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2017 Schools Debating (NSW)

Discussion in 'Everything Else' started by ca1cu1us, Mar 6, 2017.

  1. Tuamasaga Bob McCowan (2)

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    CAS 1sts lose to Archdale in a unanimous decision. All CAS speakers bar 1st were quite disappointing, even considering the calibre of opposition they faced. Completely failed to grasp the most important aspects of the debate, which Archdale 2nd and 3rd speakers exploited well. CAS 1st speaker was also poor, especially compared to Monday, but his faults were largely the responsibility of the team, so I don't think he could have done much more with what he had. CAS 3rd speaker from Monday absent again. I wonder if it's a smart idea selecting boys who are unwilling sacrifice even 2 hours out of their HSC schedule.
  2. Tuamasaga Bob McCowan (2)

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    Ultimately a disappointing Reps season for CAS, and it was clear that there are many problems that need fixing from the top down. The 5-round-season is nowhere near enough to prepare the speakers for Reps debates, especially considering not many CAS schools get past the octo-finals of ISDA. Perhaps a combined CAS-GPS competition would help the two associations compete against CHS and Archdale. 12 debates is very long, I know, but I think any solution which gives CAS debaters more than 5 debates would be beneficial, especially since debates against Waverley (and sometimes Trinity) generally turn out to be of extremely low quality. A trial system for selection into CAS Reps teams would obviously benefit them immensely. With the sheer number of debaters in Knox, Barker and Aloys, and the quality of coaching they have, even scrapping the quota system for weaker schools could see CAS compete much more strongly. Many debaters from Cranbrook, Waverley and Trinity who wouldn't be there if the school quota wasn't in place. Same goes for debaters from Knox, Barker and Aloys during their weaker years, with the unwritten rule of having at least 2 speakers from the 3 schools in the CAS 1sts being respected too much. However, there are some positives going into next year. Barker with James Leeder and Knox with Clyde Welsh are going to be competitive next year, especially considering the Knox and CAS Captain is only in Year 10. Barker were unlucky not to progress further in ISDA, and Knox will only look to improve upon their achievement of reaching the Semi-Finals. Cranbrook, unfortunately, did not have any Year 11s in their 1sts so it remains to be seen how competitive they will be next year. Congratulations to Archdale for winning the 1sts Competition. Does anyone know the result of the entire competition?
  3. ThatWasTheJoke Peter Burge (5)

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    The CAS and GPS comps are predicated on historical competition and tradition not a desire to win an ultimately meaningless 'reps' comp. Also it will literally never happen, probably for the best.

    CAS will probably always be worse than the other comps for structural reasons.
    - CHS has an insanely intelligent pool of talent through selective schools and particular powerhouses like SBHS and SGHS
    - Archdale is like 20 schools
    - GPS is the most similar to CAS, yet has more schools and of course Syd Grammar whose consistent output is probably the discriminant

    I don't CAS results are the end of the world

    Also mate you are being rather rude. Debating takes a lot of courage and its not really helpful to kids self-esteem to be endlessly criticising them. Making it too reps is an achievement in and of itself and everyone who competed should be proud of themselves.

    GPS 1's lost to CHS 2-1
    GPS 2's lost to CHS 3-0 (On the topic, "Indigenous Australians should not support constitutional recognition if it means no change")

    So final standings


    And I think that wraps up another delightful year of debating!
  4. #1 Rugby Fan Bob McCowan (2)

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    Archdale had a fantastic season, going undefeated in both firsts and seconds (seconds losing not one judge, and firsts losing 2 altogether)! Huge props to the girls for a brilliant reps comp.

    CHS I believe won 2 of their debates in 1sts and 2 in 2nds--also a pretty excellent season all in all with two great teams.

    Notably both have a fair few debaters not in Year 12 who will undoubtedly be back in state squad next year and will be back for reps again. Daniel Yim from GPS will also make his 3rd appearance in reps next year.

    Commiserations to GPS and CHS, noting GPS firsts had splits in all their decisions and were by no means a weak team.

    Good luck to the Year 12 debaters, I'm sure we'll be seeing more of them in uni debating!
  5. ca1cu1us Frank Nicholson (4)

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    Does dropping judges matter though in reps. I know it does for wsdc rankings but isnt reps just points for wins? Also to respond to some other points raised on this page, firstly people need to stop overrating the value that big name coaches provide. I've seen some teams have some amazing debaters for coaches but it not pan out in terms of results but also because all the other schools get big name coaches as well. Archdale in particular benefits from being on tuesdays and being able to grab coaches from GPS/CAS schools. Secondly people are taking school debating wayyyy too seriously. People have all of uni to be disappointed and cynical about debating. Finally also good luck to year 12s with their HSC.
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  6. rowerforlife Peter Burge (5)

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    So now the only reps season is the JSDC (Junior State Debating Championships). To my understanding it is only for public schools in yr 9 and 10. How does this whole competition work? Who are in the teams? etc.

    I figured this comp might be a good indicator of the strength of CHS debating in the next few years.

    Any enlightening knowledge will be appreciated
  7. ca1cu1us Frank Nicholson (4)

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    Only one student per school can be in a jsdc team and students can only participate once. So the top speakers will either make an appearance in y9 or y10 if they do. It also means zones like western Sydney could have stronger teams than they actually put up given the consolidation of talent and so it's not a good indicator of future strength. Even for Sydney v Northern Sydney, some students are put in y9 so they don't miss out in y10 when they'd be stronger
  8. jimmydubs Dave Cowper (27)

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    Ah I clicked on this thread thinking it had (nsfw) debating in the title. (NSW) and actual debating.
    Wow I didn't think I'd find that on the internet today.
  9. rowerforlife Peter Burge (5)

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    So that means that the winners are generally the regions with the most/best selective schools ie Sydney and North Sydney? I'd imagine that any speakers from schools in these areas would probably being looking at CHS or state squad reps next year (especially those from SBHS/SGHS).
  10. MiscDebater Frank Row (1)

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  11. Shortrep Peter Burge (5)

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