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Brisbane Rugby/Sports Bars

Discussion in 'Rugby Discussion' started by Seb V, Jun 17, 2017.

  1. Seb V Peter Sullivan (51)

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    Just moved out of Canberra and up to the sunshine. Where's all the good pubs to watch rugby at? So far i've only been to Pig 'n Whistle on eagle St which wasn't too bad.

    Living southside 5k's from the city.
  2. No4918 John Hipwell (52)

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    Welcome to paradise.

    All information will be withheld until we see avatar changes. Buying a membership used to be a prerequisite but you have moved here so must have some sense.
  3. Seb V Peter Sullivan (51)

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    haha never! Brumbies supporter through & through, but I may purchase a Reds jersey as my second team ;)
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  4. Dan54 Greg Davis (50)

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    Actually I have found the Pig and Whistle in Melbourne St ,West End a great place for sport watching.
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  5. p.Tah John Thornett (49)

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    Based on this thread I conclude there are no good pubs to watch rugby in Brisbane.
  6. Ignoto Colin Windon (37)

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    Honestly, it depends on how far you want to travel and how much you feel like dropping on watching the game.

    If you're wanting a feed + watch the game:
    South Side - Norman Hotel, Pig N Whistle (West End), Story Bridge Hotel
    East Side - NFI as I don't venture that far ;)
    North Side - Breakfast Creek Hotel
    City + Fringes - Riverbar Kitchen, Exchange Hotel, Victory Hotel, Normanby Hotel, Caxton Hotel, Paddington Tavern, Statler and Waldorf, Pig N Whistle (Valley)
    West Side - Regatta Hotel, RE Hotel (student bar)

    There's also a lot of brewers around, but I can't remember if they have TV's set up. Green Beacon, Newstead Brewery (Newstead + Castlemaine St).

    The Fortitude Valley along with James street will have a number of places with TV's on.

    If you need any more suggestions, let us know how far you feel like driving to watch a game.
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  7. Tangawizi Chilla Wilson (44)

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    For Saturday, you should be able to make good day of it in & around the ground.

    Full strength beers available in Fanatics & Precint bars at Suncorp. Also in what is normally Reds members bar but might be tough to get in on Sat.

    You also have Fritzenberger, Newstead, Aether & even XXXX as breweries within walking distance and also Brewski, Scratch as good craft bars or just hit the Paddo/Caxton for bigger crowds & more tv screens.

    I think Newstead will probably project the Lions test on to their carpark wall post-match.

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  8. Jon Chris McKivat (8)

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    I'm regularly found at The Lord Stanley Hotel in East Brisbane watching games.

    they serve pints (still mind boggling that places don't over here.)
    Good food
    TAB (if that's your thing)
    Beer garden
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  9. Jon Chris McKivat (8)

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    Oh also - Anyone been to this "the rugby clubhouse" at the old Iceworks in Paddington there?
  10. TheKing Arch Winning (36)

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    Watching club rugby at Wests or UQ then wandering over to the Regatta for Super Rugby/Wallabies is as euphoric as it gets.
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  11. Seb V Peter Sullivan (51)

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    ahhh so many choices now! You blokes going to the game on Saturday?
  12. Jon Chris McKivat (8)

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    Not unless the powers that be miraculously announce that they f**ked up and won't be cutting a team, or that they're keeping the force (sorry rebels).

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