Australia vs Lions: The Infamous Fights & Brawls
British & Irish Lions

Australia vs Lions: The infamous fights & brawls VIDEO

Australia vs Lions: The infamous fights & brawls VIDEO

Have a look at this smash up of the best fights between Australia and the British and Irish Lions 1989-2001

Rare footage of the coaches’ reactions to the Waratahs, Lions fights

  • Name

    Those old lions teams were just filthy cops who were here to fight.

  • Fatflanker

    Nick Farr Jones just wanted a cuddle.

  • Mr Red

    One just has to marvel at the rank hypocrisy of the Lions journos. They don’t mind promoting the “99” call even on the current tour. Plenty of NH teams of past have toured for the fisties.

    • Vinnie Gorham

      read that last sentence wrong….

      • Rex Munday

        Maybe they should stopover on Bangkok and get their fill of fisties first

  • Vinnie Gorham

    “oahh he’s a Kiwi” HAHAHA love it!

    • Mart

      Awesome. Bob Dwyer what a legend ha

      • Max Brammer

        Legend indeed, backing his team to the hilt. We need an aussie wallaby coach stat!

  • le roo

    I was excited for the Lions tour before, now I’m frothing!!!

    • Vinnie Gorham

      Sheean said the game will be physical tonight. Wonder if he means all in brawl!

      • Vinnie Gorham

        well obviously not

  • D-Box

    I can’t believe that one of Kerns or Marto (can’t remember which) says that Dickonson should not have recommended McCrae got sent off after doing some facial massage

  • Vinnie Gorham

    Thanks for tweets, FB likes, and shares. They Really Help!!! whoever decided to put the force vs lions match on state of origin day should be shot! The Force highlights will be on Green and Gold by tomorrow morning along with the match report

    • Phil

      Vinnie,luckily where I live,Thailand,Setanta are showing state of origin first followed by the Force v Lions.I agree,though,it is shithouse scheduling for fans in Oz who usually love to watch origin,even if they hate league.

  • Vinnie Gorham

    Here is a quick copy of the fights:

  • josh123

    “if we were going to employ some roughhouse tactics, i can assure you we wouldn’t have appointed Duncan McRae as the perpetrator’ Gold

  • Pablito

    Just seen this – what is it with scrum halves? There’s no law I know of that says they have to be small and chippy – yet almost without exception they are (Phillips is big and chippy, so 50% there)

    McRae’s attack on O’Gara remains perhaps the worst thing I’ve seen in a top-level rugby game.

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