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Aussies Abroad Best XV

Discussion in 'Rugby Discussion' started by Rebels3, Sep 14, 2018.

  1. Rebels3 Nicholas Shehadie (39)

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    With plenty of chat going on with WSR, a potential Western Sydney team, plus general chit chat on players moving abroad in droves and people saying we have numerous teams worth of talent overseas, so i thought id put together a few XV's of players abroad just to see exactly what it would look like. Feel free to adjust or remind me of players that could/should be near the the XV

    I'm sure i have missed some obvious ones and also had a bit of trouble in the front row (hence some creativity with some TH at LH). I also tried to avoid players that were contracted to Super Rugby deals this year and have headed overseas during the offseason to return to Super Rugby next season

    Best XV

    1 T Smith (Hurricanes)
    2 T Polota-Nau (Leicester)
    3 M Alaatoa (Crusaders)
    4 J Horwill (Harlequins)
    5 W Skelton (Saracens)
    6 S Fardy (Leinster)
    7 L Gill (Lyon)
    8 S McMahon (Suntory)
    9 N White (Exeter)
    10 J Lance (Worcester)
    11 L Morahan (Bristol)
    12 M Toomua (Leicester)
    13 J Tomane (Leinster)
    14 T Naiyaravoro (Northampton)
    15 J O'Connor (Sale)

    Second XV

    1 S Fa'agase (Canterbury)
    2 J Hanson (Gloucester)
    3 G Holmes (Exeter)
    4 K Douglas (Bordeaux)
    5 L Jones (Bordeaux)
    6 D Dennis (Exeter)
    7 G Smith (Bristol)
    8 L Timani (La Rochelle)
    9 N Stirzacker (Bristol)
    10 M Harris (Toshiba)
    11 B Connor (Bordeaux)
    12 K Godwin (Connacht)
    13 B Tapui (Harlequins)
    14 P Betham (Clermont)
    15 J Mogg (Pau)


    1 C Ah-Nau (Zebre)
    2 J Ulugia (Clermont)
    3 S Ma'afu (Leicester)
    4 S Timani (Clermont)
    5 R Arnold (Yamaha)
    6 B Mowen (Pau)
    7 C Faingaa (Connacht)
    8 L Houston (Bordeaux)
    9 N Frisby (Glasgow)
    10 J McIntrye (Agen)
    11 E Nabuli (Bordeaux)
    12 M Giteau (Suntory)
    13 Z Holmes (Toulouse)
    14 C Magnay (Suntory)
    15 J Laloifi (Manawatu)


    1 T Metcher (Seattle)
    2 S Faingaa (London Irish)
    4 S Cummins (Scarletts)
    5 H Pyle (Stade Francais)
    6 C Browning (Oyonnax)
    7 J Butler (Connacht)
    8 T Gray (Toulouse)
    9 B Meehan (London Irish)
    10 B Barnes (Panasonic)
    11 A Ashley-Cooper (Kobelco)
    12 S Johnson (Glasgow)
    13 M Inman (Oyonnax)
    14 D Ioane (Panasonic)
    15 A Kellaway (Northampton)


    4 S Wykes (Sunwolves)
    5 A Toolis (Kurita)
    6 E Quirk (Sunwolves)
    7 J Reid (Ealing)
    8 B Gunter (Panasonic)
    10 D Horwitz (Connacht)
    14 J Placid (Toulon)
    15 P Asquith (Scarletts)
  2. Mr Wobbly Nev Cottrell (35)

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    Your First XV back row might even have the edge over the Wallabies equivalents.

    I reckon Telusa Veainu would make the seconds on either wing :)
  3. Brumby Runner Nick Farr-Jones (63)

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    Is Peter Kimlin still playing somewhere?
  4. WorkingClassRugger Paul McLean (56)

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    There's actually a whole bunch more that aren't on either of those lists. Sam Greene, Jake McIntyre, Andrew Ready to name a few. Plus a heap of guys picked up out of club Rugby.
  5. Bobby Sands Trevor Allan (34)

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    Goes to show how hard it is to be an elite player.
  6. Sir Arthur Higgins Arch Winning (36)

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    i don't really understand why wallabies can't (if they wanted to) select toby smith.
    he's capped for the wallabies. he's in super rugby and his reasons for leaving with valid personal reasons.

    to me it seems stupid. if you have been capped by the wallabies and you want to play super rugby elsewhere (particularly in NZ where player welfare is solid and they produce better props w better training) that should be allowed.
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  7. liquor box Ken Catchpole (46)

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    I hope someone at Ballymore recruitment is crying, or concerned about their ability

    1 S Fa'agase (Canterbury)
    2 J Hanson (Gloucester)
    3 G Holmes (Exeter)
    4 J Horwill (Harlequins)
    5 K Douglas (Bordeaux)
    6 C Browning (Oyonnax)
    7 L Gill (Lyon)
    8 L Houston (Bordeaux)
    9 N Frisby (Glasgow)
    10 B Barnes (Panasonic)
    11 L Morahan (Bristol)
    12 M Harris (Toshiba)
    13 B Tapui (Harlequins)
    14 C Magnay (Suntory)
    15 J O'Connor (Sale)

    Coach- Eddie Jones
  8. WorkingClassRugger Paul McLean (56)

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    You seem unfamiliar with how Rugby in Australia works. Think and the most logical solutions possible. Now do the absolute opposite of that.
  9. Strewthcobber Tony Shaw (54)

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    Every single one of those guys (with the possible exception of Horwill) left to get more money though? And in most cases because these guys couldn't get a Wallaby top-up

    Not sure what the Reds recruitment can do about that?

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  10. Bobby Sands Trevor Allan (34)

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    Gil, Morahan, Magnay
  11. Tangawizi Peter Fenwicke (45)

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    You've got McKibbin & Schatz at London Irish too who get a spot in your 5ths.

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