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Aussie Towns Trivia

Discussion in 'Everything Else' started by yourmatesam, Jan 12, 2012.

  1. Almost 2 old Chris McKivat (8)

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    Graben Gullen. Yep . It's a real town with a hotel called the Albion and if you're going from Gunning to Binda you would go through it unless you got lost and then Christ knows where you would end up. It did have a gem stone festival but I don't know whether it still runs. It's up around the 3000 ft mark so it will snow there and there's plenty of sheep in case you needed to ask. For Rugby you would need to go to Crookwell. For MILFS I would steer clear of Crookwell as that is the home of some of the most unattractive women I have ever seen. The pub serves tucker and the locals are interesting in a good way, but, be careful because if you go outside and listen carefully you can hear the sound of them banjos on the breeze.
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  2. Aussie D Dick Tooth (41)

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    Niagara Park, NSW. Another Central Coast town, though this one is inland a bit. On the train line between Lisarow and Narara. Don't think it has a pub, does have a bottle shop. Wouldn't touch the MILFs with a 10 foot pole, haven't had a pie there, but it does have a Sara Lee Factory Outlet. Nearest rugby clubs are Ourimbah and Gosford.
  3. Almost 2 old Chris McKivat (8)

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    Kyalite NSW and for you who are geographically challenged it's not far from Tooliebuc , Balranald & Moolamein and it's on the Edward River not far from where it taps into the Murray. Has a hotel, caravan park ,a couple of houses and a grain handling facility. It was once a port for steamers who plied their transport trade along the rivers. The area has dry land farming (wheat & canola) with some irrigation (rice & citrus) and of course it has sheep. Don't know about MILFs because when I lived there I was only a little kid. Closest rugby would be the Deni Drovers or maybe the Hay Cutters who both play in SIRU comp and are both a good mob of fellas. Plenty of good fishing and water sports. It's just another of those little towns that have nearly been lost & bypassed in today's fast paced world.
  4. Gristlechewer Charlie Fox (21)

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    In the northern corner of this state lies Byron Bay, Kingscliff and Cabarita.
    All beautiful parts of the coast. A little further south, on your way to driving to these places you will have slowed down for the speed cameras at Evans head.
    It has the "Rissol" Club, a pub and a great little pie shop!!!! (He says with a grin on his face!)
    A caravan park that gets packed out in summer, a beach that has the occasional shark attack and a slowly decaying fishing industry are the main things that happen in the 60km zone of the Pacific highway.
    Milf situation occurs only in the Christmas holidays as the main locals are old as buggery.
    Rugby is basically north or south of here. The only thing in common with auburn is speed cameras. People like speed cameras more than auburn
  5. Aussie D Dick Tooth (41)

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    Doyalson, NSW - On the northern end of the Central Coast you will find this suburb. Located on the Pacific Highway is its one saving grace as the place is a complete dump. No surf, sand or mountains to be found. It has an RSL club full of toothless hicks. For rugby head south to the Northlakes rugby club (about 5km) where they are desperate for players.

    Having said all that it still leaves Auburn for dead as it is at least a 10 minute drive away from nicer havens.
  6. Gristlechewer Charlie Fox (21)

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    Named after Laurie Nicholls when he went to Canberra to cheer on the Balmain Tigers when they played in the snow and Laurie stood around shadow boxing in his singlet!!!!
    This place encapsulates Canberra perfectly...


    It is as boring as batshit!
    Filled full of boring ugly public servants, just waiting to take early redundancy so as they can go and buy the crappy motel at Hat head/Port Macquarie/Coffs Harbour for their retirement.
    Rugby come courtesy of Gungahlin Eagles. They used to be okay, but everyone just gets beaten by Tuggeranong these days. The comp doesn't seem to be as strong as it used to be in any way shape or form. Lots of Brumby hopefuls move down there and just get eaten up by the system.
    Pie shops do not rate around here, either do Milfs.
    Nicholls is nicer than auburn, in a weird way, kinda like self flagellation

    As an aside to @Aussie D. How come every girl you picked up from the Doyle lived in the opposite direction to which you were going??? Swansea!!! Gwandalan! Even one from Jewells town !!!!
    Long hitch hikes home if you gave the mates the car to get home :/
  7. Aussie D Dick Tooth (41)

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    Never picked anything up from Doyalson. The RSL used to have a decent buffet (long gone now) and cheap beer. I remember going to watch the Waters boys and Bill Mirovic box and some live wrestling back in the day. Funniest thing I saw there was one night a couple of the toothless hags beat up one of the wrestlers on the side of the ring.
  8. Aussie D Dick Tooth (41)

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    Swansea NSW - Known for its fishing (wouldn't go swimming in the channel as it is probably going for a swim in Ballina). Where the Pacific Highway meets Newcastle. Not much in this town except for a drawbridge and McDonalds. Folks wanting to escape Auburn go swimming in the channel (j/k).
  9. Gristlechewer Charlie Fox (21)

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    Drive on for 2 hours along the Great Ocean Road from Geelong (I proposed to the barmaid in the Barwon Club Hotel there) and you will come across the hamlet of Apollo Bay.
    There is not much about the place,as it isn't the holiday destination like Lorne, but lots of people drive past there. A good golf course and the strangely named Apollo Bay Hotel. Obviously couldn't think up a good name like the Royal or The Grand. I digress.
    This place gets the MILF factor in summer and is a totally non Rugby area.
    It does have ONE glaring thing going in the Pie stakes as they are regarded as shithouse! No if's or but's. Too many people have trashed them, so try at your own risk. Some wag said that they also make a scallop pie. That is sacrilege to a pie and to the humble scallop. Like putting tomato sauce on chicken. Uncouth and uneducated.
    auburn springs to mind when you put tomato sauce on chicken
  10. Hugh Jarse Rocky Elsom (76)

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    Yatala, QLD. Heaven to some as it is home to the world famous Yatala Pies, and the former Powers Brewery, now in the hands of mega brewers CUB. Rugby options are aplenty with Coomera Crushers, Helensvale Hogs, Nerang Bulls and a couple of others nearby for your enjoyment. It's more of a place to pass through whilst enroute between BrisVegas and the Goldie than somewhere to stay, however it is a far more attractive prospect to stay in than it's namesake in Adelaide - the Yatala Prison.
  11. yourmatesam Bob Davidson (42)

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    Alfredtown, NSW. Home of the Shanty Ice Cream Parlour. Located approx 15mins from Wagga between Borambola and Forest Hill. There was a pub here but the Shanty closed a few years ago now. No pies, no milfs, nearest rugby club either Wagga City or Wagga Waratahs.
  12. yourmatesam Bob Davidson (42)

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    Alfredtown, NSW. Home of the Shanty Ice Cream Parlour and former home of the Shanty Pub. No pies, no milfs, nearest rugby prospects are either Wagga City or Wagga Waratahs although the Boiled Lollies probably have this neck of the woods stitched up.
  13. Gristlechewer Charlie Fox (21)

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    That little place of plastic, the Gold Coast lies home to Nobby Beach. As a young guy, I stayed in the Miami Car O Tel the next suburb south , which was a really cool caravan park.. Its still there. Same trailers. Same oldies, but Nobby is new plastic. Plastic boobs, plastic faces, plastic butts. Just plastic. The MILF factor is massive, with lots of nice pneumatic mummies everywhere, but watch for the new breed of Sugar daddy though young fellas as they are either bikies or russian.
    Rugby comes from the local GCDRU comp which is pretty average as far as standards go, as any decent kid is gobbled up into the reds system that then turns them into average players. They do have some okay teams in the local with the Alley Gators being of some strength a long time ago.
    The genuine shining light is in the tucker stakes, which the gold coast has never been known as a culinary destination, but beachside breakfasts of plates of healthy and not so healthy abound. If you aren't satisfied with your brekkie, just go next door to the next cafe. They will sate your needs. But to the real gem of the gold coast.. The pie.

    Not just any pie, but Quinnies Pies.
    These delicacies lay only but 4 km down the road. I would gladly walk barefoot on a 39c day to get a Quinny! They are nigh on the best I have ever consumed with the Pepper steak being my choice, with a Bundy Ginger beer chaser. No Gristle, just the perfect blend of steak mince and gravy. It is very popular with the surfie crew, the tradies flock there for smoko and the afternoon tea family pies sell out quickly. Worth a trip to queensland just for the pie.

    It seems auburn has found the gold coast. But the gold coast has always had duck creek too.
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  14. Baldric Jim Clark (26)

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    Heathcote - Vic

    The sign says its the heart of Victoria. If thats the case then Victoria has died. That said this is one of the greatest wine areas in Australia. make that red wine, no, make that shiraz. A line of red cambrian soil runs down the middle of the the Heathcote wine area which produces some of the better examples of shiraz in Aus.

    If you want a pie with your red then this town is well covered. It has two pie shops. My favorite is the chicken pie from the shop next to the estate agent. No idea what its called. If anyone needs to know I will report back.

    As for milf, well as one local said to me there is Heathcote High Tea and there is Heathcote no teeth. I have only come across the no teeth variety and frankly I will be getting my jollies elsewhere.

    If it rugby you want, then you are spoiled for choice. Up in Bendigo you have the Miners. Over in Puckapunyal you have the army team and then over in Shepparton there is also a team.
  15. HJ Nelson Cyril Towers (30)

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    Thanks for the tip, will definitely check them out. They apparently also have a shop in Ashmore, if you are homesick for Auburn
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  16. Gristlechewer Charlie Fox (21)

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    Nestled on the Northern shores of Lake Joondalup in Perths northern suburbs lay Edgewater ( Put a shit load of thought into naming this eh?) An average WA suburb full of ex pats from Seth Efrika and the land of soap dodgers.
    Triple fronted brick veneer and the two car garage abound with a tidy little shopping centre that had no pie shop!
    A quick phone call to Kevvie the chippie from Mundaring and he suggested one in Joondalup called Chopins that do a better than average pie for westralians, but a snot block to kill for!!! A snot block, for the uneducated is a vanilla slice. If you haven't had one, I suggest you try one, A culinary delight :/
    An absolute shitload of MILF factor here though with Joondalup Rugby kinda like the Lindfield juniors before they all head to their respective schools and everyone whinges how they raised gordon juniors, but I digress. lots of hot mums bringing little Oliver or Johannes every Saturday, which leads to Rugby.
    The Joondalup Rugby Club has probably the largest junior base in WA, so they are doing something right, leading to seniors as well. Good on them.
    Would I live there? No, I would end up an alcoholic due to Big Kevvie.
    Would I live in auburn? No, I would end up an alcoholic due to living in auburn.
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  17. Aussie D Dick Tooth (41)

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    Redhead, NSW. A suburb of Newcastle with a nice beach with the same name. Lots of young lasses walking around in string bikinis at this time of year and the odd fish and chip shop to serve your palate. It is amazing to think that Auburn exists in the same country as this place.
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  18. Lindommer Andrew Slack (58)

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    Last game of rugby for the year next week, time to fire up some fun over summer and revive this thread.
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  19. yourmatesam Bob Davidson (42)

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    Daylesford, VIC No idea about milf status or pie status but stoked to see this thread still breathing. Where's HJ and his list of towns? Do we need to refresh the rules?
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  20. Hugh Jarse Rocky Elsom (76)

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    Sidebar: ^^^^ Wait until the season is over before a Town List Consolidation will be published. Look out I've been doing some travelling recently and are loaded up with a stack of interesting place names.

    No I don't think the rules need any changing. From memory:

    Next Town must start with the last letter of the previously nominated Australian town.

    No duplications - That is a Red Card and the entry will not count.

    Yellow Card for any Town that is nominated out of sequence. A Town name listed for yellow card can be used subsequently when the sequence is right.

    Google etc research tools can be used But are not encouraged because it is best if there is a personal link.

    It is not compulsory to mention the towns rugby, wine, beer, pies,proximity to Auburn, milf, or local food delicacies trivia but it helps.
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