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2011 Scarf Award Winners

Discussion in 'G&GR Scarf Awards 2011' started by barbarian, Feb 3, 2012.

  1. barbarian Nick Farr-Jones (63)

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    Well here it is, the moment you have all been waiting for. My tuxedo is on and I am ready to announce the winners of the 2011 Scarf Awards.

    So, without further ado, the envelope please.

    Here are the winners:

    The winner of the Rookie of the Year award is Swat. He played a strong game and just ousted Light and Schaudenfraude. Well done to all on impressive first years, and let's hope there are no cases of Second Year Syndrome.

    The winner of the Best Avatar award is OzSash. You were here only briefly but boy did you leave an impression. So thank you for that.

    The winner of the Broken Record award is Slim293 for his efforts with Pat McCabe and Higgers. He got there by four votes from Gnostic and his ummm. passion. for Robbie Deans. Looking forward to more of it in 2012. Or less. Whatever people want.

    The winner of the Most Missed Poster is The Brown Hornet. He won in a landslide from Hugh Jarse. Although I have heard a rumour Hornet may be back in some form in season 2012.

    The winner of the Yellow Scarf of Friendship is Paarlbok. He pulls in this award for another year ahead of Blue. Bliksem Paarl. Bliksem. That is the only Afrikaans I know so it will have to do. Oh, and lekker. Lekker Paarl.

    The winner of the Seinfeld Award for Funniest Poster is Bruce Ross. With a sense of humour as dry as the Sahara he takes out this award for the first time. Onya Brucie.

    The winner of the Cyclops Award for the Most One-Eyed fan is Slim293, who polled a whopping 26 votes. WJ put up a good fight but just couldn't compete. Good stuff Slim, and good luck with those Brumbies in 2012. You are going to need it.

    The winner of the Waugh-Croft Award for the Best Combatants is Slim and Reds Fans. Slim pulls down his third award for the night after going toe-to-toe with the boys up north plenty of times in 2011. He narrowly beat out. Slim. Well done on the quinella.

    The winner of the Poster whose posts you always read is Lee Grant. Obviously he is selling a product that the punters want, so well done Lee. Look forward to hearing your thoughts when the wheels inevitably fall off the Tahs in 2012.

    The winner of the Poster who you Want to Buy a Beer is Gagger, who won by a nose over RugbyReg. Hopefully this will force the great man to grace our shores once again and take advantage of the 17 beers he is offered. He should make light work of it- he was well into the 40s after the Super Rugby final.

    The winner of the Lee Grant Award for the Most Knowledgeable Poster is Lee Grant, who won by the length of the straight ahead of Scott Allen. Maybe we should just retire this award, or make Lee ineligible for it. This is just getting silly.

    The winner of the Thread of the Year is the Vasectomy Thread. So congratulations to all the people who, er. put their balls on the line. to make it what it was. We all feel your pain. Thanks for sharing.

    And now it's time for the big one, the one you've all been waiting for. The Gold Scarf for Poster of the Year. And the winner is.

    Lee Grant!

    Big Lee goes back to back and takes out the Gold Scarf yet again. This is his third award for the night, and undoubtedly the biggest. Great stuff Lee.

    So that brings us to the end of the awards for another year. Thanks to all who posted, all who nominated and all who won. We look forward to another bumper year on Green and Gold Rugby, and hope we see you all again for the awards for 2012!


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