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Brumbies overcome the Force

Brumbies overcome the Force

The Brumbies have limped their way into the finals with a scratchy 24-10 win over the Force in Canberra.

The Force showed they wouldn’t roll over easily in the last game of the season but couldn’t take advantage of their early dominance to finish a disappointing 2016 season.

The Match

There wasn’t much to keep the crowd excited about in the opening 15 minutes with the Brumbies off to their usual slow start with the Force getting the better of the territory and possession but couldn’t come away with anything on the scoreboard for their dominance.

The crowd did spring into life when it looked like Matt Toomua had scored after some great hands from Tomas Cubelli but the TMO ruled no conclusive grounding. The Brumbies tried to flex their muscle from a five metre scrum but only came away with a penalty goal to Christian Lealiifano for a 3-0 lead.

With the forwards heavily involved and the game in a bit of a grind, it was new Wallaby Rory Arnold who found open space and he went for a gallop down field into the Force half and Toomua wouldn’t be denied for the opening try.

The Force opened their scoring with a penalty goal to Ian Prior on 30 minutes and then they levelled after Ben Tapuai swooped on an errant grubber kick from Aidan Toua and Tapuai ran 60 metres untouched to the line.

The game started to open up towards the end of the half with Tevita Kuridrani held up with Dane Haylett-Petty putting in another try saver but from the resulting series of scrums, referee Paul Williams awarded the Brumbies a penalty try with the Force back pedalling to make it 17-10.

The Force looked to have hit back just before the break with a kick from Dane Haylett-Petty finding open space and Kyle Godwin came up with the ball for what looked like the second FOrce try. But as the conversion was being lined up, the TMO had a look and ruled Godwin was offside by the barest of margins.

The Brumbies then added to their misery with a converted try to Kuridrani after the half time siren to make it 24-10 when it could have been level at 17-17.

The second half never reached any great excitement with a fairly dour affair with the Brumbies starting to substitute their players with an eye to next weeks match against the Highlanders.

The Force looked close to scoring after a line break deep into the Brumbies half but couldn’t take advantage of an overlap after initially trying to charge their way through from close range.

Aidan Toua had one moment with a line break and chip kick but had little support to finish off that move.

He made another break with the game almost done and a cross field kick from Toomua almost lead to a try but Lausii Taliauli couldn’t get his hands on the ball in goal and the score remained at 24-10.

The Game Changer
The Force no try right before the break which would have made it 17-17 was then quickly made 24-10 with a Kuridrani try right on half time.

ARNOLD-Rory_tnRory Arnold – A strong game and involved in plenty in his time on the field. A line break and strong work at the lineout. Aidan Toua a close second.

Wallaby Watch
Not a game Cheika will keep on the IQ but the Brumbies contingent put in a decent game with Matt Toomua and Tevita Kuridrani looking good at times.

Dane Haylett-Petty put in a good kicking display for the Force in a beaten side.

The Details

Score & Scorers

Tries: Toomua, Penalty try, Kuridrani
Conversions: Lealiifano 2, Toomua
Penalties: Lealiifano

Tries: Tapuai
Conversions: Prior
Penalties: Prior




  • Pedro

    Thanks again Steve, that second half was quite disappointing from anyone’s point of view. Hopefully the Brums are due for a good performance next week, although I can’t say I’m at all confident.

    • The 2nd half was not great to watch and I doubt the Highlanders are shaking in their boots

  • We didn’t make it through to the end. After the NZ games I fear for them next week.

    • Simon

      The Brums are going to get slaughtered like… well, like ACT brumbies.

      • sugarwookie

        I’m taking a hip flask. There isn’t strong enough alcohol available at the ground to try and forget it instantly.

        • Simon

          I endorse this course of action. A Camelbak with the tube running down your jacket sleeve is also an option.
          At least you will get a free pie.

        • sugarwookie

          My biggest concern re: the pie situation is whether we get free sauce. Royal Commission if we don’t.

        • Simon

          Well it would be un-Australian if you don’t, so maybe Pauline will take up your cause.

        • sugarwookie

          I reckon she’d be more interested it if was to do with free fish and chips.

    • It was a battle in that second half with more of a plan to not concede than try and score from the Brumbies.

      They need to sort out the first 20 minutes in games. Since the Test break they have looked disjointed in all 3 games and as we saw last week, against a team that is on, it could be all over by then.

    • muglair

      I posted earlier this year how disappointed I was in the Brumbies and could not understand the general optimism. The Waratahs were abysmal in both games yet still in the game with ten minutes to go. The Waratahs are well off the pace but the Brumbies are a long way further behind when you look at the results of both games against the Blues. Ditto the NSW performance against Wellington in the perspective of them being the top NZ team and their result against the Crusaders. Hard to see how we will be competitive against NZ, I have rarely gone into a series not believing we had a chance.

      • brumby runner

        Just conveniently forget or ignore the results throughout the season. Tahs are better because they ran the Blues closer. Remind me who won two out of two between the Brumbies and the pretty flowers?

        • muglair

          I did remind you, The Brumbies were well deserved winners in both games but the Waratahs were abysmal. At least it was warm in Canberra but was it four penalties in the first five minutes and two yellow cards. Take Tomane out of that game and the Tahs win. Was closer in Sydney.
          On that note the saddest things this year were the injuries to Beale and Tomane which certainly had an impact on the test performance and their SR teams. I hope that this was not Tomane’s golden season and he has another one just like it still to come. Won’t forget his over the shoulder pass after full time in Canberra for a while.

  • Tim

    Force where pretty unlucky there back-line attack was bad, pretty much any refereeing decision went against them. The brumbies should have put them away and failed to. Tevita Kuridrani try right on the hoot wasn’t it double movement? he rolled 1 metre over the cross line when he had a players on him, which he knew aswell because Toomau took a quick drop goal. Brumbies will get a beat down next week if they couldn’t even put the force to out considering the amount of forwards they have out

    • Slim 293

      There’s no such thing as a double movement… The try was fine.

      • Blinky Bill of Bellingen NSW

        I’m pretty sure that I’ve heard a Ref used the term ‘double movement’ when referring to the TMO.

        • Lindommer

          If any ref used the term “double movement” he deserves a kick up the clacker, THERE’S NO SUCH THING AS DOUBLE MOVEMENT IN RUGBY. That’s a league term, much repeated in rugby, erroneously.

      • Lee Grant

        Correct – when you go to ground in a tackle you have to release the ball immediately and this allows placing the ball in any direction – not trying to hold it, or worst of all crawling along the ground with it. You get penalised for breaching that law.

        The question always is: did the player do more than placing the ball to score a try?

        The trouble is that rugby people use the terminology “double movement” which was derived from the 13-man game – though everybody knows it’s not in the rugby union law book, or should.

        Yet players say it, commentators say it, and even referees say it, because it’s easier that saying: “Did not release the ball or place the ball when tackled and did something else instead “.

        Sometimes they could even mention “Triple movement” but I’ve yet to hear that.

    • Pete

      Terminology might not be right, but it can still be a potential penalty for not releasing and/or playing the ball on the ground. This one looked fine though, he was not held in the tackle so he’s free to continue on.
      The one that sometimes hits me as a grey area is when the attacking player is crawling on all fours

  • brumby runner

    The one replacement the Brumbies should have made in the second half, but didn’t, was to get Christian Lealiifano off after his head hit the ground in a tackle. Sure looked like a possible case of concussion to me, and not long afterwards he spilled the ball on two or three occasions. May have been suffering a bit of double vision.

    CL off, MT to 10, Dargaville to 12 and Taliauli on the wing should have happened if they had an eye on next week’s game.

    Al in all, a very disappointing match.

  • Slim 293

    Toua has far from impressed this year – he’s largely been awful. Thank god he chose to stop kicking the ball into the oppositions feet (which led to the one Force try tonight) and actually had a go…

  • Pony Up

    Heading to Sydney next weekend. Looking forward to taking in some finals footy. Oh, wait on a minute….

    • jamie

      Quite disappointed the Tahs didn’t slip through as a rebels fan: to me, their form and gameplan is more a threat to NZ teams that the Brums are currently.

      Brumbies got off to a flyer and then went to absolute shit. No Pocock and Vaea has definitely hurt them, no matter their replacements.

  • Brad

    No, Toua has definitely not impressed. He played decently against the Sunwolves and Reds and now ok against the Force. Not exactly top flight opposition. Last night it was only the fact that Godwin was offside when he scored the try that saved Toua, if you watch the replay he barely even bothered to chase the kick, then let it bounce. He was jogging, I can take a try being scored against you in that position as long as you are giving everything to try and stop it. Toua wasn’t.

    • brumby runner

      I think you are doing Toua a disservice here. He was on the sideline covering a straight kick through or a line break down the side where DHP was. Instead of kicking straight down the side, DHP angled the kick back to the posts. If anyone was at fault, it was the right winger who hadn’t dropped back in defense to cover the wide open spaces in the centre of the ground. DHP again demonstrated very good vision of where the defense was lacking in placing his kick where he did.

      • MST

        He was on the sideline and slow (lazy) to attempt to adjust his position. When the kick occurred, he hesitated, then started running but slowed to let others chase; realised that they may not got there (misjudged and was leaving other to do the job) and then stared running at full pace again but it was too late. If he had showed some urgency and commitment he would have got to the player a few meters earlier which could have changed the outcome. Watching live, the crowd on the sideline could see his error unfolding and were unimpressed. Watching the replay confirmed that he hesitated and was slow in his chase.

        He is just too patchy, at SR level, and his positives don’t offset his liabilities. IMHO he may have a future as a winger and a backup full back at best.

        • brumby runner

          Beauty (or in this case ugliness, perhaps) is in the eye of the beholder. I know you don’t think much of Toua, but there are others in that backline (including some of the stars) who have as many poor moments as Toua does. He may never reach the heights of rugby, but he is not the worst of this Brumbies’ side.

        • Slim 293

          Disagree… he’s definitely the weakest link in the Brumbies backline.

        • jamie

          When their backline is at full strength that’s not really saying much: everyone else is a regular wallaby or an Argentinian international.

        • MST

          Sorry, but I am with Slim on this one. There is no doubt when he runs he has great step and can carve through defenders, but its infrequent and relies on the gap being there. He avoids contact so never goes to the line, kicks poorly, tackles even worse – that is when he actually attempts to make a tackle, his passing is poor and overall his general play is poor. We would not lose out by having the likes of Dargaville at fullback in his place.

  • Kiwi rugby lover

    Bloody hell that was bad. Could the Brumbies have made it any harder? If they don’t get their shit together in a big way next week is going to be the last time some if them wear a rugby jersey this year. I really hoped I would see more but after their glory days of smashing the Canes they’ve just gone backwards.

    • Tim

      Brumbies will get a beat down next week :( force could have won the game if godwins try was allowed and if they just did a draw and pass instead of a cut out ball. Force even had a better kicking game. I hope brumbies play well but they will get a beat down

  • RedAnt

    On a slightly more positive note, the Force seem to have unearthed a few good forwards with a bit of mongrel. Considering Big Dog and Hodgson (and Coleman?) were out, the pack competed well in everything but the set pieces, and there were a few awesome hits in defence.

  • tortfeaser

    You know a team is on the nose when the crowd starts with the sarcasm. Widespread ‘shushing’ after poor decisions (just a step short of actual boos). Mockery of pathetic dropped ball, failures to find touch, the same old wrap around plays that go nowhere ‘cos everyone is standing too deep.

    Finally, they tried some tactical kicking after weeks of ineffective back line play after poor penetration from the forwards. But couldn’t make it work. Jesse Mogg has never been needed more.

    I’ll turn up to the QF without any hope.

    • sugarwookie

      How bad was it… :/

      That second half display was just woeful. I’ve never been bored at a match before, I was actually pleased to be leaving the ground by the end.

      What are your thoughts on Toua? I think he’s a massive liability.

      Make sure you arrive early to get your free pie, it’s probably going to be the only time you’re happy!

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