Breaking News: Manager tries to pump up player's contract. - Green and Gold Rugby

Breaking News: Manager tries to pump up player’s contract.

Breaking News: Manager tries to pump up player’s contract.

In what comes as a significant shock to the sporting world, Quade Cooper’s manager Richard Colreavy is using the threat of his client going to rugby league as a tool to get more money out of the Australian Rugby Union.

Colreavy, who’s IMG Australia manages relative no-names Ben Batger, Cam Mitchell, Chris Alcock and Luke Holmes made the following statement.

“We’re serious about this. We want more money. Look at our stable of players. None of them are worth jack. Quade’s our pay day. We need to milk him for all he’s worth because God know’s the other lot are worth bugger all.”

“Ok, we’ve got Pocock but he’s such a clean cut, no bullshit person that no-one’s ever going to believe he’d even consider a switch to league,” added Colreavy.

Cooper gave his commitment to the QRU to remain at the Reds for a further two years thus instantly giving the ARU a strong bargaining chip when it came to their top up contract.

“Yep, we briefed Quade to say that because it made him look loyal in the face of some pretty harsh press about him considering going to the Force after all the police stuff” said Colreavy. “In the end, it’s probably backfired on us a little which is why we are playing the league card.”

“It’s a good option for us because, one, Quade kinda looks like a leaguie in that he has that same stutter step as Benji Marshall. Also, he’s mates with Jarryd Hayne on twitter so the Eels was an obvious choice . He’s twitter friends with Dell (Wendell Sailor) too so we considered the Dragons, but (Wayne) Bennet is such a honest guy we didn’t think we can play the same game with them.”

But the player manager games don’t finish there.

“We’ll be keeping the AFL one up our sleeve. We’ll probably try to lean on one of our other clients, perhaps Dermie Brereton or Timmy Watson, to come out and say that they reckon Quade could make it in Aussie Rules as well. So that could help if we need to go down that road.”

When told of the Cooper’s “talks” with the Eels, ARU CEO John O’Neill simply smirked and walked away cracking his knuckles.

  • Dally M

    You forgot to mention that with all his indiscretions to date, he would fit right into the mungo culture

    • Bobas

      I think having burglary charges dropped is a bit cleaner than dedicating in a hotel hallway and having group sex with your team mates and staff.

  • Lee Enfield

    First thing: Are those really Colreavy’s comments, because if they are, what an absolute tosser. Quade and Pocock would be better off finding a new manager. I just can’t believe a manger would come out and say those things.

    Secondly: Since when does “Tweeting” someone make you friends. There is a big difference between cyber friends and real friends. Ooooh, Quade tweets Haynes, so the Eels are the logical choice. Gillard and Rudd Tweet the whole bloody country, but they ain’t friends with us all, thank god.

    • Jason


      • Jnor

        perhaps the elusive double-troll?

        • Henry

          gone fishing?

        • Gouldie

          or the “reverse troll” as it’s known these days

    • sorry Lee, twas purely tongue in cheek.

    • Useless

      HAHAHAHAHAHAHA Lee you legend!!

    • realist

      Gee Lee – I bet you believe in Santa Claus too.

  • Bones

    Do an article one day on how these West Coast venture capital backed companies like Twitter PAY mass trend leaders like Cooper and Phil Hughes and “Dell” to pretend they live their lives on Twitter, in return for money via their agents. The law should be changed so that these idiots who are taking cash from Twitter have to disclose it in a footnote at the end of any public reference (just like stock brokers now have to disclose any conflict).

    • Groucho

      Also, players who wear sponsored sports kit should tell anyone who sees them in it that they’re being paid to wear it.

  • Berg


  • RedsHappy

    I though JO’N finished cracking his Knuckles when they settled their law suit.

  • realist

    Quade would make a great rugby league player. He has the mungo mind-set and the tats to fit right in. If he could take the knuckle-cracker and a few Wallaby selectors with him then rugby would be better positioned to capture a bigger share of the Aussie football market.

    • Cpt Croweater

      If tats are all that’s needed, then 90% of the All Blacks should be playing league………….

  • Roland

    You have got to think Quade had a hand in this tactic though. Not just his dickhead manager. Between the reluctance to resign with the reds, and now this, he’s just a greedy bastard that is more interested in $$$ then rugby.

    The ARU must feel like a pathetic guy chasing that elusive girl and she has just shut them down twice. Don’t know how many more “crash and burns” they can take till they just stop chasing.

    His argument is flawed though. He is basically saying, if you don’t add another 100K onto my 500K contract, I’ll go to league and earn 300K.

  • Skip

    If Cooper’s manager had any brains he would have threatened to go to France.

  • ScrumJunkie

    I think the days of 500k are in the past… And I personally have no problem with players trying to get paid more, I´m always trying to get paid more for what I do, and no one ever has a go at me about it.
    It´s not like Quade is going to be a solicitor or a doctor when he retires, he has one talent in life and he needs to make all his money in the next ten years. Lets face it, he can´t even fall back on burglary, he´s not good enough at it to make a profesion ot that.

    Also I find it refreshing that a rugby player is using league to bump his salary, rather than the other way round.

    • ozrugbynut

      That view is all well and good when your employer is financially sound and things are good. As it is, rugby is the fourth code in this country, the ARU is not making squillions, they can’t get Aussie crowds to games and they can’t even get an intermediate level comp up and running. I’m not saying Quade shouldnt bargain, but there’s a line between bargaining and screwing. If his management is doing the latter, then let him go. If he wants to play league then let him go. But I won’t suffer the entire game going backwards to pay for these ‘superstars’ with dubious allegiances.

  • Ben

    Can anyone on green and gold do an analysis on the earnings difference between league and union….take the example of the best in league and the best in union….which includes earning euros and especially all the tax benefits of playing in France and japan when you are closer to retirement……..I would bet Union outstrips league by a large margin.

  • suckerforred

    I liked JO’N comment – “We (ARU) are yet to loose a player to another code that we have wanted to keep.” Or somthing to that effect. I guess we will find out if the ARU wnat to keep QC or not.

  • Lee Enfield

    Latest news, is that the ARU/Reds have an offer of around $600,000 a year for Cooper, and that this isn’t enough. Apparently, Cooper turned down a $1Million a season to play in France, so it all seems strange. According to latest reports, if the NRL give Cooper a top up of $200,000 on top of what Parramatta are offering, he will switch. As good as he is, he has done nothing yet to be in a postion to ask for more than $600,000, his only reason, is there is no other suitable alternative to him at 10. I don’t think it is about the money, as the NRL deal would be around $600,000 a year, I think it may have something to do with a clause or two in his ARU contract. The more I read and hear, the more I think, fuck it, let him go, we have enough wallabies already who think they are bigger than the game, we don’t need another one. The ARU/Reds stood by him when they could have easily and justifiably sacked him, he should repay the loyalty.

  • Ralph

    Its obviously not about money or he would go to France under the medical joker rule. He would earn alot more in sponsorships and endorsements in league espicially if they get the reportably 1 billion $$ tv rights deal with channel 7

  • well played quade

    now its 850,000 which would make him the highest paid player in the NRL – now its on!! The NRL is obviously wanting to make a strike back at rugby – bit like the afl paying folau a million just to get a high profile steal.

    If quade is only on about 300k now, it will be interesting to see what his deal ends up looking like – he’ll play the workd cup -no doubt.

  • Mark

    Don’t blame cooper or his management. This is an absolute disgrace from the ARU. Cooper is a once in a generation player, the future of the Wallabies for the next decade is dependent on Cooper (and to a lesser extent Genia and Pocock). He is the difference between 10 years of trophies, crowds and promotion and 10 years of winning nothing and Australian rugby continuing the downward spiral of recent years (results, crowds etc). It’s goodbye Reds and goodbye Wallabies of he leaves .He should be the highest paid Wallaby and the fact that the ARU is offering him something like a $360k base is garbage. They should be throwing absolutely everything they have at keeping this kid. That they are offering the future of the sport in this country anything less than the absolute best available is a disgrace.

  • Dally M

    Temper your enthusiasm Mark. You are talking about Coopers ‘potential’ and the ARU are dealing with Coopers ‘reality’ at present.

    Yes, he played well for the Red’s this year & at times for the Wallabies. He has also had some average games that cost us points. And as JON has said, he has played 1 game v the Boks and never played against the AB’s, so we don’t know how he would/will go against them. Maybe they would have made him look foolish in defence and with the way they defended against the WB’s, maybe they would have shut him down.

    Cooper wants to be paid like the star, he MAY become, while the ARU want to pay for the player he is now with the incentives there for if he does become the player we hope he will.

    As someone said, Cooper should take a 1 year deal with the ARU & back himself. If he’s a true star & leads us at the World Cup, he’ll get everything he deserves & no doubt the ARU will pay him the $’s with guys like Giteau etc. no longer being part of the WB going forward.

    Should the ARU really give him a massive deal now? What if he fails over the next 3 Tri-Nations games. What if he gets in trouble off the field again?

  • Gav

    Its interesting that the Daily Telegraph make a big deal out of Hayne and Cooper being friends on Twitter. Could pulled the Gold Coast AFL team out of their a*se too, considering he’s buddies with Karmichael Hunt on their too.


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