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CAS 2018

Discussion in 'Schoolboy Rugby' started by SonnyDillWilliams, Aug 5, 2017.

  1. Rich_E Ron Walden (29)

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    I hope they schedule a match between Barker and Scots in 2019. Scots should be strong again next year, with 4 back who have played pretry much all season and another 4 who have played between 2 and 5 games (including trials).
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  2. Joker Nicholas Shehadie (39)

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    Scots College have already started on their new upgrades.

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  3. noeyeddear Allen Oxlade (6)

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    I think it's happening in 2019 Rich. Not sure who is hosting. Maybe a year too late, but better late than never!
  4. Rich_E Ron Walden (29)

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    I hope so. Scots only trialled against one CAS team in 2018 (Waves) and one in 2017 (Knox). If these inter association trials are to continue in their current form (and presumably they will) it would be great to see more games between TSC and CAS schools in 2019.
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  5. sidelineview Banned

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    A nice touch by the Waverley players and Coaches last Saturday:
    (excerpt from Waverley's Rugby Report)

    One of the highlights of the season was watching the joy on young Hugo Kulscar’s face last
    weekend. Earlier in the year, Hugo, a member of Waterford’s Prep 1st side, was sadly
    diagnosed with Leukemia. This has forced him to have time away from playing his much
    loved rugby. The 1st XV came up with the idea to allow Hugo to join the team in the
    change rooms before the final match and lead out the team with his own 1st XV jersey on!
    Hugo was also provided with a game ball signed by all the players. At the end of the game,
    Hugo was specially requested by the team to be in the centre of the circle when they sang their “Custard Pie” victory song.
    This gesture provided Hugo with a tremendous lift and a memory he will never forget. A big
    thanks must go to the 1st XV players and coaches, to all the Waverley College students in the
    tunnel who gave Hugo and his brother Noah a big cheer as he ran out, and to the Waverley
    Community in the stands who made it such a big occasion for Hugo just by being there. We
    look forward to seeing Hugo running out onto Queens Park again very soon!
  6. Armchair Selector Johnnie Wallace (23)

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    Nice one Waves
  7. Hasbeen Syd Malcolm (24)

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    Yep. That is special.
  8. WLF Nev Cottrell (35)

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    Sideline, Nice call.

    I was there on Sat, it was extremely moving.
    Hugo had a smile form ear to ear, it visibly lifted him, and his brother, mum and dad.
    It was also noticebly moving that the Waves 1st XV boys watched him eye to eye as they did their last custard pie!

    A very special moment. It was more than rugby.
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  9. Joker Nicholas Shehadie (39)

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    Photo. All class.

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  10. Jim Belshaw Syd Malcolm (24)

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    Now that we are at the end of the season, I wanted to thank all the contributors on this forum. This was the year in which iSA/CAS/GPS learned more about each other's comps then ever before. I enjoyed that. I know a 2019 forum is already up. Let's see what happens in 2019!
  11. Running_rugby_1954 Herbert Moran (7)

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    Congratulations to Josh Nercessian (Barker College) selected for the Sydney u19’s team to play for the under 19’s NRC competition. The only player eligible in all schoolboy rugby across Australia to play in the competition.

    I’m surprised Rod Skellet didn’t promote this as the team has been out for over a week and he normally would be right behind any Barker promotion, unless he knows like the rest of the CAS community how ridiculous this is.

    Sydney Under 19s

    Jayden Burgess (Gordon)
    Liam Cornish (Randwick)
    Frank Cutler (Gordon)
    Ben Donaldson (Randwick)
    Max Douglas (Manly)
    Joel Ellis (Randwick)
    William Finau (Parramatta)
    Fiu Gibson (Randwick)
    Haitoni Hafoka (Parramatta)
    Tom Hando (Eastwood)
    Brooklyn Hardaker (Eastern Suburbs)
    Finn Kearns-Lafolafo (Randwick)
    Jack Crichton (Parramatta)
    Bailey Lamb (Southern Districts)
    Setefano Leavasa (Warringah)
    Ciaran Loh (Sydney University)
    Saul McCredie (Gordon)
    Kichie Navuso (West Harbour)
    Joshua Nercessian (Warringah)
    Callum Quinn (Randwick)
    Blake Rixon (Manly)
    Maylee Semu (West Harbour)
    Matthew Stead (Randwick)
    Joshua Thrum (Warringah)
    Terence Toomata (Eastwood)

    CAS rugby age dispensation process below:

    Dispensation is required - player failed to meet 3 of the 5 requirements listed below.

    The following criteria must be met before a student can progress to assessment:

    The date at which they turn 19 must be after the last round of the competition (in 2018 that is after August 11th).

    The student must have been enrolled at the school for the February Census date for year 10 of their cohort (for 2018 they must have been at the school in year 10 in 2016)

    The player must be below the height and weight guidelines set by RA. The current guidelines are H190.73cm W101.89kg

    The player cannot have played 1sts and 2nds for the previous 2 years i.e. it cannot be his 3rd year in 1sts or 2nds

    All schools have a duty of care to ensure that players are playing in the appropriate age grade competition, based on the player’s physical development in conjunction with their ability and/or experience
  12. sidelineview Banned

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    Congratulations to all players.

    Unfortunately this instance of granting a dispensation to the CAS eligibility criteria has set a precedence which could open up a can of worms for the future and become messy.

    In my opinion Barker should not have applied for the dispensation knowing full well that this player was not eligible under the rules and CAS should not have granted the dispensation.

    I'm not exactly sure who makes up the CAS committee deciding these matters but the criteria is clear.

    It's not the players fault. The responsibility lays with the school and the Association.

    Personally I find it disappointing when clearly worded rules can't be followed simply.

    If there are reasons for this decision being made that I'm not aware of and that justify it then I stand corrected.
  13. rod skellet Arch Winning (36)

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    The headmasters of all 6 CAS schools decide preseason, for all sports. The dispensations have applied to several sports including cricket, basketball and rugby. There is no recourse from us punters in the bleachers. So lets all move on.
  14. sidelineview Banned

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    Recourse or not it's open for discussion and this particular dispensation was clearly outside the printed criteria.
    In fact and as mentioned, the player in question failed 3 of the 5 points of eligibility.

    The point is its controversial and leaves the door open for other schools to do likewise.
    Where it becomes contentious is when one competing school accepts the rules and another doesn't.

    It can then be argued an unfair advantage has been gained.
  15. rod skellet Arch Winning (36)

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    Sideline. Drop it. The Headmasters make the criteria. The fact is they make the rules and agree to them before the season starts. The headmasters do not need YOUR permission to allow any student to compete and they do not have to publish any dispensations they have allowed.

    So move onto next year please.
  16. sidelineview Banned

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    No doubt you don't want this discussed but others may be interested as to how the things work within the Association.
    Its obvious in this case that the printed criteria was blatantly ignored.
    The purpose of rules is to create an even playing field.

    Maybe the headmasters/CAS need to make the rules clear and consistent to avoid controversy.
    If the printed eligibility criteria is not to be taken literally as in this case then the wording should be amended.
  17. rod skellet Arch Winning (36)

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    When is the drought going to hit your mouth...Please. Take the Headmasters decision and process as done and move on.
  18. carl spackler Sydney Middleton (9)

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    Sideline is well within his rights to question this matter. I have been questioning the decision and/or interpretation of the by-laws all season, and for the life of me, can't understand why the 6 headmasters agreed to the submission by Barker.
    To allow any team to allow a player of his calibre to play outside of age guidelines gave Barker a significant advantage over the other 5 teams. Consider how much stronger all other teams would have been with Josh playing at 12 and utilising his extra year of maturity to steer them around the park.
    Did this decision deliver a Henry Plume Shield? Most probably!
  19. sidelineview Banned

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    Sorry but I can't comply with your wishes. This is a worthwhile topic of discussion.

    With a view of moving on this issue could easily raise its head again next year or the year after.
    The fact is it was not just an age issue. It was a general eligibility issue. He didnt get close and it would be disappointing to see a decision like this repeated for any school.

    If the system within CAS is that there are clearly worded rules/criteria but the Headmasters meet at the start of each season and make their own rules up, then it needs reviewing.

    I have to wonder if the Sportsmasters and Rugby Convenors are involved in this decision making process.
  20. WLF Nev Cottrell (35)

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    I agree with these points.

    1. Rules are rules, otherwise don't have them.
    2. Not all 6 schools voted in favour.
    3. The decision most definitely did not deliver Barker the shield, the whole Barker team did, not 1 player.

    I also agree with Rod, talking about it hear may be interesting but there will be no resolution, so not sure what there is to be gained.

    Bring on 2019 but not too soon.

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