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2013 Ashes Part 2 - Down Under

Discussion in 'Cricket' started by Hugh Jarse, Aug 27, 2013.

  1. RugbyReg George Smith (75)

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    yeah, but Boonie was a converted opener. He was middle order first, then moved to open when we had no one, and then moved back to 3 when Tubby came on the scene.
  2. Train Without a Station Steve Williams (59)

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    Lindommer I think it's a decent idea, but the point I was making was that there's then nobody ready to take Rogers position.

    Potentially Hughes, but his most recent failure was the 2nd test in England. Each time he dominates Shield, gets called up and struggles for consistency, he then goes back to dominate Shield and the cycle seems to continue.

    Hayden took his time after plundering runs for QLD before he was able to develop consistency at test level too. I think Hughes perhaps needs a little more time.

    Which leaves us in the position that the only real current standout performers are Hughes (Probably not ready to come back) and North (not a top order bastman).
  3. barbarian Nick Farr-Jones (63)

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    Rogers is a genuine opener, and moving him would be a mistake IMO. He has the technique and temperament to bat for a long time while not necessarily scoring runs, taking the shine off the ball and dropping anchor if wickets are falling at the other end.

    Watto at 3 has worked OK this series, and without any candidates banging down the door I am happy for him to stay there.
  4. The_Brown_Hornet Michael Lynagh (62)

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    Great performance in the main from the boys across the series and a very poor one from the Poms. Not in a million years did I think it would be 5-0 at the start of the summer. I thought after the northern series that we were a sneaky chance, because we're a better team than that score line suggested. Our bowling attack performed as well as any I can remember in a five test series, they were magnificent. All of them did their jobs and stuck to the plans devised and that's something Billy should also take credit for. He got them bowling a fuller length, which is important on the bouncier tracks in Australia.

    Mitch obviously stood out and frankly the warning signs were there for the Poms before the series even started. He bowled well in the one day series in England and India and apparently really made some blokes jump around in the IPL. What he now has, apart from a healthy body, is more consistency and the ability to bowl accurate spells that avoid dishing up easy runs. I hope he can keep it going, because he's scared the living daylights out of the Saffers before too. The series in 2009 saw him take 16 wickets at 25 in three tests (and 33 across the six home and away matches), which admittedly isn't as spectacular as 37 at 14 in five tests but he really rattled those blokes.

    The batting is still problematic for mine. Warner and Rogers have cemented their spots at the top of the order and rightly so. First drop is still a problem and it's because we've got a bloke there who has neither the technique or the temperament to do the job. A number three has to be able to come in on potentially the second ball of the game, scrap hard for a time and then counter attack. Watson will never be that bloke and it's a little unfortunate for him and us that when you look at the guy who came before him he looks decidedly average. His best position ought to be at six, where he can play with a bit more freedom. His bowling also makes him worth a spot also. Clarke dropped off a bit after Adelaide but did a very important job in the first two tests and Smith has taken a huge step forward in this series, scoring runs when his team needed him. Unfortunately for George Bailey, Chappelli was right and he doesn't appear to have the technique to play at test level.

    So what to do? Doolan or Hughes should come in and play at three, with Watson dropping down the order. That's it really. The rest of the team picks itself.
  5. The_Brown_Hornet Michael Lynagh (62)

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    It's a good point. If you can open you can bat at three, as a batting line up has two distinct sub groups: 1-3 and 4-6 (maybe 7, depending on the make up of the team). In this case though I would have Rogers stay where he is, because he's doing well there. Hughes or Doolan (as stated in another post) are the most obvious choices from Shield ranks right now. Nic Maddinson could well come into calculations before too long as well.
  6. light Peter Fenwicke (45)

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    Very happy to hear that the Aussie lads completed the white wash. Having left the country a week ago for Europe at 4-0 I didn't get the chance to watch the SCG test as apparently cricket is not a sport here. Incredibly proud to be Australian and see Australian cricket successful again. That being said, we are not where we need to be yet and our goal should be number 1 (is that possible is we beat the Saffas?)..

    Watching the English press publicly murder their team has been a personal highlight for mine. Blokes like Botham have been made look like idiots thanks to their predictions and I love it! That being said, I thought Stokes and Broad were outstanding and the only positives for them looking forward. Cook and Flower need to have a serious clean out of the side, starting with KP, Anderson and Prior.

    Looking toward South Africa and I can't help but wonder what the series would have been like if Kallis had stuck around. I think his absence could really effect the Proteas if they get behind early. The Aussies are confident and Lehmann will ensure the lads are focused on the task at hand. I'm very hopeful for a series win but it will be a lot tighter than the Ashes and the saffa bowling line up is formidable, our guys will be tested. Batting could be an issue for them, as I don't see much talent outside the big three. Smith is always consistent but has struggled against us in the past, Ab DeVilliers is in the form of his life and bloody scary right now and we all know what Amla is capable of. Other than those guys you have to look at someone like Du Plessis, Peterson and Duminy and none of those blokes are considered top 25 in the world right now. That said, Philander and Steyn are 1 & 2 respectively with the ball and Morkel is quality too. Abbott and Tahir don't appear as threatening and their lack of a world class spinner may help our cause.

    I'd keep Bailey for the tour and give him the first test to prove his worth, last chance. Hughes and Doolan should also be on the tour and maybe even a bloke like Maddinson, Burns or Carters - Marcus North has a compelling case for selection but I think he's probably not going to get another look in right now without a few more domestic tons. Would like to see some depth in the opening position as if we lose Rogers or Warner I cannot think of any replacement? Maybe Klinger?

    Can't tour with Haddin as the only keeper, I'd have either Hartley or Paine and probably the former after his performances for QLD in the shield last season. Bowling stocks look great, Pattinson is a must as first in line back up, wouldn't mind seeing Faulkner or Bird on the plane too, if not both. Benny Hilfenhaus must be in with a shot too, he's managed to be ranked the 17th best test bowler in the world right now according to the ICC. That's ahead of Starc, Watson, Pattinson and Lyon and a whole host of other quality international bowlers.

    I have a feeling that if we win this series it may be the last we see of Haddin and Clarke. Haddin must know that this rich vein of form can't continue for too much longer and family has always come first for the bloke. Clarke's back is also completely screwed. Should we win the series, which I pray we do, I think Pup will call it stumps and let someone else lead the side into a new era (maybe Smith or one of the bowlers, we don't have too many options). It would be fitting too, considering where Australian cricket was when Clarke began his international career, where it went and hopefully finishes.

    The bloke deserves all the praise he receives but my fingers are crossed we get another year or so out of him so we can work out a successor. Anyone who averages over 50 as test cricketer is a decent cricketer in my opinion, that's not even considering the consistency of his performances as captain of an often sinking ship.

    Bring on the Proteas!

    End rant <
  7. I like to watch Simon Poidevin (60)

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    I think he is getting too much credit.
    IMO in England,we pretty much lost each game,in one session,so losing 5-0 was not a true reflection of the difference in the sides.
    If you take out Johnson & Warner out of this series,how would have we gone?
    Brad H was also exceptional this time around,and I believe that had little to do with any changes in the coaches box.
    Team harmony is better?
    A winning team is invariably a happy team.
    I'm a believer in the Chappelli theory,that a cricket coach is something that transports the players to the ground.
  8. Inside Shoulder Nathan Sharpe (72)

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    dont know enough about cricket to dispute the chappell view.
    My point was that they were a rabble, he came in, they're no longer a rabble.
    Even if all he did was give them some new songs to sing while on the coach it was enough!
  9. No4918 John Hipwell (52)

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    Lehmann is prob getting too much credit and the Chappell view is very likely a gross exaggeration as well. Too many examples of player/coach relationships to think otherwise. This series Johnson said Lillee was a massive help and reworked his run-up. Warne would often receive advice from Jenner despite publicly saying similar things as Chappell which was likely a dig at Buchanan who he never got along with.

    The Aus team was happy before the series so maybe a happy team is a winning team. Lehmann certainly helped out on this point, if you think it a fluke have a look at the Bulls as well. That reversal of your argument certainly works for England who have been anything but happy so the argument can be spun however you like.
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  10. Spieber Bob Loudon (25)

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