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AIC Rugby 2017

Discussion in 'Schoolboy Rugby' started by Hugh Jarse, Nov 19, 2016.

  1. Happyman Larry Dwyer (12)

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    This is my opinion after the weekend but as they say everyone has one.
    1. Tuqiri - Ash great ball player but workmate is always an issue.
    2. St Pats - I have seen him twice and he has not stood out they could go many ways either SLC or ASH but as a second year player he will probably get in on reputation.
    3. Villa - I would go with the SLC guy he is technically the best scrummager in AIC.
    4. Padua/Ash Fair Call
    5. Dean - SLC Fair Call
    6. Walter SLC
    7. Ash Best forward in the AIC this year
    8. Connors - SPC Fair Call
    9. Rutherford- SLC
    10. Padua (still to see) Have not seen him but the field is thin
    11. Probably on of the SPC boys, In terms of outright speed the African SLC boy has it but lacks the game play at this stage.
    12. Knop - SPC
    13. Padua (if injured Ash or Villa)
    14. Ash
    15. Steer - Best back in the AIC this year

    Many will disagree however the interesting thing will be if the selectors can look beyond team success at skills or if they just go with the easy solution.

    Also is it just AIC 1 this year or are there two teams picked.
  2. lizzylovers Frank Row (1)

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    I've been a long time reader, but this is my first post. I was attending the PAD vs SPLC game on the weekend, watched Padua's tiny #1 surprisingly holding his own in the scrum. AIC 1??????
  3. Wallabies1 Banned

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    Was a convincing win from Padua. Standouts were 10, 5 and 2. Only conceded points when they gave some of the 2nds boys a run.
  4. Dunc Johnston Frank Nicholson (4)

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    It will be interesting to see which of this years crop make the jump to prem colts next year. The last few years, particularly at GPS we haven't seen the transition of too many school players into quality prem colts players, many of the ashgrove boys would prefer to spend a Friday/Saturday night in Caxton street. I know Souths have the same problem with the lauries boys and the lower grade culture at souths, perhaps it is too big a jump for some boys and gets filed in the too hard basket, I understand a few of the ambitious players from lauries are looking to go away from souths and a few ashgrove boys have already been approached by clubs other than GPS for next year. Our lower grades at GPS are littered with former schoolboy 'stars' for the same reason - playing up is in the too hard basket and often its boys from the 2nds and 3rds who are working harder and playing up the grades. Brothers are right up there at the moment with prem colts - majority of their players are ironically Padua and St Pats boys (amongst the standard Nudgee influx) - making the transition from a very good school program and taking that into colts. I wonder if any of the AIC players will get a look in with QLD u20s next year?
  5. Vik Herbert Moran (7)

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    I find it interesting when someone's team loses they come on here and blame the ref. Villa had a yellow card for obstruction (pretty sure) so they were down a man for ten minutes and still won - don't think the Ref favoured Villa in that one - always decisions made by refs people disagree with and always things Refs miss - on both sides - the refs are neutral - Villa won because they kept competing . Simple.
  6. Vik Herbert Moran (7)

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    The only comment here is that if the Padua 13 is injured then the Villa 13 and Ash 13 last round match up should show what's what. The Villa 13 (Matt Winsbury) is a big body with strong ball carries - he always makes meters over the ad line. And scored the winning try at the death on Saturday carrying defenders over the line in a big pressure situation. To be fair I haven't seen the Ash 13 play this year - so I look forward to that last round to see who dominates . Should be good.

    Agree with most of the calls here of the teams I've seen. Pats 8 should get the gig but I would find a spot for the Villa 3 on the bench - he was their best and fairest last year I think and has played well.
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  7. midas Stan Wickham (3)

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    Refs are neutral? Ha! That's a good one!!! Too many times I have seen 'old boys' refereeing their old school or the Assistant referee affiliated with one of the schools they are refereeing for. Some refs are just blatant one-sided others the other way, they are too hard on their own team alliances. Most don't mean it but unfortunately it is just the way it is
  8. Vik Herbert Moran (7)

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    I guess you make a point - however No refs equals No game - they are drawn from an ever shrinking pool of people who want to do it - mainly because they cop so much crap from people who are themselves one eyed and can't see that most Refs just try to do the best they can. Refs are appointed as neutral refs for all 1stXV games. AIC makes a point of it. Calling a ref biased in those games is a cop out. Do they make mistakes ? Yes absolutely. Do they do it intentionally ? Unlikely.

    My point was related to bleating about ref / red bashing from previous post - blaming the ref is the oldest whinge in the book.
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  9. midas Stan Wickham (3)

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    I agree that it is a very hard job and thankless most of the time. My boys always shake the referees hands after every game. They have been taught to respect the position.

    I have witnessed this year openly biased assistant refereeing (not First XV). It is not worth mentioning the game but the home crowd were encouraging the referee and he was responding to the crowd verbally. Luckily it did not cost the visitors a win. Last year an ' old boy' referee ignored a blatant knock on in front of the whole crowd that cost the visitors a win and premiership (again not First XV). The home supporters were embarrassed with the call. It happens at every game and unfortunately the refereeing standard is very poor. I agree that most do not do it intentionally it is just very very hard whereas it is easy from the bleachers.
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  10. Fisherman123 Frank Row (1)

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    AIC 1 Prediction

    1. Ash/ SPC
    2. SPC/Ash
    3. Villa/SLC (best scrummager in Aic)
    4. Padua
    5. Ash
    6. Ash/Iona 8
    7. Ash
    8. SPC
    9. SLC/SPLC/Ash
    10. Padua/Ash
    11. Padua 15/SPLC
    12. Ash 13/ Villa
    13. Padua / ash 15
    14. Ash
    15. SLC

    Considering Ash are on top they will have the majority of the players. Also haven't seen Eddies play but I'm guessing they will only have 1 or 2 in the team
  11. Dicky Fish Frank Row (1)

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    You say that villa were down a man for 10 minutes and still won. I was watching the game and Iona were given two yellow cards, one wrongfully given in my eyes and the second nobody knew why it was given. I'm not trying to blame anyone I just thought Iona were unlucky with a lot of the decisions on the day but I guess that's how the cookie crumbles isn't it.
  12. Framework Frank Row (1)

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    AIC 1 Prediction
    1. ASH- Emosi
    2. SPC
    3. SEC
    4. PAD- young grade 11 guy Harry Fox?
    5. ASH- Carroll
    6. SLC- Sheenan
    7. ASH
    8. SPC
    9. SLC- Rutherford
    10. ASH
    11. PAD- Attwood
    12. SPC- Morne Knop
    13. PAD (if he is fit)
    14. PAD 15
    15. SLC

    Id say there could be a few villa boys in there, along with a hand full of Ashgrove, Padua and Lauries boys to fill up the squad
  13. AliBarber Bob McCowan (2)

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    Emosi is obviously very talented, but wouldn't last a full Rep Game at Prop, and he isn't fit enough to be a genuine loose forward. I would rather see their young Rozka get the nod ahead of him. He is strong enough to play prop and fast enough to play loose and he is there for a full game.
    The Padua Centres have probably been the best combination week in and week out. They rattled MCA in defense and in the 2 games I've watched Marist, MCA v Pad, MCA v SPC, their outside centre doesn't know how to pass the ball. MCA have had a glut of good quality ball, and yet it stops at the fullback or No.13. I believe their centres are average in defense and average in attack for the amount of good go forward ball they receive. The MCA forwards are outstanding, their inside backs are safe, Padua showed the MCA fullback doesn't like sustained pressure. The MCA Wingers are extremely fast but don't see any ball. I don't think MCA would like to play Padua a second time around. The MCA Forwards have dominated and from all reports their backs have squandered a lot of quality ball.
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  14. pundit Herbert Moran (7)

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    Couple of AIC boys playing Origin tonight - Cronk (Lauries) & Napa (Pats). Who's going to be the next QLD origin rep?
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  15. Happyman Larry Dwyer (12)

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    Games This Weekend
    SPLC V Villa My Pick Villa
    SPC V Iona My Pick SPC at Home It will be old boys day so it could get a bit excitable.
    Padua V SLC SLC in a close hard fought affair.
    ASH v SEC ASH by a big marginal at home
  16. Galloper Alfred Walker (16)

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    Ali, I've only seen a few MCA games but I'm not sure you're right about the MCA wingers being starved of the ball.

    Firstly, if you were at the SPC game you would have seen the MCA 14, Van Dugteren, get more ball than I've seen a right winger get in years, scoring 2 tries and making break after break.

    Secondly, I thought I read that the MCA 11, Woodsy, got 3 tries against SLC.

    I agree that this isn't a vintage year for centres at MCA, but Shaun Anderson at 13 had a blinder in the SPC game and apparently went really well again v SLC. He was average at 12 v Padua but has really come on since then.

    Next year should see this year's MCA wingers in the centres, with Woodsy at 12 and Van Dugteren at 13, and if so they will be bloody hard to contain.

    I also think that Bucknell is getting judged pretty harshly this year, possibly because so much was expected of him after a dominant 2016. Pretty sure you'll see him at 15 again for AIC, with the smaller, quicker 15 from Lauries on the wing.
  17. Big J with all the info Frank Row (1)

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    They say when the tide rises, the boats are lifted. The question on everyone's mind is whether AIC 1's tide, James "The Stone" Livingstone is gonna create a tsunami to drive the domination of the other 14 prestigious AIC 1 players. James Livingstone will electrify the atmosphere by creating text book plays and elevating the quality of the 14 other gladiators on his chariot of fire. I'll leave you with this warning.
    You can't stop him; you can only hope to contain him.

    Big j with all the info,

    Signing off.
  18. KFC Stan Wickham (3)

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    Roy, Roy, Roy, clearly your brown and gold coloured glasses are a little bit blurry old chap because from what I can see the St Peter's round was quite disastrous for your beloved Padua. With only 9 wins from the 26 on offer one could hardly call it a success - a farce really. And that undermanned ATC 9B team, well they must have been really struggling to only come away with an 18 point win.

  19. pundit Herbert Moran (7)

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    Helps when they play A teams in a B competition. Peters need to sort this out and focus on developing their program. It's an embarrassment to the competition.
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  20. Royalderry Peter Burge (5)

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    A teams will beat B teams as a general rule - SPLC were not able to field an A side in some age levels - not a strong rugby program by any standards - that much is clear - thanks for your interest

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