Awesome Wallabies RWC Final pump up video
Rugby World Cup

Awesome Wallabies RWC Final pump up video

Awesome Wallabies RWC Final pump up video

Just in case you were half dead, this Wallabies Rugby World Cup 2015 pump up highlights video by @JoshBristow123 oughtta get you pinging!

  • Pfitzy

    Just saw that on the forums. Top work.

  • OZabroad

    Truly excited and nervous about this game. The heartache has been a long lasting aspect of life as a wallabies supporter.

  • Parker

    The first part was the monument to Robbie Deans. The remainder toppled it like the Iraqis did to the statue of Saddam.

  • Straith

    If its going to be a pump up video where are the big hits lol? All this build up and tension in the music, I was expecting to see hoopers tackles.

  • kp

    Some good moments but a pump up video it is not.

    That first bit – I saw what you were trying to do, but it did not fit. All those losses made me want to switch the clip off as it reminded of the Wallabies ability to implode at any moment. Really that is only for a clip if we win which then describes the entire journey.

    What we wanted to see was good skills shown only from the Wallabies in the tournament so far. Things like slick ball movement, big hits, dominating scrums and mauls, great tries and cool penalty kicks.

    And the music … how about some pump up music with a good opening rift. Songs like Welcome to the Jungle (by GnR) or Take a long Line (by The Angels). Just a thought.

    But I liked your idea.

    • Mike

      Agree about the beginning. Felt like I was being Rick Roll’d

      • Ross

        And that right there is modern society in a nutshell. God damn instant gratification!
        The video was tops. Pumped me up!

        • Mike

          I’m glad you’re easy to please.

        • Ross

          I must’ve hit the wrong reply button. I was aiming for kp’s original post. ;-)

    • Margaret Pomeranz

      Too wordy and a tad condescending, Incorrect use of hyphens weakened your argument, as did the phrase “cool penalty kicks” and using “dominating” when ‘dominant’ would have been more effective. I give your strange and unnecessary review one and a half stars.

      • kp

        For most of us we only have a few minutes to write something as we are too busy to spend too much time on it. However, I promise next time to get an editor in to proof my work next time.

        For reviewing my review, I give you half a star and remove that for your failed attempt at being cool and ‘dominant’.

        FYI, it was a constructive review because I think whoever made the clip probably has the ability to make it better in future.

  • GoMelbRebels


  • Hugh Cavill

    Loved it! Awesome work.

  • Mart

    Off the hook!! like i couldn’t get more pumped for this game.. I just have. Going to be a very hard week to keep focused at work

  • Khun Pugwash

    That “Guys chill its just Australia” sign makes my blood boil!

    • Hambone

      That’s the sort of shit u pin up on the walls in the sheds…

  • I’m risk of heart attack pumped ! Great video !

  • Gooddog

    Need one to the tune of Thunderstruck – massive hits – big tries.

  • Drew Sampson

    Not a pump up video without that hit from hooper on savea. Should have ended with continual repeats of that hit

  • Jack

    Straya – F*CK YEAH..!!

  • sph45

    I agree. For some reason I’m just pissed off in this build up more than anything. To hear the wallabies get booed throughout the tournament, and then to hear the all blacks and springboks fawn over each other in the lead up to their semi. I’m excited this week but also somehow angry. Time for revenge.

  • aroo

    as an Aussie living in NZ, all I can say is please bloody win Wallabies so I can rub the smarmy kiwi noses in it! So sick of the arrogance.

  • daniel limbers

    song anyone?

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