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Brumbies run rampant over Reds

Brumbies run rampant over Reds

The Brumbies have opened their 2015 season in strong fashion with a dominant 47-3 win over the Queensland Reds in front of 13,570 fans in Canberra.

The win was built on the back off keeping the Reds in their own half and denying the Reds big centre pairing few chances to use the ball whilst using the ball effectively to score six tries of their own.

The Reds were their own worst enemy, with discipline hurting them throughout the game with James Horwill having a tough battle with referee Angus Gardner all night that ended up with him receiving two yellow cards.

The Match

The Reds went into the game without a number of regular starters and gave the keys to the backline to new recruit Karmichael Hunt who looked a little nervy with his kick off to start the game that barely went above head height and just over the 10 metre line.

The Brumbies opened the scoring after just five minutes with the ‘Prince of Queanbeyan’ Robbie Coleman on the end of a quick hands move after the had blown two earlier chances from knock ons.

Lealiifano landed his first penalty goal of the night before the Reds thought they had hit back through Samu Kerevi off a back line move but the try was called back due to an obstruction from Chris Feauai-Sautia in the lead up.

The Brumbies driving maul was putting on an excellent display and were unlucky to score after a 13 man maul saw them come up just short with a knock on right on the line denying them on that occasion.

Lealiifano added two more penalty goals in quick succession before the Reds finally got on the board with 40 metre penalty goal from Karmichael Hunt.

Just on half time, the Brumbies extended their lead to 21-3 with a try in the left corner to Joe Tomane after another good run from Robbie Coleman. The try was set up from another penalty kick to the corner and the Brumbies forwards rolled to within metres of the line before Tomane dived over.

Robbie Coleman opens  the scoring

Robbie Coleman opens the scoring

In the second half, the home side kept the foot on the pedal to put the Reds out of the game.

James Horwill received his first yellow card of the night for repeated infringements and the Brumbies took advantage of the extra man and scored 14 points in that period.

Almost immediately, Matt Toomua found the try line and was converted by Lealiifano, who seemed to have found his kicking boots after being well below his best in 2014 with the boot.

Soon after, Nic White bagged the bonus point try for the Brumbies after a sneaky kick and regathered it to put it well out of reach for the Reds.

The Reds just couldn’t get any field position and barely had any chances to use the ball in the Brumbies half and were pinned down in their own half.

The Brumbies still had tries in them and Tevita Kuridrani added his name to the try scorers list after a strong run from close range.

Things went from bad to worse for the Reds, with James Horwill shown a second yellow card from Angus Gardner, this time for incorrect entry to a maul, and the Brumbies showed no mercy with James Dargaville diving over on his debut to round out the scoring at 47-3.

The Brumbies head across the ditch next week to take on the Chiefs in New Plymouth whilst the Reds need to regroup before they play the Western Force.

The Game Changer

Tomane’s try on half time gave the Brumbies the confidence to go on with the game, which they ultimately did.


A few to choose from, but Matt Toomua lead the Brumbies Wallabies laden backline well

Wallaby Watch

The Brumbies had 12 Wallabies starting and they all played a part in the win whilst the Reds contingent didn’t have a great night, with James Slipper hooked just after half time a telling substitution.

Will Genia tried his best in a well beaten team but couldn’t get anything going with the inexperienced players outside him.

The Details

Score & Scorers

Tries: Coleman, Tomane, Toomua, White, Kuridrani, Dargaville
Conversions: Lealiifano 4
Penalties: Lealiifano 3

Penalties: Hunt

Cards & Citings

48 mins – James Horwill (Reds) Yellow
76 mins – James Horwill (Reds) 2nd Yellow card

Horwill will appear before the judiciary over the weekend following his 2 yellows/red card.



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  • Davey

    Disgraceful from the Reds. I can’t begin to explain how disappointed I am, Richard Graham must be odds on to be gone by mid season.

    • The players were the ones on the pitch.

      • Davey

        Believe me I’m not too thrilled about them either.

  • Billy Bob Vanderwaal

    Great start to the season Brumbies! It’s good to see Lealiifano kicking well again. Reds, well not so good. Is it within any realm of possibility they could get McKenzie back as coach, or is he done in Australia?

    • Pedro

      interesting proposition, I think even the brumbies would find him useful, so why not?

      • Meatray

        A friend of mind said they saw him in Christchurch the other day??? No idea what he could be doing there so I could be having the piss taken out of me?

        • RyanP

          He is over there working as a project manager for a construction firm.

    • mjw

      Easy to forget that McKenzie was responsible for getting Graham to the Reds.

      • Billy Bob Vanderwaal

        I hadn’t forgotten. I’m not a fan of the Reds, so I don’t have a stake in what they do, or don’t do with their coach. I just see a trend where Graham does not seem to be successful as the head coach. I think there is a reality that some people make fantastic position coaches and are not successful as head coaches. Or maybe their “time” is just not yet upon them to be successful head coaches. The Reds looked very unprepared for their game, sorry, but as Brumbies fan, that is how I saw it. I’m curious if anyone knew the mental state of McKenzie and if he’d even consider coaching an Australian Super team after the Wallabies….um….fiasco(?)…..ordeal(?) I hope he returns to coaching sooner rather than later, he’s a good coach, and I hope he coaches an Australian team because I would like to see all the Australian teams successful. That’s why I asked, and it wasn’t meant to specifically be a criticism, though, I guess it was.

      • redsman

        Graham has buddies on reds board. Link is reds only hope like luke was the rebellions’. SACK graham i cant sit through another season if his cluelessness. His track record speaks for itself. No excuses the players dont respect him and this shines through by ttheir actions… eg horwill. Cc marto pls rally the troops on this because there is no doubt Graham is the cause.

      • Masher

        He got him in because he needed him to make his own record look so much better. I think the way Link was treated by the ARU is appalling but I don’t think he’s the saviour for the Reds. Get rid of Howill, he may as well go to the UK now because he won’t make the Wallabies and his play for the Reds is disgusting.

        • Whig

          Link resigned and refused to present to the tribunal. Came across to me a lot more like he had something to hide than that the ARU mistreated him. But perhaps you can shed some light? This is coming from a link fan who would love to see him return to the Reds.

  • Gottsy

    Geez that was hard to watch as a Reds fan. I’m hoping it’s not going to be another long season under RG, I know it’s a long season and we’ve got some troops coming back but it’s not a great start.

  • Brumbies

    Early season but good start by the Brumbies, nice to see poey back and disrupting breakdowns and a couple turnovers… Also Sio – some nice bull dozing runs, a couple steals – good to see him back, kuridrani limited but ok. Lelo’s radar look’s like it’s working again. I thought Nic was good too, sad he’ll be leaving at the end of the season.
    REDS – Sad to see how they are going…. thought Turner maybe should have started at 15, just don’t see Genia’s kick happy self coming back into Wallabies setup. horwill, horwill, horwill… a shell of his former self, hard done to get red maybe but he is just a penalty magnet now… Kerevi has a lot of promise, big, good runs in a beaten side…

  • Scott Bryant

    Richard Graham must be sacked. That was simply awful and sadly a continuation of the decline that started in 2013 and gathered pace in 2014.

    • Douglas

      Don’t worry, we’ll have Bieber next week, he’ll fix everything.

      • jamie

        He’ll probably fix the lack of flyhalf problem. What he won’t fix is the colossally shocking forwards you guys seem to have

  • Alan Grouse

    Gosh its only the start of the season but surely Woody must be in trouble already. A complete capitulation from the Reds who looked clueless out there.

    The Brumbies’ maul was impressive and at times looked unstoppable but the highlight for me was seeing Pocock complete the match without picking up an injury. I thought he played really well (despite the dropped ball at the try line) and completely bullied Gill. BamBam dominating rucks, acting the pest and stealing the ball is a thing of beauty.

    • redsman

      Definitely Graham must go for the sack of the sanity of qld rugby… not to mention the lost revenues at the gates of suncorp if he stays the guy is clueless. Bring back link all is forgiven…not that he did anything wrong with qld

  • Pedro

    I thought that initial kickoff was deliberate but maybe I was giving Hunt to much credit.

    The Brumbies really suffocated the Reds, not giving them any field position, although I must say they were a little unlucky with the crossing penalty early on. I think the call was correct, but they might have got away with it on another day.

    Great speedy write up Steve. Happy to be on this side of the result, I would be surprised if the ponies aren’t top of the table at the end of the round. WOOO HOO.

  • josh123

    Horwill was mighty lucky to have lasted to the 75th minute. Gardner was pretty kind to delay that first yellow and was extremely kind to only give him a warning for tackling off the ball on his own goal line before the second yellow.

    Kind of summed up the game really. Reds shot themselves in the foot before the brumbies could even get anything going.

    • Pedro

      yeah, he really played like he was putting it all on the line. A bit sad, a bit stupid.

      • josh123

        It was almost as if he knew he needed to make up for the penalties loat by Rob Simmons Being injured

        • Pedro

    • Westo

      IMO Horwill was accountable for 15 to 20 points directly or indirectly consequential. In saying did not witness any facet of the game that the Reds dominated. Appalling.

      Credit to the Brums as there level of intensity was excellent.

      For the record I though the Ref got it right and as per a posted on here, Horwill should have gone 10 mins earlier.

      • Keith Butler

        Someone should give the Quins a call and let them know that they’ve brought a penalty machine in Horwill. Not the the player he was 2or 3 years ago. Going down hill fast. And while your at it shave off the beard, Ginger is not a good look.

  • bad ass

    Who knows what RGs new game plan was/is? That is a serious question. Does anybody know?

    • RobC

      Looks like they wanted to spread and vary the forwards’ attack points. But spread too thin, and turned over easy by stoic yet swift Brumbies defence over the ball.

      Seems they want to harass, slow the rucks in defence like R1 last year. But the officials are much stricter this year

      Due to penalties, there were just too many lineouts and drives to defend in the end.

      It was pretty bad.

      • bad ass

        Thanks. Does anyone else think that the reds problem last year was in the forwards at the breakdown? I think that’s where they should have been concentrating in the off season.

        • RobC

          Seems Reds mistakenly thought they were playing the same Jack White / Mowen rucking type of Brumbies as last year.

        • bad ass

          They seem to have the players. Is this a coaching failure primarily?

        • RobC

          Today the gameplan was beyond the reach of players and combinations. Forwards need to be a little more conservative in attack.

          On defensive rucks, they need to go through a narrower gate

      • therawbucket

        This was leaked from QRU pre game…

        • RobC

          LOL. excellent!
          Though I thought it would be more accurate if you interchanged Kerevi with K

        • therawbucket


          But it also shows that they couldn’t quite nail that game plan!!!

        • RobC

          EL OH EL again!

          Apparently millennials don’t laugh anymore. They just say the abbrevations

  • RubberLegs

    Was a new record set for penalties against the Reds?

    • joeyjohns

      No, it was a record for most penalties a team has ever conceded in a game of Super Rugby.

      Keep ticking those boxes Richard…

    • Tomikin

      It was the biggest winning margin by the Brumbies..

      • DReido

        Is it RG’s biggest loss? Probably not. God he’s hopeless.

  • skip

    Reds were lucky to get 3 and will be lucky to finish last.

    • Sambo


  • joeyjohns

    The real question on everyone’s lips is: “Ellyse, are you going to break off the engagement or those cornrows?”

    • Hopefully they don’t last too long. Toomua’s haircut was probably the only thing the Brumbies got wrong all night.

      • Merrow

        I’d still take the cornrows over Hoopers stupid hair flicks any day of the week.

        • Dannii

          Couldn’t agree more.

          One thing that used to really bug me when I played basketball was those girls who deliberately left the whispy bits of hair around their faces because they thought it looked good. I used hair spray, clips, whatever I could to keep it out of my face. I always thought if you were serious about playing, you’d do everything you could to make sure your hair didn’t get in your way during the game.

          I guess its the same with Hooper and Toomua!!

    • Dan

      Maybe he’s gunning as an extra in the new NWA movie.

  • Meatray

    Its not often I miss the Red’s first game of the season and wont be bothered to watch the replay. I assume we were really really bad?

    • Your assumptions couldn’t begin to fathom how terrible they were.

    • Harry

      Worse. Soft in defence and clueless in attack. As the game went on, you could see players who started with confidence like Gill and Kerevi being bought down. Genia has not regained his 2009 to 2012 knee injury spark and was outplayed by White. Hunt absolutely zero threat in attack.
      I seriously hope last night’s performance was not season ending but its an awful long way for Queensland to improve just to be competitive.
      In mid-January I was truly optimistic. Since then the Reds have been a disaster with all the injuries and the late arrival from their lucrative NH gigs of Adam Thomson and JOC.

      Already massive pressure on the Reds for next week against the Force.

  • Secret squirrel

    Little birdy has said RG has 6 games. An old coach of the Reds has been contacted and put on alert. No it wasn’t Mckenzie.

    • Davey

      Not Eddie please.

      • Secret Squirrel

        You are safe. He is a players favourite and had a good booming voice on him.

        • Davey


    • Robert Muldoon

      Six games is way too many

  • Dom Par

    Some quick thoughts:
    – Nic Stirzaker will probably eclipse Genia this season as Australia’s 3rd place halfback.
    – I’m really glad to see Sam Carter fit and throwing his weight around.
    – QRU needs to get a new coach a.s.a.p. Graham is a myth. 2 teams now and no decent results. Stop being a boys club and hiring your nobody high-school mates. Hire a euro or saffa coach please right away.
    – McDuling and Simmons should be starting locks as soon as they are fit.

    • Masher

      Genia needs a pack that gives him decent ball and a good 1st five outside him. Unfortunately in Hunt and Cooper he misses out on the second and the Reds pack is going nowhere fast.

      • John Tynan

        Agree. I know it was only a trial, but Genia with front foot ball against the Saders looked awesome. Fast forward one week….

  • RobC

    Thanks for the report, Steve. Thought the turning point was early on:
    – 3′ Kotze concedes a ruck penalty in defence (similar to Horwill’s offence)
    – Short lineout, Draw/pass to Sio 1st receiver and soaks up midfielders
    – Spun wide for a 3-1 overlap try
    – After the restart, Sio turnover an isolated Big Kev in his red zone.

    Haven’t looked back since.

    Sio my MOTM. But this was clearly Larkham’s win.

  • Samantha

    My match highlight was definitely Poey getting through the whole game, and Moore looking good when he came on. It would be the same if we lost, and will be the same for the next month or so, assuming they both remain uninjured.

    I winced every time Pocock went into contact, I’m glad he’s more confident with his knee than I am! It was great to see him attack the ruck and run hard at the line … a bit worrying when it looked like he was limping in the 1st half though.

    I have to say, watching Pocock last night and especially considering how little game time he has had, you’d have to think he was a serious contender to get back into the Wallabies. Only played a handful of games in 2 years and still comes out and dominates. Has to be good signs for Australian rugby.

    • RobC

      I don’t want to jinx it Samantha, by suggesting Poey into the WBs.

      When he stretched his leg onfield (calf muscle I think), I was nervous, thinking it was something serious.

    • RubberLegs

      I watched Poey, the Ponderous Protester run the ball in the first 30 seconds of the game. He was so slow, Big Kev turned, caught and tackled him. PPP regained his feet without releasing the ball so Keg tackled him again and was penalised for not releasing PPP or not rolling away. By minute 26 the Reds had been penalised 10 to 2. I defy any team to go well with that sort of incompetent one-eyed refereeing. Today, the C-M, in a display of unprecedented perspicacity, pointed out that Big Kev was penalised and yellow carded for lying on the wrong side of the ruck when Carter had slammed him to the ground from the Red’s side of the ruck.

      • RobC

        yup. Saw that tackle / penalty on Poey. Kev’s first. Thought it was tough. I put down to Gardner laying the law.

        Same for his second penalty:
        – This was after the pass inside from Tomane’s sideline tippy-toe
        – There was a ruck Brumbies ball
        – Collision generally going Brumbies way.
        – Kev was pushing against someone. Carter I think.
        – Kev pushed through, but flipped by Carter into the ruck area
        – Ping!

        The one he was carded for, first time. Similar, but trapped in the ruck.

        The lineout pen. Kev was tipped over in the lineout:
        – He could either hold onto the receiving jumper to keep straight
        – or fall on his hands/face from an 11 foot drop.
        – It happens often. And they are penalised often.

        • John Tynan

          That’s the game I was watching too. I thought I was just being biased. We (Reds) were never in it, but I wasn’t happy with the effing reffing.

      • Maxt

        Yes, clearly a conspiracy, the REDS the far better team……man get OFF the drugs!!

  • therawbucket

    I don’t think I have seen the Reds be so clueless since the days pre Ewan…

    Tin Foil Warning!!!

    Perhaps EM brought RG into the fold knowing how incompetent he was? Thereby maintaining the shine on his own piece of Reds history?

  • RubberLegs

    Every maul ended with a penalty; it was not possible to get to the ball legally according to the ref. The Brumbys did not have to defend for more than a few phases before they heard the comforting sound of the ref’s whistle; I thought the Reds were back in South Africa. What changed about the Reds style from last week, apart from the ref?

    • Maxt

      17.2 (e)
      A player must not intentionally collapse a maul. This is dangerous play.
      Sanction: Penalty kick12

      A player must be caught in or bound to the maul and not just alongside it.
      Sanction: Penalty kick

      Placing a hand on another player in the maul does not constitute binding.
      Sanction: Penalty kick

      Clear enough?

  • Harry

    I have already vented about the Reds below but have to say the Brumbies were impressive and if they have few injuries and everyone stays fit they will be right in it at seasons end.

    Pocock and Moore getting the big headlines and all Wallaby supporters have crossed fingers for these 2 players to have an injury free season but I thought another injury returnee also looked superb – Scott Sio.

  • Hack Ref

    So what was good about the Reds? The boys from behind the Banana Curtin didn’t play all bad. Forwards lost the Contact and the Ruck. But Will did well considering he was stepping backwards all night. KH I thought was strong in D and did OK for his first run. “Big tip” I dreamed he will make the Wobblies squad – Issie MKII.
    Big Kev! looks like he wants to be in Europe already. So disappointing for a player that use to be such a “bite the heads of chooks” type. Pretty meek and mostly stupid at the breakdown. The replay for Kev will be a horror movie.
    The Brumbies well. All good against a team that didn’t come to play. Poey was a stand out for his impact at the ruck and tackle contest. I had missed his physical approach. Cheik is gonna love this block at 7 which leaves me concern for Hoops as he has been my fave all last season.
    Toomua was class but not tested so give him a tick. TK likewise.
    Brumbies good but lets see how they go under pressure. Happy for RWC prospects.

  • Andy

    From a completely neutral perspective that was like watching a very well drilled team with supreme confidence in their game plan v a rabble who played their very first game with each other, which we know isn’t true. From the Reds side of things, there was no leadership, no real understanding of game management. Really poor on and off the field

  • SteveAtThePub

    Graham should go. The recruitment is shambolic. OConnor and Hunt aren’t worth a red cent without a quality pack. There’s a real lack of depth at lock and #8

    • John Tynan

      But there’s not a lack of depth. McDuling, Kotze, Big Ed, Simmons, Red Kev, Thompson, Schatz, Tui. Shedload of injuries and some inauspicious performances by the “experience”

  • muffy
  • Vegas

    Long season ahead – Graham needs to go, but I am not sure how disruptive that would be for the team so early in the season – I suppose better now, and at least give ourselves a chance of improvement like the Force did when he left !
    The problem is deeper than that however – it seems the Reds management froze 2 yrs out from 2011, and only woke up when it was too late last year – player retention and recruitment has been questionable at best. At least it is somewhat heartening watching all of the home grown Reds who couldn’t find a sopt at home shine for the Brumbies, Force and Rebels – you could pick a pretty handy Qld origin team from those lot !

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