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Aussie Try of the Week – Round 2

Aussie Try of the Week – Round 2

Which is your choice for try of the week, and why?

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  • Skip

    Jessie Mogg, future 50+ test wallaby and legend in waiting. Get him on the podslam some time??

  • dave

    was at suncorp. that eddie quirk break was amazing and tapuai seems to already be killing it this season- should certainly be wearing gold this year.

  • RoffsChoice

    Quirk knows he is filling the void left by higgers, so he makes a bigger impact.

    • Rex Munday

      He also know’s how to penetrate the void left in any defensive line by Timani and Douglas.

  • Mike T

    Quirk … interesting isn’t it that seemingly ordinary players take a big step up when under McKensie’s charge. He has a hell of a way of drawing out the best in his forwards.

    Look at Higgers (a competent enough super15 level player, who looked absolutely great under McKensie, and who will now go on to nothing at all at the Rebels, just watch).

    And remember Daniel Braid who was absolutely fantastic under McKensie … and fizzled when he want back to Auckland.

    And Beau Robinson.


    • Johnny-boy

      It’s very noticeable how Cooper and Ioane are starting to look exciting again under McKenzie, after being dragged down by Deans’ depressing coaching.
      Dave Dennis made an interesting comment last week. He was proud to captain NSW cos he was born in NSW and he selected his vice captains cos they were born in NSW too …..
      He also said he knew nothing about the impending 2 day Wallaby Camp. Great to see such scintillating communication continuing ….

  • Rex Munday

    I thought Shipperley’s try was a screamer.

    • Johnny-boy

      He’s still not fully committing his body to crashing thru but he’s getting closer

  • Pedro

    Quirk’s try was great, time to start awarding them (at least here) to the guys that do the work.

    I went for Mogg’s for sheer individual brilliance, although Toomua’s hit on Beale made it possible. Great to see from a fly half, attacking that channel, notice where Cooper is for Volavola’s try? hiding in full back, not that he came with any cover help.

    • Sauilh

      Quirk’s work would have been for naught had Tapuai not been backing up in support. Both deserve credit for an excellent try.

      • Pedro

        I agree, good support play.

    • Gus

      Boy you are like a dog after a bone with the issue Cooper defending at fullback. It’s really an old issue that I thought people would be over by now. He defends there because that’s where McKenzie wants him and he defends there well. He is the best player to cover that position for the Reds because of his kicking game and counter attacking ability.

      Frankly the Reds are hiding Harris defensively at 10 and not the other way around. Harris is an elite goal kicker but a middle of the road super rugby player who is honestly a little too slow to be starting (see him totally out of position on the Volavola try). I personally feel much more comfortable with Cooper cleaning up anything behind the defensive line than Harris.

      I feel like your squabble isn’t with Cooper but with the Reds coaching staff instituting the strategy over the past few years but it is hard to argue with results. With Quade Cooper playing 10 in attack and 15 in defense the Reds are 21-4 since 2011.

      (It is around 29-9 give or take if you add in 2010 but im not sure if they were using the tactic back then and im also not sure if Cooper played every game that season)

      • Pedro

        I just think it’s refreshing to see an Australian 10 that can impose themselves physically on the opposition.

  • Larkhage

    i voted for quirk, because after i saw that run i announced that he is just an amazing player, defs should be considered for a golden 6

  • matty__k

    Yes it was awarded and the skills on display were amazing but was Mogg’s really a try?

  • Impala

    Love the fact that Mogg chips/grubbers AFTER he has broken the line – unlike Beale & JOC who persist with the chip and chase before they’ve breached the defense, which invariably hands over possession. So frustrating.

    In the end I voted Tapuai over Mogg. Both brilliant, but I went to school with Mogg and saw him score a similar kind of try almost every game for our First XV. Quirk on the other hand surprised the hell out of me, just relentless power in contact at a crucial stage of the match.

    Great round of derbies.

  • No4918

    Voted Tapuai but nearly went with Mogg just for the passing to get the ball out that wide. Are you watching Robbie??

  • Robert Muldoon

    On Tapuai’s try, Hooper taking out Frisby without the ball. Was that Hooper’s only involvement for the night?

    • Who?

      Great point – I was going to mention the same, hadn’t seen anyone else mention it. If Taps hadn’t been there, it should’ve been a penalty try. Take Hooper out of the equation, and Frisby gets the ball, scoring unimpeded.

      Also worth pointing out yet again the effort of the first person following Mogg over the line. He had the least impeded run following up, but Pocock wasn’t miles behind even JOC and Mogg.

  • Gottsy

    I vote quirk / tapuai (misspelled as tapaui in the vid haha) awesome run for quirk to cap off a great game, the timing of the try was also crucial

  • pants

    I’m a reds fan but picked Volavola because it was a systematic break down of the Red’s defence. Every other try was either bad defence or a lucky bounce of the ball.

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