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CAS Rugby 2014

Discussion in 'Schoolboy Rugby' started by pigprop, Aug 9, 2013.

  1. smokinjoe Ward Prentice (10)

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    It's not an inquisition but it's also not a place to be insulting by using descriptors such as "idiotic" and telling fellow forum members to " pull your head in".
  2. Snort Vay Wilson (31)

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    Think about your own post. If you write something thoughtless and insulting, what do you expect in return? "No one else was told" - you can post that because, what? You asked everyone else? Truly, that's idiotic. Either that or you're accusing me of inventing it. Either way, it's offensive.
  3. Snort Vay Wilson (31)

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    Any half time scores?
  4. FTR Frank Row (1)

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    Knox beat barker 56-18
  5. smokinjoe Ward Prentice (10)

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    Crambrook 24-12 premiers!
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  6. WavesToWin Chris McKivat (8)

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    1st XV: Wav def Trinity 25-22 (dying minutes)
    2nd XV: TO BE CONFIRMED (roughly 21-12 Trinity def Wav)
    16A's: Waverley def Trinity 50-0
    16B's: Waverley def Trinity 43-0
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  7. sidelineview Banned

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    15As won. Premiers
    14As won. Premiers
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  8. Braveheart81 James Horwill (77)

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    Summerhayes is excellent. First time I've seen him play.

    Renton missed a lot of shots at goal.
  9. smokinjoe Ward Prentice (10)

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    <edited> Rule 6.

  10. smokinjoe Ward Prentice (10)

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    Snort - Well just pull your head in yourself then
  11. The Chosen Fred Wood (13)

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    Not sure if a game report organised here but I'll throw in my 2 bobs worth.
    On a sunny Saturday afternoon a crowd estimated at 5000+ were entertained to both some tough and skilful rugby at Knox No. 1
    The first half was both willing and entertaining- Knox leading 21-13 at the break. Second -Rower, Milan Basson had been well placed to finish off backline breaks for Knox and out-centre,James Armstrong ran brilliantly for the 3rd try prior to half-time. It should be noted that both scorers had come up from the 16 years age group over the past few weeks.
    Barker were competing well for the ball in the forwards- their lineout appearing to dominate Knox early on. Knox defended very well for bulk of half but Barker prop,Johnathan Green powered over for a try 10 minutes before 1/2 time.
    It would appear Barker's first half efforts perhaps drained them somewhat and Knox dominated the 2nd half-running in a further 5 tries- probably the most astounding thing here was that Jimmy Widders-Leece did not score.
    Second half scorers for Knox were Lachlan Swinton(2nd Row),Brett Van Zyl(No.6) Jake Pierce(No.7) Connor Watson (5/8) and Lucas Price(Wing).
    Pierce's try was spectacular,including palming off Barker Captain,David Smerdon. Smerdon compensated for this late in the half by scoring off a good chip and chase.
    Knox's 2nd half scoring was assisted by improved lineout-winning a lot at the back, a tight-head to Widders-Leece and just a more aggressive game. Barker could not match the intensity.

    A good finish to a very good Knox team-but slip-ups in 2 early games cost them the premiership. I did not watch them all season but I saw both Cranbrook games, the first where a freakish bounce turned the tide. Often Knox relied too much on it's standout players- who often tried to do too much on their own. A number of players could and would do tremendous off-loads but at other times they hung on instead of looking for support.

    Nevertheless they have a very good foundation for a excellent team next year.
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  12. SonnyDillWilliams Nev Cottrell (35)

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    Aloys put up a good show , today ... And kept it interesting until the last 10 minutes

    Was vevers playing?

    Aloys should hold their heads high . Turned their season around . And certainly have my respect

    Cranbrook's number 7 (mahony) seems to get smaller the more games I see

    However he was definitely one of their best . Some great steels .and he gets my 3 points for the season, over some other good back rowers in makas and summerhayes

    Congrats to cranbrook! Well deserved and well coached
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  13. Gobstar Stan Wickham (3)

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    Great calls by Big Kev in 2 out of the 3 games and he came unstuck thanks to Waverley's unpredictable form, which is no disgrace.

    A great CAS season and no red faces at Cranbrook with last week's result a forgotten memory already.
  14. oldboy59 Stan Wickham (3)

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    Did anyone see waverley 16As vs trinity
  15. noregrets Chris McKivat (8)

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    Waverley's win over Trinity was a fantastic game of rugby. There was a lot of ordinary refereeing for both sides (Waverley was penalised in the first lineout for leg lifting! The ref then apologised and set the lineout again). The 15 was fantastic and is only in year 11 - speed to burn and one to watch. Both sides were hit with injury but it was still a great spectacle.

    Pats on the back to all involved. The Waverley players and especially the coaches have copped a lot of flack on here from all you keyboard warriors so maybe now you can all eat your words as Waverley finished 3rd (ahead of Barker on for and against). Very little has been said about the highly credentialed Barker coach and nothing has been said about the Trinity coaches. Shouldn't they be getting it from everyone?

    A lot of credit to all involved at Alo's as well. They turned their season around as well and were always in the fight. Well done.
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  16. sidelineview Banned

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    It was a very good win by Waverley in an entertaining game that went right down to the wire. Waverley's 15, Jackson Mohi is another promising U16s player; he had a blinder, scoring 2 tries including the match winner.
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  17. oldboy624 Frank Row (1)

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    was max hampton the prop with red head gear ?
  18. Inside Shoulder Nathan Sharpe (72)

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    Well done to Cranbrook and good for the CAS comp to share it about.
  19. Tight head Frank Row (1)

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    Great photo i saw going around on Facebook. Aloys really stood up yesterday, thought they showed strong defence most of the game and if it wasn't for a few lapses they could of caused a major upset. For Cranbrook they were clinical and stuck to their game plan to get the win, i thought the back row again and Hill were excellent. Congratulations on a well deserved premiership. To have a school who usually finishes in the bottom two on the ladder each year win proves the health of the CAS competition and the atmosphere at the ground yesterday proved how much the premiership meant to the Cranbrook boys. Knox unlucky as they had an extremely talented side but I'm sure their strong program will see more success in the near future. 2014 XV.jpg
  20. sidelineview Banned

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    That's got to be a gee up

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