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Beale steps down to deal with ‘ongoing issues’

Beale steps down to deal with ‘ongoing issues’

Kurtley Beale has checked into a private health clinic to deal with ‘ongoing issues’. In a statement issued by the Melbourne Rebels the club has advised:

Kurtley will take an indefinite leave of absence from playing rugby to seek assistance in resolving personal issues.

Kurtley has voluntarily entered a private health facility in order to undertake counselling for ongoing issues.

He has done this with the backing of ARU, RUPA and the Melbourne Rebels who congratulate him on this decision to seek assistance.

Any future selection will be dependent upon successful completion of his treatment program.

The Club asks media to respect Kurtley’s privacy at this time.


More, no doubt, is to follow…..

  • Lewis

    Hopefully this helps him. His well being has got to come before his rugby at this stage. Such an amazing talent, it would be a shame to lose him or see it wasted due to grog. Fortunately with the rise of Mogg and Folau this loss for the Lions won’t hit us as hard as it would have in other years. All the best to the bloke, hope he gets his head right and comes back with everything he has to offer.

  • REDinCPT

    nice move, i hope it works out for him

  • Try_ranosaurus Rex

    I’m sure I speak for a number of people in in saying this…. Good luck Kurtley, we wish you all the very best.

    Hopefully we see you fit and firing soon… but in the immediate term, get fit and get right.

  • The Rant

    All the best KB.
    Tough decision to make. Hope it works out for you.

  • Daveyyyy

    Well done KB. Enormous courage shown to make that call, only others that have been in your position know how tough that was. Repsect. See you back on the paddock carving them up soon.

  • dave

    let into team last moment game 3 decider against lions – 15 mins to go – kurtkey gets intercept sprints 80 meters to touch down under the postsssss.

    Closeup of that oh so kurtley mug on the bigscreen!



    F…K The P..SS – its rubbish

    I know your reading this Kurtley ! – we’re supporting you man – c’mon – its your time !!!

  • Red man

    Good for you kurtley.. Get out while you can.. The lions are going to eat kanga meat all month.

  • ben

    I first saw kb playing for aus schools v nz schools at auckland grammer 2006. Ive watched him ever since. Sad to watch a young guy destroy what hes got with drink. So many of our kids do. Get well kb. Be that kid i remember 7 years ago.

  • Neil

    Time to get rid of KB. Rugby doesnt need this at the moment, plenty of other talent waiting to take his spot. No one player is above the game. Bye bye Kurtley.

    • Steve O

      Agreed but in fairness th KB he’s taken this step of his own volition so he won’t get kicked out of the game. Shows some level of maturity I think.

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