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Aussie Towns Trivia

Discussion in 'Everything Else' started by yourmatesam, Jan 12, 2012.

  1. Almost 2 old Chris McKivat (8)

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    Hamilton Vic. For the uninformed it is the home of the "shearer" in Victoria and I was there a week or so ago to see an old employee and "pen mate" who now lives there. Last time I was there was early1984 & not long after the "wide comb strike" but thank god it's calmed down since those days because it was just like a Jimmy Sharman boxing tent back then. Geelong Rams is probably the closest rugby. There is a pie shop in the main street that still serves a good sized beef & mushroom pie and a great vanilla slice. As for MILF's there was a few that caught the eye but nothing spectacular & may near have seen just as many RM's as the " Gristlechewer" recons he saw at Brisveagas.
  2. Gristlechewer Charlie Fox (21)

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    You just have to love a decent road train heading for the Kimberly or flies that are bigger than sparrows (what ever happened to sparrows?).
    Just outside of Gerro in WA is Narngulu it has a rail yard, wheat fields a pub called the bootenal family tavern and flies

    They have a Rugby team. Not just any old Rugby team because they are

    Talk about blowing smoke up their own arses here. One pisshead trip to the Bali 10's in 1987 give them the opportunity to use this name? C'mon lads. Turn it up.

    The pie situation is more than adequately covered with the Batavia Coast Bakery, again going for minimal amounts of flavoured pies on offer, and much to my delight, no chicken pies (may as well be a bloody vegan eating shit like that). The Steak and mushroom was a delight.
    And the MILFS, well there are a lot and I mean a lot of FIFO out of this town, which means that there are bucketloads of unsatisfied yummy mummies doing coffee, aerobics and wandering around the shops in their activewear. Definitely popular on the 50 shades series here. Quite a few with accents too.
    Way better accents than auburn
  3. Baldric Jim Clark (26)

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    Upwey - Vic

    Quaint suburb of Melbourne nestled beneath the mighty Mt Dandenong. Closest rugby would be down in Endeavour Hills (not a well named suburb as I have never seen any endeavour there) or if you are happy with Div 2 then head off to Croydon and join Maroondah Rugby Club.

    Out of Baldric's gastronomic and mating area for him to post anything useful re pies or MILF status.
  4. Gristlechewer Charlie Fox (21)

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    It had to happen. Somewhere close to auburn. shit.
    Just down the road from duck creek lay Yennora. Home to a wool store lots of heavy industry and not much else in the way of excitement.
    The closest pubs would be the Brown Jug or the Chezzo which, once were hard drinking pubs are now nothing more than pokie dens. Do I hear the whitlams singing "blow up the pokies"? I wish.
    The Mighty Two Blues reign supreme 'round here as far as Rugby goes and are doing a brilliant job staving off mungoball for a lot of young men and women. Keep fighting the fight Craig et al!!!!
    Can't really state too much on the MILF or pie scene due to not partaking of anything in the area. But I wholeheartedly recommend The M2B Burger as well as the schnitty at the footy. Served with love by hard working mums in the kiosk and cooked by blokes that go to the ground every week. and see less than 10 minutes of footy. These people are the backbone of Rugby and should be feted more often. It was last year that one of the mums forsake watching her son play lower grades as the rest of the girls were flat out. She just asked to be kept up to date with the score. Angel.
    There aren't any angels just up the road in auburn
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  5. Baldric Jim Clark (26)

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    Avalon - Vic. Down near Geelong. Famous for having an airport that no-one goes to. The drive to Avalon from Melbourne takes longer than the flight to your destination. Hemmed in by the Shell refinery and the sewage farm means that Avalon boasts clean air for at least one day in the year. Close to Geelong Grammar if you want to watch some schoolboy rugby in the morning. In the arvo you can wander over to watch the Geelong Rams play in the 2nd Div comp.
  6. Gristlechewer Charlie Fox (21)

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    Used to be average, now slightly above average. One of the inner city 'burbs on the nice side of the valley of fortitude and going upwards in dollar value every minute.

    Big issues in this part of town as you have an absolute shitload of places that bake stuff. But not a decent pie amongst it. Chester Street bakery will make you a Key Lime Pie that you would gladly kill Jimmy Buffett for, but, their meat pies are shit. Brewbakers are the same , with bagels and sourdough, but no dogs eyes. This just goes to show that the supposed gentrification of the inner city has two edges to it.
    The pubs are all gastro pubs now that are more interested in mojitos than XXXX.
    I suppose thats why the closest Rugby would be generated by Brothers RU. Bastards.
    These no hopers have supplied a few decent players in their time such as some bloke called Eales and for the inattentive, a wonderful school teacher by the name of Des Connor, who had the absolute honour of captaining BOTH Australia and the all blacks. He also taught a lot of young men the love of the game. As I said. Bastards.

    Back to Newstead.
    With the homogenisation of the town along comes the Lorna Jane activewear and some veeeeerrrryyyyyy fit mums, whose kids go to BGS or Terrace. They love it when the lads play "the new school" down at Southport as they can visit the holiday apartment and get some more Botox.
    Auburn could use some Botox, but you'd never see it
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  7. Gristlechewer Charlie Fox (21)

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    To make amends I give you


    On the Daly river, it is the airport (if you can call it that) and surrounding suburb.
    You get Crocs, Barra, sweat, bogans, women that fight better than me (or you) and more sweat. Don't know about the food and footy stakes as this is a transient town more than anything and dress regulations for a "formal function" means that you wear your newest HIgh Vis.
    MILF factor is mentioned above and is at your peril, just like auburn

    Follow back on with D from Newstead and sorry about that @hughjarse
  8. Hound Fred Wood (13)

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    Urandangi - Western QLD alway on the weather for one of the hotest places in QLD
  9. Mr Doug Dick Tooth (41)

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    Hound, there is also a Urandangie near Guyra in NSW, which would mean that it is probably one of the coldest places in NSW, in winter.
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  10. Gristlechewer Charlie Fox (21)

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    Lets start with the pubs. None.
    Closest decent one is at Yandina with a half decent feed.
    Next is the pie shops. None.
    A gem is just down the road at Nambour called Swagmans.
    Definitely not top 20, but a good feed all the same, without the crust being overdone. They stick to the basics but do a couple of chicken pies, so they go down a bit in my eyes.
    Rugby will be supported by either Noosa or Brothers Sunny Coast as there isn't much out here as it has a bad image.
    The worst image at Image Flat comes from the NILF factor, yes, please read that as NILF because there is none I'd like to.
    auburn sprang to mind as I wrote this.
  11. Baldric Jim Clark (26)

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    Toorak - Vic

    MILF factor off the scale in this well heeled suburb of Melbourne. I doubt they have seen a pie here for years, unless it was a lobster pie and had an upper crust. Rugby would be at Melbourne Rugby Club of course. Home of the mighty Unicorns and current Dewar Shield holders.

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