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Brisbane Premier Rugby Tipping Comp

Discussion in 'Competitions' started by Juan Cote, Apr 12, 2010.

  1. Refabit Darby Loudon (17)

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    Is there a link?
  2. Juan Cote Tom Lawton (22)

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    BIG game at Uni this weekend with the home team taking on the Butcher Boys. Not sure who's going to win it but I guess Uni would have to be favourites.

    Sunnybank vs Souths is the other major game. Sunnybank look to have it on paper but with the A Finger looking to impress Robbie et al who knows?

    GPS are more fancied than Norths you'd think after a few poor weeks from the Eagles. Last week Marcia's heroics were enough to get the Gallopers home but is he playing this weekend as TBA has been named at no 13?.if he does the clash against the bad-boy mungo who plays for Norths should be a good one.

    Easts should be too strong for the Sunny Coast but once again it could be a close run thing

    Wests get plus 15 this weekend against the Goldie and will need everyone of them I'd reckon.

    Could be a round of upsets which might suit the lads at the wrong end of the ladder.

  3. Juan Cote Tom Lawton (22)

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    Uni 30 d Bros 29
    Sun Coast 25 d Easts 15
    GPS 33 d Norths 10
    sunnybank 29 d souths 27
    wests 36 d gold coast 21

    Call the stewards, what was in the Sunny Coast and Bulldogs' water?
  4. Jets Tony Shaw (54)

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    How are we sitting. I think I had a shocker on the weekend but can't remember who I tipped. Uni and Sunnybank getting over the line would have helped though.
  5. Juan Cote Tom Lawton (22)

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    Sorry in the delay getting the results up but I've been trying to avoid the reality of having a shocker.

    A few changes with Rugby Reg, Spectator and myself dropping the ball badly and losing spots while the backmarkers Refabit and Saulih made a move tipping 4/5. Finally tipping the Sunny Coast paid off for Saulih as he was the only to read the tea leaves correctly and pick Sunny Coast over Easts.

    Austin and Running Rugby also tipped 4/5 to move Austin to equal top with Jets and RR storm on to the second line of betting.

    Pepe has it all to do particularly with the pair above him hitting a purple patch.

    Tipping sheet up tomorrow morning.

    Jets 36
    Austin 36
    Juan Cote 35
    Running Rugby 35
    Rugby Reg 33
    Spectator 33
    Refabit 29
    Saulih 26
    Pepe 21
    Sully 20
  6. Juan Cote Tom Lawton (22)

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    A couple of surprises last week but this week looks pretty straight up and down.

    Uni should cream GPS but I guess the Gallopers might be in with a show as the Heavies seem to like allowing teams to stay close to them and leaving it to the last minute to land the decisive blow.

    Hard to see the Dogs repeating the heroics of last week against the other surprise packet, Sunny Coast. The return of Higgers will help but Sunny Coast need this one to stay thereabouts for the top 4.

    Norths' season is turning to shit and up against Sunnybank this week I reckon it will just keep getting worse.

    Those looking for an upset could be interested in Easts rolling Brothers. Easts stuffed all of us, except Saulih, last week so they owe us one!! Brothers don't seem to want to do the hard work that wins games and this might suit the Tigers.

    Souths almost beat Sunnybank last week and sound as if they are starting to find some form - can't see the Goldie coming even close in this one.

  7. Juan Cote Tom Lawton (22)

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  8. spectator Bob Davidson (42)

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    I reckon I will be lucky to have got one right this week. How good is GPS second round going so far?
  9. Juan Cote Tom Lawton (22)

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    With all the accuracy of Paul the Octopus, I've managed to skip clear of the field by picking the upsets of the last few weeks when Easts beat Brothers and GPS beat Sunnybank.

    Rugby Reg and Spectator have faded out of it with Running Rugby making a dash down the outside as we enter the home straight.

    Juan Cote 45
    Austin 43
    Jets 43
    Running Rugby 39
    Rugby Reg 38
    Spectator 38
    Refabit 36
    Saulih 33
    Pepe 29
    Sully 20

    This round could once again provide a few surprises with GPS more than an even chance to sneak past the Tigers. I think I'm right in saying that GPS are undefeated in second half of the season and are playing good hard rugby.

    Sunnybank will no doubt bounce back after their shithouse display last week and thump the Beach Boys.

    In top vs bottom Uni will smash the Dogs but with a start of 3 converted tries, the Dogs could be a chance to beat the points spread.

    Sunny Coast need to keep winning to stay in touch with those hovering around 4th place and I reckon it won't be too difficult a task this week against Norths who after a bright start to the year, once again have failed to go on with it.

    The second re-match of last year's Grand Final is anyone's guess...I reckon I'll guess Souths but not with much conviction. Game of the round for sure and on a sunny Brisbane winter afternoon the hill at Jack Ross oval will be a great place to relax and have a beer or two...

  10. humanbeast Ted Fahey (11)

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    Gps lost to souths in game one of round two, so not quite undefeated
  11. Scott Allen Trevor Allan (34)

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    GPS also lost to Uni 2 weeks ago
  12. Juan Cote Tom Lawton (22)

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    Oh - but apart from those two losses they're undefeated..
  13. Juan Cote Tom Lawton (22)

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    Looks a pretty straight forward week this week however Souths might sneak a win over Uni who are due for a loss. Souths are playing well and at home have to be a pretty decent chance.

    Norths are gone so Brothers, who aren't travelling well themselves, should be too good.

    Handicap specialists Wests get 12 points start against the Tigers but you'd expect Easts will be pretty motivated as a loss here and they'll struggle to make the semis I reckon.

    GPS's continue of their merry way and the Goldie shouldn't pose too many problems for them.

    Sunny Bank will smash the Sunny Coast

    I'm out by 3 and looking strong - favourites from here on in for me

    Juan Cote 49
    Austin 46
    Jets 45
    Rugby Reg 43
    Running Rugby 42
    Spectator 41
    Refabit 39
    Saulih 38
    Pepe 34

    This week's sheet

  14. saulih Larry Dwyer (12)

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  15. Jets Tony Shaw (54)

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    Did anyone tip the Rays to get up?
  16. Scott Allen Trevor Allan (34)

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    I know I had a shocker 1) certainly didn't tip the Rays 2) for weeks have been backing Wests not to use their tippers margin well, this week changed my strategy and got belted and 3) gambled on Breakers to get GPS in an attempt to catch JC - wheels have fallen off my campaign for the title!
  17. saulih Larry Dwyer (12)

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    Every week.

    .despite my jab at Cote above I know my strategy hasn't worked so last laugh in on me. nevertheless, I thought I would have some fun with this win.
  18. Refabit Darby Loudon (17)

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    I gambled on Breakers too to get the upset. Nearly ..
    Now I am in a battle for the wooden spoon!
  19. Juan Cote Tom Lawton (22)

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    In the shadows of the post I'm four games clear but there are a few games this week that are 50/50 so it's not a done deal. The battle for the spoon is a close one but you'd have to say Pepe looks odds-on.

    Juan Cote 53
    Jets 49
    Austin 48
    Running Rugby 45
    Rugby Reg 43
    Spectator 42
    Refabit 42
    Saulih 42
    Pepe 36

    This week Brothers face Sunnybank and if the Brethren can get up it will go a long way to ensuring they make it to the semi's, a loss for them and who knows where they might end up? Sunnybank have been shit in the last two weeks and you'd think they'll be ready to bounce back...Toss the coin for this one.

    Easts vs Souths is another game which is hard to call. Souths have been powering along in the last month while Easts seem to have lost their way a bit. Souths have been able to call on the class of Ant Finger and QC during the last four weeks but no more. The first week without either they got smashed by Uni. A loss here for Easts and they're fucked for the year so at home maybe they are the ones?

    It gets a bit easier from here with the battle of the beach-boys. Saulih's favs the Sunnycoast left a sizeable amount of egg on all our faces (except Saulih of course as he graciously pointed out above) last week and with a semi spot beckoning put the house on them for the 'Brian Wilson Cup'. If Sunny Coast make the semi's will it be for the first time ever? Help me out with that one Saulih..

    Uni vs Norths isn't too difficult but the danger might be Uni dropping off already having secured top spot and the minor premiership. Upset anyone?

    Wests have a final chance to get something out of the season by beating GPS at home for the 'Hammond-Taylor Cup'. Hard to see it happening but with +15 you can't discount them. GPS are still a chance to make the semi's and are playing good rugby but must win every game and hope a few above them stumble.

  20. saulih Larry Dwyer (12)

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    Crap nearly missed getting my tips in. everything hinging on it this round for me. not!

    Stingrays record:
    2005 10th - Last (5 competition points)
    2006 10th - Last (12 competition points)
    2007 10th - Last (16 competition points)
    2008 8th (25 competition pointst)
    2009 9th (20 competition points)

    So yeah first time anywhere close to the finals. :) The boys are definitely expecting the points and probably the bonus point out of this game.


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