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Brisbane Global Tens launched

Brisbane Global Tens launched

It has been rumoured for a while now, but the Brisbane Global Tens tournament, set for Suncorp Stadium next February, was officially launched today.

The event is the brainchild of the same crew behind the NRL Auckland Nines tournament and has been confirmed to run for the next four years.

Held the week after the Sydney leg of the World Sevens Series, the Global Tens tournament will feature the ten professional franchises of Australia and New Zealand, plus Toulon from France, the Panasonic Wild Knights from Japan, the Blue Bulls of South Africa and the Samoan international team.

The tournament will live and die by the quality of players it attracts with previous suggestions indicating that each team was contractually obliged to at least bring their top five players. If they can achieve this and we can enjoy a weekend of the likes of Israel Folau, Quade Cooper, Sean McMahon, Michael Hooper, Ben Smith, Julian Savea, David Pocock, Berrick Barnes, Matt Giteau, Drew Mitchell and Liam Gill running around, then bring it on I say. But if ends up being a glorified NRC v ITM Cup 10s tournament, then the numbers just won’t stack up.

It is expected that a lot of focus will go to activating the precinct around Suncorp Stadium to take in Caxton Street, to enhance the spectator experience. This can only add to the desired carnival atmosphere of the event, although I can’t imagine the venue wanting too many people leaving the stadium to buy their food and drink.

Tickets go on sale to the General Public at 9:00am on Thursday 11 August and a 2 day pass ranges from $60 all the way up to something called “Elite” for more than $500. With 28 games to take place over two days the value of the cheaper ticket seems to be there however, again, much depends on the quality of the stars playing the game. You could also question whether rugby needs to spend its time promoting yet another version of the game, but the usual response will be (after the money counting stops) that if it introduces any new fans to the traditional game, then it’s worth it. 

Karmichael Hunt runs the ball back

Karmichael Hunt has confirmed his intention to play in the Brisbane Golbal Tens tournament.


  • Ten Australian and New Zealand professional clubs and four elite invitational teams will compete (in 2017 the event will feature Toulon, the Bulls, Samoa and the Panasonic Wild Knights)
  • Ten-players-per-side, ten-minutes-per-half, knockout tournament
  • Culmination of a week-long festival of rugby
  • 16 hours of compelling live rugby, featuring 28 matches played over two days
  • Broadcast live across Australia, New Zealand, UK, Japan, Africa, France and other major international markets
  • Held annually on the second weekend of February, two weeks prior to the start of the Super Rugby season, at Suncorp Stadium, Brisbane
  • Launches the rugby season in Australia and New Zealand
  • Sanctioned by the Australian Rugby Union and New Zealand Rugby


  • The rules of the Brisbane Global Tens are based on World Rugby’s official rugby tens rules
  • Essentially a hybrid of the traditional 15-a-side game and rugby sevens, the objective is to promote free-flowing and fast paced rugby, while still retaining the physical intensity and enthralling forward and backline play that rugby fans love
  • Ten players per team on field, with unlimited interchanges
  • Ten minute halves, five minute half-time
  • Knockout matches drawn after regulation are continued into extra time, in multiple five-minute periods
  • All conversion attempts must be drop-kicked
  • Conversions must be taken within 40 seconds of scoring a try
  • Five player scrums
  • Scoring team kicks off
  • Yellow cards net a three-minute suspension
  • Referees rule on advantage quickly (where one play usually ends advantage)


  • Monday 8 August, 2016 – Ticket pre-sale opens for Super Club members at 9:00am (AEST)
  • Thursday 11 August 2016 – General Public tickets on sale 9:00am (AEST)
  • Monday 6 February, 2017 – Tournament week in Brisbane kicks off
  • Saturday 11 February, 2017 – Day One – Brisbane Global Tens
  • Sunday 12 February, 2017 – Day Two – Brisbane Global Tens

Could the Brisbane Tens drive rugby fans back to Suncorp?

  • Kiwi rugby lover

    Awesome. Planning to try and get there now

  • sampro

    Can’t wait.

  • Bay35Pablo

    It’s all about the coin. Need it to stay afloat let alone compete with the cashed up Euros who apparently can’t develop their own players.

  • DrewB

    This is on the week after the Sydney 7’s. If they don’t cannibalise each other, great, but I’d rather one good event than two half arsed ones.

  • Happyman

    Should be a great event hopefully the make sure they keep the fun police out of it “Suncorp Staff” I would suggest that the ticketing is like the HK7’s . Corporate areas lower levels on the sides with allocated seating a drinking fan area at one end “South Stand” and the top tiers are for families with no drinking. That would provide the best for all concerned. If well organises and run it should be epic.

    My only concern is ten minute half in Brisbane in February will sort fitness. I remember an article a couple of years ago where the Reds were saying that James Horwill lost 9 kg on one pre season game.

  • Simon

    Edit – I thought Hunt’s contract was a two-year contract but I see it’s three. So he’s confirmed for the Reds for 2017.

    I think Hunt should do quite well in 10s, he has a good game for it. I’m interested to see what he can do with a bit more space than the Reds have been able to give him.

  • GoMelbRebels

    Booking flights and accommodation now…

  • Hoss

    how’s this 14 team format going to work?

    QFs, SFs, Final gives 8 games, how are the other 20 organised?

    • Unanimous

      QFs, SFs, plus final is 7 games. If all teams play 3 preliminaries, and then top 8 play QFs, then SFs plus final, that’s 28 games.

      They can just shedule 3 games each at random for the preliminaries, and put all teams in one table in order of competition points to find the top 8. I’m speculating, but that’s how I’d do it.

  • Dreamer

    Completely different event organizers with completely different players in completely different stadiums and states. I’d back the Sydney 7’s to be successful again on last years feedback and hopefully the 10’s can draw a crowd of 20k or so into Suncorp in it’s first year – as Reg alludes, it all hinges on the quality of players turning up, folks won’t turn up to see NRC v NPC teams run around.They will turn up to see folks like Barret, Cooper, Giteau, Sopoaga, Ioane, Mitchell, Kuridrani, Folau, GSmith, BSmith, Pocock, Hooper, Savea x 2 etc. Why not pull someone out of the blue for a cameo (Fittler style at the 9’s) – Bernie Larkham, Georgre Greagn, Samo!

  • Rebels3

    Fantastic news, but like was stated as long as there is quality players on show.

    I’m all for these sort of things as I believe one of Australian rugbys biggest issues is fan engagement. We currently have a 15 game season (which is not even a third of the year) to build a relationship with clubs and on that basis 15 weeks where Australian rugby fans/media have more than one game to be engaged with. And then 13/14 games with 1 game a week (wallabies). That’s 28 weeks with Australian rugby content and half of them supplying 1 game.

  • Paul

    Not seen 10’s played before, but I’ve been to many 7’s tournaments around the world and i love it. This looks like a great format and I intend to go and check it out. I think the players will treat it seriously and have it form part of their pre-season training schedule. Can be hot that time of year in Bris-vegas…

  • Colonel Klinc

    Really? Subbies, Premier, NRC, Super, Championship, Bledisloe, 7s, Olympics and now 10s. No wonder Rugby can’t attract newcomers, it’s all too much.

    • RugbyReg

      yeah, that subbies stuff is really a great tool to bring the crowds back

  • SuckerForRed

    Interesting that I got an email from the Reds yesterday saying that the tickets go on sale on Monday (as Reg said) for…. 2017…. members. As yet I have not been asked to renew my membership. Just was a bit curious that is all.
    Thinking I might need to schedule this into my rugby attendance for next year….

  • Tight head

    It should be at ballymore

  • 22metri

    looking forward for the tournament! Made all my way up from Melbourne to watch it!


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