Australia Scrape Home Against Scotland - Green and Gold Rugby

Australia Scrape Home Against Scotland

Australia Scrape Home Against Scotland

The Wallabies named an unchanged forward pack for their match against Scotland. That’s the good news. Now for the bad. They lost one centre to injury, another suspended by the IRB, and six others from last week squad were suspended by management. Can Australia meld a functioning backline from the players left? Can Scotland improve on their ordinary displays this Autumn?

The Match

The Wallabies showed their intent from the first ruck by driving the Scots off the ball and regaining Quade Coopers kick off. The Wallabies tried to dominate the ruck and maul area in the opening stages but penalties at the breakdown cost them as Scotland lead the game 6-3 after 20 minutes.

Israel Folau ran 25 metres off a inside ball from Cooper to score a converted try beside the posts but the Australia continued to leak ruck penalties and Scotland were still well in the match at half time trailing by one point 12 – 13. They had one clear chance to score in the first half with a long break after some poor ruck defence from the Wallabies but Folau saved the day with a tackle inches away from the Wallaby try line.

After the break the Wallabies had their own chance at a long range. Chris Feauau-Sautia finished the move after good work from Cooper, Folau and Moore put him away down the right touch line. Rob Simmons then spoilt a his good game by throwing a punch at a ruck a received 10 minutes in the bin for his troubles.

At the 60 minute mark the Wallabies had managed to stretch their lead to 21 – 15. despite winning the forward battle and the patched up backline functioning reasonable well they hadn’t managed to dominate the scoreboard.

In the final quarter the Scots managed to finally get a little continuity. But their attack was set very deep and the Wallabies had little trouble defending it. The Australians had plenty of chances to put the Scots away but poor kicking from Christian Leali’ifano kept them in the match until the final whistle.

It must have been a very frustrating match for Coach Ewen McKenzie to watch. Improvements in ruck defence and tackling marred by the constant stream of penalties and silly mistakes. Despite the win I think he had plenty to say in the change rooms after the match.

The Talking Point

The wallabies aggressive work at the breakdown was both their strength and weakness. They kept the Scots on the back foot all night but leaked points all night because of it. I have to wonder how good it will be when they get the mixture right.


I’m going to skip the usual stars tonight and go with Stephen Moore who was everywhere once again. Sometimes when a player performs at an amazing level every week we tend to forget how good they really are.

Wallaby watch

In the same mould as MOTM Scott Fardy once again showed his value. Israel Folau had another great game as did Quade Cooper. Rob Simmons play has improved this year but his sinbinning took the gloss off his performance. Ben Mowen has his best game in quite a while.

The Details


Score & Scorers

Home Team: 15
Penalties: laidlaw 5/6, Wier 0/1

Away Team: 21
Tries: Folau, Feauau-Sautia
Conversions: Leali’ifano 1/2
Penalties: Leali’ifano 3/7

Cards & citings

Yellow Card: Rob Simmons

  • Stu

    A win, but ugly. Happy to chalk it up but we will need to lift big time against Wales.

  • Ralph

    Thought horwill had his best game in gold this year also. Loads if tackles.

    • Known Rugby

      Horan praised Horwill every time he touched the ball, even when it wan’t that special. If you didn’t understand the game, and relied on the commentary, then you’d think he was having the performance of his life.

      He did have a great game though! Seemed to get some of that mongrel back that he hasn’t since being out of form. Still though, wouldn’t mind seeing get over the advantage line with ball in hand.

      I’l be interested to see his stats from the game. I know you can’t read too much into them but it may be quite telling.

    • subfreq

      It was a bit strange but I thought Link subbed both Genia and Horwill right when they were bossing it.

      Really good chance for these guys to bury some demons next week so delighted they have found their stride.

  • muppet

    Scottish commentator Andy Nicol: “If Scotland win this game LLF will be kicking himself…but he may miss”

    • Graeme

      For the the last 10 minutes it looked like we were trying to do everything in our power to gift another one point loss. Thank God we held on.

    • Bobas

      I loved the commentary on Chris F-S, a young talent that will improve if he can learn the line markings.

  • The Illusion

    Quade Cooper.. Cheers

    • I don’t understand?

  • Ian Daley

    Ref was shit. Commentators were blind. Wallabies weren’t their best but far from their worst. 2 tries to zip.

    • I think we really need to walk away from calling the ref shit every game. It does us no good and makes us look like whingers.

      • Ian Daley

        Except he WAS shit Sully. He really was very poor.

        • except read what I said above.

        • Ian Daley

          Except he was shit. Just because we’ve said refs have been shit in previous games does not change the fact the ref WAS shit in this game.

        • Rhys G

          I really didnt think he was that bad, at least he didnt officiate like George Clancy. The result was not affected by the ref, Lilo just had an off day with the boot, probably should of won by 12.

        • Who?

          I didn’t comment on Clancy, but I was a bit disappointed there. Normally I don’t mind the way he refs. I don’t normally like Peyper. Don’t rate him. A few bad calls both ways. Simmons’ yellow was his fault – if he were doing his job, the Scottish TH wouldn’t have felt it was acceptable to enter the ruck from the opposite side and hold back a player. And he didn’t say anything to the Scottish 3, either. But it wasn’t his worst game.
          And if you complain only after losses, then you’re whinging and blaming the refs. If you complain after bad performances both ways, it’s not so true.
          It was, at least, nice to see that we’re not the only nation who feels it’s fine to have biased commentators. :-D

        • Known Rugby

          What were some of the things that stood out for you? I thought he had a pretty decent match.

        • Ian Daley

          Cooper held back.

          A penalty against us when we were on our feet and all over it. Should have been a penalty to us.

          Cooper’s penalty for tackling the player after the ball. Cooper was already in the air and committed before the ball was kicked.

          Missed a few head highs (from both teams).

          One of the tackles (will have to watch replay) in front of our goal posts by Scottish player was both late, high and without arms.

          Not sure Simmons effort deserved a yellow card, but I guess we are playing tiddlywinks these days.

          And honestly quite a few other things I thought at the time showed he wasn’t on the ball. All in I thought he did a poor job.

        • Known Rugby

          I think you’re falling into a habit of criticizing a referee’s overall performance based on a few iffy/bad calls.

          I thought his breakdown officiating was pretty decent, his communication with the players “roll away, release” was excellent, which led to a great contest and “flowing” match. And he was pretty on top of his foul play management, perhaps at times a little to eager to go the way of the assistants call (cooper in the air) though.

        • The Slow Eater

          Agree with all you’ve said. The 2 for me were the Cooper penalty on their #15 as he was already I’m the air, and the holding back of Cooper (which the touch ref should’ve called. Fuck knows why they’re there if they don’t call shit like this).

          Aside from that I thought he did pretty well actually.

        • Robson

          It’s becoming almost more difficult for the ref to have a good game these days than it is for the players. He is bound to upset someone and I’m struggling to recall a match that has been commented on recently in these pages where someone hasn’t posted something negative about the officiating referee.
          I agree that we should try really hard to leave the ref in neutral territory, because the game can’t function without them.

        • Gully Foyle

          Hear hear. The refs have a tough job in a fast paced game and are under intense scrutiny. That they get it right most of the time is a small miracle. The most important thing is that it isn’t left in the hands of the ref. Ideally, there should be daylight between the ref and the result.

      • the pirate

        Far too much of it seems to have crept in over this tour.Obviously everyone is entitled to their politely put, example supported opinion but i personally think much of the criticism is pure knee jerk reaction possibly due to having to get up at ungodly hours to watch the games.
        I thought the officiating during our game against England was not only dire but of such a low level that representation had to be made.Thankfully it was and personally i think it best to leave it at that.
        The referreeing in the last 3 games , while obviously having its moments that none of us would like , hasnt been so close minded as to appear almost prejudice against us.Personally i thought most of it was ok and that penalty counts against us were largely due to our appalling discipline and our inability to play the refs.
        I cant agree strongly enough with Sully that moaning about officials all the time makes us look like spoiled whingers .It also becomes a bit boy cried wolfish which must surely lesson our valid complaints on those not infrequent times that we have them.

        • Nicely said Pirate.

        • Richard

          Good sides take the referee out of the equation and don’t let the referee influence the outcome of the game. The Wallabies need to develop that skill.

  • aussie d

    Finally, we manage a tight win against Scotland. After the past two matches against them I was beginning to wonder if we were becoming their bunnies. Another sign of improvement with a change of coach?

  • RugbyStu

    Peter de villiers opinion on Rob Simmons card

    Must admit that the card though completely justified made me miss the rugby of old where if a player was holding onto someone like that he would give him a smack and than get smacked back (either immediately or when the ref inn’t looking and than play on…ah well.

    The wallabies are looking pretty weary. I wonder if Ewen will let them out for a wild night of hot Milo and a sleep over party now. I am just wondering was Mike Harris actually on the field? Why didn’t he take over from Leals?

    • Westy

      there are so many good parts of this :-)

      • Bill

        I get about a minute in and just feel disoriented, confused and like I should be checking my sphincters for alien probes and asking what year it is. I physically cant watch it all.

        • Bill

          I imagine thats a familiar feeling for waratahs supporters at week 10 or thereabouts of super rugby…boom tish. Ah well gotta make that joke but after last season its no longer true.

    • Stomper

      I really miss Peter de Villiers!

  • Bill

    I’m pretty happy with that performance. A few things, I don’t know what the ref or the SRU were doing allowing the game to go ahead on that pitch.Maybe it just looks bad but I was thinking we were going to get a few injuries from it. I thought Hooper had his best game in gold tonight, mostly thanks to Peyper rewarding the breakdown contest, I’d still bring in Gill though. Lilo showed why that may not be a good idea though, not enough time in the middle lately and subpar kicking because of it. No arguement with Simmons card except to note that in the first ruck he got penalised at the scots managed to drop their knees into his kidneys right in front of the ref with no action at all from the officials. And while the card was justified for retaliation the penalty probably should have gone against the scot for holding. Thank god F’Sautea scored after that comical stuff over the sideline. Folau though overall very good tried too hard to provide a spark with his last couple of touches and overplayed, bringing the scots a way back in. Even Timani got a pilfer! What a weird game.

    • Train Without A Station

      Also I noticed that just after Izzy saved the try in the first half, Simmons was on the ground next to the ruck, which was already 2 players wide and the Scots took the opportunity to walk/stomp all over him, making the ruck about 4 players wide. Clearly just inflicting pain, not at all rucking a player who is in the ruck.

      • Bill

        Theres a couple of things to that I guess, one after last week I think the scots were playing angry, two their coach may have been awake to just how much work Simmo does for us unlike some of our no. 4’s critics and made sure his team targetted him. The flipside is Simmons has to be smart about it now because a lot of teams will try and draw a reaction from him.

    • Known Rugby

      Don’t forget Lelo was playing way at outside center. not a great night with the boot though!

      • Bill

        I think mostly it was lack of game time but the scots missed one or two and I got the feeling the kickers were second guessing their plant foot on that surface. But he didnt look that comfortable at 13, Harris went better at 12. With Chris F’s thinking outside the box Chris or Harris might be better options at 13…..maybe the latter could team up and start doing brilliant car reviews of pirelli tyre launches.

        • Known Rugby

          Agree with you there! Not too sure Lelo needed to start that match. With so many backline players out you need as much established chemistry you can get. A reds 9/10/12/13 would have certainly helped.

          Plus Cooper had handled himself well with goal kicking in previous matches. I think the only positions Lelo could have started at was either 10 or 12. 13 is completely different.

        • Bill

          Going forward it would have to come up for discussion at selection time. I was happy to see Lilo getting an opportunity here though, had to give it a go. I thought he was solid enough just not at his best. But yeah, Im not sure he has the pace or positional sense for 13. He still has good hands though.

      • The Slow Eater

        Norma great night with the boot !!! 4/9 is complete shit and should’ve closed the game out well Before the 80 minutes

  • Graeme

    Agree completely with the players singled out as playing well. I thought Folau was definitely deserving of MoM, saving multiple tries, the one at 38 minutes was ridiculous. He was great under the high ball, turning it into our offensive weapon whenever they were foolish enough to put the ball up, he scored one try and was instrumental in the other by running a perfect line to hold their defense. Moore was brilliant again and Fardy and Hooper were also their usual busy selves. In fact most of the forwards. Mowen his best game in a while and Slipper, Horwill and Simmons all played well (apart from that card) . Where we fell down were with the backline substitutions. CFS scored a good try, but is out of his depth. His strength and speed are great but he doesn’t have the positional awareness or reading of the game. At 20 he has time, but isn’t ready yet. Tomane had another bad night out. Harris was pretty anonymous, and I think CLF would have wished to have been more anonymous, he didn’t handle 13 well at all. Not surprising with only one weeks practice. But even forgetting the goal kicking, this was a forgettable game in Gold.

    • nameface

      Could just be me but I thought Harris did quite a lot of good stuff, he ran some good lines which got us over the advantage line, didn’t miss any tackles(?) and kicked well out of hand

      • Graeme

        I might need to watch the replay, I may have been harsh. I didn’t notice a lot of him, but he didn’t make any mistakes, and I agree he made his tackles.

        • Train Without A Station

          You may need to. Number 12 pops up onto the screen around the ball in attack and defence about as much as 7 and 9 combined.
          Perfect example is one Quade’s short kick off when Scotland played on he somehow pops up to intercept the offload (unfortunately fumbled it).
          Mike Harris has a lot of flaws and limitations as a player but being anonymous is not one of them.

        • And he will work his arse off for you.

        • Known Rugby

          His territory kicks were outstanding.

    • rossco

      Folau is improving with every game. Sure he has the odd positional lapse but 9 tries in your debut season in a team that is yet to really gel is nothing for anyone to complain about. The guy is an out and out professional and will be one of the worlds best after another season of Super XV. It was a masterstroke signing this guy and all his haters can just F*** off IMO

      • Dave

        Be serious Folau doesn’t have any haters anymore…

        • Graeme

          He seems to the Australia’s respect at the moment. I don’t hear any haters at all. A few might come out of the woodwork if he does have a bad game, but they’ve been very quiet so far. And I say this as someone who was lining up to become a hater when the ARU gave him a 400K top up while letting some of my favourite players move to France. But now I’ve seen him play I am on the bandwagon.

        • Well I think his haircut is silly. Does that count?

        • Bill

          Ah it looks fine, although he does look like the love child of Malcom F raser and an Easter Island Monolith…but as he is currently bestrideing rugby like a colossus that is perhaps appropiate, form of his life so far. League or Union.

        • Stu

          I think he can wear a wig on the pitch if he wants, so long as he keeps turning up.

        • Nutta

          It is silly, but it doesn’t count. Not really sorry Sulls.
          Three reasons:
          1. He’s a back. Wuddahyaexpect?
          2. He’s a back who came via mungo and AFL. Be thankful you can see flesh and hair at all and not full coverage tatts
          3. Brand Beiber holds the mantle for the dumbest haircuts in rugby.

        • GFR

          Not in Union anyway!

      • Brax

        Izzy has haters? What’s to hate? He’ll be our best fullback since Latho.

      • Graeme

        His posititional lapses are getting fewer and fewer. Actually I though he had a game Israel Dagg and 1/2penny would have been pround of today in defense. He’s matured very quickly, and seemed to always be in the right place

  • Meatray

    Good man you are Sully. I haven’t watched the game yet but will do so today. At least we got the win eh?

  • nephridia

    regardless of the decisions made during the week, we have won 3 in a row and picked up a victory against the Scottish.
    Well done to the Wallabies. We will be looking sharp by RWC 2015
    now you may all return to your siloed views of how poorly we played, how bad the decision making on & off the field are, how the sky is falling, the refs, or whatever it is you want to whine about.

    • Meatray

      the haggis wasn’t fresh enough at the stadium?

      • dane

        Pity Honey badger wasn’t playing, the test haggis/meat calls after the game would have been great to listen to

  • Bill

    Maybe we’ll have to call Chris F’S a pitch invader after that sideline madness.

    • The Slow Eater

      That was a classic. When I first saw it I was yelling at the TV, “fucking Genia, what are you doing”. I then had to eat my words (Sorry Will, but please stop the box kicks). CFS was standing on the fucking blue line, 5m out of touch. Bloody classic. Thank God for his confidence that he made it up with his try 10 minutes later!!!

  • Graeme

    Am I the only one worried that we are scoring a lot of tries, but most of our scorelines are much closer than the try counts would indicate. We are scrapping and pressuring the breakdown, so liable to give away a few extra penalties, but seems to have taken the balance a bit too far and a verging from agressive rucking to poor discipline. We were on the edge of a yellow card for repeated infringements for much of the game today. We showed good discipline to not cross it, we may are still giving away to many points and territory because of our discipline.

    • ChrisKiama

      @Graeme. Most of the problems are not with too much aggression but with too little accuracy. We could well have been penalised more than we were for players leaving their feet. One ruck I observed two players missed their intended clean-outs completely and went sailing through. Mowen earned three penalties with great body position over the ball, but also gave away a number. There’s still plenty of work to do.
      I notice there’s not a lot of comment on the surface at Murrayfield but it must be one of the worst in Rugby. It’s amazing that there weren’t a lot more scrum resets due to the earth moving underfoot. I’m pleased that Peyper didn’t just pull penalties out of his butt but gave both packs a bit of leeway and stuck to short arms. Very sensible.

      • The Slow Eater

        Was that Murrayfield? I thought it was some Scottish farm that they’d just pulled out the potatoes!! It was THE worst international field I have ever seen.

  • Nutta

    Couple of quick observations:
    > I thought a catcher of a kick that was then held up in a maul retained the feed for the scrum? When did that change?
    > Aside from a dumb penalty, I think Kepu is beginning to at last nudge out BennyA
    > Certain things in life are pretty dependable in Australia – arguing with Indonesia about something, labor party debt, bride being late, sunburn… and I think a dumb-arse Rob Simmons penalty is joining that list.
    > I was happy with an ugly game as because after a decent Irish game there was no way we were going to play 3 decent games in a row to knock off the Welsh. An ugly game today means we will have a higher probability of a decent game against the Boyos
    > Nice to see that almost despite ourselves we won 3 in a row!
    > Would it be asking too much now to begin to expect some consistency rather than short-term opportunistic wins?

    • BloodRed

      Well spotted re the maul off the kickoff Nutta. As for Simmons dumb penalty at least he got it for trying to belt someone. I also liked Fardy smashing into Hamilton when he was offside. Nice to see some angry young fellas now in the team

      • 44bottles

        Don’t Think Fardy is that young now

      • Lindommer

        But not for stopped mauls resulting from kicks taken from kickoffs and/or restarts. Thought the same thing myself so I pulled out my Law book. Why these instances aren’t treated the same as other mauls with the catcher’s team getting the put-in I don’t know.

    • Ben Dickinson

      I thought the same (re the maul) Nutta, but after looking it up saw that the rule didn’t apply off a kick-off or drop-out, and had to begrudgingly concede the referee got it right on that occasion…

    • Working Class Rugger

      That’s my issue with Simmons. It’s not his play but his penchant for giving away stupid penalties. Needlessly stupid penalties. If he can manage to crub them I’d be a lot more receptive to his selection.

    • handles

      The rule about a catcher of a kick specifically excludes the receiver of a kickoff or a restart. Don’t know why.

  • Graeme

    That pitch was atrocious. Wrong type of worms or whatever, they must have an unaffected international pitch somewhere in Scotland they could have moved it to. They had plenty of time and Scotland is only a wee place, Fans could have driven.

    • Bill

      I think I may have found the original source of their worm infestation…those hell celt eyebrows of Kelly their captain! Every time he hit the turf Im sure I could sense a disturbance in the turf. Magnificent, he doesnt need movember when he already has browvember.

  • RugbyStu

    Benny A actually made an impact too…quite literally

    • muppet

      yes, 2 great dominant tackles. That’s what you want off the bench.

    • Graeme

      I think he was frothing at the mouth by the time he came on. I think he’s a pretty proud person, and being dropped to the bench might be just what is needed to bring back the Benny of old around the park.

  • the cheat

    Simmons has the brain of a jellyfish. Hugh Pyle is miles ahead of him in intelligence and skill. Apart from him being injured, I can’t understand why he’s not on the radar. Meanwhile Simmons keeps commiting brainfarts. Been doing it his whole career.

    • Train Without A Station

      He’s also been dominating line outs, winning and disrupting opposition ball and been quite industrious around the park doing the tight grunt work all international season.
      I’d imagine Hugh is not on the radar because he plays most of his game at outside centre.

      • the cheat

        Ouch… Lol :) sorry I just don’t rate him

    • Klaus

      Michael Hooper aw yellow carded last week and got MOm. He didn’t seem to get the bagging Simmo gets. I would like to see how many times Hooper has gone to the bin compare to Simmons. It wouldn’t help your argument that Simmo is the only one with brainfarts.

      • the cheat

        Sure hooper has copped it but when was the last time hooper shoulder charged a player without the ball and when was the last time hooper threw a punch? Simmons has managed to do both this year. That’s the undisciplined crap he commits which other players seem smart enough to avoid. Ffs he should have clocked that bloke in the jaw instead of trying to scratch his eyes out.

        • Klaus.

          It makes no difference if you hit a bloke or keep getting caught doing the same thing. If you get carded its either a foul or repeated offences same thing to me. You put your team in a position of weakness because you f&$ked up. Simmons does alot of work around the park for the Wallabies just sayin I do rate him and in a couple years he will be genuine quality.

        • The Cheat

          I hope so mate, at the end of the day we need Bill back in 2 years. I’m not going through another 4 years of torment from those arrogant pricks. It’s bad enough I now have to listen to “the perfect season” as well as “we are the world champs” which make me physically sick.

  • Graeme

    I’d like to give a star to Folau’s defense. I think it is fast becoming one of the key strengths of his game. The defusing of the 38 minute try was superb. Once, I think it was Tomane and CLF, had been beaten, with a winger outside and clear path to the line it seemed a schoolboy try. But Folau was deceptively quick coming across in cover but slowed just enough to not commit to the tackle, forcing the pass but still covering the wing. The winger didn’t help the situation by running a bad line, too flat and wide, but it still what should have been an easy try, was cutoff by some perfect defense. Among several other try saving tackles made.

    • The Slow Eater

      Think you’re right. His defence has really stepped up a notch. Great to see!!!

  • J-Rugby

    It was not pretty but I really get the feeling this was the sort of game we would have lost by a few point 12-24 months ago…

    • Guest

      We did.

  • Nick

    Hey Guys can you please explain to me how in the Rob Simmons yellow card situation the Scottish tighthead prop was not at all sanctioned for holding back Rob Simmons in an offside position? I can’t see how it wasn’t a cynical and deliberate foul and therefore also deserving of a yellow card. Not saying Simmons didn’t deserve the yellow for his punch (he should have had a red card for not properly belting the prop).

    • Muffy

      The prop was part of the ruck, he does not have to move. Also he is entitled to bind onto RS.

      RS overreacted, although I understand his frustration, but given that the WBs are the whipping boys of the refs, he needs to engage brain first.

      • Known Rugby

        That’s my big complaint about Simmons, He has these ridiculous brain snaps that puts us on the back foot.

        One off event, then no worries, but it has become a regular occurrence..

      • Nick

        Cheers Muffy. I thought the prop had left the ruck/overshot it and was returning to an onside position.

        • BloodRed

          That was my take on it Nick. The Scottish prop was not part of the ruck (he was not attached and was standing a couple of feet off to the side). Then he came in form the side and from an offside position and was holding a defending player back. Clear penalty against him until Simmons tried to belt him (and failed). Yellow card justified for not putting his lights out properly.

      • USARugger

        The ruck was over and the ball was long gone. It was cynical play.

  • Yoko

    Can someone explain to me why the Wallabies are so fucking brown these days? So many average polynesians running around….. lmfao.

    • Bairdy

      Trolling subpar, 0/10. Vacate to All Blacks facebook page for like-minded company.

    • Timbo

      Also thanks for breaking up the Beatles.

  • Yoko

    Dat polynesian skin tone with the piss color wallaby jersey…. no wonder they play like shit. Lol. xD!!!

    • Bairdy

      Who are you, and why do you have to be such a c*nt

  • bad ass

    I like the fact that Simmons punched that bloke, even if he was sent off. The boys needed some forwards mongrel and to beat Scotland at home in soft dirt is what they needed. The wallabies have been soft in that part of their game which is why I think they have lost the forwards battle in most matches of late, including recent losses to Scotland in the wet.

    • Yoko

      Simmons is a tall bitch. Nothing “mongrel” about those lame punches.

  • Tim Blight

    I thought Hooper did pretty well in this game given the attention he was given. The number of times he was held in the ruck well after the ball had left was quite amazing. Kept his head though and just got on with it.

  • Craster

    I’m not hugely enthusiastic about this win. I thought our second half tactics were virtually the same as those we employed against England. Similar indiscipline as well. It would have only taken a couple of equally poor decisions and we would have lost this game in the same way. I would like to say this was because of the changes however it appears more to be an issue of tactics. The times when we have backed ourselves and hung on to the ball playing attacking football it has invariably paid dividends.

  • Harpooner

    The Wallabies are winning with Mowen as captain. If they win next week he’ll be 4- 1. I’m backing him to get there.

  • Pedro

    The pitch on the fox sports stream looked like mud with grass clippings sprinkled on top. Every change in direction, every tackle disturbed the surface.Must have been challenging to play on.

  • romeo whisky

    Full credit to Moore, the only wallaby to walk around the field post game and thank the scattering of cold wallabies fans in the stands.

  • frustrated

    Sorry to post here but i cant find in the forum. Does anyone know if games like this can be watched/downloaded from some where-? as an expat, Setanta seems to think that we would prefer to watch games that are months or years old and doesnt bother to show half the internationals and it’s killing me. All to happy to pay for it too. For a game that the ARU and IRU are trying to promote they dont even bother making the tv stations they sell to show the games –its a disgrace.

    An international game too.

    • Try this – you’ll probably have to watch it on the YouTube site

      • frustrated

        thanks- i dont even mind if i have to watch it delayed or how- the next day- and of course happy to pay for it. (im already paying for Setanta “we are rugby” yeah right) and still they dont show it.

        • not so frustrated anymore

          it works!!- Matthew Rowley- may you live in a harem for a thousand years for all your good work here.

      • Bill

        TT’s a legend. He’s been posting up highlights etc for years now and long may he do so, its greatly appreciated. One of my favourite youtube comments was from a chiefs fan on his highlights of the reds 0-15 comeback with Morahan torching them: “arghh, not the extended version of this nightmare”.


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