Bledisloe 2 New Zealand v Australia - Eden Park - Green and Gold Rugby
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Bledisloe 2: New Zealand v. Australia – Eden Park

Bledisloe 2: New Zealand v. Australia – Eden Park

Australia have travelled to New Zealand for their second game of The Rugby Championship. They walk into one of the toughest arenas in world sport. New Zealand’s record at Eden Park is an amazing tribute to the power of a crowd’s support and a team’s belief in it.

The Wallabies have six changes to the team that look lost in Sydney last week. Only time will tell if the changes will improve or damage the team’s chances of breaking their 28-year losing streak.

New Zealand start the game but the first five minutes are very scrappy. The Australians look more dangerous and focussed in the forwards and the New Zealanders just look dangerous everywhere. But the Kiwis manage to get a little field position and possession and immediately look dangerous missing a penalty kick and only just failing to score by inches in the left corner of the field. It feels like Australia are just holding on even though they are dominating possession.

Despite only having 25 per cent possession New Zealand have their second chance to score this time getting over the line only to see Timani rip the ball away. New Zealand look likely to score at any moment.

New Zealand start to get the ball in the hands a little more. The tempo of the game, already fast, suddenly shifts up a gear. They are running the ball from everywhere and eventually Rob Horne gives a penalty away and Dan Carter kicks it through the posts. After 25 minutes of great play from both teams New Zealand lead 3-0.

Coming up to 30 minutes New Zealand are again attacking in broken play. Genia tackles Corey Jane in a desperate tackle and then foolishly plays at the quick pass back. Owens has no option but to penalise and yellow card Genia leaving Australia one short and with Barnes at halfback for the last 10 minutes of the first half. Carter kicks the penalty easily. 6-0 New Zealand.

Australia are kicking way too much possession in attacking positions. To make matters worse they are mostly kicking to the form fullback in world rugby right now. Israel Dagg is lapping it up and making metres seemingly at will. Drew Mitchell goes down with another leg injury and has to leave the field at about the 35-minute mark. He must be the unluckiest player in world rugby.

Without Genia, New Zealand camp in the Australian half and eventually the Wallabies are caught offside in front of the posts. Reliably Carter punches the ball through the posts to increase the lead to 9-0.

The first half ends with New Zealand back on attack and Australia defending again. The Australians have lost their attacking mojo from the first 15 minutes and are grimly holding on for dear life. New Zealand are New Zealand. Fast and dangerous. Doing the little things perfectly and the extraordinary constantly.

Anthony Faingaa starts the second half for Rob Horne. New Zealand are unchanged. Stephen Moore is pinged for offside from a 22 dropkick and another three points are given up by Australia. 12-0 after two minutes of the second half.

James Slipper replaces Benn Robinson at the same time. An odd time for a replacement.

New Zealand have picked up the pace. From the kick-off they drive the ball into the Australian half and after more than a bit of Sonny Bill Williams magic Smith passes to Dagg at pace and in a hole five metres out and the try is just a formality. After the easy conversion New Zealand lead 19-0 and Australia’s chances in this match slip a little further. Yet another offside penalty a couple of minutes later leaves Australia trailing by 22 points.

Australia get a little possession in New Zealand’s 22 but a series of errors sees them never threaten the line. Eventually New Zealand work their way out of danger and despite being awarded two kickable penalties the Australians walk away with no points from an extended period in the opposition’s half.

To their credit the Australians rally in the final quarter. But it’s boys against men. New Zealand are the better coached team, the better skilled team; everything Australia tries they are ready for and have the right answer to.

Australia have to fight for every shred of possession. New Zealand seem to be able to win the ball at will. But despite this the Australians are holding on and not letting them score. Not helping their plight is the insistence on kicking the ball away at every opportunity. No one seems willing to take on the man and instead want to put the chip kick through. Every kick is going straight into the arms of New Zealand’s back three.

And it’s over. New Zealand wins 22-0. Australia were out-thought, out-played, out-muscled, out-defended. No one can question Australia’s commitment but they just didn’t have the ability to stay with them.

Where do they go from here? Who knows. They will need to work on keeping the ball. Both in tight and in general play. You can’t give the ball away constantly and expect to win games.

Siteleki Tamani was one of the Wallabies’ best this week and finally showed us why he’s been picked. If he can keep that level up we’ve found a long-term second rower. To pick a player out of the New Zealand team would do a disservice to the rest of the team. It would be easy to say they won the contest in every position tonight.

Congratulation New Zealand, deserving winners of the Bledisloe Cup 2012!


Picture courtesy of @theruckshow

  • easts

    Not a single point! That one stung.

    • They did give up points chasing tries but yes it hurts.

      • JK

        Gave up points chasing tries? Can you imagine the uproar if the Wallabies went for 3 points with the game out of reach? It would have conceded absolute defeat and proclaim that the ABs defence could not be broken adding another blow to an already depleted Australian rugby morale. Let’s not forget that Barnes, Cooper or Beale are not the proven pinpoint clutch kickers they need to be, so it would be foolish to assume had they opted to kick for 3 that they would have got the points anyway. 22 – zilch, let’s just call it how it is?

        • Nabley

          What rubbish. They were 22 points behind which is more than 3 goals. A simple penalty would have made it 3 goals for a win (admittedly difficult) and at least put them on the board. This was bloody poor captaincy.

        • JK

          So Nabley…..firstly I assume that when you say 3 goals for a win you are actually referring to 3 converted tries? Again you are assuming that the tries would have been converted and again neglecting the fact that Australia did not contain a consistent proven clutch kicker in the squad, you know what they say about what happens when you assume? Secondly, you would have been happy for the Wallabies to kick for 3 with the game lost and absolutely no chance of scoring a try to make the score 22-3? One, in the context of the game to decide to go for goal is conceding defeat not just in regards to the game but also on so many psychological levels it isn’t funny but hey if that’s the defeatist type of rugby you want your national team to play than so be it. Each to their own.

        • Nabley

          JK, they are called Goals in the law. You can call them what you like so long as we all understand.

          The real issue is the game of rugby is about accumulating more points than your opponent. Matters not how you get them, but accumulate them you must. Points come in different accumulations. Those combinations and the differences on the board between the two teams can indicate hope or pessimism to the team that is behind. One of the big pessimism drivers is to have no points while your opponent has many. In this case 22 meant no hope, rubbed in by AB wholesale cahge of players and not bothering with penalty shots anymore by one of the best kickers in the business. The pessimism on the Wallabies indicated by Sharpe acting uncharateristically like a retard, not once but several times. Whereas19 points would have meant hope (although in hindsight forlorn) and hope would have meant an energised team. All easy kicks that either of the two kickers could have achieved. I still think bad captaincy and perhaps Sharpes pessimistic attitude was because he was not being listened to.

    • Tubba Snr

      The problems facing Oz rugby start at the top of the ARU.
      The promotion of the code in Australia is woeful compared to other codes. Not just TV rights, but at the junior level. For example, public schools play league, with some exceptions. There goes a huge talent pool that is already committed to their code of choice by the age of 10.
      Under 19 rules also contribute to a lowering of experience and expertise in forward play by the time players reach Colts level. Uncontested scrims are so badly abused now that the scrum is almost a lost art in U16 & below.
      Junior club administrators need to lead the changes required to the junior format so we can evolve into competent code once more.

      Whilst Deans is an average national coach at best, the next person will be stuck with similar problems until we start fixing this wonderful game at a junior level.

  • AWN

    Was a tough grind but they did what they had to. Quintessential gritty All Blacks win, too many Wallabies went missing, Cooper, Dennis, Ashley-Cooper, Faainga’s all did nothing. Deans needs to just clear out these players

    • muffy

      The clear out needs to be Deans.

      When you send out a team with no discernible game plan you have to carry the blame.

      I have held back my opinion here, but I will say it now. Deans MUST go.

      Plus he very nearly cost me a 60 inch plasma – so nearly threw a bottle at my TV.

    • RJ

      AAC was the best back wearing a gold jumper actually.

  • Kiwibob

    Back to the drawing board Robbie !!!

    • zeedok

      Or the centrelink queue.

      Surely it must be time forJohn O’Neill to concede that the Robbie Deans experiment has failed. The only records he had accumulated are the unenviable ones; he added another tonight, held scoreless against ABs for the first time since 1962


    • Canuck

      Robbie must have pics of O’Neil doing coke, or a hooker (or both) on his desk. There’s no way Deans can hold onto his job after a loss like that…

      I have never left a live game such as this early until tonight…packed it in at the 70 minute mark. So over it. Dont evenn know where to start as its all been said many times over on this site. grrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  • JJJ

    Even IF Deans were giving them absolute coaching gold all week the players have clearly lost faith in him and his gamepl…playing philosophy, and are just going through the motions until he’s replaced.

    • JK

      Bit of Robbie Deans coaching gold like substituting Robinson out for Slipper two minutes into the second half…..Deans has lost the plot.

    • Johnny-boy

      Nailed it JJJ. And didn’t Tony McGahan say he was going to be the gun coach in charge of the nuts and bolts . What a joke he is

  • Cringing

    Apparantely ray white, raine and Horne, crbe, Richardson and Wrench have texted Robbie Deans a few mins ago and he replied that he may b interested

  • Galumay

    Get rid of the Trojan sheep, none of those 22 softcocks to ever play for Australia again. New team, (not the reds), new coach (not Ewan). Otherwise I am migrating and changing teams!

    • JK

      Just out of interest, if not Ewen then who is another viable option? Ewen has shown that he is capable of turning an average group of players and get them working together to punch well above their weight. Exactly what the Wallabies need in my opinion.

      • baldwid

        Completely untrue JK – I am a Reds fan, but Ewen did not take a group of average players and get them punching above their weight. He took a team full of very young and very talented players, led by a fly-half, who at SupeRugby level is simply untouchable. All young and exciting players with plenty of upshot! Good coach but lets not proclaim him god just yet. In response to other posts their are plenty of good coaches out their. Steve Meehan is a great coach. I think Australia needs a great coaching “team” akin to the AB’s one of recent times!!

        • JK

          Lets agree to diagree. You don’t think what Ewen did with Greg Holmes, Beau Robinson, Radike Samo, Anthony Fainga’a, Laurie Weeks and let’s even throw in Wallace Harrison and Rod Davies in the mix as well had those playing their best rugby ever? Just look at how they perform when they play elsewhere and tell me Ewen does not know how to incorporate a style of play that brings out the best of these players. It’s all very well to say he had the talent at his disposal as well but you need to have the right guy at the helm to make the team click as well. Genia and Cooper were around prior to Ewen’s arrival so were the players I just mentioned as well bar a few exceptions but it wasn’t until he arrived at Ballymore til we saw their true potential unleashed. In hindsight one can say how easy it would be to coach a team with the likes of Schatz, Gill, Tapuai, Hanson, Shipperly and the rest of the young brigade but lets not forget prior to Ewen’s arrival the reds were more famous for who they didn’t keep from their own backyard than the rubbish personnel that they did decide to hold onto. (O’Connor, Moore, Pocock, Mitchell, Sharpe, Barnes, the list goes on) it wasn’t til Ewen came along and had the balls to select players from the rugby nursery in their own backyard that QLD got off the bottom of the ladder. Tell me one other coach who would have had the guts to pluck Samo from obscurity for their squad or retained Fainga’a (Ant) based on what he put out the year before Ewen came on board. Nada. Link is the man for the job, I’m sure he has guys in mind if he got the gig to support him as well.

  • ryano

    Im an Aussie, but FFS Phil Kearns, stop farking whingeing about everything, fark he gives me the shites the way he carries on. Is it just me or did he whinge constantly throughout the match?

    • Queenslander

      Damn straight he needs to shut the f/u. genia sin bin was fair enugh lying on the ground and hitting the ball away, just massive il discipline for a captain

    • uptheguts

      Yep for a bloke that has played a shitload of international rugby he very rarely offers anything worthwhile to the commentary – he can go as well.

      • Wiremu

        I put Kearns and Clarke in the same boat. What a terrible combination as a broadcasting team. Clarke must come with a bookfull of stats and is intent on spending half of the game telling you about them. Come on Fox you can do a lot better than these two, infact, as a broadcasting team internationly we are last by a long shot.
        When playing in South Africa everyone I talk as in NZ prefer to listen to the local broadcasters as these guys are far more knowledgable on the game than Clarke. Fancy channel 9 taking the Fox broadcaste in NZ rather than the local guys. What a joke.
        I am just getting over Gorden Bray and along comes these two guys.. Come on Fox these two are not even close to being good at calling the game. Give us one of your league boys or else that mute button wioll cotinue to get a good work out.

  • Queenslander

    Robbie Deans mission accomplished. Expect a ticker tape parade in Auckland for this bum. Oz rugby now officially stuffed. Whats the go with these interminable chip kicks. Anyone who chip kicks should be dragged off the park and told to have a shower

    • RJ

      Select that many waratahs and have a “play what’s in front of you” game plan and that’s what you get.

    • Will he won’t he

      Aust rugby was on the decline when he took over! Lacks talent at grass root level that’s where it starts now it’s catching up with Aust…ask the question would Aust been able to even field a team without 10 of the 22 in the current squad who migrated to Aust from diff parts of the world i.e. Ireland, NZ, Fiji , Zimbabwe, South Africa at the age where rugby was already instilled in them? No would be the answer….only immediate ans is to poach league players…Ewen might take them somewhere but it’s an unknown n not at level to match the All Blacks,,, they did lose to Samoa n Scotland

  • Skip

    Clear your tables & update the CVs, messers Deans & O’Niell. It’s just not acceptable and it’s past time for a clear out.

  • Hooper for 12

    The ABs to a man just seem to be much better in (i) contact; (ii) at the breakdown; (iii) onfield, team communication, strategy and execution; (iv) ball in hand kicking; and (v) high ball / kick receipts.

    Where is the coaching? At Super XV level and RD.


  • boutbloodytime

    ‘Australia were out thought, out played, out muscled, out defended no one can question Australia’s commitment but they just didn’t have the ability to stay with them.’….absolutely couldn’t agree more!!

    Loads more heart this week- which probably had more to do with the players themselves & comments from supporters than from the coaching staff…and they showed a lot of ticker…BUT…

    Can someone please ask these guys how the hell they are meant to score, apply pressure or do anything in attack when they keep kicking the pill away?!? FFS!!!

    No penetration, no intelligent attack options & no questions asked strategically…it looked like an 8 year old playing chess against a grandmaster…sorry Robbie, time to admit that you’re totally outclassed in the brains department.

    Yes the ABs are on fire at the moment & playing some awesome rugby, but that doesn’t detract from our lack of intelligent play…we might nick a few games from the Argies & Saffies on sheer guts & heart alone, but that’s not going to get us winning consistently & playing with confidence until the brains trust is sorted.

    QC had a solid game, although looks like he’s been shackled by Deans instead of being given carte blanche to have a go in attack…he looked like he did all right in defence as well & didn’t seem overawed by the occasion.

    Beale had another week of poor decision making…time to disappear into the wilderness & get your head straight mate…and to run a few hundred laps round the park to get some fitness back.

    Timani stepped up, definitely in the first half, so that experiment is probably the one plus out of the game…

    The Ben Alexander experiment should be well & truly binned now & give Slipper a proper run & start building for the future…

    I don’t think the Wallabies can sink any further emotionally & strategically at the moment…lots of heart but not a lot of brains (which is down to the coach)…it looks like the only way is up & now is probably the perfect opportunity to pay Deans off, get rid of him & use the RC as the perfect opportunity to start undoing the damage, build some combinations look to the end of year tours & Lions next year & give Link a crack before these guys get demoralised beyond repair…otherwise it’s going to be a pretty bleak next couple of years for the Wallabies.

  • murph

    First time in 50 years the All Blacks have kept the Wallabies scoreless. Another first for Robbie! I’m sure NZ are forever indebted.

    • Jimmy

      Mate was is just me or did Robbie pretty much say “I can’t beat the All Blacks” in the post match interviews.

      • Nabley

        Jimmy not the full quote… very scurrilous of you.

    • Nabley

      They were on field decisions that kept them scoreless. Sorry I forgot anything to attack …… “Whats ‘is name”.

  • MyRugby Mate

    This team needs more time together, they’re under cooked and tonight they were just under pressure.

    There’s many a reason why but you can’t control that, you can vent your frustration.. but there’s F ALL you can do about it.
    For mine, all that happened is we lost to the world champs, were still number 2 and the Euro teams are somewhere not near us.

    Congrats to the Kiwi’s… but we’ll take you out next time round no problem.

    Again congrats, but you are going to have to improve as well….you’re not finishing that well… you’re not that clinical and you know it. To many handling errors, you’ve got line out issues… half your-mid field just departed to Japan because your economy sucks, I believe what you call a ‘kumara’. That’s no dig. Oh and your short on depth in the line out. Couple of injuries and…

    But again, well done.

    Hey, easy tigers, lets not blast the team as they have a long road ahead.

    Every dog has it’s day.

    • JK

      Mate, are you on drugs? Too many handling errors? Of course that’s gonna be the case when your the only team forcing the play in attack, I’m pretty sure the stats read like 25 to 2 for off loads in attack in favour of the ABs at one point in the game which would suggest that the ABs are almost 13 times more effective in attacking prowess than the wallabies. Instead of suggesting the “imminent demise” of the ABs I would say it suggests how truly pathetic Wallaby rugby is at the moment. Also, don’t worry bout the centre stocks, the ABs fourth best centre is still better than anything running around in Australia at the moment. (please refer to exhibit A: Faingaa, Barnes, Horne, Tapuai, etc etc). There is no other option right now but to take the broom through the wallaby hierarchy, starting with O’Neil and Deans. Only then will we see Australia get close. You must be related to Phil Kearns.

    • murph

      The team needs more time together?!?? Are you some kind of Robbie Deans spambot??

    • iamrobert

      saw those waballies with a black armband their arms- comisserating the death of Austrian rugby.. deans leave him in Auckland

      • BloodRed

        They used to play rugby in Austria?

    • iamrobert

      saw those waballies with a black armband their arms- comisserating the death of Australian rugby.. deans leave him in Auckla.. mission completed

  • the ardent b’stard

    comments from the blackness side of the universe.
    Gotta give slipper a run of tests he will only get better, sharpie- love him but hes gone, dennis and higginthingy non existent again, no point playing cooper with that game plan and a midfield that cant get the ball to the wings. why does australia kick the ball away all day??
    mccaw, read, carter, dagg, franks, whitelock – as good as it gets.

  • spectator

    match impressions:

    Digby Ioane was awesome.

    For much of the match the A.B’s had sixteen players ( the ref) & the Wallabies had ZERO luck.

    No points means nothing, the Wallabies could of had points but were fighting for tries – which after initial bang it over reaction, occurred to me was totally the right decision regards the game and what the Wallabies were about.

    The A.B’s scored one try….one try… despite having all the pill and to Wallabies prepared to run it from the line or where ever – moral victory to the Wallabies. IF the Wallabies had some of that dominance in regards to good ball ( or ball at all) over a team and only had one try, well……

    The Wallabies to me, had the right game attitude ( tactic) to All Blacks this game, & in honesty, a drastic change to what they were doing. To change what you are doing, first time up, in game against current best team at their home environment, well it’s a tall wall to climb perfectly first attempt BUT in this type of game play, the score is not necessarily a reflection of how close the difference or reversal can be between two teams .

    This was a better loss than previous game, for the Wallabie team lost on the score board only this time around ( all be it by a bigger amount).

    The A.B.s tried to do what the Wallabies were wanting to do to the A.B.s with the difference of all the opportunities to do so…..but were not good enough.

    Some time when the Wallabies have half the good ball to do the same to A.B’.s and abit more game time under their belt with same approach, & let’s see what happens….:)

    Different dynamic for whole backline on the postive & AAC did some awesome smothering defense tackles too.

    • you are right, the AB’s were not good enough with the ball in hand but as for the rest of your post, hmmm are you drunk or just retarded.

      • No need to get personal.

    • JK

      I’m not sure you were watching the same game everyone else was. You’re right the score line did not reflect the true closeness of the game, it absolutely flattered the boys in Gold tonight. These types of reflections are probably reflective of what’s gone wrong with Australian rugby at the moment, seeing positives when there are none there to be had a la Phil Kearns and most obvious of all Dingo Deans. Listen I’m an ABs supporter through and through but also being a rugby purist it absolutely saddens me to see the state of the Wallaby team at the moment. The only way this gonna change is with some cold direct and honest assessments of where the Wallabies are at. Look at the Brumbies bloke last year who stopped babying his underachieving cattle at the time, I know White got the plaudits of the success of the Brumbies this season but for mine, the Brumbies success started at that press conference which I thought forced the players to take a good hard look at themselves in the mirror. Wallabies need to go through the same process, I’m pretty sure wallaby supporters would be reeling seeing their blokes cop a hammering and then having a good ol laugh about with the team that just handed an absolute clinic in international rugby. It suggests that losing isn’t as painful as maybe it should be to the current Australian team.

      • spectator

        The wallabies didn’t have handling on half-chances during the game or states of play that they had created with half-chances a moment away, but they didn’t lie down on intent & basically need to work on cohesion to this intuitive rugby style which will come with game time for they have the talent to pull it off.

        Wallabies were 14 men with A.B. s on attack for most of Genia’s sinbin and they conceded a penalty only.

        • JK

          Time to work on cohesion? You guys have had 10 years to sort it out, so that argument is a fizzer. I also disagree about your comment about not lying down and intent. For mine, you don’t just represent the Wallabies for the 80 minutes on the paddock, I would argue that you also represent the country both before and after while selected with the privilege, there is a reason rugby tradition has evolved with an after match, that is the place one can enjoy a bit of the banter with opposition. Immediately after an international where you have been held scoreless, it makes sense to me that that should be a time to reflect on a performance and also maybe build a little animosity towards a team that has handed out embarrassing defeat after defeat for the last 10 years. The All Blacks get it, but the Wallabies just don’t seem to have the same understanding of what’s required in the jersey at the moment. Just saying.

    • JK

      Further, I’d also rate your call for the apparent “moral victory” as another absolute fizzer champ. I would love to see you try to explain your thoughts about the Wallabies and your claims that they employed the right tactics in this game. From my perspective saying that the kick happy Wallaby tactics were the right tactics to take absolutely astounds me considering how little ball the Wallabies enjoyed in their possession. The best example of this is when you look at every time Kurtley Beale had ball near the sideline and a moment Hosea Gear was caught near the stripe. Kurtley (along with the other wallabies backs for the matter) were more than willing to kick away possession with hail Mary chip kicks. There was a moment when Hosea was caught near the stripe he fought tooth and nail to keep the ball alive and in play really displays the vast difference in rugby philosophy between the Aussies and kiwis at the moment.
      I would argue that the Wallabies had plenty of opportunity to crack the NZ defence but either chose to kick it away or were just not good enough to penetrate the defence. Not one person in the Oz back line besides Digby and Cooper are threats in the attacking department at the moment so it probably suggest that more ball would eventuate in diddly in regards to points. I really can’t understand your logic brother (or sister).

      • spectator

        The Wallabies threw it around alot more and embraced broken/un-set game situation play alot more, which is where in my view, they can out play the A.B’s

        Sure i agree they chipped/kicked too often but at least it was in the context of a more broken play/ un-set game structure direction than just by the numbers kicking given an X situation.

        • JK

          Mate I totally disagree again, the reason the Wallabies are in the predicament they are now in is because of that very style being implemented by Dingo Deans. Robbie’s “play whats in front you” philosophy just does NOT translate into the Australian style of play. Look at the great Australian teams of the past, Australia was famous for analysing and pinpointing a teams weakness, formulating a game plan to expose the area and then ruthlessly executing the gameplan. (for e.g. Macqueen possession after possession ploys to run teams off their feet or how they used Spencer as a defensive turnstile and continually targetted his channel until the ABs were forced to plug the channel with players which would leave them exposed out wide.) This instinctive style your talking about now is the rubbish we’re seeing at the moment that comes accross as having no game plan whatsoever. (i.e. aimless running and stupid chip kicking), instinct is useless unless there is a clear point of attack in terms of strategy to focus it into an effective form of play.

        • Will he won’t he

          JK….Rod had the talent pool to draw from n Aust rugby was good then on the back of two successful World Cup victories in 8 years! Aust talent don’t wait for Rugby union when there’s 3 other codes n many sports to chose from. NZ on the other hand nuture it’s talent from a young age n keeps them because rugby is it’s main sport, unless they migrate n play for Aust instead. When was the last time you saw this many migrants play for the Wallabies? Not in Rods era because he had the home grown talent. Play what’s in front is the strength of NZ rugby n it suits the current crop of players because they are foreigners! Aust rugby needs to learn from it League counterpart on how to school them from a young age….money can only afford you so much. Aust rugby was on the decline towards the end of Eddies reign…. Suck it up n develop your talent….

        • JK

          Will He Won’t He…. I agree about your thoughts on the quality of cattle Rod at his disposal but that actually reinforces the point I was trying to make about the need for Australia to return to playing to a structure instead of playing the way they are at the moment. Your argument about ‘migrants’ is pretty mind boggling as well, are you implying they are the problem? A pretty stupid thing to say in my opinion, they all paid their dues and pledged their Allegiance to Australia so what’s the problem? Was there an issue with Gregan? Kefu? Noriega? Willie O? Dan Vickerman? Jeremy Paul? Etc when they were helping you win World Cups? would you call those guys ‘foreigners’? The fact that they are ‘foreigners’ does not translate to the style of play the Wallabies are playing, the coach is responsible for that. Which is why Deans (where the buck stops for a failure with selections and tactics) and O’Neil (where the buck stops for the failure of the structures of ARU) need to go.

  • Tim Fin

    More than anything, what stands out like dog’s balls is Australia’s lack of depth, which exposes as ill-conceived our rush to have a fifth S15 team.

    Why is there no viable alternative to Will Genia? He was a serious liability tonight, and I’m not talking about his yellow card, which was harsh. He was slow, takes a step (like Gregan did at the end of his career), didn’t take his chances and wasn’t inventive. Next!

    Rob Horne is so pedestrian he should have black and white stripes painted across his forehead. And his replacement? Faingaa…..what a toothless tiger. I don’t think I’ve ever seen him create anything. He just pops up and accepts the last past. We used to produce the Dan Herberts, Nathan Greys, Stirling Mortlocks in ready supply. What’s happened?

    Hooper and Gill actually showed some gumption, but I think my patience for Dave Dennis is over. And now that Higgers has the 8 jersey he’s gone to sleep. Timani should have the Aussie 3 points this week.

    The Fox Sports guys spent a bit of time lamenting the lack of coaching nous that we have in our ranks. Good Australian coaches are being hired by opposing teams. Our rugby intellectual property is going offshore and Australian rugby is going south.And I’m not talking head coaches, but defence coaches, kicking coaches, catching coaches. Maybe there are people outside rugby that can help the Wallabies.

    With the NRL sealing their $1bn deal, God help professional rugby. The ARU need a free-to-air rugby deal for S15 pronto, otherwise they are going to be the irrelevant 4th code in a matter of years. Shit, even the A-League got a $40m a year deal.

    • Will he won’t he

      Jk… You are missing the point, the foreign crop of players Im referring to are reason why Aust rugby even has a team! Yes Deans is accustom to coaching Polynesian players n the likes of O’connor n co because he n they understand the style of play he
      wants. Yes I do call the players you
      mentioned foreingners cos they are! what is the issue? R they a problem? Of course not, And would things have been different without them? Bloody oath it would’ve been. Aust don’t have the talent to execute any style of play no matter what it is, simple as that. Play what’s infront of you suits the majority of Polynesian n NZ players, NZ teams are very good at it together with structure play makes them lethal.
      I think you have taken my comment out of context to suit what your point…. Why has there been so many Polynesian in AB squad in the past few years? Cos it suits the confrontational style of play AB wants, their flare n unpredictability… are they foreigners? bloody oath they are! Our fore fathers came on banana boats in the 50s looking for a better life… R they proud to associate n pledge their allegiance to either NZ or Aust play for their hearts out? bloody oath

  • beeza

    How farkin crooked can NZ throw a lineout?

    Best result for australia but stll hurts!

    See you later Dingo

  • JimmyC

    Higgers and Denno must go. Bring in Shatz and Fotu.

    • Hooper for 12

      Spot on. I cant believe that with Palu out Foto wasnt worth a run.

      And Samo, despite his age, must start at 8.

      Higgers should be retrained as a 13.

  • Kiwibob

    Myrugbymate, is dead right on, the Wobblys showed a huge improvement on last week, the scoreline does’nt accurately reflect that.And its just as well that the ABs are’nt too clinical right now as they certainly blew two or three trys to night.Our economy sucks so bad that half of us now live in Oz lol , and depth lets just not go there !

  • the ardent b’stard

    re ryano
    time for Phil Kearns to get dropped as well – 10 years of whinging and excuses

  • Add

    Time to go Robbie, it’s not working.

    Not much else needs to be said.

  • JimmyC

    Why do our players not get angry?

    • @SackDeansNow

      do u get angrey Jimmy ? ..angry enuf to follow @sackdeansnow on twitter

      • JimmyC

        I’m a Waratahs and Wallaby supporter. I’ve had enough. Last week I was asking people to be positive on this forum but how can you be with some of those smug prick players. KB get you tongue out of SBW arse. You should be upset with that effort. A few tweets don’t mean shit pal.

        • @SackDeansNow

          Ur right Jimmy – a few tweets dont mean shit, thats why I am on here imploring you and and everyon else to follow and tweet @sackdeansnow so that we get 10 000 followers and then we will definitely have an impact – a huge impact.Its called momentum, so get UR finger our of ur arse Jimmy and follow us on twitter

        • JimmyC

          Sorry the Twitter rant was a KB. Yes I am following you now

        • Tim Fin

          Agreed! It was very unsettling to see KB laughing it up with the opposition after the game. How can you feel good enough to do that after being completely shown up?! I thought I was seeing things, but Growden picked it up too so it is now clear who Deans’ favorites are and who is getting up the noses of other Wallabies.

          Serious culture and attitude problem. Same goes for the Tahs.

      • Cringing

        Oh sorry bout that

  • S Paddy

    I know one thing is for certain. We got beaten up by McCaw, Messam, and Read. Absolutely smashed, People talk about the greatness of Pocock when he can only do one thing – pinch the odd ruck ball. That McCaw carries, tackles, pinches, and is a leader of men. A hell of a man. All this crap about the ref and him getting away with it. He is amazing. The AB’s botched potentially four tries tonight. Ruthless!!

    • JK

      Couldn’t agree more. The work McCaw does in all areas is truly amazing. Just quietly I don’t think he gets the wraps deserves for the work he does with his ball running. His line running in space, in close and as a link man just crazy. McCaw still the king of 7 jersey hands down.

      • S Paddy

        You need to tell the others. if we take off the green and gold goggles it’s a no contest. I wish McCaw was in our team. 100 plus tests and still as tough and consistent as always. Pocock has had two “outstanding” games for us in the last two years for us. We talk up our own, make excuses, and blame everything, but at the end of the day desire comes from within. The AB’s captain has plenty and his guys follow. Oh for a George Smith.

    • Dave

      Essencially agree about the NZ back row but Pocock does a lot more than steal the odd ball. Give the guy some credit.

      • S Paddy

        Just out of interest. Like what??

        • Touko

          Pocock is brilliant in every defensive skill. Watch him more closely and you’ll see what an incredible player he is.

          It’s true he isn’t as effective as an attacking player, but even there he contributes effectively (eg in the first Bled match where he helped drive Ioane forwards about 10 meters after the first point of tackle contact).

          Is there even one other Australian forward who would be a chance to make a World 15, or even World 22?!

        • JK

          Lol Paddy. I rate Pocock highly as well and in the ball scavenging department in relation to physical presence in the contact zone is probably a bit better than McCaw but only by a nose. In all other areas McCaw is far and away a better all round player only the most stubborn of Wallaby cyclops would argue otherwise.

        • Dave

          Like the above poster has stated his defensive work is outstanding. The pressure that he applies at offensive breakdowns is not to be understated as well. While not as dynamic as McCaw at the running game he still trucks the ball forward better than most no 7s. If you want to get into the argument who is the better osf be my guest. But to say all Pocock does is steal a few balls is to undersell his role to a mammoth degree. They are different types of players. Pocock is also a good deal younger. McCaw wasn’t the “leader of men” he is today at Pocock’s age either.  His leadership skills were heavily criticised after the RWC 07 if you’ll remember. He’s grown into the role. Pocock should too.  But arguments phrased like, A player is better than B player therefore B player isn’t in the same league are as pointless as they are inaccurate. Pocock is world class.

          The back row of the ABs indeed has no equal atm. As was clearly evident in Saturday’s game. With all three complimentary to the other. The WBs have no such unity. But even when Pocock doesn’t steal a single ball the WBs benefit from having him there. That says something more than your overly simplistic view of Pocock’s skillset. 

  • johnny-boy

    Lots of guts shown by the boys. I guess when you have no game plan and no faith in the coaches, tackling is all you can do. I was proud of them for hanging in their when their coaches are obviously dim witted f… – to put it as politely as I can. Their grit showed there’s something brewing in the Wallabies out of sheer frustation at the ineptitude of the coaching and selecting. If the gutless ex Wallabys on the ARU board like John Eales, Michael Hawker and George Gregan dont get off their asses there’s going to be a f…. . And hey Peter Cosgrove, you may have made a great soldier but as a rugby administrator you’re a f… joke. Go home Deans. Now !

    • JK

      Pretty big call saying Eales and Gregan are gutless champ almost criminal. Lol they can’t do a hell of a lot while Dingo and O’Neil are doing their upmost to destroy the legacy they built through blood and sweat in the gold jersey in years gone by.

    • RJ

      You would have been beheaded for talking about the king like that 200 years ago. just watch what you say about Ealsey eh

  • boutbloodytime

    “The fight is won or lost far away from the witnesses – beyond the lines, in the gym and out on the road, long before the dance under those lights.”- Muhammad Ali…

    Just a bit different to…’Play what’s in front of you’

    • Hooper for 12

      You’ve captured it.

      Just no life and death commitment to win, starting with training.

  • cheese

    WOW. world cup, super 15 and now the bledisloe cup. How good is it being a kiwi right now.

    • Queenslander

      nice one cheese, just remember you will wake up tomorrow and still be a kiwi, you need to clean your tooth and get to bed lol

      • cheese

        Dont flatter yourself. Ive got everything I want in this country. Keep propagating those myths chump

    • Tyrone

      How good is it to be a kiwi? hmm, judging by your mining boom…oh wait…your petrol prices…nope…your wages? …no not that either…your woman…eeek! …your asset sales…
      Do you want me to go on? Id say its a shitty time to be a kiwi right now.

      • S Paddy

        Cmon boys. Just the reaction they wanted. They will be drowning in their champers with laughter at you guys.

        • fvfvfv

          no they wont mate. this is all theyve got and they know it. so do you and i

        • nigel

          of course you’re right paddy.

          chortling. absolutely chortling.

  • Mighty Moth

    What worked? Well the pick and go was good as was the mauls (bad call from ref for Reid coming around the maul in a good attacking zone and saying he came through the middle). I would like to see that used a lot more. Digby can again be proud he put everything into it. Defence was lacklustre and the ABs spanked us getting over the gain line. I would like to see players using there boots to push back those ABs lying on the wrong side, not stomping just treadmilling over to go forward because the ref aint gonna do shit about it. Well done ABs good win, Bring on Link for 2013, we need better for the Lions tour next year.

  • Alan

    How much longer must we endure this utter garbage?

    i mean this side were the most exciting on the planet only a few years back, inconsistent certainly but at least they ran it and strung together a few passes! now we rarely score tries – if any points at all!

    Some god awful decision making, who the fuck constantly kicks the ball without chasers to the best FB in the world? The idea that the wallabies are the ”intelligent ones” in world rugby is well and truly dead now. The AB’s are lightyears ahead of us and we will never gain ground on them with such clueless tactics.

    Its fucking horrifying and bewildering to think Deans will still be in charge come the Lions tour

    • nigel

      hey hey buddy, steady on!

      Beale is the best FB in the world remember?

  • Sick of it

    Anyone who whines about the result is a lost cause. 2 + 2 equals 4. Blue and yellow make green. A team of shit players = shit. How difficult is this to work out.

    Timani: shocking fundamental errors time after time that cost dearly, yet still selected, time after time.

    Horne: got an intercept – the only thing he’s done since finishing highschool.

    quade has ONE guy to pass to that can run it: digby. All the others are useless.

    Barnes cracking the shits like a fairy when genia went for the box kick late in the game. And rugby players are supposed to be tough and support their mates? Genia did the right thing; just ignored him.

    How can ppl be surprised about Barnes’ inability to break tackles, or even take on the line, as well as his terrible waste of possession with endless kicks – did you not catch a single half of waratahs rugby this season?

    Don’t even begin to get me started on our fat front row are barely make it through 40 minutes. They are as stupid and as passive as cattle. Here ya go, have some grass and I’ll squeeze your tits! “oh, yes please”. They get walked all over. Then we get the make-up-wearing phil kearnes giving them accolades in and amongst his groans and various other guttural interjections. Where the FUCK is Gordon Bray, or anyone with an IQ greater than 27?

    Why mitchell (who is excellent when fit) wasn’t made to play at least two months of club to prove fitness is beyond me. Meanwhile a fully fit workhorse in Shipperly just chilling in Brisbane. wtf.

    The wallabies are ruled by the same muppets who sent Sydney rugby to the shitter and the rest of us sit around and observe. It’s all about talk, ego and looking after your mates at the moment in sydney…

    The wallabies were shithouse before kickoff and nothing changed during the game nor after. They were doomed from the moment a shocking team was selected.

    And btw Higgenbothem WAS offside from that 22, if you slow it down you can see it. The commentators whined, but they were WRONG. I don’t blame the ref one bit for this result…

  • Kigyptian

    Wallabies lack depth in almost all positions, specially from 1 to 10. They were blank with no ideas and really didn’t look that they will score even if the game lasted for 2 days. Lack of ideas with the best combo in 9,10 and 11, makes the outlook to the future very scaring.

    ABs played well but not their best, the scoreline could have been 40+ nill. ( 2 tries 1st half and 3 in 2nd half)

  • A&T

    Well said Tim Fin. Not having Foxtel, the only rugby I get to watch is the tests. During the week I was more than happy to settle for a school boy rugby comp in Armidale…wasn’t bad either.

    Bring back Rod Macqueen

  • Canuckruck

    That “9 – 10 -12 – kick” disease that Barnes has had for a long time appears to be catching.

    Stop kicking away possession.

    • murph

      He’s being told to do it. It reduces the size of the loss

  • Justo

    The wallabies are soft, fat, lacking skills and commitment compared tithe kiwi counterparts. Stop paying then he same for winning and losing. If they get 10k per game it should be 5k for a loss and 15 for a win. At least make some financial gin as there is obviously little passion.

    • murph

      The Waratahs are soft, fat, lacking skills and commitment…

      Anybody see a correlation?

  • beeza

    I tasted a bit of vomit when SBW and Dagg did their fun boy handshake. That was the ultimate humiliation.

    • JK

      Surely you must of then proceeded to vomit in your mouth when Barnes was run down by Read with the line beckoning.

    • nigel

      you must have been biffing like a bulimic all through that game mate if that was all it took to disgust you.

  • Nick

    22 nil????
    I have to agree with other comments in that we haven’t played well under Deans, and that may be a result focused view, but we expected a lot lot lot more!
    What I really struggle to watch is players actually getting worse each game they play. Yes Barnes is & will always be weak/out-gunned at this level, but Quade could make it and the rest of the backline (except Barnes) could be World beaters. How do we actually look worse/scared each game???
    New coach, new captain (shoot Barnes) and move on. We have great players and we should have much more heart … find it !!!

  • Pedro

    It was an improvement over last week. Holding the ab’s to one try isn’t terrible. Not scoring at all is pretty hard to take but if they’d kicked a couple of penalties what difference would it make. We really need a new coach, watching the wallabies play at the moment is like the brums a season ago. On paper we should be at least competitive, but when shit gets real we’re just clueless. Just remember it’s always darkest before the dawn, look how a brumbies side with less “stars” can do with a new coach and some real belief and accountability. Deans is done, but the wallabies can rise from the ashes.

  • WallyFan

    I think that during that (now) brief period of supremacy with Eales as captain we were lulled into believing we could compete with the All Blacks ongoing. Ten years later and the skill level of the current crop of Wallabies is embarrassingly mediocre. I fear that I may well be ashes or dust before we again experience another..brief period of supremacy.

  • murph

    Mitchell is still injured yet he was selected to play and that’s not Deans’s fault?


    • I thought Mitchell had a few games under his belt. Didn’t he run on near the end of the Super Rugby Season?

  • Big Al

    Is professional rugby in Australia entering into terminal decline?

    If so, what are the causes: the grassroots player development? The sports administrators and coaches? The fan base? (which appears precarious at best).

    After listening to Ian Thorpe deliver his autopsy on the Aussie swimming results in London, perhaps we can learn a couple of things from his statements. The ‘golden’ age of Australian sport is over;other countries have got much better and you have to work harder to develop athletes who can deliver on a world stage.

    We appear way off the pace and this is not due to just the coach or this player over that player. why did it get like this and how can we sort it out?

    Please don’t respond with lists of players who should or shouldn’t be playing and more calls for Deans to be sent packing.

  • the ardent b’stard

    just watched the argies draw with SA…..oops!!!
    The Deans shopping list before playing these two, two props who can actually scrum and defend a post, a back row that can get over the gain line, a midifeld back who can get over the gain line and a fullback who can run the ball back….other than that, shouldnt be a problem.
    Note – with current game plan, doesnt matter who is in 10.

  • Robson

    No Big Al, professional rugby in Australia is not in terminal decline, but it is going through a tough period for sure.

    If we leave the performance of the Wallabies out of it for a moment you don’t have to look much further than the introduction of a fifth Super franchise in Australia as one of the reasons for this current malaise. I think that has spread the rugby talent in Australia so thin that it is difficult for one franchise to have real depth across the board when injuries savage player ranks. Australia would, IMHO, be much better served by no more than four Super teams. It would create better competition within teams and less competition for players between teams. It is important for the overall morale of Australian rugby that at least one team can excel in Super rugby. Having too many teams in the Australian conference mitigates against that.

    The other issue is the lack of an imtermediate competion between club level and Super 15 level. I realise that the last attempt to install one of these was a financial disaster, but I was hoping that an attempt to restore it would be made rather than scrapping it altogether.

    As far as the game last night was concerned, it was a pretty sad result, but I am going to give the Wallabies 10 out of 10 for “never say die” defence. Not much else that can be said about it really.

  • Will he or won’t he….

    The coach is only as good as his players…. Aust just don’t have the players n lacks the talent. Put Ewen in there n he won’t no difference. Deans has probably got a better winning record than Eddie Jones n Connolly put together but his players has to execute n they can’t……Time for Oneil to open the cheque book n buy league players for immediate success.
    They breed them tough across the ditch from an early age playing bare feet in minus 0 degrees in ankle deep muddy fields in all schools not just the rich n famous as it is here in Aust. Rod McQueen is the only successful coach Aust has ever had against the ABs in over a 100 years! Look across the Super 15 Aust sides, the talent is not there, Deans has identified that n is doing some work at the grass root…

    • uptheguts

      I have to agree. IMO the only Wallabies that would make the All Blacks side at the moment are Genia and Ioane. As far as McKenzie being a better coach than Deans ? – this is hard to know , the only yardstick we have are their Super Rugby record’s and you would have to say Deans is way out in front in that department.

  • From the sideline

    I don’t blame deans. The players are on top dollar. Most have enough test experience to know what is expected. Talking up any player who doesn’t deliver over 80 minutes should be banned. No one is the worlds best anything on a team sport. Jornos and explayers should call the game played and keep their opinion on refs call to a minimum others shut the fuck up and become a ref. The players should not get appearance money as they are already paid too much

  • Errol

    “Richie were named for two NZers. One of them was a Wallaby coach and he was probably the bravest man I ever knew.”

  • Zeno

    ‘New Zealand are New Zealand. Fast and dangerous. Doing the little things perfectly and the extraordinary constantly.’

    That’s overstating things, Sully. In the first half they lost a couple of lineouts, threw passes over the touchline, threw forward passes and Nonu bounced an easy pass into his own forehead. Nothing like perfection, and far from extraordinary, but definitely fast and dangerous.

  • The Other Dave

    At this rate, the only game we’ll win is against Argentina on the Gold Coast

    • I hope so Dave! I have tickets for that one!

  • Ben

    Cheers for the memories Deans. Ewan we’ll see you soon.

  • Andy

    Lets just get a team and a coach with passion for the jersey. We clearly lack that.

    Watched the boks-argie game this morning and both teams forwards were ferocious. Didn’t give an inch. Couldn’t imagine ever seeing this wallabies team play with that passion and aggression. Especially as a pack or a team.

    • Andy, I honestly don’t think the Aussie players lack passion. Lots of other things but not that.

  • Will he won’t he

    It is sad to see many negative comments about Aust rugby… there’s no doubt they the players played with passion but let’s not forget they were against a red hot champion team even at their lowest can n will beat the best… just ask the French… don’t count the Wallabies out… ask the All Blacks team of ’98 lost 6 test matches in a row against champion sides of Aust n South Africa…those loses can bring bring a side together.

    • There is a lot of negativity amongst Aussie supporters right now. I don’t have an answer on how to turn that feeling around.

  • gaxman

    Hi to all those who are reading a comment so far down the ledger.
    I was going to comment yesterday but wanted to wait until the anger and disappointment wore off. I thought the All Blacks played very well and were obviously the better team on the day. They are a well oiled machine and i don’t want my later comments to take anything away from them. Unfortunately my anger has only increased thanks to comments from Deans and co today.
    To begin with let me just say that i thought the wallabies showed plenty of heart. There were a few players who could have played better or put a bit more in but all in all they tried very hard. I can’t really fault the effort.
    My anger and problem lies with Deans alone. I’m sick of reading the comments from people that the coach is only as good as the players. If this were true sport would be fucking boring. They always talk about his success with the Crusaders. Who was his assistant coach there? Oh that right the current AB’s coach. I think they won two titles together as head and assistant coach. Hanson being the assistant coach. Then Deans got pissed off because the media starting calling them co-coaches. He set the record straight. The Crusaders then came 10th that year. Was that because Deans was all alone and Hanson said fine do it all yourself Mr Head coach? Maybe, maybe not. I know they won more titles without Hanson there. What really got me was what i read in the SMH today- The Wallabies presented a united front behind embattled coach Robbie Deans on Sunday, but conceded they’re only playing for second place in world rugby with the All Blacks all but invincible.The morning after surrendering the Bledisloe Cup to New Zealand for a 10th straight year, players made the stark admission they’re not in the same league as the world champions.
    I’m sorry but to make that admission is absolute and utter bullshit. Not because it’s not true but because you can never, never, ever let your opposition know that, even if you think it. Gee, i wonder who is going to win the next time the teams meet?
    There was another article i read but can’t seem to find now where Deans said it didn’t matter what channel they attacked in because there was no way through. So you admit you have no idea how to beat the AB’s. Then please go home.
    Deans has no plan of attack. From what i saw the plan in this game was to spread it wide on the first phase to the winger who would kick it. WTF. The other alternative was to chip it in behind the defense, we all saw how that turned out. Any coach who has two plans which both involve basically giving the opposition the ball is an idiot.
    First phase ball is very important and you have to do something with it. This was what made Mac Queen such a great coach. He had a solid plan with numerous variations (to keep the defense guessing) to get over the advantage line. He would have forwards well positoned to produce quick ball. We then had two options for the second phase, the forwards again with giffin or another big storming onto the ball at pace from some depth or it would go to the backs. By saying the coach is only as good as the players all the AB’s out there are saying that our team was better than yours from what 97 or 98 to 2003. No way. We just had a better coach. I seem to remember that Deans was assisting the worst AB’s coach ever Mitchell at around that time. We need someone who understands how we play rugby and this just isn’t it.
    Anyway I’ve blabbed on too long already. Gaxman out.

    • Will he won’t he

      Let’s keep it simple Gaxman…does not matter what plan a coach has, the fact Aust don’t have the players to execute any is the issue. That is the difference with Rod’s era, he had the players then that could execute most plans n stay competitive against the mighty ABs. The reason why they throw the ball around is probably because they lack genuine ball runners….Scott H is only good when the team is winning, think back to Rods n later Eddie’s reign, they both had Owen Finegan, Kefu, Wilson n the fire power to match the ABs, Aust hasn’t had those type players since. When they beat the ABs last year at Suncorp n Hong Kong it was the flashy backs from broken play that did the damaged. ‘build your best n they will make it happen’ ABs have won 75% of it’s games played over 100yrs! Why? grass root level. Deans is a very good coach, alot better than u n I put together but the AB circle of influence know how he thinks n strategies he will use in different situations. Look at foreign players in the Wallaby side? None would even make NZ B side… Aust only has two genuine World class players, Genia n
      Pocock! far cry from 5 to 6 in a starting 15 of the late 90s. My cousin eventually got dropped from the AB due to Deans n Mitchell in 2003 n we all know what happened there in the semi final at Homebush…

      • JK

        Will He Won’t He… If your philosophy about the success of a team ultimately being the result of the team and nothing to do with the coach are you of the belief that last year in the Super 15 final the Reds had a better team talent wise than the Crusaders whom they accounted for. Remember that Crusaders team was absolutely stacked with All Blacks and they still lost. I totally disagree with you regarding the importance of a clear strategy and a good strategic coach who knows how to get the best out of their players.

        • Nabley

          JK, If I remember correctly, the Crusaders had to travel from Chch to Cape Town and then back to Brisbane. And that was after playing every game in the competition as an away game which included a trip to London. Very few teams could do that and win but they did come close.A last minute try by Genia saved the day.

  • gaxman

    In reply to will he won’t he,

    Understand your points. Especially the one about grass roots rugby. It is pretty nonexistent in Australia. I can’t argue with you there. A lot of people have complained about the Aussie conference being weak with five teams. Again true, but hopefully it will pay dividends in the future. I think in two or three years our confernece will be better. It gives some young guys expossure to top level rugby who previously wouldn’t get that. However, we need some kind of feeder competition and this is a long way from coming into fruition.
    With regard to us only having 2 world class players i can’t agree. O’connor is world class when fit. Good skills and silky footwork. He really adds a lot to our team and will only get better. I agree our forwards are lacking but i respect Moore greatly. Absolute workhorse. We have had much better second rows and backrows in the past.
    When we were coached by MacQueen our forwards had great conditioning. Now they are lazy and / or fat. AB front rows have always been better, but we had mobility and supreme fitness. This is something all Walaby coaches must insist on.
    If you can tell me you think Deans is coaching the Walabies fine and that we seem to have a plan then perhaps you can tell me what it is because i can’t see it.
    I was at the world cup and what amazed me more than anything was the lack of urgency from the entire forward pack. Make one tackle, slowly get up, bludge on the blind side for one or two rucks then go back to work. Would you be happy if the AB’s were doing that even if they weren’t world class players? We play slow boring and predictable rugby. When at any time in the past could you say that about a wallabies team even when we weren’t the best or second best in the world?
    Deans contiually makes selection blunders. The first game was a prime example. Beale, unfit and not ready. AAC on the wing? Seriously. Blind fucking freddy knows his best postion is 13. Second game Mitchell, unfit and not ready to come back to test rugby. Rushed back because Deans doesn’t think there are any better options. I disagree. Player any player before they are ready to come back is a mistake. Now he’s out for who knows how long with another injury. Is this Dean’s fault ummm yep i think so. Sure we don’t have any where near the depth you guys have and you win 75% of the time but we always have great games win or lose. Lately we have been horrible. I’m a reasonable person and i know the beating the AB’s is always a huge task but to admit, in public, that you can’t beat them is just plain wrong. You always say there were too good on the day and you go and work bloody hard and try your best the next game. i’m sorry but that made me angry and i hope people can understand why.
    We need to be very very fit playing really fast attacking rugby. that is the Wallaby way and has been for some time.

  • Will he or won’t he….

    Gaxman….. I think the NZRU are relieved their decision not to appoint Dean didn’t come back to haunt them. What I do know if he had players in the Wallaby squad of the calibre the AB has, things would be alot different. However, I do agree with you his selection policy at times is questionable i.e. Leon McDonald at 13 against Aust 2003 instead of Umaga, although injured in the 1st game, he passed the fitness test. Mortlock had a field day against Leon.

    A feeder competition will help Aust rugby similar to NZ Provincial Comp which is the spring NZ success bubbles from…They had it here but got taken away due to financial reasons.

    Luke Burgess I still think is a better option to cover Genia, Lealiifano would be a good option at 13 with O’Connor at 12, Ashley Cooper in my view is a better 15 or 14 than he is a 13…Faigaa is a good defender but lacks attack in him…..

    Aust should send some of their promising young forwards on a rugby exchange scholarship to be schooled in NZ hopefully to learn the art of forward play….

  • Joe

    The joke’s on you, Australia. Robbie Deans is working undercover to undermine the entire Australian rugby union by coaching the worst Wallaby team in a long time. Job well done.

    • Dirty Socks

      Joe, you have a really short memory. Don’t you remember Deans inherited a team decending the rankings faster than freefall, a process that had been occuring under their last two coaches. At least he has got them back to No 2 , but has come up against a very solid and capable No 1 and has a number of injured stars.

      If he does not have the cattle there is not much more that he could do.

All Blacks

Just another Rugby tragic. Shane "Sully" Sullivan has been in man love with the game since high school in the 70's. He inflicts his passion on family and anyone who will listen. He can't guarantee unbiased opinion but he can tell you the Reds are Awesome! To read non-rugby content head to

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