions.

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