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Brumbies belt terrible Tahs

Brumbies belt terrible Tahs

The Brumbies and Waratahs finally went to battle on the field after a week of back and forth barbs from the respective coaches.

The mind games went a step further even on game eve with the Waratahs ‘late’ to the final training session in Canberra to delay the Brumbies and show them a metaphorical middle finger.

The Match

The Waratahs started off in their usual fashion struggling to get into the game and after only eight minutes found themselves down 9-0 on the back of three Lealiifano penalty goals.

Disaster struck for both sides early on with the home side losing David Pocock with a suspected ACL injury after only 12 minutes, and the Waratahs losing Tatafu Polota-Nau at the same time. With TPN going off their set piece suffered.

The Tahs didn’t have much of the ball early on but finally got on the board with a McKibbin penalty as they started to get into the game.

The Brumbies then scored the opening try after new Tahs fullback Ben Volavola got in a tangle right on the tryline and gave away a penalty. From the resulting lineout the Brumbies captain Ben Mowen rolled over from close range.

The Waratahs blew their chances with some poor attacking lineouts and also failing to find touch from a midfield penalty one one occasion. Not long after the Brumbies extended their lead with a try to Christian Lealiifano after a kick through from Jesse Mogg.

Ran amok

Ran amok

In the shadows of halftime referee Jonathan White lost patience with the Brumbies and yellow carded Sam Carter for repeated infringing and with that McKibbin added to the Tahs score to make it 21-6.

The second half didn’t match the first half in intensity but still provided some action.

The Tahs pushed for the line after declining shots at goal but were repelled by an excellent Brumbies defence that has not conceded a point in the second half in their three matches so far.

Neither side could get on top of the other with the first real excitement not until 10 minutes remaining when both Ben Alexander and Benn Robinson sent to the bin – Robinson for foul play and Alexander for stamping.

The Brumbies kicked for touch on two occasions following penalties and their dominance finally paid off when winger Henry Speight dived over to the put the game out of the Waratahs reach. And with just two minutes remaining, Jesse Mogg set up Robbie Coleman to secure the Brumbies a bonus point with their fourth try of the night. These two tries probably flattered the home team as the Tahs were trying to chase the game.

The Brumbies head to the Republic with a few injury concerns whilst the Tahs need to regroup before taking on the Cheetahs and Pretorius B.I.G.

The Game Changer

Nothing really changed the match in either teams favour but Ben Volavola’s mistake at the back setup the Brumbies first try of the night.


Jesse Mogg – should be in contention for Wallaby fullback if Robbie Deans was watching.Mogg

Wallaby watch

Possible disaster for the Wallabies with David Pocock going off with a suspected ACL injury on his left knee. To make matters worse, Tatafu Polota-Nau also left the field limping in the first half.

The Details

Crowd: 20,027

Score & Scorers

Home Team: 35
Tries: Mowen, Lealiifano, Speight, Coleman
Conversions: Lealiifano 2, Prior
Penalties: Lealiifano 3

Away Team: 6
Penalties: McKibbin 2

Cards & citings

40 mins – Sam Carter (Brumbies) Repeated infringing
70 mins – Ben Alexander (Brumbies) Alleged stomping
70 Mins – Benn Robinson (Waratahs) Foul play

  • RyanP

    The final try of the game from Coleman was magic! A great show of speed from Mogg, wonderful offload and well red by RC. It is a shame that one of Folou’s most exciting runs ended that way.

  • While the Tahs were poor, I think a G&GR feature writer should aim for more balance in his headlines, especially when he’s called Brumby Jack. ;-)

    • smith, george :)

      i think he was quiet nice… terrible tahs is an understatement…

      • I thought the Brumbies played well. No need to sledge the losers.

        • Guest

          But what about when the losers are the Tahs?

        • Patrick

          They were woeful, what do you want him to say? Wasn’t the score four tries to nil or did I misread that?

          Now if he’d said something like Briliant Brumbies ride rampantly roughshod over torpid turgid Tahs, I’d have thought he might have been having a little try-on..

    • Pedro

      Why would you expect impartiality from the winning team’s mascot?

      Regardless of the title the piece was fairly even handed, just take a deep breath mate.

      • I don’t think the game was even at all. The Tahs were terrible, as the headline suggests. The Brumbies scored four tries, the Tahs scored zero. More tellingly, the Tahs didn’t even look like scoring a try. They have no organisation in attack. I don’t mind Foley as a player, I think he has a lot of promise, but he doesn’t seem to run the backline at all. And as long as they keep picking an inside centre who can’t pass, their outside backs aren’t going to get good pill.

        The Brumbies aren’t brilliant in attack either but they kept plugging away, and eventually the holes opened up. The scoreline was far, and not even rusted on Tahs fans could say they weren’t terrible. Hell, even the coach and captain said they were! Oh and I am a Reds fan, not a Brumby…

        • Pedro

          I wasn’t refering to the game, but to the article.

        • Sorry mate, I am with you then!

    • Rex Munday

      Must be tough being a Tahs supporter. Every year yields a false dawn because of the failure to realise that the Tahs are rotten to the core. Nothing can save the Tahs bar a cleanout. First to go has to be the core of senior players – AAC, Mitchell, Robinson, Palu, TPN. It needs to be broken up or liquidated. Next is the senior management up to board level.
      Nothing short of a decimation of ranks will set the Tahs on the road to recovery.

      • Stin

        Its TERRIBLE being a tahs supportor. my year is ruined AGAIN! Dennis needs to be the first to go. He’s disappeared off the face of the earth since getting the captaincy.

        • Blinky Bill of Bellingen NSW

          Stin – So THAT’S who the Skipper was!

          It’s okay for Captains to have their own style but Dennis had better learn to lead pretty damn quick. Our first half performances are just killing us.

      • That decimation could well happen as a huge amount of the Tahs current roster are out of contract next season

      • Dave

        Have to disagree that the old hands need clearing out. Although if reports are anything to go by that’ll be happening to a certain extent at the end of year when almost everyone’s contract runs out. Oh woe is Tahs.

        AAC is solid, although probably not as dynamic as he once was. TPN is not only solid but downright intimidating for the opposition. That is if he isn’t running at them with a self imposed concussion. Scrum and lineout didn’t really function all night after he left the field. Palu is unfortunately injury prone but normally is always a threat. Robinson when he plays well, plays very well. Then there’s Hooper, Timani (who came off way too early), and Mitchell – who played well despite the result and a couple of errors. The old hands aren’t the problem. Folau has been thrown in way too soon – he should be coming off the bench but now Cheika has risked his confidence because he bought into the same hype he was telling everyone else to avoid. I think the appearance that they played this same, sad way last year sans Cheika and are playing the same way this year gives the illusion that it’s the player’s fault. This view is mistaken. Cheika is bringing a somewhat European style game plan to bear of one out barge and bash runners relying on offloads to get over the gain line. It may work for a few moments in a couple of games but for a whole season? No chance. Where is the deception? Where are the running lines? Where is the innovative back line play? Where is the back row acting as a cohesive unit? Where is the line out skill? All players are seemingly asked to come up with a solution by themselves. The Tahs have the cattle but once again they are being utilised unimaginatively.

        But credit where credit’s due. Is wasn’t all because the Tahs played poorly. The Brums are the real deal. They disrupted the Tahs gameplan (such as it was) effectively. Even a second half rally from the Tahs was quickly snuffed out. They continue to play to their strengths. Hooray for Mogg – finally an Australian full back that not only has distance on his kicks, but accuracy as well. I heard on Rugby HQ that he runs 100m in 10.06 secs. I believe it too, he burnt Lachie Turner seemingly rather easily. Turner was fresh off the bench as well. Definitely MOTM although picking one player was difficult as the Brums played as a cohesive unit for most of the game. Mowen continues to impress not only at 8 but as captain as well.
        Good to see Smith back albeit at the expensive of Pocock. I think Smith’s Wallaby chances have just been increased however unfortunate the circumstances may be.

        • Rex Munday

          Not saying that they individually all need to go. The core needs to be broken up.

        • Steve O

          Well said Dave. It’s a shame most of the Tah’s you mentioned are first picked Wallabies. A lot of credit needs to go to the Brumbies coaching staff.

    • It could be worse. Have you met Ben Perkins?

    • Mumma Brumby

      On paper the Tah’s were the superior team – 11 Wallabies. But their on field performance they failed to live up to expectations – some of their errors were pretty basic. Admittedly they lost direction once TPN went off, but there were other errors that did cause them to look pretty terrible at times. Leaving aside the score, as one who sat through the game, I don’t think BJ is doing himself or the game a disservice by describing them as terrible. The real tragedy is the impact on the standard of Australian rugby. We need 5 strong competitive teams to lift the standard.

      • Rex Munday

        “On paper the Tah’s were the superior team – 11 Wallabies…”

        That’s an even bigger problem for the Wallabies

        • Eternity

          Exactly. Would the Brumbies want a single Tahs player in their squad? I know as a Reds fan I wouldn’t. Both teams are far superior to the Tahs in every single position. The Wallabies would be better off if they were made up entirely of Reds and Brumbies players plus JOC, Beale and maybe Hugh Pyle.

  • Some performance by the brumbies, defence was water tight. The tahs were a shambles and never once looked like scoring. Think Kearney mentioned 11 of the tahs were wallabies? Well many of them on that form should never get another cap

    Mogg was fantastic and looked threatening with every touch, carved them up nicely. Mowen and Lealifano were two other standouts, some brilliant runs and pin point accurate kicking

    Any further word on BamBam? Yeah we have smith gill n hooper but pocock is our best by far and I’m nearly weeping at the thought of him not featuring against the lions..

    • Stin

      It is disastrous for the Walls that Poey is out.

    • Stin

      Cheika said it was the waratahs work off the ball, or lack of, that didn’t allow them to employ their attacking game. Pretty sure there were more probs than that!

  • Pedro

    I think the biggest difference between the two teams was the ability to cover the injuries. TPN goes off and the scrum goes to shite, pocock is gone and well, George Smith is ok.

    Brumbies= real deal.

  • Terrible Tahs? That’s way too nice.

  • bill

    Speaking as a reds fan, we’re probably going to have reach the semis as best 2nd team in the conference, the brumbies look class. They are getting away with murder at the breakdown though.

    Funniest moment of the night, Ben Alexander losing his rag about ANOTHER player committing a professional foul. That’s priceless .

  • Big Merv’s Jockstrap

    Finding the broadcasts increasingly hard to watch. Chiefly because of Kearns’ constant
    whingeing about how he thinks the refs are getting stuff wrong, almost always against the Tahs. A bit of bias is expected, but Kearns is a one-track pony, and he’s usually incorrect.

    • Redsfan1

      This time I totally agreed with Kearns. He was 100% correct. If you’re looking for a moron making bias comments then look no further then Rod Kafer..

      It was a total joke that almost every single ruck the Brumbies had players NOT ROLLING AWAY! It was cynical, it killed Tahs quick ball, & it should have been yellow carded. They got away with the same crap against the Reds. Interesting to see if they get caught out in the Republic on it.

      • Pedro

        Get some tissues mate, when the reds were flying high most Aussies supported them (at least when playing teams other than their own). It sickens me that people like you can’t respect and appreciate a fellow Aussie team that is getting deserved rewards for outplaying their opposition.

        • Redsfan1

          Sickens you? Mate sounds like you need the tissues. Before you start opening the champagne let’s see how the Show Ponies go in South Africa. I’m sure that the break down will not be so generous.

        • Pedro

          Dude you’re apparently a reds supporter and you’re butthurt because the tahs got flogged 4 tries to nil, whinging that it was biased officiating.

        • SklopjeBrumbiesFan

          You call yourself a Redsfan? Really? Bullshit mate…

      • Merrow

        They did get yellow carded. Sam Carter spent 10 minutes in the bin for not rolling away. Tahs performance was made to look woeful and the Tahs were also penalised for slowing the ball down. It appears you may be a little worried about the next time the Brumbies meet the Reds. You’d better hope that Walsh is reffing, because on current form the ACT boys will wipe the floor with them.

      • Rex Munday

        I agree that the Brumbies aren’t rolling away but they’re playing the ref and they’re doing it well. Other teams should learn to adapt to the ref. I found it equally frustrating watching the Reds fail to adapt as it was to watch the Brumbies get away with slowing the ball.

  • B-Jack, reckon your ratings chart is off. Surely a cold pie is worse than a party pie?

  • Polo

    Why would any Tahs make the Australian side had to many in last year , hope all go’s well for Pocock, Qld& ACT look the goods . Make the change Deans look further than the boring Tahs play

    • Rex Munday

      He won’t. You can guarantee that

  • Polo

    They are all professional players they should be able to see what is killing there quick ball. Play the ref , adapt . Every team wont’s to slow ball down its good play to do so, captains need to talk it up to the refs . Good game ACT

  • Nutta

    Mostly backing up previous thoughts:

    V.sorry for Pocock. Having one George Smith on your bench aint bad…

    Ben Mowen had another pearler. Keep going lad.

    Somebody made the comment I thought was gold – Benny A carrying on over a pro-foul at any time but especially after the ball-killing seen in that game was fairly rich. That being said, the Donkeys played the ref whilst the Tahs just seemed to piss the ref off so that’s good coaching and on-field awareness

    One thing did show through though – one must have good cover at No2. The impact to set-piece and that rolling through the rest of the play from losing a No2 was clear for all to see.

    Well done to the Donkeys. Deserved winners.

    You were right Matt – way too early.

  • HardenUp

    NSW was extremely Lazy!!! I watched that pushover brumbies try a couple of times. If I was the coach i’d rip Fat Cat a new one, he didn’t even engage the maul. he just stood there backing back until the try was scored (Although a couple of his mates were keeping him company too). To me that illustrated why the Waratahs are getting beaten, zero heart!!!!! This coupled with no urgency to secure the ball, made for a very depressing night!!!!! At times I felt sorry for Hooper he was the only one that seemed to care!

    • Steve O

      I had to rewind that a couple of times to make sure my eyes weren’t deceiving me. That was really really bad. I’ll say it again, he’s a first choice wallaby.

  • Dreido

    What’s the excuse this week Tahs? Round fouritis?

  • rebelpirate

    the problem for the Tahs is they need a more aggressive forward pack that aims to dominate for the entire match. As for the Brumbies making a mess of the break-down, they played the whistle. If you can push the boundaries and get away with it, then keep doing it. The Tahs should have belted them back, letting them know it’s a bad idea. If you play (or played) the game, how many times have you lost a match in a similar fashion simply because the opposition was making a mess of the ruck? Realising that your forward pack weren’t tough on that occasion? Tahs also need a ball playing #12. Carter has served the Tah’s well but the writings on the wall. There are a lot of talent in NSW. The coaches/selectors need to develop a few and stop making excuses. I’m glad the Brumbies are doing well and that the Reds are building up steady. The reb’s are showing some competetiveness. That just leaves the Force. Another story all together. Oh, and by the way I’m a Brumbies supporter.

  • Eternity

    The idea that the Tahs are somehow underperforming should be put to rest. They’re performing at exactly the level that their talent allows. The fact that they have so many Wallabies in the squad speaks to the ineptitude of the Wallaby selectors rather than any measure of ability. The Tahs have ignored young, exciting talent for too long in favour of big, slow, mediocre plodders such as Timani, Kepu, Palu and uncreative backs like Foley, Barnes and Carter. They must be the worst team in the Southern Hemisphere at identifying and developing talent. The Tahs are rotten to the core. Nothing short of a total overhaul will do, and that begins with the board.

  • The Big Lebowski

    The biggest issue for the Tahs is squad selection.

    How is it that after every off-season the talent scouts come through the door and say “I’ve checked, and Tom Carter is still the best No.12 in NSW. And by the way, we don’t need Ben Mowen”.

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