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2013 IRB Junior World Championship - France

Discussion in 'Rugby Discussion' started by Hugh Jarse, Nov 29, 2012.

  1. Hugh Jarse Rocky Elsom (76)

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    Next seasons Junior World Championships will be held in France over the period 5 to 23 June.

    The match schedule is here:

    The Junior Men in Gold pool games are:
    5 Jun 13 v Ireland,
    9 Jun 13 v NZ,
    13 Jun 13 v Fiji

    For the first time, the Junior Eagles from Septica will be in the Tier 1 Junior World Championship following their victory over Japan in the tier 2 Jnr World Rugby Trophy.
    http://www.irb.com/jwrt/news/newsid=2063193.html#usa crowned jwrt champions after epic final

    Some posts from the 2012 thread to kick discussion off. Wang on lads.
  2. louie Bob Davidson (42)

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    Any tips on tanlets youngsters to look out for?
  3. Hugh Jarse Rocky Elsom (76)

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    A starting point would be last years (2011) Aust Schoolboys team. Schoolboys are Under18's.

    IIRC there was a NSW v Qld U19 game recently. I can't recall if there was a merit team published from that game, but there would probably be a fair stack of those lads up for selection as well.

    Many of those would be from the 2011 Aust Schoolboys and Schoolboys A team, or the national Schoolboys Champs.

    Gaggerland Minister of Archives [USER=1535]Lee Grant[/USER] is usually very useful in producing the necessary lists from his vast Programme collection. Uncle Lee also has a good eye for talent.
  4. Forcefield Desmond Connor (43)

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    The U20s this year weren't that flash. Half the team are still eligible next year though. Hopefully Nucifora won't be involved with the team next year.

    Playing Ireland before New Zealand will be good. If we want any chance of beating New Zealand, we will be better off with a tough game to harden the team up beforehand.
  5. TOCC Guest

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    Hmmm this will be on the same time as the Lions tour. Should be interesting :/
  6. rugbywatch Larry Dwyer (12)

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    Possible Australian Team:

    1. Allan Alaalatoa
    2. Maile Ngauamo
    3. Pettowa Paraka
    6. Curtis Browning (C)
    7. Tom Cusack
    8. Sean McMahon
    9. Scott Malolua
    10. UJ Seutini/ Jake Milne
    11. Lewis Holland
    12. Allan Faavalaau
    13. Chris F'Sautia
    14. Alex Northam

    Andrew Ready
    Phil Kite
    Oli Hoskins
    Silalotu Latu
    Sam Reiser
    Jock Merriman
  7. churchills cigar Peter Burge (5)

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    You can scratch;
    McMahan, Holland, Faavalaau,
    New edict from Anthony Eddy at ARU HQ, sevens players are in eligible/ not allowed to play 20's due to the impending Sevens World Cup
  8. Forcefield Desmond Connor (43)

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    Four out of five of last year's props are still eligible but Gary Neugebauer might be a good option. Latu is still eligible and I remember him being really good last year- good enough to be the starting 1.
  9. Hugh Jarse Rocky Elsom (76)

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    Hugh Roach would still be eligible by age wouldn't he?

    Has he filled out any? I got the feeling that he will be a little too small for a successful future in the front row. A modern day Adam Freier?
  10. Forcefield Desmond Connor (43)

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    Hugh Roach is turning 21 next year so unfortunately not. Here is last seasons team:

    Full NameDOB (AGE)CMKGCLUBPosition
    Allan Alaalatoa 28/01/1994(18) 181 128 West Harbour Prop
    Oli Hoskins 06/03/1993(19) 190 122 Manly Prop
    Silatolu Latu 23/02/1993(19) 175 110 Sydney University Prop
    Les Makin 02/01/1992(20) 174 111 Queanbeyan Prop
    Pettowa Paraka 16/11/1993(18) 175 115 Easts Prop
    Maile Ngauamo 15/08/1993(19) 182 103 Sunnybank Hooker
    Hugh Roach 11/09/1992(20) 170 101 Eastwood Hooker
    Steven Cummins 29/03/1992(20) 201 113 Eastwood Lock
    Jed Holloway 02/11/1992(19) 196 108 Southern Districts Lock
    Sam Jeffries 20/05/1992(20) 201 117 Sydney University Lock
    Sam Reiser 06/11/1993(18) 199 96 Queensland University Lock
    Curtis Browning 30/10/1993(18) 188 106 Queensland University Flanker
    Thomas Cusack 01/03/1993(19) 190 95 Canberra Flanker
    Liam Gill 08/06/1992(20) 184 96 Sunnybank Flanker
    Sean McMahon 18/06/1994(18) 185 91 GPS Ashgrove Flanker
    Benn Melrose 24/10/1992(19) 189 95 Sydney University Flanker
    Nicholas Frisby 29/10/1992(19) 185 80 GPS Ashgrove Scrumhalf
    Matt Lucas 29/01/1992(20) 175 78 Sunnybank Scrumhalf
    Jock Merriman 21/08/1993(19) Sydney University Scrumhalf
    Kyle Godwin 30/07/1992(20) 187 91 Associates Flyhalf
    UJ Seuteni 09/12/1993(18) 185 90 Easts Flyhalf
    Allan Faalavaau 15/11/1993(18) 169 82 Endeavour Hills Centre
    Con Foley 19/09/1992(20) 187 86 Queensland University Centre
    Apo Latunipulu 15/04/1992(20) 178 94 Southern Districts Centre
    Chris Sautia 17/11/1993(18) 181 88 Souths Centre
    Lindsay Crook 02/11/1992(19) 186 93 Queensland University Wing
    James Dargaville 25/04/1992(20) 186 91 Sydney University Wing
    Lewis Holland 14/01/1993(19) 181 79 Queanbeyan Wing
    Alexander Northam 04/03/1993(19) 180 85 Manly Wing

    The age eligible players are in bold.
  11. Bowside Peter Johnson (47)

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    Will the backrow be:
    6. Browning
    7. McMahon
    8. Cusack

    A likely addition is Ben Meehan at either halfback or flyhalf. Signed with the reds academy from the storm U20.
  12. Caputo Alfred Walker (16)

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    I do not want to open a hornets nest by comparing our coaching set up at AU20 with comparisions to NZ or Eng. I think we should be attempting to mirror the Wallaby set up.

    We should start by having a Scrum Coach. Maybe Cam Blades and I would love S Larkham as Backs coach in 2014 for tournament only complementing his work with Brumbies.
  13. Caputo Alfred Walker (16)

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    What are our Lock/Second Row stocks looking like?
  14. Jets Geoff Shaw (53)

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    Henry Taefu is an option at 12. Played really well for Sunnybank, mostly in Premier Grade, in 2012 after returning from league with Parra and the Bronco's. He's in the train on squad from what I hear.
  15. Forcefield Desmond Connor (43)

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    I think that 20 year olds only should be considered for squad positions in the second row.

    I doubt that will happen. We have a guy called Corey Thomas (19 next year I think) in our academy. Might be worth a go.
  16. Caputo Alfred Walker (16)

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    Is Willie Skelton eligible this year?
  17. Lee Grant John Eales (66)

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    You mean in 2013?

    No - he turned 20 in March this year.

    Incidentally, he represented Samoa in the 2011 tournament.
  18. Lee Grant John Eales (66)

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    One of the reasons given in the forum - as to why the 2012 team was so crap - was because our team was so young - and it was such because the older eligible players were not up to much.

    Who can forget that an U/18 England Schools team had beaten an Oz U/19 team at Rushcutters Bay in 2011? Not me; I was there. Yet this was ostensibly the seed team of the U/20 squad in 2012.

    I hope we get an experience dividend from those young 2012 guys in 2013.
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  19. qwerty51 Jason Little (69)

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    Any news on the new coach? We really should have an assembled squad training already, most counties have.
  20. Iluvmyfooty Phil Hardcastle (33)

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    There are squads training in Qld and NSW and I believe in other states as well. In Nsw we have had two sessions in December and more to follow in January and February. Three sides will be selected fopr matches in early April - NSW, Qld and a Barbarians side. Each sid ewill play the other two once. A final squad will be selcted after these games.

    As an aside a number of the NSW U20 candidates are playing a sevens game against the Oz U18 7's at Riverview on Saturday at 3pm

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