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Brumbies season ends in Buenos Aires

Brumbies season ends in Buenos Aires

It wasn’t meant to be for the Brumbies as their season came to a crashing halt as they were comprehensively beaten by a red hot Jaguares side 39-7 in Buenos Aires this morning.

The Jaguares had the game sewn up within the opening 20 minutes with a 20-0 lead and it proved a mountain too much to climb for the Brumbies as they put in most disappointing performance of 2019.

The Brumbies were their own worst enemy as the lineout that had worked so well in 2019 failed to function and 31 missed tackles allowed the Jaguares to pounce on every mistake the Brumbies made to leave them in control of the game.

There was a glimmer of hope at half time as Fainaga’a scored his 12th try of the season but some Orlando Matias magic in the second half with two tries sealed the win and it wasn’t the way that a string of Brumbies players would have wanted to play in their final game for the club.

The Match

The home side got off to a hot start with a try within four minutes to former Brumby Tomas Cubelli after the Brumbies made a mess of a chip kick in their 22 as Toni Pulu and Irae Simone got in each others way to allow Cubelli to swoop in and score.

It went from bad to worse in the opening minutes as the Brumbies lineout struggled to execute and a penalty in a handy position for a high tackle from Lealiifano on Cubelli saw Joaquin Diaz Bonilla make it 10-0 after seven minutes.

It seemed like Groundhog Day as the Jaguares added another penalty goal with Folau Fainga’a having real trouble at the lineout with the Jaguares able to take advantage and virtually set up camp in the Brumbies half.

The game looked like it was out of reach after the opening quarter as the Jaguares scored their second try to Tomas Lavanini and jumped out to a 20-point lead. The Brumbies could consider themselves unlucky as a scrum went down and made to play the ball before Agustin Creevy got the penalty for the Brumbies holding on as Lachlan McCaffrey got isolated coming off the back of the scrum.

Nothing seemed to go right for the Brumbies, making it difficult to get anything going as they spent the majority of the game in their own half and unable to use their strengths and leave the Jaguares in control.

There was a glimmer of hope right on half time as the Brumbies were able to finally get on the board with a try to Folau Fainga’a on their first real attacking raid in the opposition 22 after taking advantage of some Jaguares ill discipline and an earlier scrum penalty. The score of 20-7 at half time seemed unlikely given the Jaguares dominance of the half.

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The Brumbies started the second half with better intent but, again, it was their execution that let them down. First off a knock on from a good attacking chance and then all their good work was undone after a Lealiifano grubber kick was charged down and Moroni picked it up and set sail for the line and drew in three defenders before a pop pass back inside to Matias Orlando for the try at 27-7.

That made an already difficult task impossible as the Brumbies tried anything to get back into it as they struggled with the Jaguares defensive line speed. Diaz Bonilla had the ball on the string as he kept the Brumbies in their own end with deft kicking and make it difficult for the Brumbies to gain any metres from clearing kicks.

Orlando showed his magic again just after the 60-minute mark as he stepped his way through some poor defence for his second try and made it 34-7.

The Brumbies toiled until the final whistle but couldn’t add anything but the Jaguares added a late try to Emiliano Boffelli with the Brumbies trying to get something late in the game to end their season on a disappointing note with a 32- point loss.

The Game Changer

The game was all but over within the opening 20 minutes as the home side ran out to a 20-point lead.


Jaoquin Diaz Bonilla – There was a hot field of contenders from the Jaguares with a real team effort in the win but Diaz Bonilla’s game control and kicking was instrumental in their big win.

Wallaby Watch

Folau Fainga’a had real battle with the lineout all night. The Brumbies props worked hard for little reward with the occasional penalty earned at scrum time. The Brumbies backs couldn’t really get into the game and were playing catchup from early on.

The Details

Score & Scorers

Tries: Fainga’a
Conversions: Lealiifano
Tries: Orlando 2, Cubelli, Lavanini, Boffelli
Conversions: Diaz Bonilla 4
Penalties: Diaz Bonilla 2



  • Hoss

    Wow, that was quick – thanks Steve.

    Horrible to watch, but very instructive
    From a Wallabies view:

    – Palestine is mentally fragile and it showed
    – Palu is poo. He might be quick but he is a dumb defender.
    -Mc Caffery won’t be in gold anytime soon. He got man-handled, it was boys against men. Banks made more hit-ups
    – we are in trouble for gold 10 boys. Lilo did his best Spanners impersonation ever
    – Valentinis hands are like flippers

    It’s doesnt bode well for gold.

    I’ve always said a passionate team will outplay a well drilled team with clarity around roles…….

    • Andy

      All good points Hoss but the obvious discrepancy in the Brumbies game that has been a curse on all Oz teams for the past 5-10 years is Defence. It was abject.

      The last successful Oz team in this Comp was the tahs in 2014 and they had the best D in the Comp. Since then it has been horrendous and funnily enough no Australian team has made the final since.
      We should also note the Jags have the second best D in the competition. The correlation is compellingly to say the least

    • Keith Butler

      Well that was totally underwhelming. I expected more from the Ponies but they were outplayed in all departments apart from the scrum but there were not many to make it an issue. As you say doesn’t bode well for the G&G if the Ponies are expected to take most of the places. Makes our little excursion to Brissie at the end of July just that little bit more exciting. Can’t wait. Lindy showed her true colours by tipping the Jags, she just likes men in tight shorts.

      • joy

        “Ponies are expected to take most of the places” was just a GAGR myth.

        • Keith Butler

          Not the run on team but the core of the squad

    • Greg

      ….and passion lasts for “time to remove RMs” plus 17.5 seconds….

    • UTG

      Talk about throwing the baby out with the bathwater…

      Palu? Pulu, I presume is who you meant, iis the best defensive winger in Australia. Fraser calls ball is out so Pulu rushes towards the half only for the Argentinian touchy to call him offside. He then goes off for an HIA and never returns.

      Valetini receives a shit pass behind him and manages to cling onto it but is blamed for having “hands like flippers?”

      In a game where the Brumbies pack can’t get any ball we blame the 10, hmm, read this script before.

      • Hoss

        Fox reporting the HIA was from where the coach hit him on the melon with the clipboard. The Fraser call was strike three.

        In a game of test match like intensity a lot of fringe ponies got found out. Some reinforced their pedigree some fell by the wayside.

        Disappointed for the Ponies, very worried for the Wallabies.

        • UTG

          Why so worried about the Wallabies? What are there, maybe, five Brumbies who are guaranteed starters for the Wallabies (the front row, Arnold, and Kurindrani). That’s only 1/3 of the side. The Jaguares were basically the Pumas side.

    • Seb V

      “I’ve always said a passionate team will outplay a well drilled team with clarity around roles” – at international level you need both. Seems the wallabies will have neither come international season.

      • Max Graham

        Other than a glaring hole at 10, I think 2019 will see one of the strongest Wallaby squads since the golden age. After last Saturday’s game, the Jags had a day of physio and 5 days of training – ponies jumped on a plane for 20+ hours and had 3-4 days of preparation clouded by jet-lag. The demands of this comp are ludicrous and the format is unique for a reason – it makes little sense. Next week the Saders will win by plenty; however had the Canes got up and won the trip to BA, they likely would have been thrashed. In over 20 years, Few teams have lost home finals to opposition flying from across the world. This result doesn’t mean anything.

        • From NooZealand

          The Crusaders is the only teM to fly over (to Sth Africa) and win: 2017 and after tonight’s game, I think the Canes would have been a tough opposition to the Jaguares. just in case, I was rooting for the Brumbies.

        • Kiwi rugby lover

          Mate you’re drinking on the cool aid. How do you get that the Wallaby team will suddenly change from the last 4 years of crap to the strongest since the golden age, whenever that was.

        • Max Graham

          In the golden age we had 3 soup teams. Now we have 4. Do I need to explain depth? I just personally think this current group is brimming with talent. Also, this year will feature different players, so the last 4 years are perhaps not that relevant. In fact, you’ll notice I specifically mentioned that we have more talented players this year than previous years- it was the whole gist of my post. Not sure why you had to reach for the salts. I’m looking at my pretend, mental team and there isn’t a Huxley, Dunning or Phipps in sight. If I’m wrong I apologize. I hate to upset kiwis with suggestions that we won’t be terrible. I know how this can be upsetting to you guys.

        • Kiwi rugby lover

          Oh I get it now. I’m not sure that the numbers are leading to depth though as there’s been far too much back to the past and very little development. This also supposed that Cheika picks on form over ability, something he hasn’t done in the last 4 years.
          Mate don’t get me wrong I want the Wallabies to challenge the ABs it makes both of us better. I just can’t see such a radical change occurring. I actually hope I’m wrong but I just can’t see it

        • idiot savant

          Good point about the travel. It led to the mismatch in intensity which which was critical early. Unfortunately Folau’s performance might mean something. Could be a timely lesson about pressure before the test season starts.

          Also thought the ponies were slow to adapt to the line speed. Shame CLL didn’t stand deeper because he would have time to execute his grubber/chip kicks that led to turnover tries. It was the right play with that line speed that was offside a bit.

        • Max Graham

          Folau shouldn’t be picked, if only to save his self esteem. Those new jerseys will make him look like a yellow bag of potatoes. Reckon they’ll go with Uelese and TPN for this reason

    • Brisneyland Local

      Yep, I think that you are right. If that is the Jag’s the Pumas are going to be a step up from that. Which means we (the Wallas) are in trouble. CLL performance was not very confidence inspiring. And the forward pack struggled.
      Arghhh I think we are going to get owned during the RWC.

      • Keith Butler

        Chin up BL all is not lost. There is always sunny Brisbane in July, alcohol and good company.

        • Brisneyland Local

          True true old chap! That is the part I am looking forward to! The Game is merely the environment for us GAGR’s to eat drink, be merry, and bag the shit out of Cheika!

      • UTG

        Why are the Wallas in trouble? If the Pumas are a step up from the Jags (keeping in mind, nearly all the Pumas players apart from Sanchez play in the Jags) then why aren’t the Wallabies a step up from the Brumbies? Realistically, the Brumbies will make up about a 1/3 of the Wallaby starters, it’s a completely different kettle of fish.

        • Brisneyland Local

          I personally think (and I am a rebels supporter) the Brumbies should be making up at least 50% of the team. Rebs, Reds and Tahs are simply their to pad out the numbers with the few players that they have that are better than the starting Brumbies. I would truly be going with established combinations.
          In short. I think we are going to get pummelled in the RWC.
          My tip, in writing now, we lose to Fiji!

        • UTG

          This is a bit grim. There are some very good players at the other three franchises who will do a lot more than ‘pad out the numbers.’ Kerevi, Hooper, Rodda, LSL, Genia and Naisarani are all class and will be starting for the Wallabies. I’m not really sure how you get to half a team of Brumbies. I’d say the front row, Arnold, and TK are guaranteed and I’d personally have Banks there as well but he’s certainly no shoe in. Guys like Powell and McCafferey got a lot of praise in the carry-on after the Brumbies beat a mediocre Sharks outfit but they’re not going to be ahead of Naisarani and Genia.

        • Brisneyland Local

          I think if Pocock is fit I would take him and bench Hooper. Have Hooper come on when legs are tired. CLL and POwell were looking good til that last game. CLL I would potentially still start with and have QC as the other 10. Genia potentially to start with Powell as the back up 9. TK is a definite. And a lot of my bench tight 5 are Brumbies too. But would probably throw tongan Thor in the mix too. Might not be exactly 50% but is pretty close to it.

    • IIPA

      FF had a mare with bad carries and worse lineout throws.

      Pulu went off early but like MK I think he goes for the hit but often fails to stick as Hoiles said.

      I thought McCaff was ok, no more ineffectual than Sio, 7As, Cusack or Carter. Valentini should have been pulled for Brown earlier it wasn’t his night.

      Simone, TK and CLL reverted to early season form. Banks tried hard and kicked well but they played him very smart.

      I’m a momentum man and that first thirty minutes of line out clusterfuckery and Fraser asking the ball to be played from the first two collapsed scrums meant Brumbies never got going.

    • Custard Taht

      I don’t think this result carries any bode for the Wallabies. Cheika’s favourite cartoon growing up was “The Smurfs” and the Wallabies 23 will be as sky blue as the Smurf Village.

    • Steve

      Yep, that one hurt Hoss. All the more because the Brumbies were by a margin the best side in Aus.

      They just looked overawed by the occasion and it was lost within 20 minutes – which I guess is what we should expect from a majority team who have never been near anything like an environment like that.

      Was particularly disappointing that they were physically outclassed as well as mentally, and it doesn’t bode well for G&G.

      I actually think Banks, Arnold had decent games, the props might have too but the writing was on the wall for them when they didn’t get their deserved penalties early on.

    • From NooZealand

      When you have a moment (anytime, no urgency). Why so many in this site expect, wish, hope for a Jaguares victory over the Crusaders? I am not writing this as a Crusader supporter, I want to understand this change of behavior. I was with a group of Saders, some PIs, a couple of Americans all supporting the Brumbies and saying what a great final would be, whether in Christchurch or Canberra. I am glad that you are not one of them (wishing for the Jaguares to give hell to the Saders) and if you are, I am sorry to have asked.

      • Hoss

        Morning NZ,

        Rick nails it above. it’s the Aussie psyche to root for the underdog in mostly everything. I reckon it’s ingrained in us and part of our ‘anti-establishment’ mindset since British settlement (read Irish influence)

        Personally I think the Jags will get owned by the Dark Saders, but, a Jags victory wouldn’t be a bad thing for SR or the RWC either so I am not fussed who gets up.

        My week will be focused on the RC squad Segall announces on the 3rd July (i think) – can’t wait. Test match footy is close.

        • Keith Butler

          Yep. Think you’re right. If it’s a wet day in Christchurch with loads of scrums the Saders will have a field day. Would be nice to see the Jags run them close though. Still can’t figure out why the Canes played like they did in the 1st half when they were on top for most of the 2nd. The halftime comment from Kafer, I think, that they (Barrett) kicked badly on purpose to keep the ball in play doesn’t hold water for me. Big day Weds with the squad being named. What’s the betting that Cheika finds a place for Ned as a utility back 5 over someone like Luke Jones and that Simmons’s gets the nod over Roddy as the run on lock with Arnold.

        • Kiwi rugby lover

          Mate that first half did my head in. Shit game plan poorly executed but that 2nd half was great. Stupid mistakes at crucial times but a fantastic game

        • Keith Butler

          Yes you called it right. Even at the end the Saders got the rub of the green with Whitelock appearing to knock on and the Canes being penalised. I thought TJP was going to explode.

        • From NooZealand

          Thank you Hoss. I do hope the Crusaders win, but will wait and see until the (the whoever or whatever) sings.

    • Kiwi rugby lover

      Mate I gotta ask “Palestine?

      • Hoss

        Folau, but not Israel = Palestine.

        • Kiwi rugby lover

          Of course

        • Hoss

          A nugget form Mr John Tynan.

        • Greg

          What about “NoFundMe”?

  • nmpcart

    Jags were very, very good today – boys against men as Hoss said, Brumbies in the first half just couldn’t keep the ball. Speight was so useless in defence and lacking any penetration in attack – can’t understand why the Reds have signed him – when a halfback (Powell) can get across in defence to stop a winger while the defensive winger jogs in the background then something is wrong, it was like watching Naivalu for the Reds this year.

    The Brumbies scrum was their only weapon but their ball handling was a problem and the kicking game was limited in comparison to the Jags. Great to see the Jags make the final, should be a good boost for rugby in South America, hopefully they can use it to grow the game.

    Great season by the Brumbies nonetheless and what a great servant of the game Christian LL has been – seems like a really good guy and to come back from his illness like he has.

  • Brumby Runner

    The Brumbies game plan was simply the wrong one against a team like the Jaguares. Particularly early in the game it seemed the plan was to kick the ball as soon as they got their hands on it. There were two issues with that ploy. The Jaguares had an immensely better kicking game and kept the play well and truly in the Brumbies half. And when they (the Jaguares) elected tokeep the ball in hand they were just too good i attack for the Brumbies defense.

    An attacking team like the Jaguares will always score tries when they hold the ball for any length of time. The solution to that was to keep the ball away from them as much as possible and see if they could be frustrated into errors. Unfortunately, that was not on the Brumbies song sheet today.

    A very disappointing end to a promising season. Way out of character with the way they had played in the latter part of the year. Good luck to the Jaguares next week. If they have as much territory and possession as they had this morning, an unlikely win could well be possible.

    • Seb V

      Line-out woe’s probably the biggest issue early on – the whole strategy easily coming undone due to this. .

    • It could be, but against the Crusaders (who have just won) seems unlikely they’ll a) have the line out dominance and b) have all that free ball being kicked at them. In addition, even if they charge out to a 20 point lead, they won’t have a mad crowd yelling them home, they’ll have a load of Cantabrians willing the Red and Black to grind them into dust.

      It’s a shame the season ended this way. While I called both wins, I’d tipped this to be the close match and the Saders to win comfortably. But once the yips set in, it was always looking like a long night.

      • From NooZealand

        Thank you for your well balanced commentary. Being a Crusaders supporter, I came to live again after the hooter. What a game, The Canes would have deserved the win. I am surprised that many in this site now expect, wish and hope the Jaguares to win. Strange.

        • Geoffro

          Jags were good,Brumbies poor but last night in Christchurch both sides were great.Hurricanes would have blown any other side away in the second half.Crusaders deserve the title,hope they can put their best team on the park

        • nmpcart

          Can’t see the Crusaders losing although the Canes surprised me with how close they got. I am happy to see the Jags doing so well, it is good for Argentine rugby and developing rugby nations generally. They are playing well and hope that they give the Crusaders a good contest in the final. If they were to win it would be a huge boost to South American rugby.

        • From NooZealand

          Thank you for your reply.

        • Big Ted

          Was it only “well balanced” because she gave your beloved ‘Saders a plug??

          I’d hardly say most on the site expect or want the Jaguares to win the GF. Merely just that it’s the team that succeeded over the last Aussie team and we wish them well in the final.

          Besides, considering the lopsided ledger of Trans-Tasman rugby matches over the past decade or so, would you really be that surprised if the greater Australian public were hoping for an upset over the Crusaders?

          Crusaders deserve the favourites title as they’ve been the best team all year. My head says ‘Saders but I’m not so secretly hoping the Puma-pants get up!

        • From NooZealand

          OK. I understand. As for the “Was it only “well balanced” because she gave your beloved ‘Saders a plug?” Not really, I usually read EP’s posts carefully. She knows the game and rules, I don’t. I just enjoy the game. I would have been OK if the Canes would have won for the way they played.

    • From NooZealand

      I can’t understand all that support for the Jaguares all of the sudden and the hope they win in Christchurch.

      • Brumby Runner

        In my case, and I think most others too, it is not a matter of hating on the Crusaders, and I believe most of us, perhaps all, expect the Crusaders to win. It is a matter of the crusaders having so much year on year success that , being the egalitarian lot we are, we want to see the spoils shared around a bit. I think the majority of Aus fans were probably supporting the Canes in yesterday’s game for the same reason. Nothing personal about the Crusaders’ players or team at all.

        • From NooZealand

          ” being the egalitarian lot we are” so why not just distribute the wins accordingly. No points per game. Still I appreciate your time to reply to me. Cheers

      • Custard Taht

        I think in the interests of diversity, tolerance and inclusiveness, the Jaguares should win.

  • Kiwi rugby lover

    Thanks Steve, must have been hard to write as it was bloody hard to watch. Not sure if it was the travel or just the event but the Brumbies really just didn’t seem to be all there.

    Big issue for me is the poor playing is going to give Cheika all the ammunition he needs to not change anything. Lilo wasn’t great, still better than Foley but not so much so that Cheika can’t ignore him and I think that’s the same for a lot of others. Banks and Powell were similar I think.
    Disappointed with the results but they gave their best and can be proud of their season

    • It was.

    • Greg

      I think if we change nothing we are phaarked.

      – Changed game plans have to be a part of that.

      – Defending in the position that corresponds to the number on your back has to be a part of it.
      – I think we have to try someone different to spanners at 10.

      • Kiwi rugby lover

        I agree mate. I just can’t see any of that under the current coaching team

    • Seb V

      Foley hasn’t offered anything on attack in the last 2-3 years (where’s his running game gone?), Lilo not outstanding either but at least he is solid on defence – so you’d imagine while both average in attack at least you get strong defence in Lilo which makes him the logical choice.

      • GO THE Q REDS

        I would say he’s average in defence. He’s no standout…. about as good as Quade but better than Foley by a margin!

        • Merrow

          He’s a mile ahead of Foley and Cooper in defence. He’s also not likely to have a brain fart ala Cooper

      • Kiwi rugby lover

        Mate I’m not saying I’d pick Foley, I’m saying Cheika will be able to use this game as a reason to keep him on

    • While I broadly agree, you’re forgetting one thing – Cheika doesn’t bother to watch the matches!

      • Kiwi rugby lover

        Hahahaha that’s right. He does it all through osmosis and gut feel from how well they train

  • Seb V

    - Jag’s pounced on Brumbies errors and turned them into points.
    – Jag’s kicking game dominating the Brums – combined with a poor line-out equals a very effective strategy (and an easy strategy for any international side to deploy against the wallabies).
    – Lots of miss handling and poor skills a direct result of this – which doesn’t look good for the Brumbies in big games (or the wallabies). We just don’t have big game players – skills decrease relative to pressure or big moments in Aus rugby. Players like Pocock who tend to stand up in big moments are rare and sorely missed.
    – A big disappointment was Lilo who should be in the category of an experienced player who can stand up in big moments but instead made some poor decisions and costly areas. He hurt his chances for wallabies selection – damn we have poor 10 stocks.
    – Forwards were outgunned again but I think Arnold still a shining light in the season.
    – Line-out a big worry and looking like an easy target come wallabies time.

  • Nicholas Wasiliev

    Tough way to end the season, especially as it was far from the Brumbies best showing. Jags played outstandingly and deserve their final place. Better on the day, clinical, drilled and passionate. Very well played. Good luck next in week in NZ, give them hell!
    But, I’m not disappointed. What a great season from my team! It’s so great to have something to smile about at last.
    An eight match winning streak at home, a seven match winning streak overall… what a big step up from the mixed bag of last year. Finally, an Aussie team that is ACTUALLY going in the right direction.
    Very proud of the Brumbies. Hopefully onwards and upwards next year!

    • From NooZealand

      So you hope that the Jaguares beat the hell out of the Crusaders; why? It is not the Crusaders fault that the Brumbies (team that I was supporting in this game) missed the bus and never came to the party.

      • rick with a silent P

        We always support the underdog!

      • Peter Morse

        Anyone but New Zealand…….go the Jags!!!!

    • Kiwi rugby lover

      Maaaaate. Jags are going down! Travel, no home team and up against the Crusaders at home.

      • From NooZealand

        Cheers. even when I knew the result I was waiting for a try from the Canes. Great game and it could have gone either way and I would still be OK.

  • Tim

    Funny how the brumbies played like the sharks last week and the Jags played like the brumbies last week

    • Lex

      Jet lag could have something to do with it. The distance between SA and OZ/NZ has always been a problem with the Super Rugby set-up and the 11 hour difference between Sydney and Buenos Aires is the same as SA and NZ. I think 5 days is simply not enough for the body to adapt to that.

  • mutley

    Brums looked really tired and that’s when skills have to be automatic.
    FF was off his game in the line outs and for some reason we went to 5 man to make it easier for them to pick? unfortunately this is what our game has hinged upon all year.
    The Jags played smart and error free, but their tries were more from weird errors that we haven’t made in months.
    McCafe has shown in a bit of his decision making over the last couple of games that he’s not ready for the next step. Going blind off that scrum after peeking open was stupid, plus there was the kick last week.

    • You may have nailed it immediately. Tired! Quite a possibility I think. Play the same game in Canberra and it may well have been the oppposite result. BUT would we have beaten the Chiefs as the Jaguars did. That I am not sure of.


    Well if I scroll through the comments will I see the same standards afforded to the Brummbies Wallaby hopefulls as the Rebels were? Final season game deciding their fate and all that……or will smart heads prevail and look at season form, individual stats/performaces and extenuating circumstances such as chronic line-out woes or lack of forwards fronting up!

    • IIPA

      Lack of forwards fronting up is “extenuating circumstances” !!!!?Haha champagne comedy.

      Jags were very good today across the park. Played smart, played intensely, outside backs took their chances.

      Brums were poor both in their ability to execute and their ability to deal with what the Jags were executing.

      • GO THE Q REDS

        Yep it certainly is if you put what I said in its correct context! If I’m looking at Lealifanos performance today, as the playmaker he gets a certain amount of leeway as the forwards gained no ascendancy! Problem for him is his personal game was poor aswell! Knock ons, high tackle, poor kicking, chipping and field placement aswell as poor passing! BUT if his personal game still created opportunities the best possible with the platform he was given the loss would not count against him nearly as much when considering him for the Wallabies!
        In contrast for eg…… Quade has been able to still create lots of opportunities despite playing behind a poor forwards group most of the year!

    • Very good point. We still have to run with the best we have ON FORM through the season (IF the Selection panel is up to their word). If so the Brumbies DESERVE to dominate the Wallaby Squad and the match day 23. Cerainly the forward pack – half or more should be Brumbies (the full front row and Andrews at lock plus Slipper, Carter and Samu in the squad). As to the overall squad re. the backs Brumbies to get 9,10.12,13 at least. Me personally I would say the entire back-line in the World Cup squad.

      Not sure if Pocock deserves a slot though. If genuinely fit then he should be The Captain anf first guy fit BUT essentially he has not played this year.

      • GO THE Q REDS

        Well GAGRs (and Gallagher’s summary) weekly form team of the season makes more sense to me than anyrhing else! Individual selections over the entire season gave us a team nearly everyone agreed with!

      • Greg

        gosh… don’t start me on Pocock. Why have we not seen him this year.

        Quite apart from anything we have done the kiwi teams out of neck roll practice leading into the RWC. Strategic move?

  • joy

    The first of my forecast Argentinian trifecta comes to pass. Our last Australian super rugby side was way off the pace. So much for an all Brumby Wallaby side.

    • Merrow

      And yet they’re still streets ahead of any of the other super sides. One poor game doesn’t make for a poor season.

    • I don’t think anyone’s seriously said an All Brumby Wallabies side have they? But they were, by some margin, the best Australian SR side. That would suggest they’re likely to have a core of the best players, at least to me, so I’d be looking to pick the core of my Wallabies team from the Brumbies, swapping out players to clearly strengthen them.

      Now, our glorious head coach will doubtless have a different idea. The Ponies don’t really play according to his model of “The Australian Way” and so forth and there are a chunk of players from another club… oops I mean other clubs… with more test experience so I’m not sure how many Brumbies will make it.

      But I bet if you got everyone who posts regularly here to write a form XV for the Wallabies squad you’d probably find 8-10 Brumbies on it in the vast majority of cases. If you made it a full 23, you might find 12 or so Brumbies from just about everyone. There are certainly positions where non-Brumbies will strengthen the squad. Kerevi has to be just about the least contentious of those. I think a lot of people might still put Genia in and hope with a good pack and a bit of time off he comes good again.

      • UTG

        If there are people here who genuinely believe there are ten Brumbies worthy of Wallaby starting jerseys it probably tells you a lot more about the regular posters than anything else.

        I don’t see how anyone can argue that any of the backs aside from Kurindrani are guaranteed starters for the Wallaby side. And, certainly, none of today’s backrowers will be in the 23 let alone near the starting side.

        • I’m not a Brumbies fan, I’m a Rebels fan. But what I’ve seen of the season watching properly Powell has impressed me more than Genia. Lilo has impressed me more than Cooper and they’ve both of these two impressed me more than Foley. I know there are strong dissenting voices for who to pick at 10 though. There are a lot of voices mentioning Banks to get a Wallabies jersey in the back three which I would agree with, whether starting or on the bench. So while you wouldn’t have more than Kurundrani, I think a lot of people would like to see more Brumbies in the backs. Note I’m not saying Cheika will pick them, I’m saying people think he should.

          I have a long track record of saying that Hooper runs around and looks keen but I don’t think he actually achieves the sort of things a 7 should be doing. I’d be willing to take Cusack, although I think there are other names in the mix who would beat him out of my side. Samu, rather than McCaffery, would not be a unanimous pick at 8 but he’s got supporting voices. I wouldn’t complain if Cheika picked him, and he just makes it to my side. Four of the tight five generally get picked. Yes, they had a tough old night, but it was one game.

          Four in the tight five, maybe one or two in the back row, And up to five in the backs (I think four is more realistic) and you’ve easily got 8-10 names there.

          Again, this isn’t what I think Cheika will pick, it is my list from reading comments and so on of what I think a majority of fans here would pick. That’s quite a different list of names. Quite a few of them aren’t Brumbies fans. There will be very vocal dissenters – GTQR for one will have Quade in at 10 in his list, and as I’ve said in posts to him, I think it’s a close thing. I’m picking Lilo over QC because I’m picking Powell over Genia on form as I see it, and I’m keeping the combination together. I don’t think people who go the other way are insane, depraved or even necessarily wrong, I think they’re making a tough judgement call and/or opting for a different sort of play-maker at 10. I think there are, potentially, a lot of players to fit into the back three but Banks has looked the real deal to me and given their recent track record, I’m not setting a lot of stock on incumbency. A lot of people will pick Hooper. The list goes on and someone can, and doubtless will, object to every name I’ve listed.

          But for form players over the last 6 weeks or so, who will hopefully take their form into TRC and then RWC, I think that’s a pretty shout at a squad. You’re free to disagree of course.

        • UTG

          Cusack over Hooper…says it all really.

          Powell doesn’t have the ability to be the general in a test match. With no running game (his first linebreak of the season came against the Sharks) good teams will just fan out in defence and choke us. The Jaguares did this, all the other top tier test nations will as well.

          McCaffery is not test match quality, his decision making is poor (how many times has he kicked it away aimlessly?) and he got bossed by the Jaguares. Compare this to Naisarani who was the only one of the Rebels to stand up against the Crusaders and Chiefs.

          CLL is a better defender than Foley and Cooper but he certainly doesn’t create anything more in attack than Foley let alone Cooper. He’s also had the benefit of playing behind a pack that went forward for the majority of the season while Foley’s pack never went forward and the Rebels packed declined. I don’t really see how he’s going to be the solution at ten. Reminds me of last season when Matt Toomua was meant to be the great saviour of Australian Rugby and will now struggle to get into the squad.

        • GO THE Q REDS

          Problem is mate people don’t “watch” the rugby…… they don’t “watch” these players…… and still somehow like too think they can form some sort of schooled opinion.
          And if someone doesn’t have the smarts to apply a balanced view, taking into context team mates form as an eg…… then their team will be heavily flawed!

        • Keith Butler

          All will be revealed next Wednesday and then we’ll see some ‘lively’ conversation. Nice to see another Rebel sticking their head above the parapet. We are an endangered species

        • sugarwookie
  • Richard Patterson

    There are 2 distinct positives too emerge from this match…

    The first is the impressive way the Brumbies have re-built themselves into the preeminent Australian Super Rugby franchise. This is the position they have commanded for many years and whilst superseeded at certain times by the likes of the Reds in 2011 and the Waratahs in 2014 they have rightly reclaimed this top spot. This is a franchise that for so long was a hallmark for excellence in standards, innovation, culture, skill and fortitude. Canberra was a very tough place for visiting teams and the Brumbies were always competitive away from home. Let’s hope this shapes as the standard from which the Rebels, the Waratahs and the Reds can aspire to. Based on certain results this year, it would suggest there is considerable catch-up work to do.

    The second positive is the achievement of the Jaguares in making the final. Super Rugby is too often criticised for confusion around format, geographic location, travel and a lack of clear structure. Rightly or wrongly, the inclusion of the Jaguares from Argentina was often at the forefront of these criticisms. This Jagaures team have silenced those critics. This Jaguares team have repayed all those that included Argentina into Super Rugby. This Jaguares team have shown that by bringing countries like Argentina into Super
    Rugby – the rugby world benefits. How do you feel now NRL and AFL and your forelorn attempts to expand your game internationally? Who knows how the Jaguares perform in the final but there should be clear acknowledgment that a new entrant has repaid the competition in their belief to include them. Let’s hope a few other underperforming originals lift their performances in the seasons ahead to match the Jaguares. They know who they are. It would be welcomed.

    • Gun

      Richard, the NRL and AFL haven’t even noticed. Watch some media in Oz, the result and the competition has barely been mentioned. A Jags win is not a panacea to what is a crock of a comp. I wish there was more interest but until super rugby looks something like the big Australian leagues we will look more like Fiji.

      • Richard Patterson

        I hear you Gun. Super Rugby is significantly hindered by the fact that 2 of the consistently poorest performing franchises are the Waratahs representing Sydney Australia and the Blues representing Auckland, New Zealand. Think for a second how the profile of the competition would look if Sydney was consistently represented deep into the finals.

        • Gun

          I think that’s a big part of it and I note that it’s reported that club numbers are dropping around AKL. Fan buy in has to be generated through a much more local, read trans Tasman or pan Asian comp.

        • Richard Patterson

          Yes indeed. But we all know it is South Africa who bring the money to Super Rugby. A competition featuring just Australia, NZ and either the Pacific Islands and/or Asia would not generate sufficient revenue to retain the best players here. It would be The A-League all over, and anyone putting their hands up claiming envy over the health and long term future of that competition?

  • Such is life. Could well be a physical excuse I guess given the quick turn-around of games. Be worse though if they were playing the Crusaders next week in Christchurch.
    Remember the Brumbies almost won the title a fewyears back under Jake While when they had to win in Pretoria and then fly to Hamilton NZ where they ‘almost’ pulled it off against the Chiefs.
    Good to see the Jaguars there in the final this time. Would like to see them do it.

  • What’s the rule on long distance travel, around one hour per day per hour of adjustment. So the Brumbies body clocks would have been about 9-10 hours wrong when the game was played. Not surprising they lost to a fired up side.
    Unfortunately, next week-end in Christchurch it will likely be the reverse. Almost impossible for the Jaguares to beat the Crusaders at home BUT like the rest of the Rugby World (except those from Canterbury) I hope they do.
    The Hurricanes were really the only team with the capacity to do so and hats off to them for almost doing it.

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