Breakthrough: Wallabies seen all over Australia - Green and Gold Rugby

Breakthrough: Wallabies seen all over Australia

Breakthrough: Wallabies seen all over Australia

A couple of weeks ago we ran an article about the Rebel Army’s campaign to get Wallabies Test matches shown live on free-to-air television in traditionally non-rugby markets. Now, in a surprising and pleasing breakthrough, the Nine Network has rolled over like an eager-to-please puppy and will be showing this Saturday’s first Bledisloe Cup Test match right across the country.

Rugby expert Kenny Sutcliffe

That’s right: rugby fans in all cities and regional areas will be able to watch the Wallabies play live — from 5:30PM in the eastern states, 5:00PM in South Oz and Darwin, and 3:30PM in the west. As far as we can tell, the only area that’s going to miss out is the regional Northern Territory. [UPDATE: See stinger’s comment below.] Some areas will take the broadcast on Nine’s flagship Channel 9, others on GEM (HD channel 90), and some regional zones on WIN Channel 8.

Check the Freeview TV guide to find your local Wallabies channel. For Victorians, the Army has posted handy ‘How to get GEM‘ instructions.

All that remains is to say ‘well done’ to Gav and the Army — and for that matter, ‘good on yers’ to the Nine Network. We didn’t think you had it in you.

  • The Rant

    Fkn aye, about time!!

    No pressure now…

  • Alan

    great news, a win for the public and for the sport

    • Mark

      Hehe, I think it’s a bit tounge in cheek.

      I’m not sure what most rugby fans what rather see the back of first with Channel Nine’s coverage; adds during play or the debacle that is Ken Sutcliffe..

      • Mark

        oops, I hit the wrong button. The above post was supposed to be in response to Bill’s comment below.

  • bill

    Kenny is a rugby expert? He’s kept that quiet.

    • Davey

      How good is he looking though! Love that tan.

      • Pie Thrower

        Ol’ Blue eyes?? The Male Model from Mudgee??

      • Dilip Doshi

        Looking better than Warnie today. Isnt it

  • Cutter

    Tim Sheridan (is he still at 9) used play for Manly.

    • Pete

      Ah that doesn’t surprise me he’s the only one that has talked like he knows the difference between a breakaway and a line break. he was actually talking about technicalities on the touchline against the Boks.

  • Roo

    Now if it was all about money and and ratings, why did they change their mind???

    Bloody glad they did though…. Watching rugby at home is a treat!

    • Pete

      Cos this is the Bledisloe and perhaps the RWC final dress rehearsal, not the Mandela Plate against South Africa’s B-team. I don’t think they’ve done this out of commitment to rugby at all.

  • Joe Mac

    Well done Gav & Army. Melbournians really are the true sporting fanatics. Look at what they have acheived not even a year into having their own professional team…

  • Jimbo81

    Great effort!

  • Pedro

    Good work, regardless of the reasoning for the about face, I implore campaigners on every level to take the credit for this. In a world of vast interconnectivity where every interested party can have their finger on the pulse the idea of delayed broadcasts should be as dead as jp devilliers’ sense of humility.

  • pants

    Now lets just hope we don’t get Lexus ads played during the game that have an excrutiatingly long ending. That Lexus ad, you think its over and it keeps going and going and going. Channel 9 need to lift their game in that area.

  • Ooaahh

    Well done. Democracy in action.

  • stinger

    Regional NT should be OK because we get Imparja (an affiliate of 9). I’m on a central australian aboriginal community and we get the tests live through this channel

    Good onya Gav and the boys!!!

    • Zeno

      Thanks, stinger. That’s good to know.

  • Ruggo.

    Darwin will get it live also through 9.

  • Smithy

    Unfortunately the coverage will still be on 9 forcing us all to endure Kenny and the rest of the substandard team :(.

  • Dally M

    Great to hear all can access this live for a change.

    I’ll still be watching it on Fox as the FTA networks bugger it up regardless of whether it’s on 7, 9 or 10.

    Whatever happened to the Super Rugby highlights show that 9 was supposed to be airing, or is that from next year?

  • Bubblegum Bill

    Channel nine did air a weekly highlights show…….. it was just on at 11pm

    • Dally M

      I did look for it, to see what sort of treatment they were going to give Super Rugby but couldn’t find it over the first month or so of the season so gave up looking.

      Rugby really needs a free to air presence post-World Cup to capitalise on the interest this will generate. Even if it’s a highlights show at a reasonable time slot or games shown on delay.

      From memory the Foxtel deal prohibits anyone showing a delayed game for up to an hour or hour & half after the actual game finishes, which is why 7 gave up showing the games at 11 at night a few years back.

  • Rob42

    Congrats Rebel Army, great work. And you get in HD on GEM when Sydney only gets it in SD on the main channel? Nice work indeed.

    • It will most likely be SD on a HD channel. Will find out though.

  • Gun

    Thank you Channel Nine.

  • Garry

    And Thanks Kenny and his teeth. The Male Model from Mudgee.


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