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AUS Tour to NZ 2016

Discussion in 'Cricket' started by Quick Hands, Jan 25, 2016.

  1. Grant NZ Jimmy Flynn (14)

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    I dunno why the 3rd Ump can't have sole authority on front foot no-balls. They've got the tech, they've got the time. And it would mean the ump in the middle doesn't have to shift his gaze which would help him judge things better at the other end.

    It does seem a bit rough on Smith to be honest, the only thing he did wrong was shake his head a bit. I know they're tougher on captains, but still that's pretty weak.
  2. Braveheart81 Rocky Elsom (76)

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    I'm pretty sure they did stay out for the extra half an hour (I think you can do that prior to the close of any session if you think a result is likely) but they didn't get there so they went to lunch.

    I agree that it is silly. The way to avoid it (in most situations) would be to make it possible to prolong a session indefinitely if both captains agree.

    You'd imagine in that situation where the result was certain that neither captain would have wanted to go off and delay the inevitable.
  3. Teh Other Dave Phil Hardcastle (33)

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    A one match suspension should be the starting point for the sort of behaviour displayed by Hazelwood and Smith. Hazelwood was completely out of line, and Smith should have reined him in. And then for Warner to have a teary about the crowd jeering him - if you're going to display the mental age and emotional development of SK Warne (i.e. 14 years), at least you could perform like he did.
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