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Bledisloe # 3 - Saturday 31st October, ANZ Stadium

Discussion in 'Rugby Matches' started by KOB1987, Oct 19, 2020.

  1. KOB1987 Steve Williams (59)

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    A few team predictions for this sneaking through on the Bled 2 thread, so an opportune time to start this a couple of weeks out.

    Basis Bled 2 team. Assuming Toomua fit and no O/S players:

    13 - OUT: Paisami, IN: Petaia
    15 - OUT: Banks, IN: DHP
    20 - OUT: Wright, IN: Samu
    22 - OUT: Petaia, IN: Lolesio

    If Toomua is out:
    10 - OUT: JOC, IN: Lolesio
    12 - OUT: Toomua, IN: JOC
    22 - OUT: Petaia, IN: Paisami
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  2. Derpus David Codey (61)

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    My team would be:

    Slipper BPA Tupou
    Philip LSL
    Hooper Samu Wilson

    9. White
    10. JOC
    11. MK (be surprised if he's ever that bad again)
    12. Toomua (Simone if injured)
    13. Petaia
    14. Daugunu
    15. DHP

    17. Uelese
    18. AAA
    19. Hosea
    20. Hanigan
    21. Gordon
    22. Paisami
    23. Hodge
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  3. PhilClinton Cyril Towers (30)

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    I'm starting to come around to the thought that we need either Tupou or Wilson on during the final 20mins.

    Our narrow attack was really stifled when those two went off (and losing Toomua didn't help that channel). I'd be tempted to start AAA and have Tupou on at halftime, at least until Rennie feels like Wilson can play 80mins.

    Bringing Samu into the side for Wright possibly changes that scenario a bit.
  4. waiopehu oldboy David Wilson (68)

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    Copied from the Bled2 thread:

    Moody & PU-J have both been cleared of serious damage, Foster is hopeful both of them plus SamW will be on the plane come Sunday. Rieko still to be assessed & as well as ASav Reece & Laulala have babies due very shortly. Foster also hinted they'll take fewer than 46 players now that the match-load has been reduced, saying there's guys better off playing M10 in case they're needed rather than sitting around in Oz. He also said some players might get released to play M10 this week & arrive in Sydney after the main group.
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  5. Merrow Trevor Allan (34)

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    Tupou to the bench. And tell him to make his fucking tackles and ditch the stupid kicks.
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  6. Seb V Tony Shaw (54)

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    Lots of posters having 10/12 Lolesio and JOC.. that channel looks an easy target to attack. Defence too big of a worry there.
    If Lolesio starts it's got to be Simone or Toomua at 12.
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  7. SamoanNo8 Fred Wood (13)

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    What are the prospects of Hodge filling the 12 jersey if Toomua is injured? He is familiar with play-making roles, and a big body to secure the channel defensively. Thoughts?

    I have concerns about a Lolesio-JOC 10-12 combo. Potentially fragile defensively and JOC has been solid in the 10 jersey thus far!
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  8. Froggy Vay Wilson (31)

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    For mine, Lolesio only plays 10 if Toomua is fit and Rennie decides he can do a better job of guiding us around the park than JOC. He definitely needs the experience, the calm head and the strong defence that Toomua provides next to him. JOC did a good job in Bled 1, but I though was a bit disappointing on the weekend. I'm sure Lolesio is potentially a better player, but is he ready for the AB's first up?
    If Toomua is out, JOC definitely stays, and I would bring Simone straight into 12. Hodge may be a safer call, but also imo a negative one, more trying not to lose than trying to win.
    MK had one of the worst I've seen him play, but for mine has enough in the bank to stay in the side, I don't think you'll see that again. At the back Banks is, well, safe as bank ('I'll see myself out) but offers no attacking spark. If DHP is fully fit, I would start him, if not stick with Banks. Maddocks offers that spark, but if the AB's rattle him early it could be a train wreck. Best give him a start against the Argies.
    I am starting to come around to BR's idea of starting AAA at tight head and bringing TT on with 30 to go. The rest of the pack would be unchanged, but Samu and Valetini to the bench in place of Wright and Simmons. Hanigan can move to lock if necessary later in the game.
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  9. KOB1987 Steve Williams (59)

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    Yes, I also have had a rethink about Lolesio. If Toomua is out then just go the straight sub of Simone at 12. Leave Hodgey at 23, he plays a very valuable role there. And one of Lolesio or Harrison would need to be on the bench in case JOC goes down, Hodge could cover there late in the game but I’d hate to see him there for 70 minutes.
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  10. zer0 Bob Davidson (42)

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    IIRC Laumape should also be available for all matches in Australia. Will be interested to see how much -- if any -- game time Akira and Grace get over the next few weeks. Though Grace may be one deemed better off playing M10, after his injury layoff, and be left to next season.
  11. Derpus David Codey (61)

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    Youve already got one giant fucken Blues fluffybunny walking all over us. The rest of em can piss off to the pub, thanks.
  12. Seb V Tony Shaw (54)

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    Simone a straight swap for Toomua if he is injured seems like a better option. Simone has more experience there and I think offers more then Hodge - who I think is a pretty average (but solid) all round player.

    I don't mind Hodge in the 23 for his versatility but I feel he's just there until one of the younger better players break through.

    For me if Toomua is fit then try out Loleiso with JOC on the bench. If Toomua is injured, JOC stays with Lolo on the bench and bring Simone straight in.
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  13. The_Brown_Hornet Michael Lynagh (62)

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    I'm in agreement about Simone in at 12 if MT is crocked. There will be time to experiement with Noah down the track, but we've got a Bled to try and win and keeping JOC at 10 and having a more or less similar 12 seems right. I'd be having a look at Tate for backup 9 too. I've got a feeling that his running game would be useful. He can tackle too.

    For the pigs I wouldn't be changing too much.
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  14. Up the Guts Mark Ella (57)

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    Biggest inclusion I can see for the Wallabies would be George Ayoub in the TMO box. Guy is unashamedly biased.
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  15. VassMan Larry Dwyer (12)

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    Any gossip on whether we are bringing any overseas players back or are we not bothering because of quarantine, release dates and shortened schedule?
  16. Zero_Cool Trevor Allan (34)

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    Back row is still all up in the air, I'd love to see us have complete back row flexibility. But as it stands there's no real predicting the back row.

    I think Lolesio is brought onto the bench and given some burn, to test the Lol'o - 10, O'Connor - 12.
    I don't think Simone is ready to be starting at test level.
    I'd go with 10 - O'Connor, with Hunter and Jordie in the Centers.
  17. Up the Guts Mark Ella (57)

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    Out of position Paisami is better suited to test level than Simone?
  18. Seb V Tony Shaw (54)

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    Not sure the backrow is up in the air. Hooper is a lock at 7 being the Captain and Wilson has surely cemented his place. So only number 6 and reserve is up for grabs. Or potentially number 8 (if Wilson plays 6).
  19. PhilClinton Cyril Towers (30)

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    I don’t think it’s out of the realm of possibility that Stewart gets added to the squad. I personally wouldn’t do it though.

    JOC plays best with a secondary playmaker, both in attack and for organising the defence. Does Rennie stick with JOC at 10 and bring in Simone to play 12, when they’ve never played together? Stewart is known for his defence and offers a similar albeit much more limited skill set as Toomua and is proven combo with JOC.

    Whatever happens I just don’t want Paisami at 12.

    Not saying I think it should happen - but I think it’s a chance.
  20. Derpus David Codey (61)

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    Rennie didnt show any hesitation throwing the next logical cab off the rank with Petaia and DHP injured. I think itll be a straight swap for Simone at 12.

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