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    Bored journos, or a plot afoot?

    If you want to read a piece of baseless muck-raking journalism at its best (or should that be worst?) have a look at this piece from Peter Jenkins in Sydney’s Daily Telegraph: Sacking me ‘crazy': Connolly DEFIANT Test coach John Connolly last night warned that any push to sack him before the...

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    Australia vs Fiji – Wash up

    FOR RWC’07 RESULT & REVIEW CLICK HERE Picture courtesy of Rugby Heaven Australia 49 – Fijian tackle...

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    Wallabies vs Fiji – preview

    Click here for 2007 Rugby World Cup match preview Well, apart from the usual Fijian rugby generalisations...

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    Optimism for the Wallabies

    Yes, I believe we can use the words ‘optimism’ and ‘wallabies’ in the same sentance. See my...

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    Second test vs Wales – wrap up

    Palu on the rampage. Photo from A tale of two halves. Australia 31 – Wales 0 In the interest of sanity I’ve managed to erase almost all memory of the first half of this test from my mind, making a critique of those 40 minutes pretty difficult. Night-sweat inducing flash backs...

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    We’ve got the answer

    With the level debate over the Wallaby backline selection growing to a fever pitch, let’s stop for a minute to look rationally at how we got to this point, because it actually clearly shows what the selectors must do next.Cast your minds back to the start of Connolly’s reign, following the debacle...

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    First Wales test – wash up

    Australia 29 : Wales 23orAustralian forwards +29 : Australian backs -23 Well, for a match review you can pretty much read my match prediction in the previous post. Not surprisingly, a back-line made of out of position players and devoid of combinations was a error-ridden shmozzle and this Welsh team is not...

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    First test 2007 vs Wales

    Right, so first test vs Wales tomorrow. Really looking forward to seeing the green and gold out on the paddock again, however I’ve got a mixture of interest and worry about the experimentation still happening with the side – especially in the backs. Some key thoughts about this test:1 – This welsh...