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Chiefs Deflower Waratahs

Chiefs Deflower Waratahs

The Waratahs are back to square one after a performance full of missed tackles and missed opportunities against the Chiefs in Hamilton.

Sums it up really

A dangerous Chiefs team pounced on anything the Waratahs let their way and created a few moments of brilliance of their own in a three try to one win.

Despite the Tahs having the weight of possession, the teams went into the sheds with the Chiefs up 13 points to 10.

The first half never really go into much of a rhythm. Both teams made good breaks and the Tahs were probably the dominant side.

Tom Kingston scored the first points in the match with a long reach over his head to plant the ball. It came off a deft inside ball from McKibbin, who also slotted the conversion.

Seven-nil was as good as the Tahs lead was going to get as the Chiefs hit back almost immediately with Tim Nanai-Williams making a clean break from half way and creating a try to Robbie Robinson.

Both teams made clean breaks and missed tackles in the rest of the half but the Chiefs always looked more dangerous.

Berrick Barnes didn’t help with two restarts going out on the full, and a prime attacking opportunity wasted with a kick-pass to Benn Robinson who was all alone on the wing.

While Barnes hardly had his best game, he wasn’t alone.

The general drive, enthusiasm and attitude from last week’s game in Sydney was absent as the Chiefs put pressure on McKibbin at the breakdown and forced errors and poor decisions.

Sonny Bill Williams and Richard Kahui were impressive in the centres, and played well off five-eighth Aaron Cruden. It was hard to tell who did what, though, as the Chiefs almost all had shaved their heads for charity.

SBW inadvertently created a try for pink-booted prop Arizona Taumalolo, with a lucky bounce off TPN from a horrible grubber kick.

That set the tone for the second half and it seemed like the Tahs hardly had the ball after that.

The Tahs forwards absorbed a huge amount of pressure, holding the Chiefs pack up twice over the line.

When they did get the ball back there was always a knock-on or loose pass that took any pressure off the Chiefs.

The Tahs bench made little difference, as Michael Foley’s gameplan had fallen apart by the time they arrived and any comeback looked less and less likely.

Paddy Ryan copped another hammering in the scrums, which had held up very well until the last quarter of the game.

A dominant Chiefs scrum led to their final try even if replacement loosie Sam Cane was well and truly offside intercepting a pass off the base to Sarel Pretorius.

It didn’t make a difference to the final outcome and the Chiefs were deserving winners.

The Waratahs now have a week off to lick their wounds and try and come up with something to resurrect their inconsistent season.

Chiefs 30 (Messam, Taumalolo, Robinson tries. Cruden 3 con. Cruden 3 pens.) def. Waratahs 13 (Kingston try. McKibbin con. McKibbin 2 pens.)


What can they do to turn it around from here?

  • chriscullen

    No one likes a bad winner rolly.

  • markjohnconley

    FO Rolly

  • Blinky Bill of Bellingen

    Speaking as a Tahs fan and being completely honest, we were totally outclassed! :(

    Yes the Chiefs were fresh from a week off, yes they were at home, yes we were without some of our best. Even so it was like battleships against row boats. At least that’s how it felt to me.

    We seemed to take ages to plod our way out of our own 22 just to turn the ball over and the Chiefs were on the attack again. The Chiefs by contrast were threatening all the time & running some lovely angles and just seemed to make easy yards.

    I actually thought keeping the same starting line-up, as reward for last week, was a step in the right direction. To be honest I’m buggered it I can think of a better line-up based on who’s currently available.

    Where to now for the team, the coaches & the fans?

  • Graeme

    I thought when the ‘Tahs were behind at half time with 3/4’s of possession and territory the writing was on the board, and unfortunately it was. I think what summed up the reason for the loss was the period in the second half where across 2 sets of attacks the ‘Tahs must have had almost or 30 phased in the Chiefs 22 and came out with a 0-7 deficit.

    The ‘tahs back line appeared incapable of pentrating the Chiefs defense. They are definitely missing x-factor players back such as Beale, Mitchell and Burgess. And no offense to McKibben but Waratahs and Australia definately need to induce Burgess to come back to Oz. On form I’d say the second best 9 in Oz after Genia is Shehan, which is really, really worrying.

    I thought Horne had a much better game in defense than last week, he really has a high work rate doesn’t he. In offense he was still poor, he doesn’t seem to have the legs, although he played a big role in protecting the ball when his fellow backs were tackled.

    Barnes I thought had a terrible game. I don’t know what was going on with his passing, but at one point he threw 3 passed in a row where the receiver had to stop or jump in the air to take the pass. And, i guess he didn’t see who was hanging on the wing, it was a phenomenal effort to not even give away as much as a penalty, but the crossfield kick to Ben Robinson was one of the worst fly hf decision-makes I’ve seen! It was lucky not to result in a length of the field try.

  • nigel

    what a comparison.

    the tahs had a good forward showing, and put a lot of pressure on. but the 2 backlines, compared… jesus.

    one tahs back made a couple of nice breaks or semi breaks early. that was it for the game. compared to them, on the other side, the entire chiefs backline was electric. and the chiefs arent all that. the tahs just made them look good.

    i would hate to be a tahs fan. because they’re flat. rubbish. barnes plays like a muppet. props taking kicks on the wing? please.

    go the reds

    • rolly

      well buddy ill hate to be a reds supporter they’re an absolute joke.. cant believe you had the nerve to compare to the crusaders last year.. so much for a dynasty

  • Robson

    The ball has to go in front of the man. Never did when the Tahs tried to launch an attack. Their backline was unco-ordinated, poorly executed rubbish. Some quite good stuff from the pack in set piece play though, but outenthused on the tackle ball. Tahs forwards looked like they wanted to be spectators at the breakdown.

    • Blinky Bill of Bellingen

      I’ve got a bleeding scalp from ripping my hair out over some of those passes. :(

      The good lady & I sat and watched the game together, and some of the passing had me wondering when one of our blokes was going to get hit so hard reaching for the ball that he’d be off to hospital. Passes high, passes low, passes to the back. What the fu@k! It was an absolute momentum killer.

      The Missus asked the obvious question “why can’t professional Rugby players pass the ball better than that”? I wish I knew.

      At the moment our smart back line play seems to be the dreaded cut out pass (that fools no one) & a kick to a prop waiting on the wing (was that a planned move?).

      We have a bye. Let’s see what Michael Foley & the boys come up with.

      • Mart

        The back line looked very average in attack.
        As Kafe said they lost they’re shape very quickly.

        I don’t know if it was Barnes trying to get creative or the people around him not putting in or not using they’re head’s but it was ordinary.

        I thought that having Gaffney on board would’ve made a huge difference.
        So far it’s been slipping into the same 1 out running as last year.

  • The Arrow

    Yep the Tahs were in this, but the lack of depth really shows when Hangers, Ryan, Ulugia come on. Scrum goes to poo. Backline goes to greener shade of poo.

    Recruiting at the Tahs has been appalling for years. Knowingly recruiting the chronically injured, persisting with absolutely mediocre inside backs etc etc….

    Barnes is too inconsistent. He is so needy and self-centred. No real credentials. So Gen Y. Foley at 10 please. Kingston playing real well. Man of match for Tahs. Is it time to move him in to #13 and Horne to 12 (less decision-making defensively).

    Forwards played well until 60 mins. TPN (de ja vu all over again) needs to learn proper tackling technique.

  • The Arrow

    Oh, Tahs still right in the Super Rugby comp by virtue of the Conference system.

    Top the pool, which they can, and from there it is luck. Chiefs are probably the finest NZ team as the Cru miss SBW and McCaw may be in the Elsom injury category. Blues are bust. Otago and Wellington, like the Brumbies, lack for true quality…..

    Long season…..

    • JezaCBHS

      Oh yeah Otago really lacks in true quality… they only have a forward pack that includes NZ’s best hooker in Hore, second best NZ number 6 in Adam Thompson (prob best now that Kaino is gone), international experience in Haskel and Southland’s ranfurley shield heroes in Crosswell, Makintosh and Rutledge. THeir forward pack is an iron fist and full of quality. Australians always skip over a pack, particularly the tight 5, as if adequacy is the aim of the game. THe highlanders are showing everyone how a dominant forward pack wins games. That’s where they have the quality to win big games. Big games are always won up front. And there backline still includes Gear, Cowan and Ben Smith.

      As for the saders…they now have carter back..prob should reserve judgement until we’ve seen what having the world’s greatest first 5 back is. I suggest the crusaders will be right in the mix at the business end of the season.

  • Chairman

    So disappointing to always be reading how badly they play, sometimes it is best NOT to watch the game (missed this one)….especially now, but I can’t stop myself reading the match report!

  • MisplacedCanuck

    thank god for AAC if it wasnt for him the score line and offensive stats would have looked a lot different….

    i hope Carter & Horne have finally been revealed as the jokes they are, when they come up against quality defense they have nothing in reply. Sick of hearing that they are rock solid on defense, great now score some points and do the other half of your job.

  • Mart

    The Waratahs seem to lose structure and depth in attack after 1 or 2 phases.

    Then you can see Barnes thinking, “fark what to do, kick! oh no can’t do that any more….okay cut out pass then.”

    So many pointless cut out passes, it made it very easy for the defense to read.
    Palu is the only one running from depth and getting over the gain line.

  • Willy

    At least the Kiwi commentators continue to embarass themselves.

    “Legal. Perfectly legal,” says some moron, as we see footage of the Chiefs openside flanker breaking from the scrum five minutes early and setting up camp in the Waratahs backline… before taking an intercept that leads to a try.

    Um… no. Being ten metres offside is not legal, let alone perfectly legal.

  • Nabley

    Last week everyone forgot that it was not Waratah skill that won the game against the Sharks, more it was the Sharks flagging over the last quarter from the effects of travel. This raised expectations and we got the result it was always going to be.

  • Lauren

    Do I get a plug for being on TV?


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