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Berrick Barnes, Honorary All Black

Berrick Barnes, Honorary All Black

Here is an interesting tidbit that has been the subject of some amusement with our friends across the dutch.

Berrick Barnes has punctured his lung and hence can’t travel home. Since the Wallabies had to continue on to Argentina, they were in a bit of a bind. Who could keep an eye on him while he recovered? Well it turns out he has been taken in by some unlikely carers — the All Blacks.

Via Dan Carter’s Twitter

Their team doctor has been monitoring his recovery. But it doesn’t end there — he has also been staying at the team hotel, going to training and driving a golf cart for the boys so they can get from A to B.

He even joined in their 9s and 10s dinner!

I think this is a great feature of rugby, which I am not sure you would see in other sports. It’s also testament to the good relationship between the two teams.

We can only hope some of the winning attitude can rub off on Berrick, and he can bring it to the Tahs and Wallabies in 2013. Until then we wish him a safe recovery.


What do you think — a great feature of our game, or is he getting too close for comfort?

  • Raggamad78

    Good for him, you know what they say ” Keep your friends close and your enomies close! “

  • Doctor D

    Nice of the All Blacks to look after Robbie’s pet whilst he is away.

  • Lauren

    Considering his biggest fan is an All Blacks supporter…..

  • Hansorph

    Testament that the Rugby community looks after its own.

  • Dave

    Good stuff. This is what’s great about rugby.

    I also like how an aussie is sitting at the head of the table. At least those kiwis now their rightful place. ;-)

    • the ardent b’stard

      head of the table pays the bill dave – simple

      • jay-c

        well you wouldnt expect the kiwis to on their dollar~

        • Dave

          Beat me to it

      • Dave

        Well considering NZ’s weaker dollar, let’s call it charity.

        • PD

          Gee you guys really struggle to insult
          that the choke tag has gone. Lol.

      • BloodRed

        He’ll be the only one with a job.

    • sarina

      “know” is it really that hard!

  • Billy Balls

    Our relationship with you tweebs go back through sport and war we’ve always hung out…us showing you aussies whats cool and whats not…. like getting ya dick out and dancing on pool tables saying oi oi oi while covered in vomit…fun..but not cool,but seriously rugby is the greatest game in the world because of the bro’s ya make.

  • What happens if he can’t fly still when the ABs leave? Are the ‘Boks on billet duties??

  • Redsfan1

    What a bloody fool. Hanging out & smiling with the enemy. Not against him having fun but geez whizz after getting thrashed by the All Blacks, then beaten up by the Boks- he is sucking up to them?

    Just get on the plane to Europe Barnes- hopefully you don’t knock yourself out on flight..

    • Dave

      Still pissed off he went to the Tahs are ya?

      • Redsfan1

        Considering we won the Super Title & the Tahs went from finalists to cellar dwellers when he made the switch- I don’t see your point.

        Wherever he goes teams lose.

        • Dave

          You don’t see my point? What a shock. But I’ll indulge. My point was you seem inappropriately angry at Barnes for what is essentially a positive image of the game.

          But, I hope you’re right about him being an albatross because this time he’s hanging out with the ABs which according to your (il)logic means they may very well lose. Let’s just hope it’s when they play the WBs.

        • Will he or won’t he….

          You r a loser! See it as an act of sportsmanship…. Look at your Reds and count how many interstate players n kiwis in it you fool, only reason why Reds won n let’s not forget where the coach comes from….stop vomiting bull shit

      • sarina

        “you” is it really that hard!

        • Dave

          Still smarting are we? But fair play to “you”. Touché.

          By the way, you forgot the question mark.

    • jay-c

      are you 15?

      • Drop kick

        15 year olds can be quite mature, I’d say he’s probably 5.

  • Bay35Pablo

    Rugby looks after its own. We’d do the same for them.

    Just hope he’s taking notes and finds a few game plans for bledisloe 3 lying around.

    • Redsfan1

      You’re kidding yourself if you think Steve Hansen has any sympathy for Australian rugby players.

      It’s that misguided private school rugby toffery & lack of mongrel that is holding Australia back.

      You don’t see the Qld Maroons hanging out with NSW During the State of Origin.

      • Brax

        You just don’t get it mate & frankly it’s embarrassing to watch.

        Really, a mungo analogy? This is the major difference between the two games!

      • S Paddy

        During 80 minutes you are right – Hansen doesn’t care. I am sure he does however, understand the importance of looking after all rugby folk whatever country, creed, or age. Take this for what it is and not an excuse ridden crap beat up – a classy and compassionate move by the All Blacks. The class between them and the other RC countries this weekend on the pitch is indicative of the effort to look after Barnes. Currently 50 minutes into the Argie game and the ‘class’ and skill level of our boys has a lot to be desired. Admittedly you can’t fault the effort though.

      • You don’t see the Qld Maroons hanging out with NSW During the State of Origin.

        Possibly because an injured player could be put on a bus and be home in 10 hours?

  • Great stuff – good to see

  • The Other Dave

    This is Rugby.

  • Pedro

    Maybe he can pass on waratitis.

  • robbie

    i rekon it fantastic form from both the AB’s and berrick

  • Suck it in

    Barnes is obviously a decent bloke. As is Carter. What’s the big deal

  • Loges

    Reminds me of a great story from Rob Egerton from 1991 when he went around to his old Oxford college mate and Irish centre Brendan Mullin’s house on the Wednesday before the 1991 semi and Mullin’s mum cooked them both dinner! 

  • ‘Boutbloodytime

    Having a love in immediately after the whistle blows just after going down 22 zip is a bit much, but some camaraderie n genuine mateship n care for a rugby brother is fair enough n pretty decent (especially when at the end of a game any of these guys could have a punctured lung, ruptured cruciate etc)

    At the end of the day, Aussies n Kiwis will always take the piss n give each other a hard time, but when the shit hits the shovel I think it’s pretty cool that we stand shoulder to shoulder…glad to see it.

  • Paulo

    BBT – as a kiwi, my dad server in Greece, Crete, and North Africa before being captured. I always remember him telling me that when they were first stationed in Egypt, they would get leave in Cairo and the first thing that would happen is a “stoush” with Ozzies . . . however, as soon as POM’s arrived, hostilities ceased & the POM’s got an ANZAC “toshing”!!!!

    • ‘Boutbloodytime

      Just the way it should be…nice one

  • Paulo

    BBT – should have noted that was WWII, not the recent “arab spring”!!!!

  • All gold

    Its good to see the players showing abit more maturity than us supporters sometimes.. Good on em and good luck to the abs.

  • All gold

    Its good to see the players showing abit more maturity than us supporters sometimes.. Good on em and good luck to the abs..

  • Rick with a silent p

    This is the great character of rugby over the other codes. Rugby Union is the only game where you can travel to almost any country in the world, rock up to the local rugby club and the locals make sure you have somewhere to stay, give you a spot in the 5ths as blindside winger, organise a job for you if needed and introduce you their sisters. This is what sport’s about. Intense rivalry on the field – mutual respect and support off the field. Good on you All Blacks.

  • Noisey

    @ the reds fan having an apoplectic fit,ffs it’s war between the chalk mate and beers outside it. Always has been and hopefully always will be. Don’t get caught up with the mungo marketing media rubbish, If the situation was the same I am sure Tricky would be looking after Slater or Smith. @Paulo thanks for a great yarn, I’ll be stealing that.

  • JezaCBHS

    This is great stuff.

    Whenever I’ve travelled overseas the first people you look for if you don’t know anyone are the Aussies.

    When you’re out in the big wide world ya realise how much we have in common.

  • Paulo

    Did Berrick travel home with the AB’s?

  • Paulo

    . . . I mean back to Oz not Auckland . . .

  • Too awesome. One of my favorite things about Rugby. After the game, they’re all mates.

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