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Cheika Bledisloe 2 Press Conference

Cheika Bledisloe 2 Press Conference

I’ve read that Michael Cheika had ‘blasted the ref’ over some decisions in the game last night. When I watched the presser I found it nothing like the headline. What do you think?

  • Brisneyland Local

    Sully having watched it and read the headlines, it is not as bad as the headlines. However Cheika has form in this area.
    To be honest I hate seeing losing teams whinge about refereeing decisions. It is just poor form. Win in the scoreboard!
    Besides have just watched the game for the second time, the Wallabies certainly got the rub of the green with the decisions, of that there is little doubt!

    • Wallabrumby

      My thoughts exactly BL. Maybe Chieka should have been concentrating on why we couldn’t catch any of the kick offs and why we were getting pumped in the scrums. That is what lost us the game.

      We had the rub of the green with the ref and the bounce of the ball for a change, but still couldn’t win. Shows we are still a long way off where we need to be.

      The boys did play with heart and that is something to be proud off. But we are kidding ourselves if think we deserved to win that, some selections still not quite right.

      • Brisneyland Local

        Dont forget all those conversions that were missed too! But 100% agree with you!

      • Greg

        He commented on teh inability to cathc the ball. He explicitly said it was unacceptable not to close out teh match when receiving the kick off with 3 mins to go.

        I thought he was fine.

        Personally, I think we can win in Perth with better broadband!

      • Alister Smith

        Not sure if it was as much the selections as the timing of interchange. I think we needed to have introduced both Timani and Kepu at around the 50th minute both to shore up the scrum and some running power. Actually I would prefer to start both those blokes with McMahon at Blindside and perhaps bring Hanigan to finish (or someone else if you need a different sort of player to finish). Still we had a good dig and it was a vast improvement on the previous weekend but I didnt think anything the referees did effected the course of the game – a couple of those kicks that hits the post go through and we would have won but that’s the thing with penalties and conversions – you have to kick them not just be awarded them.

        • joy

          You must be kidding. Both Retallic transgressions that were not punished would have changed the game.

          Do we have to put a bloke in a wheelchair for life before ogre of the year Retallic gets what he deserves. The excuse that he got up and didn’t know he was lifting an extra 110 kg is just bullshit.

        • Alister Smith

          Joy, IMO the footage that the refs viewed didnt clearly show whether Retallick held the leg or not. The refs talked about the players being tangled up. Listen to the commentary and two of the commentators, Martin and possibly Kearns, say the players just got caught up in each others limbs. It’s not until the final clips have been view by the ref that Kafer comes in and claims the leg was held as he stood up. Certainly the potential for injury is scary but the potential for injury or even the an actual injury, even if severe like a broken neck, doesn’t determine if someone is guilty of an illegal act. If two players contest a kick for instance and one goes higher than the other when they collide in mid air and then lands badly does the other player recklessly endanger that player. The key thing is their is no evidence, at least that I can see, that Retallick holds the leg. Also he puts his arms out before he falls and lands on his shoulder and I think the slow motion makes it look a lot worse then it was anyway. But obviously two people can see the same footage and see different things so we’ll just have to agree to differ.

    • Pclifto

      Not sure about rub of the green, on balance. I think much of it was pretty spot on.

      The TMO try decisions that went in Australia’s favour were absolutely bang on. Nigel Owens erred in calling Retallick’s try as good too early, which is a worry as he was on the wrong side (therefore unsighted) and appears to have just called it based on a hunch… not great from the world’s #1 ref.

      As for Aaron Smith’s try he clearly lost control.

      The refs missed Izzy Folau’s keeping the ball in under the new laws, plus Retallick on Hannigan didn’t look good.

      Not sure if correct decisions going the way of one team means they had “rub of the green” – I think this is more when you have 50-50 decisions going the way of one team.

      • Brisneyland Local

        HAving watched the game twice I think a few of those 50-50 went our way. We have a lot of forward passes not called. Hannigan should have been carded. OUr scrums were lucky not to be penalised out of the park.

        • Keith Butler

          Interesting interchange between Reid and Nigel Owen with Reid complaining about the Aussie scrum. As Owen rightly pointed out although they were going back at a rate of knots they all stayed on their feet, no collapse, and managed to get the ball away legally.

        • Brumby Runner

          Yep, no law against going backwards. Just remain in formation and on the feet.

      • John Bands

        I will show you an incident where the rub of the green definitely went Australia’s way. Can’t believe hardly anyone has noticed this or commented on it. It was Hannigan detaching early from the back paddling scrum which led to the Genia break and subsequent Foley try. Clear penalty to the All Blacks. Can’t believe it was missed by the officials, including the TMO.

  • What’s this got to do with the speed of broadband in NZ?

    • Pedro

      *spoiler alert*
      Still buffering for me champ.

  • Will

    How about that question on NZ broadband?! I don’t understand the relevance?

  • Tommy Brady

    Ironically, a call from the officials capturing no attention from anyone happened in the first 3 minutes of the match. Following Israel Folau’s try, Barrett’s re-start deflected forward off Dane Haylett-Petty to Scott Sio who made a play for the ball and caught it. The officials ruled Sio in an offside position and referee Owens awarded a penalty. Maybe it was just the time in the match the incident occurred — or was it just a different occasion? Best we all just move on….

    • Bobas

      Cheik mentions it

      • Tommy Brady

        Indeed Bobas. Not sure though the incident will get a specific article written on it here that captures 195 replies. Same act – just different circumstances.

        I think we all should all be thankful for Wayne Barnes and Nigel Owens these past 2 weeks. They were not perfect – but not sure I’ve ever witnessed any test match where the coaching, playing and officiating personnel were. Bottom line though is Barnes, Owens and Angus Gardiner are excellent rugby referees. We need more of them.

  • Pfitzy

    I don’t get what I’m supposed to be looking at. Couple of remarks about Hanigan getting tipped on his head, and then some about consistency. After that its all good.

  • Who?

    The problem with the press conference is that it’s not the first time Cheik spoke after the game. The press conference followed on from the tone he set in the live tv interviews. And in his first two sentences on Channel 10, Cheik complained that a few key calls went against us. He didn’t name them, but rather than focus on the significant improvements and disappointment, he went straight to Owens. That was a mistake, and set up the press to ask the questions they did in the order in which they asked them. Which led to the headlines.

    EDIT: Nicely handled on the scrum questions.

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