Australia Wallabies vs New Zealand All Blacks Live Score - Green and Gold Rugby
All Blacks

Australia Wallabies vs New Zealand All Blacks Live Score

Australia Wallabies vs New Zealand All Blacks Live Score

Wallabies 18 All Blacks 19

  • Bobas

    Go the Wallabies!

    George Smith is gonna bring Richie McCaw to the Bitchy McFloor tonight.

    No pun intended, I just work at maccas.

    • bill

      lol smith is a shit player, mcCaw has more talent in his right boot. aussie is so shit at rugby they had to call in a kiwi to coach them.

      • Eddo

        What the fuck are you doing here bill.. All the talent in NZ doesn’t give you a better site to hang out at?

      • Louie

        your stupid

        • Bokke

          So are you Louie. It’s not your stupid. It’s you’re stupid, or you are stupid. Hmmm… mental note to self. Aussie grammar as poor as their rugby.

    • yep


    • nay

      Bro, why dont u wait till after the game untill u start dribbling… We gonna beat u wabbally fools

    • scooter

      That is such a load of crap, the all blacks didn’t win the wallabies lost due to pathetic rugby, No one at the breakdowns, how are you suppose to win when you hand the ball over all the time, the wallabies are a lazy bunch of idiots, if the all black were playing good rugby then they would have won 40-0, the way the wallabies are playing the bledisloe may as well permanently reside in New Zealand. If Australia is serious about being a contender they need to go back to basics, learn that you do not win Rugby by walking around the paddock watching, the Australian forward pack needs to be ashamed of themselves, many times when a wallaby back went down the first ones there were 3 all black forwards, I am a patriotic Aussie but I will not watch the wallabies again….

  • Jason

    Christ I’m up for this. COME ON AUSSIE!

  • TheRiddler

    Greetings from Koh Phangan in Thailand – cant find a bar showing the game so relying on you fine chaps to keep me updated

  • Eddo

    Where’s the live chat ??

  • pedro

    Why does Perth have a trinations fixture when they won’t show this one on free to air? I guess there isn’t enough interest from south Africans.

    • JC

      We’ve seen Giteau up-and-unders from his own 22, O’Connor attempting drops from his own half and and Sharpe shouting “kick, kick!” just before half time when the prop attempted to continue the glorious tradition of what rugby is all about.

      It’s great watching 2&3 bumble against each other.

  • Jason

    How the fuck didn’t Sharpe run Cowan into the ground. Horwill scored out wide with three blecks hanging off him last year and Sharpe can’t run over the top of Cowan. Jesus.

    • JC

      Boks will eat both sides for breakfast again if this is the stylish attractive rugby they’ve been banging on about all week…

      And go away Al Baxter….come back when you can play…..seems everyone’s cottoning on that he doesn’t have what it takes, and he can’t hide it anymore…

      I see both sides handling has improved massively….NOT….lol how crap is Ross!

      Phil Kearns: “this is the best match of the Tri Nations, by far” LOL LOL LOL

      Move aside boring Boks, this is the exciting rugby the world’s been waiting for!!

  • chriscullen

    Its heading for the draw

  • chriscullen


  • Leinster-Ireland fan

    C’mon Aussies, finish them off. The whole of the Leinster province (the counties around and including Dublin) are roaring you and Rocky Elsom on. Keep your heads; no more mistakes, you can have this. Rocky was a God for Leinster in the first half of this year… a major part of making us European champs. So now we’re spending the European summer wearing gold with our green!

  • Jason

    Jesus that hurts…

  • WallabiesFan

    So now what? Surely it’s time to start the youngsters instead of sitting them down until we’re in trouble.

  • piggies 7

    fuck me its frustrating being a wallabies fan. why do we turn the ball over so damn much????
    what now robbie.

  • Cameron

    just finished watching the game


  • Gerrard

    one TRY hey, how about that boring rugby.
    Aussies you sure wish now you had some of that boring rugby hey, just to win!!!

  • Seb V

    what a frustrating game for both sides

  • pedro

    Where was palu?

    • Deans dropped him, for Brown, who showed fine discipline for his second yellow in two week

      • Bobas

        brown is gonna change his name for yellow, due to the amount of cards of that colour he picks up in test matches and his ability to play afraidy cat on the feild.

        He was nowhere good.

        Elsom Fixed the linout at least.

  • DC you beauty ;-)

    Dan is definitely the man….

    A win is a win, no matter what the score line….

    And by a point..

    Oh! what a heart breaker for the wallabies and their fans….

    But it could have gone either way…. Man up and take the loss aussies…

    Its not over yet… the abs are just getting started….

    Cheers maties…..

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