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Brisbane City NRC

Brisbane City Sting Sydney Rays

Brisbane City Sting Sydney Rays

With these teams sitting in positions seven and eight on the ladder this game should have been tight. Brisbane City needed the win to stay in finals contention. The Rays were, realistically, playing for pride.



First Half

The first half seemed to be all one way traffic with Brisbane City having the bulk of possession and territory. Handling errors, penalties and kicks by the Rays just continuously handed the ball back to Brisbane. Not a good idea when you have Quade Cooper, Karmichael Hunt, Maalonga Konelio and Ed Fidow bringing it back.

The Rays opened the scoring when Rohan Saifoloi kicked a penalty goal after Hunt took a shortcut into a ruck.

Not long after that, the Rays committed an infringement which meant that Brisbane could line up a bunch of pick & drives and give Andrew Ready the first of his two first half tries. Not long later the Rays handed another opportunity to Brisbane to apply sustained pressure resulting in a try to Konelio.

This was starting to look like it could be a long afternoon for the Rays. Things just were not coming off. Poor communication, poor decision making and errors continued to hand possession back to Brisbane. It wasn’t all bad though. Josh Turner grabbed a try from a Irae Simone grubber which Simone then converted.

From then on it was Brisbane City, Brisbane City, Brisbane City, Brisbane City with tries to Riley, Fidow, Gorman and a second to Ready. They just looked like the better side. The organisational skills and vision from Quade Cooper put the Rays in a world of hurt.

Into the sheds on 10 – 34.



Second Half

The Rays team that came out after the half time break was a different side. They played with the urgency that they should have had from the start. Tom Connor charged down a poor Nick Frisby box kick (where have I heard that before), regathered the ball and scored in the first minute of the second half.

Brisbane hit straight back however, by again applying sustained pressure and eventually replacement hooker Maile Ngauamo pushed over after it looked like Frisby had been held up.

The Rays then hit back through tries to Robaleibau Buaserau and Damien Fitzpatrick. The try to Buaserau was a particularly well worked piece of set piece play, it is just a pity they couldn’t put more of them together.

The last 20 minutes felt a bit like a war of attrition with both sets of replacements making their presence felt with some immense collisions. Brisbane City seemed to make the better of it however, and despite Kane Douglas being shown yellow the Rays weren’t to trouble the scorer again.

The last say in the game was in the form of a try to Michael Gunn after he spun out of a maul formed off a line out from, you guessed it, yet another Ray’s penalty. Coach Huxley will be having something to say about discipline at training this week you would have to think.

Final score – 29 to 46. A try fest to Brisbane City. (Skull Tim.)



The Game Changer

When Damien Fitzpatrick came on early in the second half the Rays improved out of sight. If there is one lesson they will take away from this game is that Fitzpatrick is the leader they need on the field as much as possible. That, and the need to decrease their error rate.


As with yesterday’s country clash this is hard. There are a lot of players who did their jobs well. Saifoloi, Simone, Turner, Connor, Buaserau and Fitzpatrick for the Rays. Konelio, Hewat, Riley, Korcsyk, Talaki, and Hunt for Brisbane. But MOTM really needs to go to Quade Cooper. His decision making and settling influence were the difference between the teams. He did have a bad day with the boot though.

Oz Baabaa Watch

There seem to be some good wingers coming through the system. Konelio & Buaserau both showed some nice footwork in attack and did not shirk the dirty work in defense. Tom Connor & Reece Hewat were probably the pick of the forwards. 



The Details

Sydney Rays: 

Tries: Turner, Connor, Buaserau, Fitzpatrick

Conversions: Simone (1/1), Saifoloi (2/3)

Penalties: Saifoloi (1/1)

Brisbane City:

Tries: Ready (2), Konelio, Riley, Fidow, Gorman, Ngauamo, Gunn

Conversions: Cooper (3/8)

Penalties: n/a

Yellow Cards – Kane Douglas

  • Brisneyland Local

    SFR, thanks for the great write up. I have only been able to see the highlights so far. The full replay comes on later.
    How did Special K look in his first match back?

    • Like he never been away.

      • Brisneyland Local

        Thanks Sully. Your thoughts on his entry back to Walla’s?

        • Immediate. If I was coach!

        • Brisneyland Local

          Me too. Straight to 12. Beale to 15, Izzy to wing.

        • ReinFORCE

          replace who – koroibete or Hodge??
          Great from the bench methinks.

        • Brisneyland Local

          You are probably right. Was just thinking of how well, KH orchestrates the back line in defence. And boosting our defence is always something that the Wallabies could do with .

    • SuckerForRed

      Pretty much what Sully said. He came off at half time as a preplanned precaution, but in that half he damn near snatched the MOTM. Reckon he must have topped the turn over count.

      • Brisneyland Local

        SO glad to hear that. HAve the full replay now, and will watch in the hotel room tonight. Where and when do you think he wil slide back in to the Walla’s?

        • SuckerForRed

          Honestly don’t know. Inclined to say bemch as he provides some flexibility & would murder a tired oposition. If he was in the starting line up I would prefer to see him at 15. But can I justify dropping Izzy, or Hodge, or Koribete or Beale? Not really.

        • Brisneyland Local

          SFR, as always your wisdom prevails. IWas just thinking of how well KH orchestrates the back line in defence. And boosting our defence is always something that the Wallabies could do with. Especially how we are leaking in defence.

  • Bernie Chan

    Cheers SFR…will be very interested to see the Baa Baas side that will play the Wallas…Jones is a really astute political operator (not that I am a fan of his rantings on many subjects…) and announcing QC as his flyhalf is almost a “shot across the bows” of the establishment? Jones will be ‘spoiled for choice’ when it comes to his wide backs…Fidow (is he a capped Manu Samoa player as yet..?) and Konelio, Perese, Tom Banks…there is a lot of choice before one even considers overseas players. Put Hunt at fullback and stack the rest of the back with ball runners!

    • SuckerForRed

      I believe Fidow has been capped by Samoa in 7’s so, I assume, not eligible for Australia.
      Apparently Saifoloi has been invited on Manu Samoa’s EOY northern tour as well.

      • Bernie Chan

        Thanks for that…quite happy that guys get to earn a buck playing, but still able to represent their Nation…better for rugby all round IMHO. Jeez those lads know their way to the tryline…

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