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Australia v. South Africa Player Ratings

Australia v. South Africa Player Ratings

A terrible game from the Wallabies. The new coach must be tearing his hair out and the forwards coach polishing up the resume.

Any steps forward from the last match can be ignored as more than two steps back were achieved last night:

slipper-wallabies-headshotJames Slipper

Solid enough, good around the park but must take some of the blame for the poor scrum as do all the tight five. 5

Australian Wallabies Squad HeadshotsStephen Moore

Has made a fine career as a third mobile prop but is really struggling to actually hook the ball.  3

Sekope KepuAustralian Wallabies Squad Headshots

Didn’t do enough. Scrum was poor, barely touched the ball.  4

Kane DouglasDouglas

Played a solid game in the tight. Nothing exceptional. 4

rob-simmons-headshotRob Simmons

One of the few to improve from last game. Still not great but deserving of his grading. 5

FardyScott Fardy

A few good tackles and certainly put in. 6

Australian Wallabies Squad HeadshotsMichael Hooper

Industrious, but just doesn’t have any effect and doesn’t perform his core duties. 4

MOwenBen Mowen

I want the Ben Mowen who played for the Brumbies! Where’s he playing now? 4

genia wallabies profileWill Genia

Did more by trying to do less. Still a long way from the player he was in 2011. Watching Bismark pick up the ball unforgivable. 4

Quade Cooperquade_cooper_400_16pld93-16pld96

Defended in the front line. Tried to ignite Australia’s attack behind a well beaten pack and a well organised defence. Made errors late in the game trying to chase points. 6

oconnor joc wallabies profileJames O’Connor

Defence was better but he is part of our high ball problem and has a pop gun for a kicking boot.  6

lealiifano wallabies profileChristian Leali’ifano

Some say solid. I think anonymous. Wasn’t a hard running No.12 or a distributing No.12. The time to try someone else is getting closer. 4

aac cooper douglas wallabies profileAdam Ashley-Cooper

A road block. Refuses to set up his outside men. The one time he drew and passed we made 40 metres down the right wing. 2

Nick Cumminsnick cummins wallabies profile

Interspersed hard running with terrible handling. You always get his best but the dropped ball cost him. 5

Israel Folaufolau wallabies profile

Did his best but is expected by some to do amazing things to keep us in the match.  6

SioScott Sio

Just not ready yet. 3

Ben AlexanderAustralian Wallabies Squad Headshots

Still in trouble at scrum time.  3

Ben McCalmanBen+McCalman+SE7H4J2m4Tsm

Apparently played 20 minutes. Who’d have thought.  3

Australian Wallabies Squad HeadshotsLiam Gill

Came on with 10 to go but I didn’t see him do much. Game was gone anyway. Unrated

Nic Whiteportals_16_PlayerProfiles_128

Two minutes. Unrated

Jesse MoggMogg

Splinters. Unrated

G&GR Wallaby Man of the Match:

Look I tried to pick one guy for Man of the Match honours but I just can’t bring myself to give anyone a gold star.

The patented G&GR ratings guide:

10 – A legendary performance to go down in the history books
9 – Outstanding performance: Man of the match shoo-in
8 – Excellent all-round game
7 – Good game with a few sparkles
6 – Solid performance
5 – Average – ho hum
4 – Below par
3 – Had a bad game
2 – Tell your story walking pal
1 – A complete joke

  • Jitterry

    I’m sure I saw Toomua on

    • 2 minutes only.

    • I left Faingaa off as well.

  • ScrumJunkie

    Harsh on Alexander, at least he went forward with the ball. The wallaby woes at 3 continue.

  • Dave

    James Slipper for mine warrants a 6. He kept his side up in the scrum and made good metres round the park as always. Certainly no-one in the team had a very good game but Slipper was my MOTM. He was voted players player as well.
    Pretty accurate ratings Sully!

    • Chunderstruck

      Yeah I thought Slipper was decent. I enjoyed when he angrily ran in smashed a bok who was trying to reach over the ruck

    • Meat+Potatoes

      I’m not so sure. He kept his side of the scrum up … but went backwards. He did make some metres… in the outside centre channel and never around ruck (where 90% of his work should be) and he was often the seagul in the backline wanting to be the ball player. I think slipper wanted to be an outside centre in a past life (and if he was faster he probably would have been pretty handy). I think someone really wise on this site once said “meat and potatoes first” and last weekends game showed that everyone in the team needs to focus on that.

      • Jonny Boy

        I think he has been used in the backline because he is one of the few players in the team who can catch, pass and secure the ball in contact. Christian LLF certainly didn’t show much of this

    • dr professor

      Agree – Slipper puts in always and does a mountain of work around the park.

  • keith

    Cummins had a shocker – 3 at best. Every time he touched the ball it ended in disaster. I was at the game and have never witnessed anything like it, maybe it looked different on tv, but he was woeful. I like him a lot, love his passion, but he’s not ready.

    • Mica

      Not his best game and had a couple of ham steaks for hands moments, put he has the passion and drive the team needs at the moment. At least he goes hard and straight and was one of the few who obviously gives it everything. He’s also the type of player that can lift a team through his actions and hell don’t we need that at the moment.

    • Duvstar

      He was actually one of our better players I felt. Apart from the two dropped balls he made the one genuine line break and was dominant in his tackles. Plus he’s the one back (and indeed, forward) who genuinely hits it up which is invaluable

    • Bcombes

      i think it was a big ask to get ask him to step up from shute shield to face the boks in 1 week

    • dr professor

      A bit unfair. Nerves made him drop the first two… but he kept going and put a massive hit on as his next play. He wont drop that many every time and the back 3 were more effective with him in it than with Mogg in there.

  • Foybus

    Really accurate, like your work Sully, although I wouldn’t put any of the backline over 5.

    Woud swap Moore and Kepu’s ratings, I thought Moore threw okay at lineout time, usually a RSA strongpoint. When your scrum is going backwards it’s almost impossible to get a good hook on the ball.

    I didn’t see any improvement with the wallabies with Quade at 10 and he did give away a couple of silly penalties too. kudos for trying but really did some high risk, low rewards stuff.

    Our tight 5 need to be on alert as well, play like that again and be prepared to be punted.

    • GHolmes

      I have to disagree with you about Lilo and Quade. I think Lilo did not have a good game in attack especially regarding his passing. The fact that Toomua was subbed in for Lilo rather that Quade was pretty telling.

      • Slim 293

        That’s because Lilo was injured…

      • Ausred

        I think you meant to post this on a post below.

      • Foybus

        Never Mentioned Lilo but I do agree he didn’t have a great game.

        TBO the game was well and truly lost when Toomua came onto the field and Quade needs a touch more game time, it’s been over a month since he’s played the full 80 (not saying it showed, just saying it’s always good to get it under your belt).

        The fact that Cooper was literally running sideways worries me and even though he showed much better defence then he usually does his technique worries me a tad, definitely a leaguish style tackle.

    • Honiball

      Has everyone forgotten the dream-ball which Quade threw to South Africa for one of their five-pointers?

  • Scotty

    Agree with your point about Genia not defending the ruck – I’ve noticed that a few time recently. I understand the idea that its not good for the 9 to not get involved in the ruck, but what good is that when you’re about to lose the ball?? If anyone can tell me, I really am interested!!

  • Slim 293

    I think Quade and Lio’s scores need to be swapped…

    Quade was just as ineffective as Toomua in Bled 1. He did nothing to improve out attack, missed half his tackles, kicked poorly, and coughed up the ball that directly led to the last Bok try.

    Lilo wasn’t much better but was at least threatening with ball on hand and was capable of setting up a line break.

    Neither of our locks deserve anything better than a 2 for being unable to provide their core tasks around the field.

    And I’m not sure if Kepu deserves a score… He was on the field but I’m pretty sure only as a spectator.

    • generous and harsh

      I couldn’t agree with Cooper getting a 6 either. Like you said Cooper pretty much just shoveled the ball like Toomua did in the first Bledisloe. Maybe a bit of favouritism perhaps? I possibly couldn’t give anyone on the team a 6 let alone a 5.

      • Bcombes

        i disagree, i think CLL was poor and invisible. The problem with having him on the team the leadership group are relying on his boot like some sort of hail mary, we are no where near good enough to attempt to beat teams in a penalty kicking comp as we are no where near as good in the tight areas and creating penalties.
        cooper deserves a 5 – average performance, performed core duties.. didnt ignite the backline hugely but also offered a little bit more structure with the inside ball options.

  • Greg

    Anyone else reckon that Folau has the tendency to run sideways? Don’t get me wrong I think Folau is great, I would just like to see him running hard and straight at the defence.

    • Bcombes

      i think if you watch closely, he does start straight his first 2 or 3 steps are forward he then tends to start running off on a diagonal angle and then attempts a shuffle sort of step to move inside them or beat them around the outside….
      in saying this i would like to see him just crash 1 or 2 balls up just so the defence thinks he is a threat at running at tired pigs

  • Eager

    Completely agree about AAC. I love to see him straighten and fend but not every time he gets the ball! I was screaming at the tv for him to pass.

    • Bcombes

      the runner needs to take the glue off AAC hands and give it to cummins. one cant catch the other cant let the ball go

      • dr professor

        haha can’t catch, fair enough. But I’d give him another go, I think he was just too keen first time around.

        • Bcombes

          Agreed, im a fan of the honey badger just think it was a big step to take in a week from sure shield to RC

  • steve

    Harsh on AAC. He should have passed more but at least he runs hard and makes metres. Cant say that about any of the forwards…

    • Muffy

      Nah mate, Sullys spot on, AAC puts the ball under his left wing and tries to crash and right arm fend, every time, ever wondered why he gets hit by three tacklers? It’s as predictable as sunrise! They saw AAC as an opportunity for a turn over, no need to mark outside him, if he had have just passed a couple of times early, we might have found holes, as the defence spread later,

  • jutsie

    Cooper does not deserve a 6 since when does doing your core duties of defending in your position warrant praise?

    • Jimmy

      Quade Cooper best on ground??? AAC worst on ground??? Sorry but that is total utter bullshit from Shane.

    • Bcombes

      i think the hate train for cooper needs to stop. he did ok, not great now where near good but did ok. i think a 6 is fair but a reflection on how the squad played

      • Foybus

        Yet Toomua was in the same situation and people were quick to give him the axe?
        I’m not saying Wallabies would have won, far from that, but I would like to mention nothing changed but maybe a couple more penalties conceded by our 10. TBO our problem is we are chopping and changing our side so much it’s really hard to get combinations working. Some continuity with our team would be amazing right now

        • Foybus

          One of our problems*

        • Bcombes

          I don’t think the argument lies with either cooper or toomua is what I as saying. I think toomua is good but just not ready to be the pivot of the team and I feel if anything coopers penalties were a case of him being over excited to the point of rushing up too fast. I think our problems are in the backrow and in the mid field with the centres. Outside of that its an attitude problem and lack of confidence

    • dr professor

      I really don’t think Cooper was the core of the problem. I was actually quite happy with a lot of the work he did, he looked a damn sight better in attack than Toomua did and I didn’t see any real difference in defense. This game was lost in the forwards and particularly in the front 5. Our set pieces from lineouts and scrums and our forward support play is the worst I’ve ever seen it at the moment.

  • Steve

    I think the truth of the matter is it is going to very hard to judge back line performances when the pack is so comprehensively outplayed. I would like to see the Wallabies pick and keep the same back line(barring injuries) through the championship. At the moment the forward pack just isn’t there and it is going to take time for them to develop into an international standard unit. I would much prefer to have a settled back line ready for when the forward pack gets their act together even if it means keeping backs who have had/are having bad games.

    I am personally a Cooper over Toomua guy but I really don’t care who gets picked, it is completely up to McKenzie as coach. I just want the Wallabies to pick the 7 players they think are best for the job and leave them there because until the problems up front are sorted any back line changes will be inconsequential.

  • Davy

    Biggest win ever in Australia by South Africa, never won at Suncorp before. No one deserves more than a 5 for their performance

  • DReido

    I agree with your ratings and personally I’d like to see Hooper come off the bench and be an impact player. I think he would be better suited there. I’d like to see Gill start as I think he offers more in defense and works harder in rucks and mauls.

  • Touko

    I don’t think any of our forwards deserved more than a 5, and from the locks to the backrow none of them deserved more than a 3 – ie they “had a bad game” on the ratings scale. We were walloped at the breakdown. You just can’t win rugby matches when none of your forwards show up and you get schooled at the breakdown. It was pathetic.

  • Pedro

    I think Cummins is great to watch but he had too many errors to get a five. Especially as they happened at the beginning of the game, when the tone was set.

  • Guest

    My reaction after seeing what McKenzie has done with the team over the last 2 weeks:

  • Guest

    My reaction when I saw what McKenzie has done with the team over the last 2 weeks:

    • Packy

      My reaction to the wallabies try line constipation

  • Jimmy

    AAC 2?? Mate someone has to go forward and not across the field. You give Cooper a 6….the guy did not add anything Toomua doesn’t offer except far worse defence and a less accurate kicking game.

    • Yes Toomua got a 6 last game so why not Cooper. AAC shut down every backline move he was involved with. It’s pointless straightening if you don’t put anyone else into the space you created.

      • Jimmy

        Sully he did have any support. Every time we make a break we don’t seem to have any chasers in space. It’s a reoccurring problem we seem to have. A “2” is surely an automatic dropping. i really didn’t see AAC as the worst player out there.

        Also, Cooper dropped a couple of balls in contact. Toomua didn’t do that last game so I don’t agree with the rating. But full credit for going to the trouble to write all this stuff and it’s good to have discussion. Who would be your back line next week.?

        • Jimmy

          *did not have any support – I can’t seem to write this morning.

        • Bcombes

          9 white (because genia needs a rest)
          10 cooper – i think he did what was asked of him and lot of his mistakes came after the game was gone
          11. Mogg
          12. JOC
          13. Kuridrani
          14. Cummins
          15. Folau

        • ash

          Actually, Cooper forced one pass chasing the game late, and he dropped no balls in contact. Maybe the whole idea that Cooper is a mistake machine means that other people’s mistakes are attributed to him? I actually think this is an interesting notion, it takes a long, long time for people to drop pre-conceived notions.

          Interesting also that Lilo actually threw an intercept and dropped a ball off the break, but escapes censure (I tend to suspect that people recall dropped ball from Lilo and Cummins and so on and think “Cooper!”). Actually, I thought that Lilo was alright. He’s not quite there, but you can see he’s developing and worth perservering with, plus his goal kicking is on song. My one gripe is that his longer passes tend to go behind the man. Fix that and he’ll be a good all round player.

          Anyway, talking about the backs after that game is somewhat pointless. Our big problem was our forwards, partically at the breakdown. They were woefully inaccurate on both our breakdown and theirs, and there was too much ball watching on some of our own.

        • Slim 293

          You seem to forget Cooper coughing up the ball that directly led to the last Bok try…

        • ash

          That was the forced pass mentioned. He passed the ball into a Bok player forcing a pass at the same time as contact, he actually didn’t drop the ball in contact. Excluding missed tackles, that was his one error for the night.

          Cooper had 1 turnover all game, for that pass, trying to chase the game late. As I mentioned, people have preconceived notions, and then seem to post on those notions instead of what actually occurred.

        • ash

          To make my point clear: if Cooper had thrown an intercept on attack in the Boks 22 and dropped the ball in contact after backing up for a break, then people would be harping on about Cooper throwing intercepts and dropping balls. Instead there was one pass chasing the game very late, and we get comments like “he dropped a couple of balls in contact”.

          Well, no, he dropped none, but thanks for taking the time to comment, even if wrong.

          We should be discussing forwards anyway. We could have played the best 10 in the world and we still would have lost comfortably, so the focus on the backs is bewildering.

        • Slim 293

          But he still essentially threw the ball away going into contact and that directly led to the last Bok try…

          Add to the ball shuffling, poor kicking, poor tackling… it was a backward step from the last test…

          And yes, our forwards are the main problem, but our halves (Genia and Cooper) are another problem that shouldn’t be ignored…

      • Brackets

        And after last game people (not necessarily you, i cant remember your opinion) were screaming that Toomua had had his shot and blown it, yet Cooper is being praised for a similar performance?

  • Hardenup

    Sully I completely disagree with a lot of your ratings. All I can say is I’m glad you’re not wallaby coach. Quade a 6 and AAC a 2. What rubbish. Yeah AAC should have passed on 2 occasions but he was the only back that threatened, ran some angles and hit the ball at pace. ( and please note I’m a quade fan, so this is not a quade bashing rant). Lilo should have got a 2. He was abysmal. He’s a good kicker but offers quade very little in attack. Just shovels the ball along. But realIy i don’t see how anyone got higher than 5.

    • Bcombes

      i partially agree, i think cooper got given a 6 for performing duties people have been calling on him to do. i think he did ok in the circumstances where we were enhilated up front. AAC deserves a 3 at best. i hard to play the wider style of flowing rugby when your 13 choses to tuck the ball under his arm and not look outside of him. I used to begrudge AAC for this but over the last 18 months he seem to faze this out of his game, but he seems to have brought it back in a big way. lilo needs to go the problem in our backline is in the midfield not attacking the gain line – this is a flow on effect makes cooper look like he cant put players through holes, makes genia looks like a shadow of his former self and put pressure on JOC and folau to creat something out of nothing.

  • HardenUp

    I Think you are bit high. Moore and Kepu should have had a 3. Slipper 4. Mowen a 3 (does this guy realize he has to push in the scrum, really needs to put his head down and help!!!!). The rest of the forwards 4. The backs…. Genia, Cooper, Lilo and Cummins 3 and AAC, and Folau 4 and O’Connor a 5 (I thought he was probably the best of a bad bunch tonight).


    Hooper should get a ZERO ..


    The FORWARDS are POWDER PUFFS!! & The backs are NANCY BOYS!!….NUFF SAID..

  • Hoges

    Pretty accurate Sully – They were underwhelming in virtually every facet of the game. Forwards were outgunned (great to see someone else mention how Hooper gets manhandled at every breakdown), backs were average. Genia needs a rest and White deserves his chance…maybe then the rest of the back will have some space with quick ball.

  • Meatray

    Does anyone else think we also look less fit then our opposition? Ive thought that since the first Lions game. Not only are we losing the physical contest but players seem to be walking when they should be running. Why aren’t we catching high balls? I’d be starting White personally. I would also think about JOC at 12 which to me is his more natural position.


    Hate to say it, but every SETH EFRICKEN player deserves an 8…

  • JDog

    I was not expecting that spanking. I think everyone needs to start talking about the workload on the Wallaby elite players this year. While the AB’s and Boks got to have a run-out against 2nd tier nations, the Wallies were smashing and getting smashed by Lions.

    The real issue is that there needs to be depth so that Link can start rotating players. Genia does not go from the best scrummie to terrible in terms of talent and ability. The guy is tired and getting no help from his loosies.

    I think the loosie combo is unbalanced. Fardy is tough as nails, but Mowen who played all of S15, Lions tour and now Rugby Champ gets less effective each game.

    I also don’t understand the bitterness to what Link said in the media. His plan is EXACTLY what he should be doing. go back to the basics, fix that first, get competitive and then you can start pushing. It’s exactly what Jake White has done at the Brumbies with the territory game rather than the possession game.


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